A WELL-ENDOWED STUD IS HIS WIFE’S FAVORITE TA WELL-ENDOWED STUD IS HIS WIFE’S FAVORITE TOURIST ATTRACTIONMy wife and I have always fantasized about her getting fucked by some big stud, and she sure got all of that and then some on our last trip to the Caribbean this past January. On the second day of our vacation, I noticed a very well-hung man coming across the nude beach and asked if that was the sort of guy she wanted. Jan answered with an enthusiastic yes, adding that she’d try to wangle an introduction. We spent the rest of the afternoon soaking up the sun and then decided to go hang out in the hot tub.We had been in the tub only a few minutes when who should join us but the stud from the beach. He introduced himself as Pete, and we had a great conversation that eventually focused on the swinging opportunities offered by the resort for those who were interested. Suddenly I felt Jan’s hand stroking my cock, and I whispered to her to stroke Pete’s as well. It was incredible to be sitting there in the bubbling water, knowing my wife was jerking off two men at once.After a while Pete said he had to go, but he hoped he’d see us later. Jan and I headed back to our room, with Jan telling me how great his big dick had felt in her hand and how much she wanted to feel it inside her. She just had to have him fuck her! We made passionate love and then got dressed and headed off to dinner.Afterward, türbanlı erzincan escort we ran into Pete again and asked him if he’d like to join us in fifteen or twenty minutes in our room. When he said he’d be delighted, I could tell Jan’s pussy was melting at the very thought of his huge cock. The minutes seemed to crawl by, and suddenly he was looming in the doorway, a big grin on his face. He thought the best way to proceed was to do whatever Jan wanted, and I agreed. She was happy with that and began to remove her flowered dress and filmy underthings.When Jan was entirely naked, we could see that her nipples were hard and her pussy hair was moist with her juices. She was ready for action, and Pete had her lie down on the bed. She did so, and I sat next to her. Pete went down on her and began to suck and lick her pussy, something she just loves. He put a few fingers inside her and finger-fucked her for a little while, but it was clear she wanted his cock inside her instead.While Pete was busy at her cunt, I had been squeezing Jan’s breasts and playing with her nipples. Somewhere along the way there was a pause while Pete and I took off our pants. Jan gasped at the sheer size of his cock and reached out and started stroking it with both hands. I just couldn’t believe that was my wife playing with another man’s cock. It was fabulous! She türbanlı erzincan escort bayan had him hard in no time. His cock wasn’t quite as thick as mine, but it was a lot longer.Jan got Pete to lie down on the bed while she continued to play with his impressive erection and rub it between her large breasts. Soon the time had come for her to get what she craved. I handed her an extra large condom, which she opened and then unrolled on his long cock.Next, she positioned herself over him so she could control the angle and speed of entry. Ever so slowly, Jan started to slide Pete’s cock into her wet pussy. I sat there amazed as my wife worked the whole of his big pole deep into herself. Finally she sat all the way down on it and moaned loudly that never before had she been so full of cock. I could tell from her face that she was in another world, as she began to move up and down, riding that big dick for all she was worth. She’d wanted to do this for years.After a while, Pete decided that he wanted to be on top, so Jan slowly pulled his cock out of her juicy cunt and lay down on the bed. She lifted her legs and Pete slid his cock into her. As he pushed all the way in, Jan moaned loudly. Pete held himself motionless, letting my wife savor the feel of his giant member stretching her to the max. Then, as he started to pump in and out, türbanlı escort erzincan I moved up to her face and she took me in her mouth, sucking madly.My wife was taking all Pete could give her and begging for more. He decided after a while to take her from behind, little realizing that this was Jan’s favorite position. He pulled out and turned her over so her ass was sticking up in the air. What a sight!Pete pushed back into her cunt, holding on to her shoulders as he rammed all the way home. His cock had to be hitting places no cock had ever touched before. Jan reached for my cock and started sucking it again, trying to make me come as Pete pounded away at her pussy. I was in heaven watching his cock slide in and out of her and hearing the sound it made.In time I just sat back and watched Pete bring himself to an orgasm. When he started to come he pounded her cunt like it had never been pounded before, shooting semen into the condom. Jan was right behind him, coming like I’d never seen her come before. When he was finished, Pete slowly pulled out of her, leaving my wife exhausted but satisfied from the best fucking of her life.It wasn’t too long after that Pete kissed her good-bye and left. As the door closed behind him, I moved to take my turn. We began to fuck like hyperactive bunny rabbits, and we both came with an intensity that had to be felt to be believed. What an incredible orgasm, brought on by having watched my wife get fucked by Pete’s big cock.Breathless, Jan and I cleaned up and headed out to dance the rest of the night away. We are planning a return trip to the islands in November, and maybe Pete will be there. If not, perhaps some other well-hung stud will pleasure my wife, and maybe even fuck her in the ass. Now that would be truly fantastic.

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