A White husband’s plan


A White husband’s planMy wife was currently 35 and we had been married for a little over 18 years. She was a virgin when we started dating in our junior year of high school and one thing led to another and after only having sex with her a couple of times, she found out that she was pregnant. She was almost 17 at the time. We both dropped out of school and got married and with some help from my parents were able to get an apartment and set up housekeeping as husband and wife, albeit being so young and not really knowing all that much. My grandfather owned a general store and was kind enough to hire me. Eight months later, we were the parents of a healthy baby boy and together we raised him and he had recently graduated from high school and had just left for college. Over the years, my grandfather had passed away but with my sales experience in working for him, I had been hired by another firm and had done fairly well and I had only recently changed jobs again for what I felt was a better opportunity. From the time I met her in high school, Joyce had always been a very good looking female and even after the birth of our son, she had quickly gotten back in shape and has maintained an attractive figure over the years. On the other hand, I had let myself go a little bit, but my wife on the other hand was still pretty hot and we both knew it. Sure, she had gotten a little more “full bodied” after the years. She too had put on some weight over the years and her ass was a little bigger now. She never was all that big up top, but she certainly wasn’t flat chested by any means and while she was a little broader around her back, she still had some very respectable tits and as far as I was concerned, her ass and tits only made her that much more attractive. Her measurements now were about a 36C – 31 – 39 and her smaller waist only served to accent her fine ass, at least to me and to others too as I saw many a head turn to take a good look when she walked by other men. There was another special thing about her. Not only was she hot to look at, but from the very first time we had sex, she loved it and still did. From the very beginning, she really went wild with sex, and that was what caused her to get pregnant. I couldn’t help myself the way that she couldn’t get enough and at that point, neither of us wanted to delay long enough for me to put on a condom. After we were married, I found out just how much she loved being brought to orgasm after orgasm, although being totally truthful, that was usually the result of me using my tongue on her pussy and clit and hardly ever from using my dick but neither of us seemed to mind. Sometimes if she had a really good orgasm, she would actually pass out from the extreme pleasure it seemed to give her and I tried my best to please her as often as I could. Now that our son had gone off to college, I found myself on the computer a lot and that naturally led me to reading stores on the net. The ones that I found extremely exciting were stories about white wives with black men, many with the theme of cuckolding involved. I always knew that I wasn’t very big in the penis department and knew that I had never been able to satisfy her that way and as a result, I had always wished that I could see her with someone that was really big who could fill her up and make her cum like crazy just by fucking her and the more stories I read the more determined that I became to try to find a way to make it happen. Finally, I decided on a plan that I thought just might work. My bright plan was to create a situation where I could work with someone to blackmail my wife into having sex with them. Naturally, I wanted it to be a black man but first I knew that I needed to get some material that could be used to blackmail her. My brilliant plan was to find a way to get my wife to pose for some embarrassing pictures and then find a way to get a black man to use them for him to blackmail her. Over the next several weeks, I would always be sure to tell my wife how great she looked and to take pictures of her on my cell phone. One night when we came home from having a nice dinner and several drinks, I waited until she started to undress and then I pulled out my cell phone and begged her to let me take some candid shots. At first she refused, but I kept on telling her how sexy I thought she was and told her I would love to have some shots that I could sneak a peek at during the long boring days at work sometime and told her that I was sure that they would make me so horny that when I got home, I would want to rip her clothes off and eat her out until she passed out from all the pleasurable orgasms I would give her. It took some coaxing and more begging, but sure enough she posed first in panties and bra and then just panties and finally no panties and her legs spread wide showing off her wet and juicy pussy. After I got lots of pictures, I dove between her legs and ate that pussy until she had so many orgasms that she really did pass out. That had not happened for a lot of years and I could tell that she loved it. A few nights later, I convinced her to let me take some naked pictures of her using the dildo that I had bought her and it was a pretty big one. After the pictures, she couldn’t wait for me to get between her legs again and eat her until she again passed out from so many orgasms. I was pleased and knew that I had what I wanted and needed and now all I needed to find was the right guy. It took me a while to settle on a guy I could trust to make my plan work. I finally settled on a black guy named Nate that I met at work. Nate was in his late 20’s, was very muscular, and of course he was very dark skinned. I had heard the rumors at work that there were several ladies in the office that had dated Nate and had also heard that the women he had dated talked almost non-stop about the size of his cock and his great lovemaking talents. The best part of it all was that Nate never talked about bedding the ladies in the office, and he never bragged, and when I asked him about the rumors one day, he wouldn’t even make a comment saying that he didn’t believe in discussing what went on between him and any woman which told me that he was discreet and I felt therefore that he could be trusted. As a result of those things, I felt confident that he was the man I wanted for the job. Now that I knew who I wanted, I still needed to find the opportunity to discuss my plan with him and see if he would be interested. One afternoon, I asked him to stop for a drink after work and he agreed. After having several drinks, I finally did get him to admit that he had indeed had sex with several of the white woman at the office and he told me that he really had a thing for white women of all ages. I finally got up the nerve to discuss my plan with him and to ask him if he would like to sleep with my wife. He looked at me kind of funny and finally asked, “Are you sure you could really handle it if I did?” That is when I explained to him my fantasy, and then told him a little bit about my wife and her love of sex and I even confessed about my lack of size and the fact that I could only get her off when I used my tongue to give her an orgasm. He just laughed and said that it was hard for him to understand that since he never had that problem. He asked me to show him some pictures of my wife and I took out my cell phone and started, first with the milder cheesecake ones, but then continuing until he had seen her completely naked and even with her dildo. He told me that she was very attractive and that he was definitely interested and told me that he would love to be the guy to help me out and asked me to share my plan with him. I explained that my plan was for him to pose as an internal computer system auditor and to tell him that he had found the pictures on my phone and that company policy forbid having any pornographic materials on company equipment and tell her that he was going to have to turn me in and that not only would I lose my job but that her pictures would probably make their way throughout the entire company for all the top managers to see. My plan was to put her in an embarrassing situation and then for him to blackmail her into having sex with him so that he would not turn me in or expose her pictures. I explained to him that I did have one strict rule or hang up, and that was that she was not to be forced to have any form of sex if she steadfastly refused and that he would have to promise me that he would take things no further if she did indeed refuse. I explained