A Short Hike


A Short HikeIt was a typical Saturday for her. She got up in the morning and did her regular routine. She showered, ate breakfast and brushed her teeth. Just as she did every morning. I had told you the night before that I had a surprise for her today but she did not know what it is. I told her to be ready to go out for lunch around 11:00 am and to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. I knocked on the door and she answered. I saw her and she looked amazing. Well, she always look amazing. She was wearing khaki shorts and a simple t-shirt with tennis shoes. She asked me, “Where are we going for lunch?” I answered her by showing her a picture of green meadow in one of the local canyons. I had everything already to go in the car. It was short drive to the entrance of the canyon and we would have to hike to meadow. We got out of the car and made sure we had everything that we would need. There were not a lot of cars in the parking area so not many people were in the canyon that day. As we started our little hike to the meadow, which was about a mile into the canyon, we passed by an older couple on a walk together. We both smiled at them and wished them a good day. They did the same back and said “Have a fun time.” We started walking into the canyon at a slow pace. The sun was high in the sky but there were some clouds and a nice breeze as well. She realized that one of her shoe laces had come untied. She went over to a fallen log and put her foot up on it. She bent over to tie her shoe in a way so that her ass was directed towards me. It looked amazing as usual. As she bend over the shorts she was wearing got really tight so it highlight her ass even more. I could also see the outline of the bottom of her pussy lips. What a sight it was to behold. After she was finished with her shoe lace, we continued our hike türbanlı antalya escort toward the meadow. We were holding hands or having our arms around each other’s waist. After about 30 minutes we reached the meadow. The grass was very green and soft. I unfolded the blanket while she got lunch out. We had a very nice lunch and just sat there for a little bit holding each other. We started kissing and laid down on the blanket together. I stroked her cheek as we kissed and she held me close. She started to run her hands over my head and down my back. I started to move my hands down her side and down her smooth legs. She let out a small moan and the kissing became more intense. I started kissing her neck and she let out another small moan. We decided that we needed to start heading back so we picked everything back up and placed them back into the backpack I was carrying. We looked around to make sure we had gotten everything and then started back on the trail to the car. As we walked back, she was little bit friskier now. Her hands seemed to be roaming from rubbing my back, she moved her hand to my ass and gave a squeeze. I was a little surprised by this but I just smiled back to her and she smiled back at me. Taking the lead from her, I too started to move my hand down from her back to her ass and gave it a nice squeeze. She said she wanted to take a short break so we found a shady area next to trail. I sat down on the grass and she sat on my lap. I felt my cock getting a little hard as she sat on my lap. I was not sure if she could feel it too but she say to me, “I want to thank you for today.” With that, she smiled and kissed me and at the same time she rocked her hips forward to grind her pussy against my cock. She let out a soft moan when she did türbanlı antalya escort bayan that. I looked around and I saw a small ridge about 100 feet off the trail that was out of sight of the trail. I said to her, ”Follow me baby.” She saw the ridge also and I think she had the same idea. When we got there, we made sure that we could not see the trail and that we were covered by trees. I said, “Looks like we are good”. With that, she smiled and dropped to her knees. She unzipped and unbuttoned my shorts. She pulled my shorts down to my ankles and took my cock into her mouth. She loves to have my cock in her mouth. “Oh… that feels so good, baby”, I said to her. She looked up at me with her eyes while my cock was in her mouth. She ran her hand under my shirt and up chest feeling my pecs and abs. She sucked my cock deep into her mouth, caressed my balls with her fingers and then licked my balls gently with her tongue. “That feels amazing…don’t stop.” She looked up at me and smiled. And with her eyes still looking at me she took my cock into her mouth again as far as she could. I looked down at her to see that she was rubbing her pussy with her right hand while she was sucking my cock. She moaned on my cock as she rubbed her clit. I stood her up and turned her around so her back is against my chest. I ran my hands down her side and to the button of her shorts. I unbuttoned her shorts and pull down her zipper. I pushed her shorts and panties to her ankles. There she was standing in the open with her wet pussy exposed to the air. I kissed her neck and ran my hand between her legs. She spread her legs a bit wider so my hand could have better access. I pushed on her upper back to bend her forward. I knelt down and had her spread her legs wider. I could türbanlı escort antalya see her wet pussy in front of me. I took my tongue and slowly worked it from her clit to her asshole. “How does that feel?” I said to her, “Try not to moan too loudly. We don’t want other people to hear.” I smiled at her and went back to her pussy with my tongue. She replied back, “I’ll try.” As small moans escaped her mouth. I stood back up and placed the head of my cock at the entrance of her pussy. My cock just slid right into her pussy. She was so wet. She bit her lip as my cock entered her pussy trying not to moan loudly but a small moan came out anyways. I grabbed onto her hips and rhythmically moved my cock in and out of her pussy. It was an incredible feeling to have her pussy around my cock but more incredible was doing it outdoors. I continued to fuck her pussy deeply. She started to play with her clit while my cock was moving in and out. I could feel myself getting closer to orgasm and I thought she was getting closer as well. I started to thrust my cock faster in and out of her pussy. She said to me, “Don’t stop. You are going to make me cum!” With that I began thrusting my cock even faster. I could hear the sound of her pussy juice as my cock went into her pussy. “Ohhhh my God. I am cummming!!” she said to me as her body began to quiver as the orgasm ripped through her body. At the same time, I moaned and said, “I am cumming too.” I thrust my cock deep into her pussy and released stream after stream of hot cum into her pussy. I held my cock in there, to make sure all of my cum was inside her pussy. I then slowly withdraw my cock. A large blob of cum leaked from her pussy and ran down to her clit and fell to the ground. We kissed and then got dressed. We make our way back to trail and continued back to the car. She whispered to me, “I can feel your cum sloshing inside my pussy and it is coming out on my panties.” She give me a kiss on the cheek, wrapped her arm around mine and leaned her head on my shoulder. We got back to the car and were ready to go back home. I said to her, “Are you ready to go back home?” She said “Oh, yes. You have to fuck my ass now.” with a smile.

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