Alien Lesbian Tentacle Surprise 08


Vibrating Tentacle Passion

“I think we can all agree that was a most stimulating lesson,” Miss Erma, our Latin teacher, said to the class.

I nodded my head, my body still trembling after the orgy of flesh we had. My four tentacles had known every girl in the class, pumping in and out of their tight pussies and giving them such effervescent flutters of pleasure. But now we were all decently dressed again in our school uniforms–dark-gray skirts, white blouses, camisole and petticoats beneath, stockings, and our heeled shoes. My blonde pigtails fell about my shoulders as I brushed my skirt, smoothing it.

“It was most stimulating,” agreed Peony, a black-haired girl who appeared to be a quiet soul until I had popped her cherry in the bath this morning. Then she stimulated herself to several orgasms watching me pleasure her classmates. “I hope we will have many more.”

“Not as disruptive as this, I’m afraid,” Miss Erma said, her voice stern even though color spotted her cheeks. “As…educational as Miss Henrietta’s tentacles were, I am here to instruct you in Latin. But, I am sure, in your free time Miss Henrietta will be more than thrilled to help each and every one of you with your hysterics.”

“I will, Miss Erma,” I beamed. I am so glad you merged with me, Merita.

As am I, the alien possessing my body whispered in my mind. It was because of her that four purple tentacles could sprout from my pussy. Tentacles that were as sensitive as my clitoris or nipples, giving me such fluttering joy as I reamed them in and out of a girl’s tight cunny or asshole. Or I would merely apply my tentacles to their body, stroking their breasts and thighs.

But we can’t play tonight, remember, Merita whispered in my thoughts.

I nodded my head. One more class, and then we can go look for those missing nanites.

Merita was quite worried about the escaped nanites. I wasn’t quite sure what they were except they were tiny, like little automatons, and they were the reason I was alive. I had broken my neck when I first encountered her crashed spaceship last night, carelessly loosing my balance and falling down a slope. Her nanites were repairing my injury even now. It was why Merita had to possessed me. Something about my immune system rejecting the little things.

I didn’t understand how it worked. Her science was far beyond 1890s England.

But she was worried what these nanites would do without her ship’s computer, some sort of mechanical brain, giving them orders. They could change humans, doing far more than just repair an injury like they had for me.

We’ll find them and set everything to right, promised Henrietta.

Tabitha, my new friend, took my hand. A huge smile played on her flushed, freckled cheeks, her red hair bouncing about her shoulders. “Etta, that was so hot. I had so many orgasms watching you enjoy all the girls. I wish I had tentacles.”

“Oh, that would be amazing,” I smiled. “I wish I could give them to you.”

“Me, too,” she said. “Well, shall we go to our last class?”

“Right, that’s…” I struggled to remember our schedule, my eighteen-year-old body exhausted by all the sex. I wanted to sleep, but there was so much to do still today.

“Philosophy with Miss Marilynn Gully,” Tabitha supplied. “I know, sounds soooo boring. But we’ll have fun afterward.”

I shook my head. “We have to find those missing nanites first.”

“We’re skipping dinner?” Tabitha’s face fell.

“Afraid so. But we have to keep them out of mischief.”

“Fine.” Then a wicked smile crossed Tabitha’s lips. “Could you make a tentacle wiggle out of your cunny for me?”

“Why?” I asked.

Her grin only grew. A wicked tingle ran through me. Effervescent flutters rippled out of my pussy. The tentacles writhed inside of me. They came out when I was excited, but I was gaining more and more control over them as the day passed.

“Let me try,” I told her, concentrating on only one. My forehead furrowed. “Why am I doing this?”

Tabitha leaned in and whispered, “I want to walk to class with your tentacle in my cunny. And then, if we sit in the back and close together, I bet we can make Philosophy a lot more entertaining.”

“Oh, you are naughty,” I sighed while my tentacles all rushed to the entrance of my pussy. I grit my teeth and stopped them, trying to focus on only one and wiggle it out of the crowd.

“What’s your next class?” Peony asked, crowding about me with a few other girls, including Christine, Tansy, and Leonora who numbered among the first I pleasured with my tentacles during our wild orgy.

“It’s, uh…” Sweat beaded on my forehead. All my tentacles wanted to burst out and play. “Philosophy.”

