A Sissy’s Duties are Never Done (pt 2)

A Sissy’s Duties are Never Done (pt 2)
Candi and Summer started another shift and were sitting at the table eating their slop. Candi ate greedily this time, his choice not to eat the last time left him starving, not to mention that lingering taste of the sponge he couldn’t shake. The sissy went to take another spoonful when a large hand wrapped around his wrist. He tries to resist, but his other wrist is grabbed and they are pulled together behind his back. The man held both the sissy’s wrists with one hand while stuffing them into something like a leather sack. Candi wriggled his arms as the muscular man put straps over his shoulders and pulled a zipper up the sack, pinning the sissy’s elbows together. “Let me go!” Candi yelled as the man picked him up over his huge shoulder.

Kyle smacked the maid hard on his pantied ass, “Shut up, sissy! The Countess expects you.” As he’s carried off, Candi spys Summer getting the same treatment from an equally gigantic man but instead of the dred he feels welling inside, Summer seemed entranced and thoroughly aroused by the looks of things.

The two are once again placed before the Bathory women and Lady Sharon. In addition to the three, also stood the tentacled man, with a smile from ear to ear. The bulky men removed the armbinders from the sissies and stripped them down to their chastity cages. It was the first time Candi had seen Summer’s, whose cage was a solid metal piece made of polished chrome. It seemed to twitch with excitement as they stood nude before the women.

“Thank you, Kurt and Kyle,” Lady Uriel said courteously, holding a long rod in her hand. She marched between the two sissies, “Girls, thank the gentlemen for the lift.”

They both faced the large men and curtseyed. “Thank you,” they said in unison, though Summer showed more enthusiasm in her tone. Uriel grabbed Kyle’s tight shorts and yanked them down, showing his shockingly large member. “Kyle is what we call a bull,” Countess explains as she hands something to Sharon and they too approach the nude maids. “He and Kurt get to use their cocks because they know not to obey them. Summer knows them quite well.” Summer nodded excitedly.

Countess towered above the two, “They know how to be respectful.” Her glare made Candi gulp and a trickle of urine ran down his leg. “That’s right,” she growled in Candi’s face, “we know how poorly you behaved in the Wet Room. I can’t imagine anything more crude and awful than a pathetic little shit like you making your superior self conscious. Look at him.” She grabbed his whorish face and turned it toward the tentacled man, “He is a beautiful creature, one of a kind. Not a generic nobody like you. Do you know how we repay disrespect here?” Candi stammers out a timid, “No.”

“Sharon, if you please.”

Sharon came forward with a familiar black ball and a clear tube. She held the tube in front of Candi’s painted lips, “Open.” Candi did so and Sharon fed the tube to the back of his throat.

“Swallow,” Countess demanded as she stroked the sissy’s throat with her gloved hand. Candi gagged as the tube moved down his esophagus. With some length still hanging out, Sharon popped the black ball and set it in Candi’s mouth. In seconds, it filled the space and shoved the tube into the groove of his cheek. Candi could see Uriel affixing an intricate metal jaw spreader to a harness around Summer’s head. The Countess then lights a pungent blunt and blows it in their faces, “Normally, we give twenty four hours of silence as punishment for disrespect. The fact that you fools decided to hide it inspired us to go ahead and double it. Summer was quite clever in her improvisation and did her best to make up for your rudeness. She broke the rules trying to protect you, Candi. You should be grateful.”

Uriel popped Candi on the ass with the rod, “How did the sponge taste, by the way? I can’t imagine what slime that thing picked up off the floor.”

Sharon scowled at her sissy, “I’m disappointed in you, Candi. I was told you were starting to make headway and now this?” She brought up a screen on her wrist projector, “The ladies gave me the codes to your Sub Caller. Now I can torture you without having to look at that ugly ass.” She typed some keys and electricity shot through Candi’s body. “This can be a great learning tool,” she stated, making Candi’s plug grow and gyrate, “Whenever I receive a painful reminder of your betrayal, you feel it with me.” Candi moaned as the plug worked its magic.

Uriel delighted at the torment, “You know Sharon, you can connect your special wand to hers. That way if you feel like letting the little bitch cum, you get something out of it.”

“Good to know,” Sharon smiled ferociously as she shut off the vibration but left the plug in its expanded state. “I’m feeling a little bloated today, so you will too.”

