A Round of Milk for Everyone Ch. 02


Another Round

With the combination of sleep deprivation and passed out inebriation, Ash slept like a rock between Dee and Erin. It wasn’t until late morning before she began to stir, dreaming that she was back home in Orlando, nursing her son back when he was just an infant. As consciousness crept in, she soon realized she was laying between her lesbian detective partner Erin and her wife Dee. She was not home but in an upscale San Francisco hotel on vacation with them after a wild drunken night filled with her first girl on girl sex with several women.

Ash also realized that she wasn’t nursing her infant son who was now a year old, she was nursing Dee. The 55 year old woman was on her side with one leg up overtop Ash’s blanket-covered leg, her arm around Ash’s stomach and her lips tightly latched onto the thick gumdrop shaped nipple. Looking down, Ash could see Dee’s cheeks sink and inflate with each strenuous suck. Dee was gulping down the milk like she was trying to set a record. The strong pressure was creating arousal for Ash.

“Mmmm…that feels nice. Drink as much as you want,” the groggy Ash whispered while cradling the woman tightly around her head.

With the lower half of her body covered with the blanket, the nude Ash thought about reaching inside to play with her own pussy while being nursed. Within seconds, that thought was moot because Erin had slipped inside the cover from the foot of the bed and her warm mouth encircled Ash’s pussy.

The instant sensation caused her to jerk then Ash exclaimed, “Oh! Hello in there. I wondered where my naughty partner had run off.”

Ash couldn’t see Erin but she sure could feel her. Using her nose to rub Ash’s clit, Erin was licking both labia sides which sent Ash squirming. To Erin, Ash’s pussy was perfect. It had that all-night hint of musk along with swollen lips from the sexual trauma the night before. All that time working with Ashley in the department, Erin had always wondered about that pussy and now she was finally getting to experience it.

Spreading her legs further for Erin and clamping Dee to her lactating tit a little tighter, Ash moaned, “Mmmm. Oh God! You two are going to make me cum! Oh! Right there!”

When Ash felt Erin snake that tongue in and out of her gooey slit combined with Erin’s nose pressed against her clit, Ash lost it and exploded in orgasm. Poor Dee was the recipient of Ash’s clutching arm, mashing her face deep into Ash’s boob flesh, restricting her breathing. Erin’s air intake was just as restricted by Ash’s crushing thighs.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhh! Oh! Unnngggggggg!” Ash grunted while she came hard. Her inner thighs quivered tightly to Erin’s ears.

When Ash stopped cumming, her locked-up body relaxed, allowing both women to catch a much needed breath. Inserting two crooked fingers into her pussy, Erin tongue lashed that clit while rubbing Ash’s g-spot trying to throw Ash into a multiple orgasm. Dee slid up on top of Ash with her own legs spread, straddling Ash’s stomach.

Breaking the suction with a loud pop, Dee pressed both of Ash’s huge milk-filled tits together from the outside where both nipples were only inches apart. She sucked the other nipple for a minute then began to switch back and forth. When she would pull off quickly, a drizzle of milk would run down her boob.

“I love these fucking tits! Forget about going back to the bar, I want to suck them all day long!” Dee lustfully revealed before diving back down. They are so big and luscious.”

Ash was thrashing her head back and forth while holding onto the back of Dee’s head with both hands, screaming, “Here it comes again! Eeeehhhhh! Eeeeoohhhhh!”

The penetration from Erin’s fingers massaging her g-spot, prompted Ash to gush juice all over Erin’s chin and neck. Erin never relented in her quest for more of Ash’s pussy juice so she kept sucking her clit and finger-fucking her pussy with the same rhythmic speed. Ash’s eyes rolled back in her head from the sheer pleasure prompting Dee to become desperate and needing to cum.

Dee climbed up and squatted just inches over Ash’s face and scrubbed her own clit side to side like her finger was an electric toothbrush, “Oh my! I’m gonna douse your fucking pretty face! Hold still!”

In order to hit her target, Dee had to slightly move her hips to improve her aim when she started to cum. She had been so turned on from sucking Ash’s boobs, she knew she was going to squirt even though it was a rare occurrence. She squealed and let loose. The stream splashed off her palm and all over Ash’s face making Ash squint her eyes. Half way through her climax, Dee plopped down on Ash’s face to finish in her mouth. That threw Ash into another powerful orgasm into Erin’s mouth while licking Dee’s juice off her own face.

When Dee had stopped shaking, she removed herself and yanked the blanket off of Erin’s head and Ash’s lower body, telling her wife, “Scoot over babe. I want some of that too!”