that ideally, I wanted him to find a way to get her to want it, maybe even beg for it and I let him know that if he forced himself on her, it would be **** and that I would go to the police and tell them everything and that I would make sure that he would be charged and locked up for a long time. He smiled at my threat and told me that he had never had to force any woman to have sex with him and said that he was sure that given the opportunity, he could and would turn my wife into a black cock slut! Just the way that he said it, made the whole thing seem hot as hell to me and at that point, I knew that I was committed to following through with the plan. He told me that the real key to making sure the plan would work was for me to do my best to make sure that my wife would be horny as hell by the day the plan was put into effect and I quickly agreed. That night when I got home, my dick was rock hard, and I could not keep my hands off of my sexy wife. As is always true, she was ready to go the moment I made my move, only that night, she had no idea what I really had planned for her. I couldn’t keep my hands off of my wife and when she felt how hard my dick was in my pants, she asked me “What has gotten into you tonight?” and I told her “I had a little down time at work and I have been looking at those sexy pictures of you all day and by the way, “nothing has gotten into me, but I can’t wait to get something into you! All I could really think about all day was how sexy you are and I couldn’t wait to get home to you.” She hurried with everything and it wasn’t long before we were up in the bedroom and she asked, “Well, what are you waiting for?”I hopped into bed and wasted no time slipping my little dick into her. Knowing what I had planned, made me really horny and just the thought of her with a black guy with a really big cock was making me crazy. It didn’t take but a few strokes before my dick shot off in her and instead of going down on her or using a toy to bring her off, I deliberately rolled on my side and told her that I was exhausted. The plan was to leave my wife unsatisfied and boy did that do it. She pouted and said “Come on baby. I need to cum too. Please at least play with my pussy for while.” Unfortunately for her, I knew that I needed her horny for my plan to work, so I told her that I was really too tired and just rolled over and left her laying there writhing with desire.The next morning, I got up early to head to work, but my wife was already awake. She seemed to still be horny from last night and said “Come on baby, you didn’t finish me last night and I really need it. Please baby, please eat me out or at least use a toy on me since I don’t think I can make it through the day without getting off.” I leaned over and kissed her and said “I’m really sorry sweetheart, but I am already late for an early meeting at work. I promise to make it up to you later on when I get home tonight. Just keep that hot little pussy of yours stoked all day long, and it will get well taken care of later.” After telling her that, I quickly left with such a hard dick, I could hardly walk. Little did she know, but if everything went according to plan, her mind would be getting blown a lot sooner than she thought. As soon as I got to work, I called Nate and while I was waiting for him, I made several prints of the pictures from my phone to be used as part of the plan. I put them in a folder and handed them to Nate when he came into my office. Nate looked at me and said that he would ask me just one last time before it was too late and said “Are you really sure you want to go through with this? You can still back out right now if you want to and you know that I won’t say anything to anyone. I want you to know that if you don’t call it off now, there won’t be anything that you can do to stop what is going to happen after this so please be sure that you know what you want!”I looked at him and said “I have never been more sure of anything in my life Nate. I really want you to go through with this!” With that, he smiled, picked up the folder with the pictures and walked out the door. The rest of this story is from Nate and how he told me things happened and also from the video he took. Nate told me that he arrived at our house and rang the doorbell and within a minute my wife came to the door, still in the sexy little pajama set she had on when I had left. He told me that he was pretty sure that she had a slight sheen of sweat on her body and I can only assume she had been keeping herself occupied with her toys after I went to work.Nate said “Excuse me ma’am…I need to talk with you about something. Can I come in?”Joyce nervously said, “Well, what is this about? I really don’t like letting strangers into my house, so maybe we can just talk about whatever you need to talk about out here on the porch?”“I’m sorry ma’am, but you are really going to want to handle this matter inside. As a matter of fact, why don’t I give you this folder, and you can go back inside and look at it, and then you can come back out and tell me if you want to let me in so that we can talk.”Joyce took the envelope, and went back inside and closed the door. Nate said that even with her behind the door, he hesrd her let out a loud gasp and say “Oh my gawd!” It wasn’t long before she came to the door and said “Go away, I don’t want to speak with you!”Nate said that he told her “Joyce, I think that you should really open the door. My name is Nate, and I work in the IT department where your husband works. These photos were on his company phone. He seems to have forgotten that we monitor the use of all devices and computers at work. If I follow company policy and turn this in, your husband will lose his job and the truth is that I would really hate to see him get fired over this.”Joyce started to get tears in her eyes and said “Please …You….you can’t do this to him! We can’t afford for him to lose his job. Please, don’t do that.”Nate said “Sorry Joyce, but I really don’t have a choice. I would be taking a big chance by not reporting this and if the company ever found out, I would get fired too.”Joyce then said, “Couldn’t you please take that chance? We can’t afford for him to lose his job. Please…isn’t there something you can do to make this all go away.”“That’s why I am here Joyce.” Nate said. “I would like to take that chance for you, but there has to be something in it for me. It’s a pretty good job and I sure don’t want to lose it, and I sure wouldn’t be willing to take that chance for nothing.”“What would you need to make it worth your while? I might be able to come up with four or five hundred dollars but that’s about it?” Nate said that Joyce’s voice sounded hopeful that maybe this could be worked out and that was when Nate decided that it was time to drop the hammer. He said that once he had seen my wife, he couldn’t help but think “Man she looks real good…real fine. He said that he just kept looking at her in those sexy PJ’s and thinking how nice it was going to be to have this sexy married white slut’s pussy sliding up and down on his big black cock. He finally looked at her and said “I have all of the money I need Kath. I am looking for something a little bit more enjoyable than that if I’m even going to consider not turning these in and getting your husband fired.”He said that there was a pause while his words seemed to sink in and then he heard Joyce say “Oh my gawd…You can’t mean….well you can’t mean what I think you mean! I am a happily married woman and I am not having sex with you. Not even to save my husband’s job.”“Well, that’s just it Joyce. It isn’t exactly sex that I’m looking for with you. I would never force a woman to have sex with me. I am just looking for the chance to see if I could turn you on, and see where it might go from there!”“What exactly do you mean Nate? Do you mean like you want to take me on a date?” she asked.“Hell no! I am looking for a little more than that. I want to see that hot little body of yours that I saw in the pictures. I want to try to be able to turn you on, but I will only fuck you if you ask me or beg me to do it, otherwise I’ll just leave and destroy the pictures and the records and we both can forget the whole thing.”“I…I I can’t Nate. I’m married….Please cant you just delete the photos.”“Sorry ma’am, I can’t do that. I have to report this, and to do that I will have to show them these photos. There’s a good chance that they will get passed around and everyone at work will know what a hot little slut you are too.”