A Ride and a Story

A Ride and a Story
A fitting for new glasses necessitated me driving Mom to a nearby larger city about 30 minutes from us. She didn’t want to drive by herself so a day off from school enabled me to take her. She was dressed very nicely, mid-height heels, nylons, a wool skirt and a pleated blouse and what I thought to be a push-up bra as she looked particularly busty. A light coat covered up the show while we drove so I kept my eyes on the road. A few weeks earlier while we were having a sexual interlude I touched her anal orifice while having our first try at dog-fashion sex. That act brought a quick and very vocal rebuke and I wondered why…bad experience perhaps? So I asked, “Mom, when I touched your anus a few weeks ago I must have crossed a line and I want to apologize for my miss deed.” “Oh, no need to do that Son, it was just that you surprised me and I didn’t want you to go any further at that time,” she clarified. She turned in the passenger seat more towards me and said, “I have a story….when I was a young married woman it was during the end of the great depression and the beginning of the war…times were very tough and entertainment was just about unaffordable. So, a church friend decided we could have a lot of fun by spicing up our sex lives by practicing anal sex, considered somewhat deviant and dirty back then. Well, this friend researched the subject and we found with proper preparation and caution it could be just as good a normal sex…she even wrote a tutorial paper with illustrations and precautions and examples of tools and lubes to use.
I was listening with rapt attention while driving. She continued,” several of us girls at church, mind you, decided we should have “Back Door Nights” with our husbands once in a while. None of the men knew any other women were aware of the deal. It didn’t take place often, only 2 or 3 times a year while the war was on. It made for some happy men and winking women a few Sundays a year.” I could hardly control the car while hearing of this!
We reached the Optometrist’s office …I was in one of the taller buildings downtown…on the 12th floor. I waited for her while she was adjusting the new glasses and soon she came out. Now Mom was looking younger all the time in the last few months…walking with confidence, smiling more and actually showing off a tad…the new glasses really complimented her. We go to my car just as the meter was expiring. I thought we were going to head back home, but Mom directed me to an old part of town that was starting show decline. She had me stop at an independent corner Pharmacy that had to have been there many, many years. She had me park in front. “Are you sure you want to go in alone?” I asked. “Oh sure, I know these people from long ago,” she replied. After a short time she emerged clutching a white paper bag…I thought It may be eye drops or something. I started for the freeway a few blocks away when she had me pull over under a large tree. She opened the bag and revealed its contents…an enema bulb, two different anal plugs, one clear and one black plastic, a tube of lubricant and several condoms, both the latter for rectal use. I was now dumbfounded to say the least! “They sell that sort of stuff there?” I asked. “Where do you thing I got the “Back Door” stuff years ago, at our hometown d**g store, I think not,” she said, “there was a Military base close by during the war so this owner supplied the servicemen and the women that pursued them. They have a small discreet display in a remote corner of the store even now.”
During the trip home Mom nonchalantly explained the cleansing and stretching processes needed to prepare for the deed for comfortable enjoyment. A lot for a young man to learn while driving! The trip home felt like just a couple minutes due to the tutorial subject matter. I knew she had a meeting in our town shortly after we arrived home…I parked my car and went to the garage to get hers out and ready for her. When I got into our house I could hear one of her dresser drawers close in her bedroom…she must have stashed her new purchases. “Thanks for driving me,” she offered. Then she drew me close for a hug and kiss…she leaned against the kitchen counter and asked me to raise her skirt, “we haven’t much time,” she said in a hurry, let’s have some fun.” I rubbed her nylon covered legs reaching for the bare flesh above the stockings finding out too that she had no panties on at the moment…she asked for a quick finger job to which I quickly obliged. After a couple minutes she had to excuse herself to freshen her makeup and leave. “Just a little something to thank you for the drive,” she said. “I hope you put on some panties,” I shouted, “Maybe” was her reply.
As she drove away, curiosity got to me and I opened her dresser, the same one with the big mirror that caught my attention when we last made love. I opened the top drawer but found nothing, neither the second but the third drawer had today’s bag of purchases in it. I quickly looked at its contents and put everything back the way I found it. There were a lot of old news clippings and keepsakes in this drawer and sure enough under a stack of hankies was an old brown cardboard box. I deftly removed it from its corner hiding place and lifted the cover…I had found her original purchase from that d**g store…just like today’s, a small enema bulb, two “plugs” a partially used tube of lubricant and a couple left over condoms still in their packets. What caught my eye next was a folded up piece of typewritten page of Mom’s friend’s research and direction for “Back Door Night.” I carefully unfolded the paper and saw also the drawings of how to go about things…a real look back at how things had to be hidden that today are more out in the open. I quickly learned about “stretching and lubrication” along with taking things slowly while indulging in the anal act. I studied the drawing and quickly memorized the text…as I folded up the paper as I had found it, I noticed several dates penciled on the back, 12 entries over a three year time span…wow, she even kept track! I noticed the last time marked was a few months before my conception. Of course, the war had been over for awhile and my folks had purchased the farm…times were better.
I couldn’t help but notice that now over twenty years hence, I might be a participant in the revival of “Back Door Night,” or day as it were. I guess I just had to await the signal….

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