After Work Surprise


After Work SurpriseAfter Work SupriseAfter a long day at work, I come home tired and in a foul mood. We barely say hello to each other as I walk through the door and toss my stuff on the floor. I need to get out of my smelly boots and rinse off, so I head straight for the bedroom. I unceremoniously shed my clothes and turn on the shower. I have had just enough time to rinse the grime off me when I hear the door open and shut. I finish rinsing the soap from all my areas just when the bathroom door does the same. Without a word, the shower curtain slides back just a peak to reveal your bare naked frame, beautiful and tan, perky breasts at attention and curvy hips tilted to the side mischievously. One look and my worries from the day seem pointless. You reach into the water and run your hand down my chest and abdomen. You let one finger linger on my skin and trace a line across the top of my member, bringing him to life slowly. You raise an eyebrow to me and I shrug, sporting a cocky smirk. You wrap your fingers gently around my cock, pulling back ever so slightly, feeling me grow. You get slowly to your knees, pulling my by the dick to the edge of the tub. Water runs down my skin and out to my tip, and you gently press your lips to it, letting the water dribble onto your chin. Your lips part and your soft pink tongue escapes, licking gently where the water drips. Your hand slides further up my shaft, grabbing me gently by the balls, and you pull me into your waiting mouth. The sudden heat firms me up, and I am now rock solid. You pull your lips back slowly, swirling your tongue as you go. You knead my balls gently as you slide back down, letting my hard cock press to the back of your throat. You let out a slight whimper from the pressure and the vibrations tickle me to do the same. I reach down and shut off the water, the sudden cool air raises the goose bumps on my skin even more. You slide your other hand up my stomach and lightly claw your fingers back down as you suck my deeply again. My back arches a little and I tilt my head back, feeling the rush begin to build. You pop my dick from your mouth like a sucker and smile, knowing you have more planned. You stand, taking me by the hand and leading me out of the tub. I am dripping wet all over the floor, but urfa rus escort there’s no time to worry about that. You let go of my arm, make a sexy little skip to get to the bed and jump on. You roll over onto your back, legs together and shoot me a smile. You point your toes to the ceiling, and I can see a slight moistness between your legs. You have been thinking about this all day. I grab you by the ankles and spread your legs apart. I kiss down one calf and skip to the other thigh to continue my journey down. My tongue makes the first pass, tasting your wet pussy. I slide a pair of fingers up to spread you open and begin to lick and suck your clit. You arch your back and moan, running a hand through my hair. You reach the other hand around your butt and grasp a cheek, fingers spreading you apart from behind. I pull back and look, seeing your middle finger not even an inch from your perfect puckered asshole, pulling at it. I let my tongue wander from your dripping pussy down to the edge of your asshole. You giggle a bit with joy and reach your finger even closer, teasing the surface of your tight sphincter. I lick around the tip of your finger and circle the rim. You slide the finger gently just inside the cusp of your ass. I lick up the knuckle, across your asshole and up to your pussy, where I slide inside. You moan heavily and dig your finger deeper. I pull apart your ass cheeks with one hand and rock you to the side slightly, tongue never stopping its journey. I reach around your hip and spread the top of your pussy to massage your clit. All three facets of stimulation drive you wild and your body writhes, and orgasm rushing over you. You wrap your legs around my head as you cum wildly. I let you catch your breath as I untangle myself from your legs. Your eyes return from the back of your head and you beg me to fuck you. You are not even close to done with me yet. You spring up with new life and shove your ass in my direction, standing off the side of the bed with one leg propped up. You lay your face in the sheets and reach back to spread your cheeks again. I grab my throbbing cock, find it slick and dripping from all the excitement, and slide it deep inside you without hesitation. Your head kicks up in front of me urfa rus escort bayan and I feel your hips push back sternly. I grab you by the hair with one hand, and by the hip with the other, slamming into you again, watching your perfect ass bounce as I do. I slam into you again and again, trying to reach as deep inside you as possible. You reach back again to play with your tiny pink asshole, managing to find a finger hold in all the movement. You slide on finger in and pull towards your back, stretching the tight thing until I can see a little past your finger. The view makes me throb and I pound even harder. You scream out and roll through another orgasm, or just more of the first, neither of us knows. With a final sigh you release your ass and plop your face back down onto the sheets, I let you slide away from me. You inform me it is now my turn, spreading the crack just above your asshole with two fingers. I want to desperately cram my dick directly in your ass hole, but there is protocol. I edge it in slowly at first, you whimper a bit. I push the head just a bit more and pull back; your ass has opened up a little and gapes a small perfect circle. You pull at your ass cheeks with both hands now. I step back admiring, and move in to slick it up with my tongue. I draw slow circles around the rim with my tongue and dip it inside for a bit. Your one hand moves from a cheek to the underside o your pussy, playing with your clit. Right when you are nice and wet and your two fingers start to slide into your pussy, I stand up and shove my dick deep into your tight wet asshole. You tighten up around my cock and as I pull back for another thrust you moan. The hot wet depths are nearly too much, and within another thrust I will feel myself about to explode. You shove both fingers deep into your pussy and moan, begging me to cum inside you. I happily agree, mustering all my effort to continue to plunge into your asshole as I start to cum. With every thrust, I pump you full of hot cum. I can feel the cum sliding past my cock, out around the base of my shaft, pooling at the crack of your ass. I keep pumping, you feel the cum drip out of your ass and onto your knuckles that still cram deeply into your wet pussy, mixing the rus urfa escort juices and you fuck it deep into yourself. I keep cumming and tilt my head back; it was in fact my turn. When I have spent all my load, I slowly pull my cock out of your messy hole; a pop as it sucks free. The loose cum rolls freely out of your ravaged asshole, and you spread your pussy wide with your fingers, happy to receive the cum. You toy it with your fingers for a moment, messy and wet, and I can’t help but add to the fun. My dick still hard, I slide past your fingers into your wet pussy. With a squish, I cram in with the cum and you moan again. You pull your fingers back to massage your clit as I ride into you. The wet noises echo and splash as I fuck you deep and hard. I roll sideways onto the bed and pull you back on top of me, never letting me leave you. The cum from your ass runs out onto my stomach and the cum from your pussy slides down my cock, but I keep fucking. You throw your head back in wild ecstasy, and I can feel your muscles tighten. Although I have been fully sated, I too feel the tense of a full orgasm rushing on. I plow into you with every upward thrust, your screams now loud above me. I feel you start to cum, and that’s all it takes. I let forth another massive load, pumping you full with every thrust. If there was any room left inside you to hold it all, there certainly isn’t now. You begin to shudder a little as your hips slow to a subtle rocking. After a moment’s pause, you slide slowly up, my dick slipping out and slapping against my belly in a puddle of both our cum. You play a moment with your ruined holes, sticking a few fingers first in your pussy, then in your ass, letting more of the juices run out as I watch. You bring your quivering fingers to your lips to taste the fruits of your labor, and your eyes close in satisfaction. You climb off of me and begin to play with the cum on my stomach, first with your fingers then your tongue. Your hand finds its way to my dripping shaft, you raise it slightly to slide it between your lips. The sensitivity overwhelms me for a moment, and I shudder. Your hot mouth sucks the tip of my cock, cleaning up the remaining cum. You take turns licking the cum from my dick and the cum from my stomach and even where it ran down my balls. You clean me up until all that remains is a slight wet sheen. You roll over and curl up on the other side of the bed, making sure to point your ass in my direction so I can see the wet glimmer coming from both of your holes. I place a hand on your hip, clammy from sweat and fall asleep instantly.

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