A Teen’s Promise


To lose one’s virginity is usually a special moment, especially for teenage girls. To do it with two men is not very usual. When one of those men happens to be her uncle, things take a turn to the perverse.

That was exactly how Zoe’s first time had been. Laying on an old mattress in a beachside motel, as her forty-five-year-old uncle pounded her pussy, her boyfriend pleasuring himself next to them as he stroked her hair.

It had all started with a family summer holiday. Zoe had turned eighteen a month ago and was soon to head out to college far from home. Thus, her parents had decided to celebrate by taking the whole family on holidays, including her childhood boyfriend Joe. The trip had been elevated once they realized Dan would also be able to join them.

Dan had recently been released from prison, exonerated five years after one of his students at the high school he worked as an English teacher in had falsely accused him of rape. He had been a model prisoner, using his time to further his studies, going so far as to acquire his law degree, and working on his physique. He kept the peace amongst inmates and had even received a parting gift from some of the guards in his block.

His family had almost unilaterally shunned him after his conviction, even after he repeatedly claimed to be an innocent man.

He had been quite surprised when, on the day of her eighteenth birthday, his niece Zoe had come visit him in Prison. The conversation had been rather jovial, innocent as they had always been before, but, as their time came to a close, she slid him an upside-down polaroid picture. Knowing that any contraband was harshly punished he had been quick to hide it. She had said nothing further, and it was only upon returning to his cell that he had taken a better look at the picture.

To his bewilderment there she stood, facing her bedroom mirror totally nude. Her long blonde hair barely covering her ample and youthful breasts as her hips were twisted slightly to hint at her beautifully round ass. A shy smile decorated her face, which she made no attempt to conceal, revealing thus the entirety of her impressive body for all to witness.

Written at the bottom was simply the following:

“I want you to be my first”

He had stared at the picture for nights on end, the brief message giving him strength every day until his release. He wondered what had prompted her to do this. He concluded that it might have been certain pictures released during the trial that his student had illicitly taken of him, which showed him stepping out of the shower to reveal his impressive cock.

He enjoyed the sight of Zoe’s teenage body, but he was not a possessive man. After he had sketched every inch of her body into his mind, he offered the picture to his cellmate. His reaction had been similar in amazement. By the time of his release, every single inmate in Dan’s cellblock had used her picture for relief, her body imaginatively pictured in every position and perverted fantasy imaginable.

Shortly after his release, Dan’s brother had come to see him, hoping to make peace, and inviting him to an upcoming family holiday. He agreed immediately after hearing Zoe would come, knowing full well that it would be the perfect time to take her virginity she had promised him. He was also surprised upon hearing that her boyfriend Joe would be coming too. Dan had no doubt it would present no issue.

Zoe loved Joe, even if few could find much reason for it. He was of unimpressive physical features, middling intellect, and, unbeknownst to most, suffered from crushing performance anxiety, which made their relationship seem more platonic than other most of the time.

Even though Zoe patiently tolerated all his shortcomings, she was still an attractive young lady with sexual needs, and occasionally gave in to temptation.

The first time had been the result of a stupid dare. A friend of hers had bet her that her relationship with Joe would make her unattractive to the high-school quarterback. Irritated by the proposition, and drunk at a house party, she had let the popular jock use her magnificent breasts to pleasure himself. In her drunken state she had been adventurous enough to lick the cum off her breasts as he watched in bewilderment.

She had, however, turned him down as he forcefully tried to remove her leggings and make love to her. Zoe had not forgotten her promise to Dan.

Naturally, rumors had reached Joe shortly after, but had not had the guts to confront her about her actions.


The holidays began uneventfully, as the couple enjoyed the sun and took long swims in the motel pool. Dan had only briefly talked to Zoe, keeping the conversation quite innocent in front of her parents but shooting her a daring wink as he departed.

On their second day there, Dan walked to the jacuzzi area and saw the beautiful blonde teenager he had been waiting to find some time with alone, unfortunately accompanied by her boyfriend.

“Hey guys, mind if I join you?” initiated Dan, sliding çankaya escort into the bubbling water next to Zoe.

“Sure Dan!” she answered, her boyfriend content with a shy smile.

They made small talk, even as Dan saw Zoe’s breath began to quicken and he finally caught on that she was touching herself under the water.

Knowing that the time had come, Dan moved over, plunging his hands underwater in search of her.