“Um…..well…..what would you want me to do?” bolu rus escort she asked. I smiled, knowing that I was almost home. I said “It is simple really. I want to play with your naked body in bed. I will touch you and play with you, but I won’t actually have sex with you unless you ask or beg me to do it.”“No way!”“Okay then, no problem. I may as well head back to work then and turn these in and then your husband will be fired, probably within an hour or two.”“No no…wait…I can’t believe I am even asking this, but if I did agree to let you do what you want, how long would it go on?”Nate said that was when he knew he had her. “One hour. Anything goes to try and excite you, but no sex unless you ask for it.” he said he told her.Joyce sighed, “I guess I really don’t have a choice do I?”“That’s not true. You have a choice to either do it or to have your husband fired but it’s your choice.”She opened the door and took me by the hand, and led me straight to the bedroom.I knew it was time to start asserting myself, so when she turned around, I grabbed her and pulled down her pajama bottomes right then.” Okay bitch, let me see that sweet ass up on the bed right now!”She hesitated for a moment, so I picked her up and tossed her into the bed.“Pull down those panties right now and let me see that hot sweet married white pussy of yours!”She gasped! She was clearly offended by the way I talked to her, but she reached out and pulled her panties down for me.Man what a sight. She was everything she appeared to be from the photos. The curve of her hips and that ass was fantastic. I knew from the photos that her pussy was shaved smooth, and when I looked at it, it was easy to see that it was glistening wet already. It was clear that this loss of control was turning her on.“Looks to me like someone is already looking forward to this based on how wet that pussy of yours is you slut!” I said.“Don’t talk to me like that!” she yelled back at me.“Shut up slut, and lay back in bed! It is time to make you beg.”Joyce looked at me indignantly and said, “That is never going to happen Nate!”I decided not to waste any time. I climbed onto the bed, and dove down between her legs. Her pussy smelled sweet like honey, and I started lapping at it. She was already gushing wet. It was clear she did not want me to know how hot she was, so she tried to lay still. I licked my tongue up and down her slit a few times, and then I finally took hold of her clit with my teeth and pulled on it and then began to gently lick at it with my tongue. She moaned and moaned. I said out loud, “Seems to me someone already wants it pretty badly.” “Shut up you asshole…55 more minutes of this, and then I want you out of my hou…uuugghhhh!” I lapped at her pussy in long strokes, and bit down gently on her clit again. “Nooooo…Oh….Please….please stop, oh please stop!”“Not for 55 more minutes slut. I am going to keep on doing everything I can to make it hard for you to resist.” As I said this I started tonguing in and out of her pussy. Man she was on fire. She tried not to react, but she was simply too horny from the way her husband left her. Finally, she started to move, up and down, making little fucking motions with her hips. Her husband had told me that her nipples were crazy sensitive too, so I reached up and pinched one of her nipples pretty hard and it was like an electric charge went through her.She cried out, “Ohhhhh that feels so good. Stop it you bastard just stop it!”I kept right on working that clit with my teeth and my tongue and she moaned louder and louder. She started to tremble, and I knew that she was near an orgasm so I stopped. “Ohhhh…..Noooooo…”“Ohhhhh….Nooo what slut?” I had no intention of letting her have an orgasm. I waited to let her come back down off the edge.“Nooooo please don’t stop. I am so horny…Just a few more licks. I need to cum so badly.”“Wow! That’s a real change….from stop….and go away to please just a few more licks in just 10 minutes. Are you sure you don’t want to give in, and let me simply start fucking you right now?”“No…I told you that I am not having sex with you but I really do need to cum though. Can’t you lick me just a few more times?”“Sorry baby. Cumming is for good little sluts that I fuck. You haven’t earned the right to cum yet.”“Fuck you asshole! You still aren’t putting that black dick of yours in me.”“Don’t you worry. I plan to keep my word and I won’t force you, but I am going to take my penis out now so that you can see what you are missing. Oh yeah, and you should know that a dick is what a white boy has. A black man has a cock…..a big black cock!” And with that I stood up and took my clothes off. I have never had a complaint about the shape I am in, nor the size of my cock. I was so horny that when I pulled out my cock it was already dripping precum. She was looking away when I first took it out, but then she got a good look and she gasped and said “Oh my gawd! It is huge! I will never let you fuck me with that thing! I couldn’t take all of that monster inside of me even if I wanted!”“Don’t sell yourself short slut. You can, and in a little bit you will take it, all of it inside that married white pussy of yours! Now tell me Joyce, where are the toys from the photos?”“I won’t tell you.”“You will, or the deal is off. Remember, anything I want except sex.”Her shoulders sagged “Fine. They are in the closet.”I walked over to the closet and pulled out the secret basket. “Hmmm, let me see what we have here. Nice vibrator, pretty large, but not as big as this!” I held it up next to my cock and wagged it at her. I turned the vibrator on low, and held it against her clit. I moved it around a little, but while I was doing that, I also made sure my cock was close to her hand. I thought I would have to make her grab it, but to my surprise, she started moaning and writhing on the vibrator, and grabbed my cock for support. Her hands were so small, that she could not even get her hand around it. She started moaning like crazy, and even started stroking my cock. Damn, I thought. This is going to be easier than I thought. The vibrator was having an immediate effect on her, and she was dripping so much juices that it was running onto the bed as she writhed and moaned. Man! Her husband was right. She could cum almost on command. If he hadn’t warned me, she might have cum right then and there and the whole thing would have been over. However, I knew what she sounded like when she got close and when she started to groan loudly and continuously, I turned the vibrator back off.“Nooooooo! Please! Please don’t stop!”“You know the rules. No cock, no cum!”“Please, please just let me cum a little bit.”I felt like it was finally time to close the deal on this hot married white pussy, so I said “I will make you a deal Joyce. Just let me put the tip of my cock against the lips of your cunt, and you will probably be able to make yourself cum.”“You swear you won’t put it in me?”“I will only rub it up and down over your pussy lips. I won’t put it in unless you push against it and make it go inside of you.”I pulled her to the edge of the bed, and put her legs up on my shoulders. What a hot sweet ass I though as I looked down on her! I figured that I would have to get to that later, because it was just too good to pass up, but for now, I just placed the head of my cock on the lips of her pussy. I always love the way my big black cock looks nestled up tight against a hot white piece of pussy. Joyce started rubbing her pussy up and down on my cock and it wasn’t long before she was moaning like crazy again. I could tell that she was close, but I kept pulling back a little to make sure she could not get the pressure she needed. to make herself cum She was nearly crazy with lust now and she kept rubbing the lips of her pussy up and down on my cock trying to get my cock head to rub her clit. The sight of the lips of her pussy grabbing my big black cock was so hot that I almost blew a nut just doing this and it wasn’t long before she could tell that I was toying with her.“You fucker! I need to cum and you promised that I could!”“No, I merely promised I would put my cock against your cunt and that I would not fuck you. It is not my fault that you haven’t cum yet. Let me fuck you, and this all goes away.”“No, fuck off Nate! You are never going to fuck me”, she yelled, but she kept rubbing herself against my cock harder and harder. Each time she pushed down, my cock head was right up against her sweet cunt lips and it was all I could do not to just jam it in, but hey, I had promised. All of the sudden she pushed down a little too hard, and the head of my cock just popped inside of her. It was just the head, but man did it feel good. It was it tight and wet, and so hot that it felt like it was on fire! It was also so tight that I swear it felt like my cock was in a vise. “How does hat feel now, slut?”