So with Dee and Erin both side-by-side on their stomachs, they were between Ash’s legs, cheek-to-cheek licking Ash’s gooey pussy. Their tongues kocaeli escort would touch and it felt to Ash like one giant warm tongue covering more area. She made little squeaks whenever they touched that over-sensitive place. In order to fit, the couple helped hold Ash’s legs apart until Ash took over and held her own knees back. With her free hand, Erin was diddling her own clit until she came hard. As soon as she regained her composure, she was back to eating Ash out.

“Mmmmm…this pussy is amazing,” Erin mumbled between licks. Dee couldn’t stop licking even for a moment to respond. They were like two ravenous animals.

Using her wet middle finger, Dee slid it slowly into Ash’s ass up to her first knuckle causing her to gasp, “Oh!” That extra sensation sent Ash into another orgasm and as soon as the spasms began, Dee pushed in her finger the rest of the way. Ash thrashed and screamed and with her hands pounding on the bed, released another blast on the girls’ faces. They French kissed and shared the juice.

Ash kept muttering in ecstasy, “Oh my God…oh my God…oh my God.”

While Ash babbled, Dee told Erin, “If last night didn’t prove he have converted her to a full blown bisexual, then this just put her over the edge.”

Finally recovered, Ash giggled, “No I’m not. This is just an experimental weekend and last night, I was so drunk. This morning you two ambushed me. Of course I’m not going to say no…that was amazing. But I’m not bisexual.”

During the playful debate, there was a knock on the door, “Housekeeping. Y’all ok if I come in?”

Dee yelled loud enough for the hotel maid to hear through the door, “Come on in!” She quickly told Ash and Erin, “Let’s all stay naked and we will watch her reaction.”

When the door opened, the maid was a 19 year old, small black girl, fresh out of high school who was working two jobs and this was her first shift of each day. She was barely 5 feet tall and weighed a thin 100 pounds but was very pretty and her dreadlocked hair contained many dyed colors.

Dee insincerely apologized, “We are so sorry. We just had some powerful wake-up sex. I hope you don’t mind us being naked.”

The teen maid shook her head, “Not at all. Do you girls need more towels?”

Chuckling and continuing her bold flirtatious inquiry, “Have you ever had sex with a girl?”

Erin laughed, “Once you go crack, you never go back.” Everyone laughed at that.

“I don’t think that is how it goes. Leave this poor girl alone so she can clean,” chimed Ash.

Thinking they had just embarrassed the poor maid, she surprised all of them with her response, “I am bisexual. Yes I have had sex with a couple of girls. I had a good time.”

Dee and Erin snickered the Erin shook her head at Ash, “See…even the maid admits to being bisexual and she has only had sex with two girls. You have fucked seven!”

Ash smirked and still denied, “I already told you….last night I was drunk and this morning you two ambushed me while I was sleeping.”

Dee walked over and smacked Ash on the ass while proposing to the black girl, “Look at this ass.” She pinched a stream of milk out of Ash’s nipples then added, “Look at these amazing tits. Don’t you think she is gorgeous? Would you fuck her? I guess before you answer that, what is your name?”

Ash was in shock and could not believe Dee had just asked a stranger that. All three women were anxiously awaiting her reaction.

She giggled, “I’m Cherise. Yes she is hot and I think I would have sex with her. When would we do this?”

“Erin…lock the door. We are going to do this right now. To make this conversion complete, Ash you will be the top instead of the bottom this time. You have this gorgeous little young black girl standing in front of you. You need to fuck her wearing Mr. Big. That will prove once and for all you are a full blown bisexual.” Dee orchestrated.

Upon hearing the proposal, Ash internally admitted to herself that it turned her on. The young girl was cute and she had always wanted to wear a strap-on and see what it felt like. This one just happened to be 9 thick inches and she knew from experience how it felt taking it. Although Ash was not convinced it would convert her, she was curious and ready to try it. Erin was helping Cherise take off her clothes while Dee was strapping the harness onto Ash.

Cherise’s 19 year old B cup breasts were so perky they looked like rubber inserts stuck on her chest. Her nipples were very long, her stomach was completely ripped with muscles and her little triangle pubic patch was neatly trimmed above her slit. Standing quietly, she waited patiently for the strap-on to be secured around Ash’s waist.

Once completed, Dee backed away to Ash swinging her hips back and forth while looking at her “dick” swaying right along with them, “Wow! This is what it feels like to have a dick. This thing is huge…I can’t believe I took that last night.” She slapped it with her hand a couple times then stroked it while looking at Cherise, “I guess I’m already hard. No wonder guys do this so much…it is kinda cool.” She kocaeli escort bayan giggled and jerked it a few times with both hands.