Candi’s eyes widened. 48 hours in this?! Wait, how long have we been here? There’s no way can still be two days left for a three day weekend. He looked pleadingly and questioningly at his wife. She patted the sissy on the head, “Looks like someone finally started doing some math. I didn’t mention it on our way here, but my Uncle is bankrolling this whole retreat. When I told him what happened, he told me to bring you here until you changed or I decided to drop you.”

“I told your boss that you were going to need to take your vacation days,” Sharon continued as she took the rod from Uriel, “We both know you don’t need to work. You only do so because ‘the man is the breadwinner’ idea still bounces around in your empty skull. No matter what, your rules went because you were ‘man of the house.’ Do you still think your dick entitles you to whatever you want?”

Candi shook his head fearfully. “Good, I guess you are starting to learn.” She raised her arm to strike, but paused, “I don’t think the ass beatings are getting through to her, is there somewhere else I can take a crack at?”

Countess nodded and waved Steven, the tentacled man, over. “Steven, if you’d please put Candi in the falaka position.” Tentacles wrapped the sissy’s limbs and pulled him off of his feet. Candi tried to kick and fight, but Steven was much stronger and pinned his back and arms to the floor while holding his soles aloft. The blue phallus-like tentacle hovered in front of his overfilled mouth while another flicked and teased his cage.

Candi moaned and begged through the ball for whatever came next to not happen. “Are you giving up on your marriage, sissy?” Uriel queried, “Just say the word and it’ll all be over. The pain, the humiliation, the six years you two have been together, the lavish house- all gone if you want.” Candi looked at Sharon, then at Uriel and shook his head and settled himself.

There was a loud CRACK as the whip-like tip of the rod struck the middle of his left foot. He made a high pitched whine and tried to pull away but couldn’t. “Ooh, I haven’t heard that sound yet!” Uriel squealed with delight, “See if you can do it again!” Sharon nodded and struck the naked, humiliated Candi’s other arch. He cried out again and tried frantically to pull away as the rod snapped on his sensitive feet. He saw a blinding flash from the corner of his eye- the Countess was taking pictures with an old manual camera.

“This is exquisite,” she declared merrily as she captured snapshots of the continued beating, “but make sure to focus on the pads if you want her able to walk.” She made sure to catch each pained expression and Sharon’s deliciously seductive scowl. Candi realized something too- some other feeling was pushing the through the pain and fear. It was like a pump filling inside his abdomen. The pressure in his ass seemed to be moving in rhythm with the blows and his boy parts pulsed as they tried to engorge with the probing tentacle. Voices and whip-cracks faded away in a hum as the ballooning feeling in his abdomen pushed out to his limbs. He watched his wife’s beautifully vicious movements and for a moment took in how powerful and entrancing she was.

Candi trembled and cried out (as much as she could) as the feeling inside of her turned into an explosive orgasm. Her body bucked as her semen pushed its way out and drizzled a stream of white onto the cold hard floor. She groaned and twitched as Steven continued to hold her down. This wasn’t like any climax Candi had ever experienced as a man. It seemed to keep going with each stroke of the rod and thrust of the plug, more cum leaking from her dainty pink cage with each pulse.

“I think you’ve got a pain slut on your hands,” Countess mocked, digging a large needleless syringe from a nearby box, “Now you know how to get the little bitch off without touching her boy bits.” Master Steven released the sissy and tossed her clothes on her still-shaking body. “See you soon, sweet Candi,” he said, blowing her a kiss as he left through a back door. The Countess handed Summer (now wearing the infamous pink dress) the syringe and walked away, “Clean her up and come find me, Summer.” The bubblegum pink sissy slurped Candi’s mess off the floor with the plastic injector. She then took the protruding tip of the tube and carefully attached the syringe. Candi inhaled sharply as she watched her sissy sister depress the plunger, forcing the sperm down her throat into her stomach. Candi couldn’t taste it, but felt its warmth run through the tube. Maybe I am a worthless little bitch, she thought as Summer pulled her on to her aching feet, I’m not even man enough to leave this bullshit. Summer then helped Candi dress before trotting off to find the Countess.

“Report to Meister Gerhard out at the Kennels,” Uriel said as she headed with Sharon and the bulls to the dining hall, leaving Candi by herself. She hobbled out the front door and caught a ride with a cart out to the Kennels.

You can find the whole story here: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=dp_byline_sr_ebooks_1?ie=UTF8&text=Marcy+Bathory&search-alias=digital-text&field-author=Marcy+Bathory&sort=relevancerank

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