“Take it out! I didn’t tell you to put it in me…besides…it…it’s too big…..I can’t do it. there is just too much.”“Don’t you worry, you’re right. You still haven’t asked for it and I won’t fuck you until you do.” After saying that to her, I pulled the head of my cock back out.She let out a low moan…..”Noooo…please……please you have to make me cum!”“Not good enough. You have to ask me to fuck you with my big black cock if you want me to make you cum.”She hesitated and I knew that she was thinking and then finally, she let out a deep sigh of resignation and said “Okay….okay….please put it in me, but just a little ways though. I am not sure I can take the whole thing. it’s so…so big!”I smiled. “Sure baby, I’ll do that. I’ll just put it in just a little bit. You’re probably right. You probably can’t handle the whole thing. Not many women can.” I placed the head of my big black cock up against her cunt lips, and I started to push again. It felt so good as I put the head of my black cock against her pussy lips and felt them start to push up against the head of my cock. She was lifting her hips up and at the same time, I pushed harder and then suddenly we both felt the head of my cock as it popped inside. It looked like I was trying to stuff a log into her pussy the way it was crushing down on my cock.She immediately started moaning and writhing underneath me. “No….no…..it’s too big…too big…Oh shit…never felt so full…Ohhhh fuck…ohhhhh…yes…..so big….yes……feels good ….oh……I’m so close to cumming! Please just keep it right there, and don’t move it.”That was when I knew that it was time for me to take over. This bitch was thinking she gave the orders. I was not her vibrator. I was about to make her my black cock slut. Without saying a word, I pulled the head of my cock back, and then I jammed it deep inside of her. Her hips nearly came off of the bed, and when I looked down, I saw that I was only able to get about half my cock in her. She was just so damn tight.“Ohhh…no…noo….No more…No more…..please no more!”I laughed, drew back my cock, and slammed it in again. Her hips lifted off the mattress, and met me. Ohhhh man…that pussy WAS so tight and wet. Just another inch or two, and she would have all ten inches deep inside her.She started to groan again, so I pulled MY cock most of the way out and stopped. She started frantically trying to move her hips up to get my cock back into her. She was so desperate to cum and was trying to cum so badly.“Noo…Please…put it back inside of me…..I let you fuck me…Please make me cum.” she moaned.“That is no longer good enough.” I told her. You see I had plans for the video I was making for her husband. I wanted to make sure I got everything on tape just the way I wanted it. “You need to tell me you want my big black cock in that married white pussy of yours.”“Please…please…I want your big black cock in my married white pussy!” she more than willingly said.“You need to tell me that you are my slut…My black cock slut…Tell me I own your pussy!”“Yes…yes…..Anything…Anything…Just make me cum!”“Say it!”“I’m your slut…Your black cock slut…My pussy is your property…I love black cock….Please….please fuck me with that big black cock of yours.”“That’s better bitch!” I drew back, and slammed it all the way into her. She immediately started crying. A second later she started trembling, and her pussy clamped down even tighter. She started bucking wildly, throwing her hips up in every direction. Now I’m a pretty strong guy, but it was all I could do just to stay on her. While she was cumming furiously, she started babbling.“Big black cock is so good….So good…so full…….Never felt so full…ahhhhhhhh…I am cumming…Oh my gawd…Please keep going…yes…yes..you own my pussy…It is your pussy now….all yours! Fuck your pussy….please keep on fucking it.”I just kept on pounding away. I looked down, and watched my big black cock sliding in and out of that married white pussy. It was so tight that it looked like her cunt lips were trying to suck me off every time I pulled back out. She just kept crying and moaning. I drove my cock into her again and again with all my might, pounding that pussy for all I could. All of the sudden she went quiet. For a minute I thought I had fucked her u*********s, but then she started moaning again, low and almost whispering now “Oh yes…yes…..black cock is so good…So good…so full but I am too sensitive now…Please stop…please!”I wasn’t about to stop now. I knew that this was the point where it goes from fucking her to totally owning her, and I was definitely going to own this married white pussy. I kept right on driving it into that tight little cunt. After about another 5 minutes, she started to recover and then she started to moan again.“Oh no…Please stop…I can’t cum any more…No more…You are ruining me with that monster. You are stretching my poor little pussy so wide.” She was moaning and crying at the same time. She kept saying the words, but her pussy kept on betraying her. It just kept getting better and better. Her hips kept moving, coming up to meet me, and it was obvious that she was actively fucking me now. Soon she was starting to tighten up again. Her pussy was grabbing my cock so hard that I thought it was going to take the skin off and then she finally broke, and all I heard was “Oh yes…Oh yes…so good…Please….please keep on fucking me!..Make me cum again and again!…So good…soo big…Take my married white pussy with that big beautiful black cock of yours. You own it…it’s for black cock now! It needs lots of black cock in that white pussy now! “I started to feel the cum boiling up from my balls, but I wanted her to have at least one more round of orgasms. I kept driving my black cock into her harder and harder, but her hips kept lifting up off of the bed to meet my assault on her hot cunt hole and there was no doubt that she wanted it. I knew that I had stretched that cunt hole out but it was still tight. She wrapped her legs around me and starting screaming over and over again. “Oh yes…yes….. I am cumming again. on that big beautiful black cock…Ohhhhhh yes…yessssssss!…..that black cock feels so good….so good…I love black cock…oooooooohhhhh yesssssssssssssssssss! “Just as her pussy was spasming around my cock again, I let myself go and I started pumping my thick hot nigger cum into her cunt. My cum was shooting into her over and over again. Man that was one hot pussy and I filled it completely with nigger cum until it was overflowing. Suddenly she went quiet, and I looked down and realized that she actually was u*********s this time. I had literally fucked this married white slut u*********s. I decided to leave her just like that. I slipped on my clothes. grabbed the video camera I had hidden, and took several close ups of her pussy overflowing with nigger cum and then I left the house. Her husband was in for the video of his life, but first I knew that I wanted to head home to do some editing. You see, I knew that I was not done with this slut wife. I knew that she was already hooked on black cock after just that first time and I knew that I was going to keep on fucking her and stretching that married white pussy until it was too big and worn out to even feel her husband’s little white dick, but I also figured that I might need the video to blackmail her a few more times just in case she tried to resist.I rushed back to my house with the video camera in hand. All I kept thinking about was how good it felt driving my big black cock into that sweet little married white piece of ass. That white pussy was still so tight that I knew that I simply had to have it again and again until I had destroyed it. I reached my house, and I quickly copied the video of our session onto my computer. I was already getting hard again just thinking of the opportunities this video was going to provide me and once I had secured my copy, I returned to work and stopped by to see Barry.Barry was in his office and I could see the excitement on his face when I walked into his office. Barry seemed anxious when I stepped into his office. I closed the door, so we could not be overheard, and that was when he started asking “Well, what happened? Did the blackmail work?” I could tell by the way that he asked me, that bolu rus escort bayan he wasn’t sure if he really wanted to hear me tell him that it had or maybe he would have preferred to hear that it didn’t work.I smiled at him, and said, “Tell you what Barry, why don’t you watch this video, and call me later and tell me what you think?” I left him with the video camera, and then I went back to my office to let him have a little privacy so that he could watch the way that I fucked his wife and gave her so many orgasms that she finally passed out. I also wanted him to see that I had left her married white pussy full and overflowing with my thick nigger cum and u*********s. I walked back to my office and waited. After about 15 minutes, Barry called and asked if I could come back over to his office. When I got there, I could see that his face was very flushed and he seemed very nervous and from the wrinkled look of the front of his trousers, I was pretty sure that he had wacked his little dick off while he watched me pounding his wife’s married white pussy with my big black cock and filling it with my cum.He finally said “Okay Nate, I think I would like to talk about what happened and what I just saw on the video.”