Since Ash had never been the top with a woman, Dee felt like she needed to instruct to get things started, “Ash…I think Cherise needs kissed.”

The sexual excitement was churning inside of Ash. Her pussy was soaked under the harness base and she responded, “Oh…she is gonna get more than kissed.”

They met and their lips locked together. Ash grabbed the back of Cherise’s head and shoved her tongue deep into her mouth. Ash’s “cock” was pressed up against Cherise’s tight stomach and they shuffled closer to the bed without breaking their lustful kiss. Even when they tumbled onto the mattress, a tight grip kept their lips together. A passionate struggle ensued until Ash ended up on top and her fair skin looked amazing contrasted against Cherise’s dark ebony body. Raising her upper half, Ash looked down at her dong sprawled out across Cherise’s mound.

Ash felt in charge and that cock was her actual cock and her weapon of pleasure. She was as feminine as they come but at that moment, she wanted to be masculine aggressive. Reaching down she guided her dick into Cherise’s slit. Once the large head began to push its way into that gooey pussy, Ash hooked her elbows behind Cherise’s knees and cocked her legs back.

Dee encouraged Ash, “Go on…fuck that young little pussy!”

The lust was at full throttle inside of Ash and she thrust her hips keeping an eye on her cock disappearing up into the black teen. Cherise was squirming and moaning trying to accept such impressive size. Her pussy stretched and gripped the shaft tightly. Once most of the length was inside Cherise, Ash raised all the way up to her knees, gripped her ankles and began moving her hips.

It was Erin’s turn to encourage, “That’s it Ash. Feels good doesn’t it? Pound that pussy like you own it! Get it girl!”

Something clicked and Ash not only wanted to fuck Cherise, she needed to. Within seconds, her hips were thrusting with reckless abandon. The bed was thumping and their bodies smacked together hard. Cherise thrashed her back underneath Ash while moaning, “Ohhh! Ohhhh! Ohhh! Fuck me with that big dick!”

Ash stopped watching her dick fuck that tight pussy and focused on Cherise’s eyes. She could see the sheer pleasure in them and at that moment understood what it was like to give that pleasure with a dick, “Oh yes…it is big and you are taking it so well. I want you to cum for me. Cum all over it! Can you do that for me?”

“Ohhhhh God! I will! I will!” Squealed Cherise, nearly out of breath before locking up, “I am! I’m cummin! Unnngggggg!”

Ash was so aroused that she came simultaneously with Cherise. She slammed her cock in deep and held it there while she clenched her body in orgasm. Ash quivered while a bead of sweat dripped from her nose into Cherise’s pierced belly button. Once the spasms had ceased, Ash crossed Cherise’s legs and flipped the girl over onto her hands and knees.

After slapping Cherise’s ass, Ash shoved her cock back into her stretched pussy from behind. Gripping Cherise’s hips, Ash pumped every inch while Cherise’s pussy lips clung onto the shaft, nearly pulling out a half an inch of the insides every time she pulled back.

“Take my dick! You keep that cute little ass up for me so I can spray my load inside you,” Ash demanded while arousing herself talking like she had a real dick.

“Mmfff! Mmmfff! Mfffff!” Cherise’s huffs were mumbled with her head shoved into several pillows.

The strap-on’s base friction was vibrating and massaging Ash’s clit prompting her orgasm to hit instantly, “Unnnggg! Unnggg! Ohhh!” While she shook uncontrollably, she wished her dick was actually shooting spunk inside Cherise’s pussy. The pumping stopped so Ash could enjoy her climax. She thought to herself, No wonder guys like to fuck all the time. This feels amazing.

Cherise had gotten very close to her own orgasm and when Ash stopped fucking her, she desperately pleaded, “Keep going! Make me cum! Fuck me hard!”

Shaking her head to clear her mind, Ash held Cherise’s hips tighter, rose to her feet but remained squatted, and started hammering her cock into Cherise even harder and faster. Cherise’s moans transformed into one giant squeal. The bed sounded like it was about to break down.

Ash warned, “Oh…you wanted me to fuck you hard, huh? Well take this you little slut!”

With her feet dug into the mattress and her toned, muscular calves flexing as much as her ass muscles, Ash slammed her dick with full force until Cherise screamed at the top of her lungs. Ash’s huge milk filled boobs were slapping her own chest with every thrust causing some of the sweet liquid to ooze out of each gumdrop shaped nipple. When she came, Cherise shook as if she were having a seizure and collapsed to her side on the bed in a fetal position, twitching and jerking. Ash’s white goo-covered dick slipped out of Cherise’s pussy and slung down to the bed, just hanging between her legs.

