A Walk in the Park


A Walk in the ParkIt’s beautiful night out as we walk through the park together arm in arm. We have just finished having a great evening out together including dinner, wine, and a stunning lady sitting across the table from me. As we are walking home together I can’t help but admirer your sexy body and how amazing you look tonight in that short skirt. My mind drifts to seeing your wet pussy under that skirt and how I wish I could just take you right here in now. The sound of your voice pulls me back to reality as you lead me over to a park bench. We have a seat as I put my arm around and hold you close against me as you look up into the night sky, but I can’t pull my eyes away from you. I begin to softly kiss your neck as you giggle turn towards me and we begin to kiss first slowly but then the kisses become more passionate and deep. As we continue to make out, I place my hand on your thigh and to my delight I feel you open up your legs to me. I slide my hand under your skirt to discover you are wearing your crotchless panties that are so hot. I begin to play with your clit as we continue to kiss between gaziantep escort bayan your soft moans. Then I start sliding my fingers inside your already dripping wet pussy while using my other hands to massage your breast through your shirt. Your moans start to become louder as I fuck your wet pussy with my fingers. Suddenly, we hear someone else coming, I quickly slide my fingers out of your pussy as we see another couple walk by us. After they leave you turn to me with a smile on your face, take my hands and begin licking your pussy juice off of my fingers. I ask if you want to hurry up and get back to my place but you say you have a better idea and with that you reach down and grab my hard cock through my jeans. I start to say something but you put a finger to my lip and begin to unbutton my jeans and pull out my cock. You begin stroking it out in the open where anyone could see making grow harder and harder within your hands. I reach over and begin to feel your tits again as you stroke my cock then suddenly you bend over and begin to lips the tip of my cock. I can’t help but escort bayan let out a small moan as I know how much you enjoy teasing me. I begin looking around for a more private place because I can’t wait to get home anymore. I grab your hand and lead you to little more secluded area of the park where no one will hopefully see us. As soon as we are in the clear you drop to your knees and begin sucking my cock taking it inch by inch into your mouth. I struggle between watching you and keeping an eye out for people, but then make it even harder my slipping off your top and letting your amazing tits out and wrapping them around my cock. I watch your tits slide up and down on my hard cock and at this point I don’t care if anyone sees us. I grab you and pull you to your feet and begin sucking on your beautiful tits while pressing my hard cock against your skirt just aching to fuck your pussy. I whisper in your ear to get down on all fours. I watch as you lower your sexy body onto the grass and arch your gorgeous ass in the air for me. I waste no time as I hike up your skirt and slam my cock deep inside your pussy taking you by surprise and let out a loud moan. I begin fucking your tight little pussy as you strain to not make to much noise. The harder I pound your pussy the harder it gets for you to begin quiet as more and more moans begin to escape your lips. I see someone close by but I don’t care anymore if they see us or not, I just slap your ass and fuck you as deep as I can. Suddenly I pull out of you and flip you over, you are now laying on your back in the grass as I slide my cock back into you and place my hand over your mouth and fuck you dripping wet pussy. I can feel your pussy tightening as you get closer and closer to cumming for me, so I begin fucking you harder and deeper. Finally I feel your body begin to shake with a orgasm, the sounds of your muffled scream push me over the edge and I shot my hot cum deep inside your pussy. Once we have both finished I pull my cock and have you lick it clean before we get dressed. We look and see another couple on the bench we were sitting at early. We are not sure if they saw what we were doing but at this point we didn’t care. Once we are both fully clothed and cleaned up, I ask you if you are now ready to go back to my place. You smile and laugh at me as you take my hand and we walk back to my place to have more fun.

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