“Are you sure you are up for it?” I asked him.“Yes…I have to know all the details” he told me. “Okay, but I want you to know that I only did this because you wanted me to do it. You saw the video, so go ahead and ask me anything that you want, and I will try to answer it.” I told him.He paused for a minute, looking embarrassed and somewhat lost and then he finally started talking. First he said “She really seemed to like it! Did she like it as much as it seemed and do you think she would want to do it again? Before I could begin to answer, he said “Man, you really fucked her good….and you even made her pass out from all that pleasure. She really must have loved it!”“Slow down. Slow down, Barry. I will tell you everything you need to know” I told him. I then spent the next hour going into all of the details I wanted him to know about the way that his wife had responded to the blackmail threats, and how she tried to resist at first, and then I told him about when I finally realized that I had broken her will to resist and knew that I would have her. I made sure that I told him about the part where she told me that her married white pussy was my property now and how she told me that she really needed black cock and was begging me for it and then I told him just how much she enjoyed it and how she kept on orgasming again and again while being fucked until she finally passed out. Finally, he asked me the question I had set him up and was waiting for. Barry asked “Do you think that maybe she liked it too much Nate? I mean, do you think that she liked it so much that she will want to do it again, maybe even start looking for other black guys with big cocks to fuck again?”I tried to keep a straight face, but inside I was smiling big time. I very carefully said, “I really don’t know the answer to that Barry. I know that she definitely liked it, no, the truth is that she loved being fucked by a big black cock and based on the way she carried on and the things she said about how much she loved it…well, I have to be honest and tell you that I wouldn’t be surprised if she wants more. No, actually I would be surprised if she doesn’t want more and take some action to get it! “I looked at Barry expecting him to be upset, but instead, he had a smile on his face and said “Wow! I have to admit that it sure was every bit as hot as I had hoped it would be, but naturally, I am a bit worried now” Barry said excitedly.“What are you worried about Barry? Do you mean that you have regrets about what you did?”“No…no, not at all Nate. Like I said, it was everything I hoped it would be and then some but what I’m worried about now is that she might want to do it again when I’m not home or she might decide to do it with some other stranger that I don’t even know. I mean it could even be dangerous. ” I could tell Barry was thinking about it…maybe even trying to come up with some other plan, but then finally, he looked at me and said nervously, “Nate, would you be willing to help me out again and try to test her?”Oh shit, I thought to myself. This was going to be too easy! I looked at Barry and said “Well, I guess maybe I could help you out. Maybe we could test her again, but without the blackmail angle this time and see what happens. Let’s think about this for a minute. Maybe you could invite me over to your house with you. You know how uncomfortable it will make her to have me there with you after what happened. Then you could make arrangements to get called out for a little bit and that’s when we could really see what happens. You would really have to leave, so that I really would be alone with her and you would have to be gone for at least 15-20 minutes but after that, you could come back and maybe watch through the window to see if she takes the bait. What would you think about that?” I asked Barry.Barry said “You mean that you would really be willing to do that to help me out? Would you really be willing to come over to test her? What if it doesn’t work or lead to sex? Would you still be okay with it? Remember what I said about I wouldn’t stand for her being forced to do anything against her will. “I almost choked when he told me that. I said “Yes Barry, I would be willing to come over and test her for you. You and I are friends and we started this whole thing together so I’m not going to leave you go through this alone and wonder what might happen. I think that me coming over to really test her and see if you have anything to worry about or not is a great idea, but I do have to warn you, if she starts begging for my big black cock again, I plan on giving it to her and you could have a real problem. My experience has shown that once a woman like Joyce gets hooked on black cock, to the point that they beg for it, it can be very hard to break and they will usually do anything to get the cock that they need to keep them satisfied sexually.”“Nate, I understand what you are saying but I really need to know. Besides, it’s far better to know from you then to have her out sleeping with a bunch of random black guys just because they have the big black cock that she wants.” Barry paused for a minute and I could see that he was thinking and then he said, “Let’s do it as soon as possible. How about if I set it up for tomorrow night. Are you available?”“For you Barry, I’ll make myself available.” I told him chuckling on the inside. “Good! I really do appreciate your help Nate and I don’t know what I would do without you. I’ll tell her I am having a friend over from work but I won’t let her know that it is you. After you get there, we can just see where it leads.”“Okay Barry. Tomorrow night it is.” I agreed.Barry had no idea that I already had plans to make sure that Joyce said yes. If he followed the plan we discussed and would leave Joyce and me alone for 15 – 20 minutes, I knew that by the time he returned to the house, I would have that slut with if his already riding up and down on my big black cock, and telling me how much she loves having a big black cock in that married white cunt of hers. I would also make sure that Barry would hear her as she told me that her little dicked husband could never satisfy her the way a black cock does and just how much she needs big black cock to satisfy her from now on and how she would do anything to get it. By the time I was done with Barry’s wife tomorrow night, I had no doubt that she would fuck me and all of my black friends, anytime we wanted and that there was nothing that Barry could do to stop it. The next day couldn’t get there soon enough. That evening, I edited the movie that I had, and made sure that I had the important parts ready and loaded on my phone. In the morning I arrived at work, and Barry was bouncing around with nervous energy. The work day took forever, and then finally it was over and time to go to his house and continue the plan. Barry entered his house first, and let his wife know that he was here with a friend from work. I could hear her from the other room when she asked, “Who is it, honey? Have I met this guy before?” Barry responded back, “No, baby. you’ve never met him before but he is a really good friend of mine from work.”That was when I finally walked in, and you should have seen the look on her face. She quickly looked down after the initial shock, and reached out her hand to introduce herself. I looked her in the eye, winked out of sight of her husband, and said “Wow, you are really a beautiful woman Joyce. I have to admit that I’ve seen pictures of you on Barry’s desk, but they sure don’t do you justice. You really have