Desperately kocaeli escort needing a penetration orgasm herself, Ash quickly removed the strap-on. Turning the big dong on herself and using the Cherise’s slathered cum as extra lubrication, she shoved it deep into her own slimy pussy and stood over the trembling Cherise. Ash did not start slow and work herself into a frenzy, she immediately pounded her own pussy like she was angry with it. The squishing sound was deafening as it sloshed like only one article of clothing washing in a full washing machine.

Squealing in a matter of seconds, Ash yanked the huge rubber dick out of her pussy and a huge gush of squirt rocketed out and doused Cherise’s entire body. She repeated it a few times in order to keep cumming all over her young black lover. Cherise looked as though she had just exited the shower and Ash dropped the dick on the floor like she was dropping the mic after a great performance.

Dee was amazed, “Wow! Now that is how you fuck a woman.”

Erin laughed, “Yeah…but Ash might have killed the poor thing.”

Gasping for air after such strenuous pounding, Ash puffed, “Wow…puff…puff…is right! That was….puff….hot!”

Once Ash had wiped the sweat off her face and caught her breath, she joked, “It looks like I got my exercise for today. That is better cardio than running. Cherise….you better get back to work. Of course we are going to need some extra towels. Cherise…do you have any out there on your cart?”

All the women laughed with Cherise responding, “That was great! I look like I fell in the pool.”

Ash said to the couple, “If I had time, I would eat that worn pussy but we need to go to the store and get me some clothes.

Cherise got dressed and kissed Ash before heading back to work. Ash had to slip her dirty leggings from the previous day back on and wore a large t-shirt borrowed from Dee in order to head downtown to a clothing shop. Erin had looked up a quaint store online specifically designed for the LGBTQ community and it just happened to be only a few blocks away.

The women walked into the store and it was really cute. There were two workers…one was an effeminate bleach blonde man named Simon who was funny and charming and the other was a 27 year old girl with a tongue bar piercing who wore a purple asymmetrical hair style. The girl worked the register while Simon helped customers.

Dee held up a skin tight bodysuit shirt with a scoop neck, “I want to see your huge tits in this. I’m getting you a red one and a white one. By the way, your clothes are on us today.”

“That is sweet. You don’t have to do that,” replied Ash. She also knew that another reason the women offered to pay for the clothes was because they were going to pick out the skimpiest, sluttiest clothing around. Ash thought that was cute.

Dee held up a skirt that was at least two sizes too small, “I like this. Ash…what do you think?”

Giggling, Ash replied, “I bet you do. That is a cute skirt but do they have any adult sizes?”

More and more clothing was getting tossed into the cart in which Simon would comment, “Oooo…she will be such a hot little tart in that” or “Girl….she will look so good in that, I might go straight.” When Ash would wander away, looking for things, Dee and Erin would make conversation with Simon.

Erin informed Simon, “That is our friend Ash who we brought with us on vacation to reveal her true sexuality. Yeah she has a husband and two kids but we are showing her what it’s like to play with girls. She doesn’t think so but we think we have her converted to a bi at the very least.”

Dee chuckled, “I think she would make a great lesbian but we all can’t be perfect.”

Simon giggled, “Girl…you are so naughty. She is gorgeous.” He then opened his eyes wide at his idea and nodded to the girl behind the counter, “We ought to get her and Gigi hooked up. From what I hear, Gigi can make anyone reveal their lesbian feelings.”

They all three giggled. Ash disappeared to the back of the store in order to wash her hands, prompting Simon to walk over and whisper into Gigi’s ear. A huge smile came across her face as she quickly came out from behind the counter and walked to the bathroom with Ash. There were three individual bathrooms designed for privacy and because Ash was only washing her hands, she failed to shut the door completely.

Gigi slipped in behind her, closed the door and placed her hands on Ash’s shoulders. Jumping like she was attacked, she turned around instantly, “Oh god. You scared me. Can I help you?”

“Shhhhh…no but I can help you,” Gigi whispered while softly kissing Ash’s lower lip.

Ash was so taken back by such a bold move, she mumbled, “What the hell? Does everyone in this town fuck whenever they feel like it? Am I on a hidden camera show?”

Gigi softly bit Ash’s lower lip and pulled it out with her teeth. Seductively, Gigi then kissed her way down to Ash’s neck and it felt so good, Ash had no resistance. She could only close her eyes and moan. Smooch…smooch….mmmmmm. Gigi moved Ash’s hair and ran her tongue around to the back of Ash’s neck while turning her around. Ash could see Gigi sucking the back of her neck through the mirror. Feeling that tongue bar, provided an extra sensation and Ash’s pussy became slick and gooey with anticipation.

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