Dan saw her boyfriend’s jaw drop as he pulled out the bottom half of her white bikini out of the tub and discarded it in the grass. Zoe had turned slightly red as Dan moved his hands onto her freshly shaven pussy and began to finger her under the water.

As Dan pleasured her, she extended her hand to her boyfriend, toying with his hair as she maintained eye contact. This had clearly been arranged, although the extent to which he was not yet sure.

They were nearly caught as Zoe’s father passed by.

“Hey Dan, recapturing your youth!” he joked

“Oh you bet buddy” replied Dan with a smile, his fingers still inside Zoe’s cunt.

Her father continued on his path, luckily for them without noticing Zoe’s discarded white bikini bottom lying a few meters away on the grass.

“I’ll come see you tonight” Dan said simply before getting out of the tub and running to catch up with his brother.

As nighttime came, Dan headed to Zoe’s room. Upon knocking on the door, she opened, still in her white bikini. He grabbed her waist immediately and gave her a deep, passionate kiss without uttering a word. She returned it, wrapping her arms around him and releasing a low moan as Dan lowered his hands onto her perky ass. When their lips finally parted, Dan noticed Joe staring, an undersized erection barely visible through his swimming trunks.

“Hi Joe, how’s it going?” asked Dan with a smile as Zoe let him in.

“Uhm I’m doing good…” muttered Joe.

“Glad to hear, I think you and I are going to have a lot of fun with her tonight” Dan continued, grabbing Zoe’s ass once more for effect.

“Do you want anything to drink?” asked Zoe, her cheeks slightly red.

“Sure, some water would be nice.” he answered

As she went to the kitchen area Dan approached Joe, putting his arm around his shoulder.

“Zoe tells me you’re both virgins, is that right?”

Joe nodded slightly.

“Oh that’s wonderful” he concluded, as Zoe returned with a filled glass.

“Thank you dear. Now, please, strip each other.” Dan added, as he sat on the bed.

Without further words Zoe took the initiative, starting to undo the knot holding Joe’s trunks in place. He hesitated momentarily.

“C’mon Joe, it’s time you show me your woman” encouraged Joe, slowly sipping his drink.

Joe reached behind Zoe’s back to detach the clasp of her bra as she removed his trunks, her hand immediately taking hold of his semi-erection. He then knelt before her to pull her bikini down, revealing a clearly recently shaved pussy.

“Wow, she’s beautiful isn’t she Joe?”

He nodded once again, both of them staring at Dan. Zoe’s breath was now noticeably heavier in expectation as she stood holding Joe’s shoulders.

“Joe I’m going to fuck your girlfriend, but I want you to make her ready for me, can you do that?”

Joe looked up at Zoe, questioning one last time if that was truly what she desired. Seeing her face lit in excitement, the glimmer in her eyes surpassing anything he had previously seen, he knew this was what she wanted.

“Okey” he replied, gazing down at her virgin cunt.

“Eat her out”

He obeyed, placing his head between her stunning thighs and beginning the rhythmic movement of his tongue.

After a minute of admiring the scene, Dan got up from the bed and approached them. He wrapped one arm around Zoe’s waist again, using his other hand to press Joe’s head against her pussy. Zoe and Dan both watched as Joe worked his tongue, gasping for air as her breathing intensified.

“Are you liking this baby?” asked Dan, locking eyes with Zoe, who’s beautiful face was now mere inches from his.

“Hmm yes daddy, he’s never done this so well before” she moaned.

“Are you ready for me now?”

“Let him do this a bit longer please, having you both like this feels amazing.”

Dan nodded with a smile, giving Joe a small pat on the back as he kissed his girlfriend once again.

A few minutes passed until Zoe spoke again.

“Daddy I want you to take me now.”

Without a word, Dan grabbed Joe’s hair and pulled his head away from her pussy, revealing an erotic mess of her juices on his lips.

Discarding him, Dan led Zoe to the bed, laying her down. He noticed the general dirtiness of the surrounding, the sheets clearly not washed from the previous three or four nights. It all added to his arousal.

“Is Zoe on the pill?” he asked Joe, without taking his eyes off her magnificent breasts.


“Good, tomorrow you’ll buy her the morning after pill.”

“Is this safe escort çankaya daddy?” she muttered hesitantly, the insistence of both the sexual educational system and her parent’s advice clearly present in her mind.

“With me, you are always safe honey, I want to feel as close to you as I can”

She nodded, a smile returning to her face.