to see you in person to really see just how beautiful and sexy you are.”I could tell that she was worried about where this conversation was headed, so she cut it off, and told us that the food was ready and asked us to sit down. As soon as we were comfortably seated, she began serving dinner. After she had sat down and we were about half way through dinner, Barry’s cell phone went off just as planned. He got a serious look on his face and we heard him saying “Oh man! Really, the Jones account, I really don’t have time right now to……okay, okay. I will come right over.” As soon as he hung up, he gave his wife a worried look, and said, “Sorry baby, I have to run out for about an hour. We are having a last minute problem on the Jones account and the boss said that he needs me and now.”Joyce immediately started squirming uncomfortably in her seat, and said, “That’s too bad sweetie. I guess you and Nate will just have to head out to take care of this.”Barry looked at me and then over at Joyce and said “Oh no dear. Don’t be silly. Nate doesn’t work on my accounts. He can stay here and enjoy the meal and you two can talk and I’ll be right back, probably in less than an hour, so we can pick back up where we left off.”I could tell that Joyce was trying to find some way to refuse her husband’s suggestion, but what could she say. She couldn’t say that she had already met me yesterday and that she had gotten fucked like never before, so she simply nodded. Barry rushed out the door, and left us alone and that was when I turned to her.Before I could do or say anything, Joyce almost screamed at me saying “You are not coming anywhere near me with that monster cock of yours again so don’t even think about it!”I just laughed and said, “How long did it take you to regain consciousness slut? You know that you loved getting fucked by big black cock so much that you passed out from it.” She glared angrily at me and I said, “I’ll bet your pussy is even getting wet right now just thinking about taking my big black cock in that married white cunt of yours again.”“Stop it! Stop talking! I want you to leave my house right now” she screamed at me.“And just how are you going to explain to your husband why I left?” I asked.She thought quickly and said, “I don’t know. I’ll just tell him I wasn’t feeling well and so I asked you to leave.”It had only been a few minutes since Barry had left, and yet I was beginning to feel that this resistance game of hers had gone on too long. I knew that I had to close the deal in the next few minutes so that by the time Barry got back, he would see her begging for my black cock. I pulled out my phone, and said, “Okay, maybe you should take a look at this and figure out how you’re going to explain this when I show it to your husband!”Before she got a look at what was on my phone, she snapped back and said “Go ahead. Show him the photos. He’s the one that took them so anything you say will be a reflection on him.!”I smiled and handed her my phone. “I think you need to take a closer look at the screen and listen up you black cock slut.” I hit play, and you could clearly hear her voice saying “I’m your slut…your black cock slut…My pussy is your property! You own this married white pussy now. I love black cock and I need black cock in this married white pussy now.” Her shoulders slumped, and she looked like she was going to cry. “I can’t believe you videotaped that. What is it that you want now? Why can’t you just leave me alone? I made a mistake yesterday and I just want to forget about it.”I smiled again before saying “You know that you don’t really mean that Joyce. Your pussy is probably already on fire. You asked what I want. All I want is to just taste that juicy married white pussy again and bring you to another series of unbelievable orgasms. Come on Joyce, what do you say. How about letting me do this for you. You know that you want it!”“No way! I am not letting you fuck me with that monster cock again! Just leave me alone!”“You haven’t told your husband about our little bit of fun yesterday have you? You may as well just start taking off your clothes right now, otherwise, he is going to get to see the video of his precious white wife begging for a black cock.”She looked at me angrily, but it was clear that she was defeated and had already made up her mind. “Fine, I will do it this one last time, but I am not going to enjoy it. You will have to get off fucking me while I just lay there and detest you and your big black cock.”“Really, slut! Not only are you going to beg for it, but if you don’t get into it, I will still show the video to your husband.” Man I loved where this was going. My cock was getting harder and harder every second that we argued. “How are you going to explain that your married white pussy is only for black cock now and that you are nothing more than a black cock slut? Do you really think that Barry will believe that you really didn’t want it after he sees the way you’re begging for it?”She looked at me angrily and said “Fine asshole! When can we get this over with?”“Right now baby.” I said and with that I pulled down my pants and took out my black cock. Joyce glanced down at it, and I could tell that she was not sure where to start but the timing couldn’t have been better. It was just then that I saw her husband’s face looking on from outside of the window. He had just pulled up in time to see the show.“Go ahead slut. Tell me you want it. Tell me how you dreamed of my big black cock last night. Tell me how wet your pussy is already from just thinking about getting fucked by this big black cock again. Hell, if you are lucky, you might even stay conscious this time.”It’s funny but at that point, I could see something shift in her demeanor. She looked down at my cock again, hungrily, and finally spoke “Please let me have that big black cock. Fuck me with it right now. I have to have that big black cock inside of me!” As she said it, she started peeling down her tight fitting yoga pants. She was wearing a very low cut pair of panties, and I ordered her to “Get those panties off slut! It is time to get this show started!”As she began to peel them off, you could see that the crotch was wet and drenched. “Just look at how soaked those panties are!” I told her. “You just can’t help yourself when you’re around a big black cock, can you? That is what happens once a slut like you takes a big black cock in that pussy. Your body is already begging for it again.”You could tell that she still was pissed and I knew that I wanted her screaming for my cock in front of her husband, and it was time to get it done. I laid her back on the couch, and then I knelt down on the edge and put her one leg over the back of the couch, and I put her other leg over my shoulder and I began to slowly lick around the lips of her pussy. I kept licking the lips, and circling around her clit. She was absolutely soaking wet now and liquid was flowing from her pussy. She was still trying to hold back, so I whispered to her, “You need to show me you want it bitch. If you don’t start getting wild, I am going to take that video to your husband.” I could not help messing with her, so I added “Hell, your husband can practically see you begging for black cock right now.” knowing that really was the situation.With that she reached up and grabbed my head and started moaning. “Come on Nate…come on baby. Lick my pussy. Make me cum baby. I need to cum so badly.”I lapped at her with my tongue, and then it got hot. She started rubbing my face in her pussy, and started really grinding. She kept lifting her hips up off the couch, trying to get me to lick harder. Finally, I bit down on her clit, and it was like she had been shocked. Her hips came up again, she wrapped her legs around my head, and she started shaking all over and cumming.