Afternoon Adventure: Part 2


Afternoon Adventure: Part 2I noted Henry’s smile, and we caught eyes. There was an unspoken understanding that I may end up doing more than taking pictures that afternoon, and we both nodded and smiled together at the thought.Just then I heard the sound of footsteps coming down the hall and the door opened to reveal Cindy in a long white robe, clearly with no top or bra on as her beautiful 36D size breasts were partially revealed. I couldn’t get past the tan lines and the large pink nipples which I clearly had other interests in mind now that I had seen them.”Hey boys, its gorgeous outside. Anybody want to take a dip in the spa?” she asked as she sat down next to me, across from Henry.Cindy snuggled up next to me and I could smell her perfume as well as the faint smell of being buzzed, which reassured me that this might end up being an adventurous afternoon.”How long did we book his time for?” asked Cindy, gently running her hand up and down my right arm sleeve.”Oh, there’s no set time, he came here to scout, and possibly shoot if things set up right,” replied Henry, who seemed to enjoy the view as he started to grow a bulge in his pants, made all the more obvious when shifting in his seat.”What do you think?” asked Cindy, turning to look at me. It was the first time I noticed how beautiful, and slightly red, her blue eyes were. I was taken aback at first.”Of what?” I stumbled out in reply.”Is today a good day to shoot pictures? I can always go change if Henry wants me to,” said Cindy.”No, I think today is too dark and overcast actually. I’m happy to not charge a fee for my time if you agree to have me come back and shoot when its a felahiye escort bit more sunnier outside. Your house has some really beautiful views and I’m sure the natural light is stunning, and quite fun to work with,” I answered.Cindy looked a bit disappointed at first. Then turned to Henry and gave him a concerned look like something wasn’t quite right.”Henry, I think we should take some pictures today,” whispered Cindy over to her husband. She then looked at me and gave me a deep long look. “But if he doesn’t think its a good idea I can go along with that.””I like you. Do you think I’m sexy?” she asked.”What about him. Do you think he is handsome?” she whispered in my ear, and I realized her breasts were leaning up against my chest, and I could see she was wearing a pair of pink panties under her bath robe.”I think you are gorgeous and your husband is one good looking man,” I responded, slowly inhaling the smell of her breath. I think we could take some beautiful pictures together,” I replied”Good, well then let’s take our clothes off and go get in the spa. You strike me as a guy who can handle being around other naked adults,” smiled Cindy.”I’m very comfortable naked in the company of like minded friends,” I responded, and with that Henry and I started removing our clothing while Cindy ran to get a couple of robes.When she returned we were both almost completely naked.Henry was a bit over six feet, which matched will with my just under six foot athletic frame. Each of us clearly had a few extra pounds going for us, but were both still sport sturdy muscular frames. I was well trimmed and even had recently waxed so I was very clean shaven and ready to present. Henry was also well trimmed, clearly a sign that he knew what was potentially going to happen that day.”Oh, very nice. Two naked men. It’s our lucky day honey…” giggled Cindy as she handed us robes.”I like your cock, its very thick, just my type,” purred Cindy. “May I touch it?””Why of course, its ok with him?””Of course it is,” replied Henry.Cindy was a woman in her mid 60s, nice 5′ 4″ frame, a beautiful round, pearl shaped figure, with a gorgeous round ass, and a very sexy pair of natural 36D breasts. Her tans lines were unbelievable, and I was already getting hard just from what was taking place and then she reached down and touched my cock, which bounced to attention from her grasp.”Hmmm…very nice,” and Cindy took a lick, then a short suck of my right nipple. “He tastes good honey, you will be rewarded for bringing me this beautiful young man.”Cindy stroked my cock for a few seconds, then reached over and grabbed Henry’s stiffening cock and started stroking it as well.”I love two cocks, you know?” said Cindy, not trying to hide her joy with two stiff cocks in her hands.”Are you ok with this?” asked Henry.”You guys, I’m just fine, and thank you for asking…” I replied, soaking in the moment as the heavy sound of rain began to overtake the house.Cindy was slowly stroking each cock and looked up at Henry and gave him a deep kiss, which when pulling him closer she began to rub our cocks together which got all of us breathing very deeply.”Oh, I’m sorry, hoping I didn’t shock you?” Cindy asked as she turned to me and gave me her mouth and tongue, and I found heaven in the form of this unbelievably sexy woman who was kissing me deeply while stroking my cock together with her husband’s. I almost couldn’t control myself.Cindy stopped kissing me, then looked at meet deeply and said, “how do you like me now?””I told you anything was possible with,” chuckled Henry.”C’mon boys, let’s go get in the jacuzzi, I need to know a little more about this sexy young man you brought home Henry,” and Cindy turned and headed down the hall with one shoulder exposed. I stopped and took in her amazing round and firm ass, and began to think about what might come next.”You like her,” asked Henry, standing behind me.”I do, thanks for having me over. Please let me know what your limits are and if I’m doing anything she’s not into,” I answered.”I told you, with her anything is possible. Its best just to go along with the fun, I’ve never been left feeling unsatisfied when she’s having a good time. Plus I can tell she likes you, and I like you, so that’s all we need, right?” he smiled, and we headed down to the end of the hall.We passed through the master bedroom, a meticulously decorated space, with a large full framed king size bed, massive big screens, and a huge window that faced out onto a massive wooded field, very secluded, and very private.We walked through the room and into a large indoor spa, located next to a Sauna, a row of showers, and two master bathrooms, all taking up enough space for a small locker room.Cindy was already in the spa, and her breasts were bobbing up and down in the water, she was clearly happy and excited and had a gorgeous smile which added to her beauty. Henry and I hung our robes on the hooks, and climbed into the spa from opposite corners, easing our way into the hot, steamy, bubbling water.

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