Dan laid on top of her, kissing her neck and breasts before preparing his erect cock at her entrance.

“Please, take me”

Dan pushed himself inside of her with strength as she let out a low gasp of pain.

Joe had laid next to his girlfriend and was watching the scene unfold, shamefully masturbating as the older man ravaged his love.

Her moaning increased as Dan found the right rhythm, thrusting into her profusely.

“Daddy am I your whore?” she implored, as she wrapped her legs and arms around him.

“You are. You are daddy’s perfect little whore. Tell Joe”

“Oh god Joe this feels amazing. Do you like me being Dan’s whore?”

He nodded, aroused now to the point of losing all shame.

“Do you like watching me fuck your girlfriend?” asked Dan, both him and Zoe now looking at him.

“Yes, oh fuck, yes.” He muttered.

Dan knew from his face that Joe was going to cum soon.

However, before he could, Zoe’s pussy began pulsating heavily, and she came for the first time in her life as she buried her head in Dan’s shoulder.

“That’s a good girl, cum for me.”

Her moaning prevented her from replying as she tried to regain control from her explosion of pleasure.

The sight of Zoe coming as Dan whispered into her ear was too much for Joe to bear.

“I’m coming too, oh shit I need to cum.”

Without further warning, Joe shot his cum all over the sheets, spewing for what seemed like an eternity as Zoe looked on.

With a last grunt he emptied his balls, and laid his head back.

Dan, growing tired of the missionary repetition, lifted Zoe up and placed her on all fours.

“Joe, come here. Put my cock in your girlfriend.”

Too stunned still to object, Joe sat up, cautiously grasping Dan’s cock and placing it inside Zoe’s gaped cunt.

“Oh god that’s amazing” muttered Zoe as she looked back to see her boyfriend guide Dan’s cock in.

Content with the new position, Dan picked up the rhythm again, holding Zoe’s hair in a ponytail.

“Hold her ass open” he commanded Joe, who spread her ass apart to allow Dan a deeper penetration.

Zoe had buried her face in her hands, the pleasure and the perversion of the whole ordeal too much too handle.

Enthralled in his actions too, Dan decided to take it one step further. He grabbed Joe’s hair once more and yanked his head down until his lips where at the entrance of her asshole.

“You know what to do, make her ready for me”.

Without complaint Joe began probing Zoe’s asshole with his tongue, using all the saliva he could muster, some of it dripping down to lubricate Dan’s fucking. Zoe began moaning heavily

“Daddy not there, I don’t know if I’m ready there yet, I haven’t washed.” She hesitated, her moaning continuing throughout.

“We don’t mind, I want you to be all mine” grunted Dan as he forced Joe’s face deeper into her ass.

“Daddy, do you love me?” she inquired sheepishly, turning her head around.

“Of course, I do baby, we both do, right Joe?”

“Yes Zoe” responded Joe.

“Okey, you can fuck my asshole, but please be careful.”

Dan reached forward and caressed her face lightly with a warm smile as he removed Joe from her asshole and probed it with his finger. It was nicely lubricated by Joe’s tongue-work and his first few fingers slipped in without much trouble.

She moaned heavily, begging him to put more in. Joe, once again, this time without needing prompt, held her ass cheeks apart to allow Dan comfort in his task. When he was content that he had gaped Zoe enough to introduce him member, he pulled his cock out of her pussy.

Zoe turned back to watch her last ounces of virginity stripped. Joe looked as her face convulsed in pain and extasy when Dan’s cock slipped inside fully.

“Oh daddy its so big, you’re stretching me out too much!”

“It’ll be okey baby, trust your daddy.” Replied Dan reassuringly, increasing the speed at which he pounded her ass.

“Don’t you just love how her asshole looks with my cock in it?”

Joe nodded; his eyes fixed on Dan’s thrusting.

They maintained this position as Zoe’s moans turned louder, to the point that Joe had to gag her with her own bikini to keep her from waking her parents in the room adjacent.

“I’m gonna cum now.” Declared Dan finally.

Liberating his cock forcefully from her asshole, he grabbed her head and led her onto the rug where she lay on her knees. Without instruction, she opened her mouth wide as her tongue hanged out, expecting his cum.