“Oh my gawd! Yes…yes……can’t stop now….please, please, keep licking me with that beautiful tongue of yours! Oh my gawd! Arrghhhh! I am cumming! You son of a bitch! So good! So good!”I have to admit that she tasted real good. Her pussy just gushed and gushed. Man was it hot. I knew that I didn’t want to wait any longer, so I started crawling up from between her legs, until I could look her in the eyes.She was still coming down from her orgasm, but she was ready and wanted it. I placed the head of rus escort bolu my cock against her sweet cunt lips, and just held it there. She started mewing, and moaning, and rubbing her pussy lips against the tip of my cock. I decided that I wanted to watch her, so I leaned back a little, and watched the lips of her pussy attempting to grip my cock head as she ground her hips up against me. She clearly wanted me to fuck her right then and I knew that she was already mine, but I wanted her husband to hear her beg for it.She looked up at me and whispered, “Please….please put it in me. I need that big black cock in me right now. Please fuck me with that beautiful black cock and make me cum again and again? Please….”I looked her in the eyes and said “You know the rules baby. If you want black cock, you have to beg for it. Come on now. Scream it so loud your husband will be able to hear you all the way at his office.” I winked towards the window. “Tell me you want black cock in that pussy. Tell me you need black cock in that pussy. Tell me I own that married white pussy of yours.”She looked down between our bodies, and saw my black cock between the lips of her cunt. She was rubbing herself frantically against me trying to get off, and finally she broke down and started screaming. “Yes…yes…..Please…..Fuck me with that big black cock of yours! Own my pussy! Stretch my pussy with that huge black cock! Please fuck me and make me cum again and again! I love black cock…please give it to me!”I smiled and said “Okay baby. You asked for it, so here it comes.” With that I grabbed her hips, tilted them, and then drove about six inches of my cock into her. There was some resistance as her cunt was being stretched open to take that big black cock inside. Her pussy lips were now squeezing tightly on my cock as it pushed hard against her. Her eyes had opened wide, and she started shaking her head back and forth moaning “Yes…oh yes…so good….so damn good…please…fuck me……..don’t go slow….. push it all the way in. Shove that beautiful black cock all the way into me and make me cum!” I drew back, and slammed into her again. This time I made it all the way in. My balls slapped up against that beautiful ass of hers, and it felt amazing. Her pussy clamped down tight on my cock, and held me in place. She immediately started trembling, and shaking. She was right on the edge of her second round of orgasms for the night, and I decided that it was time to really get started and to give Barry a real show. I drew my cock back slowly until only the head of my cock was in her, and then I started pushing it back in. She let out a low groan as I pushed it all the way back in and when I looked down, it was amazing. Her tight married white pussy was stretched out wide, and my big black cock was jammed right in there between her cunt lips. Damn she was hot. I held my cock in her, and flexed the head as she just kept right on moaning and grinding. “How does it feel to be fucked by a real man’s cock Joyce? Your pretty little pussy is mine now! I own it and I want you to tell me that I own you too. Let me hear my black cock slut tell me that.”, and with that I twitched my cock, and pushed in a little harder.She was thrashing back and forth now as she said “Yes..you own my pussy….you own me. My pussy is yours. I love beautiful big black cock…..love it! Please, please push it in further… Ahhhh!” at that moment I pulled my cock almost all the way back out and then drove it in hard. Her hips lifted up to meet me. I repeated it over and over again. Pulling almost all the way out, and then driving the whole length back in her and she just kept pushing up to meet me. Her pussy was so wet that the couch below us was getting soaked. She began that low continuous groan, and I knew she was almost there. I just kept slamming my cock into that married white pussy again and again and again, and then all hell broke loose. She started screaming out loud as she fucked me back “Oh yes….yes! I’m cumming again. So good…..so good….please don’t stop! Please shoot your cum in me…please fill me up like yesterday! Oooohhhhhhhh!………So good. Too good! Just keep on fucking me. Oh yes!” She kept on babbling on and on like this as I kept pounding my cock into that married white pussy. Just as she was finally coming down from her second series of orgasms of the night, I decided to give her husband a better view. I pulled my cock all the way out of her, and she immediately started whining “What happened….no….no….please don’t stop. Please put it back in me. I need a black cock in me. Please…please.”“Shut up slut! You are going to get a lot more black cock tonight. I want you to turnover now, so I can fuck you properly.” As I said it, I picked her up, and flipped her over. She now had her knees on the couch, and was facing right at the window from which her husband was watching. I could just make him out in the window, and I wondered if she could see him. I doubted it because she was so lost in the orgasms she was having. I looked down at that sexy ass, and once again thought about how good it was going to feel to fuck her tight little ass. First though, it was time to get her to beg for cock. I lined my cock up with her pussy from behind, and I pushed the head up against her lips. I held it there while I looked down. Man what a sight! She started to get impatient with me. She began to push back harder and harder, but I held it just right so that she could not push it in. Finally, she realized I was doing it on purpose, so she started begging me for it. “Come on baby. Push it in me. Fill me with the big black cock of yours. Fuck me hard.”I wanted to egg her on a bit, so I asked her “Whose bitch are you? Is there any other cock for you? Tell me how big my cock is compared to your husband! Let me know how bad you want it!”She kept pushing back and shouted “I am your bitch baby. I am your slut. Fuck me with that big cock of yours. Fuck me like my husband can’t. Stretch my pussy…ruin me so that I can’t feel my husband’s little dick anymore. I want it…..ahhhhhhh!” With that I drove it all the way into her in a single stroke. She tried to get away, but I was holding onto her hips tightly. I wasted no time, and just started pounding into her. The whole time I was looking over her at her husband through the window. I could see her husband there just staring. Man did it feel good to own a bitch right in front of her husband. I kept on pounding into her and with each thrust I kept telling her “You are my bitch now. Move that ass slut. Man you are sloppy wet. Keep creaming all over that black cock baby.” I just kept pounding and kept talking. Eventually I let go of her hips, and let her do the fucking. She kept hunching back into me. She was pushing back harder and harder. While she did this, I raised my hands up and gave her husband two thumbs up with a big smile on my face. Then I reached down and grabbed the back of her head by her hair. I pulled her head back so that her husband could see her face close up as I pounded her good.She was going wild, and started saying “Fuck me. Fuck me harder. So big! So gawd damn big! Keep on pounding me! Fuck my little pussy with that big cock of yours!” As she said it she kept pushing back again and again. Man she was good at this. I have fucked a lot of white pussy in my time, but I have to tell you that the way this bitch screwed was driving me out of my mind. I just looked down through her ass cheeks, and saw my cock sawing in and out of that tight little hole. My balls started to tighten up, and just as I was about to cum, she came. Her pussy started spasming, and clenching my cock. It was too much to take, and I started filling her with my seed. Spurt after spurt filled her pussy with spunk as her orgasm pushed her over the edge.“Ahhhhhh! Too much! I am cumming. So good! Fill me up baby! Don’t stop fucking me.” As she said this she just kept pushing back against me. When she had drained me dry, I pulled out and sat on the couch. She lay d****d over the couch barely moving. She just kept babbling quietly about how good it was. How big it was. How she had never been filled so full before. Finally, I grabbed her and pulled her over to me. I looked at her and said “Clean me off slut. I made you come three times already, and now you owe me a blow job.” She was so spent that she did not even fight it. She reached down and took my softening cock in her mouth. She had troubles getting it in her mouth, but she did it anyways. I could feel her running her tongue over the head of my cock as she started to suck and lick it all over. She may have been worn out, but man could she work that mouth of hers. She kept licking and sucking, and within no time I started to get hard again. It got harder and harder for her to keep me in her mouth, and so eventually she popped her lips off of my cock and looked up to see what was going to happen.I wasted no time in grabbing her hips and throwing her back over the couch. She actually started babbling almost incoherently. “Please no. I don’t think I can do anymore. Too big. Too much. Please just let me suck you off.”I laughed and said “Don’t worry baby. You can do it. You have already taken more than you ever thought possible.” She did not need to worry though as it wasn’t her pussy I wanted. I was going to slip it into that sweet ass of hers. First, I lined my cock up with her pussy, and drove it home again. She kept telling me no, but as I pushed into her, her hips shoved right back into me. She might say she did not want it, but her body was already addicted to my black meat. I started pounding into her right away. I just kept driving it in and out, and she kept pushing back over and over again. Once I got my dick good and wet, I pulled out and immediately pressed it up against her asshole. She was so turned on that she hadn’t even realized yet that I had pulled out of her. She just kept pushing back over and over. Suddenly she realized something was wrong, and she looked back over her shoulder.