Holding onto Joe for balance, Dan grunted heavily before releasing his load onto her face. Streams of creamy cum çankaya escort bayan flowed from his erect cock straight onto her mouth and the reddened cheeks of her face. When the last drop landed, a silence enveloped the room, broken only slightly by Dan’s heavy breathing. They both stared down at the beautiful blonde teen kneeling before them, her tongue still out as her glistening green eyes darted between them.

Joe was now masturbating his limp cock furiously, clearly aroused to the point of near release by the sight of Dan making all of Zoe his. With Dan’s hand still around his shoulder he came once more too, spewing what seemed to be a copious amount of cum onto her.

By now, her face was completely covered, streams falling down onto her perky breasts as she breathed heavily.

“Swallow us baby” invited Dan as he patted Joe lightly on the back.

She did as instructed, not flinching as their warm cum flowed down their throat.

When she had washed up, they all returned to the bed. Dan set his alarm early, weary of being caught with the young couple in the morning. They slept without the covers, the summer warmth and their body heat enough to keep them comfortable.

Dan woke up in the middle of the night to low murmur. He turned to Zoe, just to find her arguing with Joe in whispers. With her ass pressed against him, Joe was trying, without success, to put his semi-erect cock inside Zoe’s tight cunt.

“It’s not going to work, let me sleep please.”

“Let him try baby, I’ve enjoyed you so much he deserves a try.” Interjected Dan, extending his hand for Zoe to take as he admired her firm, naked breasts.

“Okey daddy, five more minutes” she conceded, holding Dan’s hand.

Joe tried desperately to force himself inside, but the pressure had gotten to him, and his initial impetus was lost. Dan could see the discomfort in Zoe’s face as she waited for this to be over, convinced that Joe would be unable to give her any pleasure. Joe gave up shortly after.

Zoe shifted over to sleep in Dan’s arms. He slid his cock between her legs to penetrate her cunt effortlessly. They made love slowly, deep in each other’s embrace. Joe could be heard moaning lightly as he masturbated once more. In a last pathetic effort to save the last shreds of his manhood he moved closer to them and unloaded his final load onto her back. She barely flinched as the last drops of his cum landed on her pure skin.

Joe went to sleep, or at least tried to, as Dan and Zoe fucked slowly but firmly for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, Dan felt his climax closing, and he shot his seed into Zoe’s warm, tight pussy. They fell asleep in each other’s arms, Dan’s cum nestled inside of her until it flowed out naturally during the night.

Dan woke up before the rest, and as he gathered his cloths to leave, he took one last look at Zoe, her back and inner thighs glistening from the dry cum that she had so graciously taken. He planted a gentle kiss on her forehead and gave her breasts one last touch before stepping outside and returning to his room.


For the next years, Dan continued his relationship with Zoe. Even as she went to college, he would take both her and Joe on holiday trips every study break. However, their interactions morphed. Zoe became less patient with Joe’s sexual incompetence and stopped getting intimate with him without Dan present.

In addition, in her first year of college Dan gave her permission to explore her sexuality freely. The rules were simple. She was never to tell anyone of their arrangement, and the men could not wear any protection. As a result of this, she began bringing men over to the apartment she shared with Joe near campus and spending wild nights with them, all the while presenting Joe as a mere roommate. He had to spend his nights hearing her moans of pleasure and the grunts of the men as she brought them to orgasm, time and time again.

While Zoe and Joe attended college, Dan put the education he had gained in jail to work, endeavoring tirelessly to free wrongly incarcerated men from his former cell block. Once free, most of these men had lost not only years of their life, but also all hope of building a future.

As a form of compensation, righting the wrongs the system had inflicted on them, Dan would drive them over to Zoe’s flat as a surprise. He would tell them which door to knock on and that he would pick them up in an hour before driving off. They would knock, and to their surprise, the young, petite blonde that had been their solace during so many nights in jail thanks to the nude she had snuck Dan would open the door.

Dan had never asked Zoe if she liked pleasuring the former convicts, but she never complained, always abiding to their desires, leaving nothing out of bounds. Joe would commonly be present, hearing through the thin walls as the sexually repressed men ravaged her. Some were kind to her, seeking the companionship they had longed for in jail, choosing to lay naked with her as she ran her fingers through their hair.

Others, the one’s tormented by the feelings of injustice that naturally surrounded their situation, would pay out their frustration on her pale body. Once, Joe had looked in through the crack in the door as one such man held down Zoe’s face with his foot, as she lay on all fours and he relentlessly fucked her asshole.

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