“What are you doing back there? Put it back in! I need it so bad. Come on you mother fucker and fuck me with that cock!” She begged and pleaded.I grabbed her hips and started to put pressure on that sweet sexy ass.All of the sudden she realized what was going on, and man did she freak out. She started pleading with me, “Please don’t! It’s too big! You will rip me apart! I can’t take you’re black cock there! It’s too big!”I just laughed at her, and said “Shut up slut! You can, and you will take it there! I own your body now, and I want to ass fuck you, so just shut up! I guarantee you that you’re going to learn to love it and enjoy it!”I looked down at my black cock up against her sexy ass, and just the thought of ass fucking this married white slut made my cock twitch. I grabbed her hips, and started pushing hard. It seemed like I would never get in when suddenly the head of my cock popped into her asshole. Wow! It was so tight that I almost fell to my knees in pain from the way my cock was being squeezed. Damn this was going to be good, but I knew that I had to start slowly. The moment the head of my cock popped in though, she started wailing.“Ouch..ouch…oh it hurts….stop! Please stop! Nooooooo! Please pull it out! It hurts too much! It’s too big! Too big!” She just kept crying out over and over again.I just laughed and said “Shut up slut and relax. It will stop hurting, if you just relax.” She kept wriggling, but I held her there and waited for her asshole to adjust which I knew it would. Eventually she settled down, and was just whimpering a little bit. I couldn’t wait any longer, so I started to push my cock in deeper. She tried to pull away from me into the couch, but I held her gorgeous hips tightly, and started to push another inch into her. She let out a low whine and kept begging me to stop, but her protests were not as violent. I pushed in another inch, and still another. It took about five minutes, but finally I had most of my black cock buried completely in her ass. I had to admit that her ass was the tightest, and hottest thing I had ever felt. I could not believe an ass that tight could actually take my whole cock, but that is when it dawned on me. This bitch really had been fucked up the ass at least once or twice before. “After all that complaining, you sure seemed to take my big black cock pretty easily slut! My little slut must get ass fucked a lot for things to go that moothly.” I was goading her on to try and get her to talk again.“Come on baby! Tell me how much you love being fucked in the ass.” As I said it, I pushed my cock in a little harder, and then started to pull it out. She immediately let out a low groan and I felt her body tremble all over and she started babbling again. I’ll be damned. I realized that this bitch was already orgasming and from an ass fucking! We had barely even started and yet, there she was already orgasming. I knew that it was time to really get this party really started, so I slammed it back into her until my balls slapped against her pussy lips. Then I pulled back again and slammed it in again. I picked up the pace, and started slamming it into her ass again and again. I reached around to the front, and started playing with her clit at the same time and she really started groaning, and cumming and cumming and cumming! I had never seen anything like it. It was like just one long continuous orgasm. I started to wonder about her…I wondered if I could fuck this bitch until she lost her mind. Her ass was so tight around my cock and it was like it didn’t want to let go. Finally, I gave one last really hard push, and held my cock all the way in that ass and shouted “Yeah, that’s it bitch! Take it! Take that big black cock up that ass! Damn your ass is fine! Here comes another nice big load of nigger cum for you!”I don’t think she heard a word I said as she was still rolling through orgasm after orgasm. I could feel her ass as it squeezed down tightly on my cock, and I started pumping my load into her ass. I pumped, and I pumped and I pumped until I was dry, and then I pulled my cock out of her. As the head came out, I heard a loud popping sound because of how tight that ass was. She curled up in a ball, and lay panting on the couch.I looked down at her and said, “Now do you know what it feels like to be owned? Do you understand that you are mine to fuck whenever I please and wherever I please…in any hole I please? Every time you see me or hear me, your pussy is going to start dripping just thinking about how good the fucking is that you are going to get. You will fuck me and anyone that I tell you to fuck. Just remember that when I call you, you are to come to me anytime I tell you. You got me slut?”She just groaned and said, “Oh yes,…yes, Nate. I understand. You call, I come. I love black cock…it’s so big and so good!! I need big black cock!” And finally after saying all of that, she just turned over and fell asleep. I wasn’t sure how she was going to explain any of this to her husband, but quite honestly I could care less. I pulled my clothes back on, and headed for the door. When I opened the door, Barry was standing there. I looked at him and said “Unless you plan on confronting her with what she’s done and end your marriage Barry, I would suggest that you give it a few hours and call before you come back Barry. I do think you have a real problem though. You saw how your wife just about jumped my bones, just like a black cock slut does and as soon as I took my pants off, she just started begging for black cock so I’m telling you Barry, your wife has turned into a black cock slut and in my opinion, nothing is going to stop her now. She is going to want and need big black cock all the time now and you are really going to need to keep an eye on her. On the other hand, if you want my help, at least you would know who she is having sex with and you know that I would never do anything to screw things up for you, so you should probably think about it and let me know.”He gave me a weird smile that I did not totally understand, and then he put his hand out and shock my hand and said “thanks” that would be great!” and then he put his head down and turned and walked away. Seems like these white husbands never quite understand what they are getting themselves into until it’s too late, but then, I’m convinced that most of them love it when their wives actually turn into black cock sluts anyway. As for me, I knew by his hand shake that he was fine with me continuing to fuck his wife but what he didn’t know was that I wouldn’t be the only one fucking her and filling that married white pussy up with nigger cum. I intend to turn her out for all of my black friends to fuck too. At our next meeting, I intend to tell her that if she wants to continue to get the black cock she wants and needs, that she will have to hand over her birth control pills and agree to stay off of them and I have no doubt that she will do it. After that it won’t be long before she is knocked up with a black baby and then I plan to see to it that she is constantly black bred and kept pregnant for the next four or five years. I already decided that a woman her age should be able to deliver five or maybe even six or seven black babies before she gets too old, and I have no doubt that her husband isn’t going to do anything to even try and stop it, and before long, I also plan on having sucking black cock too, but that is another story.

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