“Oh, no, I have math with Miss Maurine,” Peony sighed.

“Ooh, I have philosophy next,” Christine said, her raven-black hair tumbling in messy waves about her pale face. “Wonderful.”

“Me, too,” Leonora said. Her hair was a cinnamon color, red but not as fiery as Tabitha’s. tuzla escort “We can walk with you.”

“Wonderful,” Tabitha said. “How’s your special task coming along, Etta?”

“Hard,” I said, voice strained.

“Is something wrong?” Leonora asked as Peony and Tansy, the brunette, walked out of the classroom holding hands, heading to Miss Maurine’s lesson–I had her this morning.

“No, nothing,” I answered, and then a smile crossed my lips as only one of my tentacles wiggled out and thrust down my thighs. “Ooh, yes, I think I have it, Tabitha.”


“What?” Leonora asked, and Christine nodded her head.

“Riddle I told her,” Tabitha said as I sent my tentacle down my leg and out the side of my skirt. I shivered at the caress of skirt and petticoats as I plunged it beneath Tabitha’s dress and brushed her stocking-clad calf. She smiled. “It’s a good one. And she’s getting so good at solving them.” I climbed the tentacle higher up her legs, brushing her bare thighs, reaching for cunny. Her voice grew higher pitch, matching the rise of my naughty appendage. “And I am so happy for her and… Yes, so happy.”

She shuddered as my tentacle plunged into her dripping cunny. Her hot pussy engulfed me. I sucked in a breath, my tentacle savoring her silky flesh. I wiggled it in as deep as possible, my tentacle at the extent of its range. Her pussy clenched and relaxed on my appendage as she shifted her hips, her cheeks burning bright.

“Well, I think we’re ready to go to class, Etta,” Tabitha declared.

“I do think you’re right,” I said, my voice breathy. Pleasure rippled down my tentacle.

This is so naughty, giggled Merita in my mind as Tabitha and I swept out of the classroom holding hands, flanked by Leonora and Christine.

~ ~ ~

Peony found it nice to hold Tansy’s hand as they left Miss Erma’s classroom behind. Today had changed the shy girl. She had been terrified of being sent off to boarding school in the middle of the English moor away from her family and her only friend, Clarissa the chambermaid. Peony did not like meeting new people. The entire train ride had left her shaking and petrified.

And then she had the shock of Nurse Paige’s exam upon arrival. Pleasure Peony had never imagined shot through her eighteen-year-old body as she was examined by the naughty nurse. She gasped and trembled as her hysterics were cured with effervescent paroxysms exploding in the depths of her cunny.

It left her dazed, confused, and even more frightened.

And then she met Henrietta. The blonde had been so kind and comforting in the bath today, soothing her as an orgy of sapphic pleasure burst around them, the other girls living on their floor engaged in sapphic lusts. With soft kisses and gentle touches, Henrietta had lulled Peony into relaxing.

And then plucked her cherry with an amazing tentacle.

After the orgy in Miss Erma’s class, Peony felt comfortable at the school. It was like she knew all the girls in the class. She had seen them all naked and writhing on Henrietta’s amazing, purple tentacles. She gripped Tansy’s hand tight, feeling a sisterly affection for the brunette. They had both shared something momentous today, uniting them.

Peony was only disheartened because she shared only two classes with Henrietta while Tabitha, the lucky redhead, appeared to share them all.

“I wish I was on your floor,” Tansy sighed. “You get to bathe with Henrietta. And who is the lucky girl rooming with her?”

“Tabitha,” Peony answered, so envious of the redhead.

“Explains their closeness,” giggled Tansy. “They’re like lovers. It would be scandalous anywhere but here. This is a magical place.” Tansy’s hand tightened on Peony’s.

Her youthful cheeks blushed and her heart beat faster. Tansy was a beautiful girl, her blue eyes sparkling. “Yes, it is.”

The pair entered Miss Maurine’s math class and took seats in the front. They had to let go of each other’s hands as the teacher–black ringlets framing her face, brown eyes soft and friendly–arched an eyebrow. Other girls filed in, and Peony wondered how long before the entire school knew about Henrietta’s tentacles.

She is about to become a very popular girl, Peony thought as a wicked flush rippled up her body from her tingling cunny. Flutters grew in her stomach, and she squirmed in her seat.

She needed her hysterics cured.

“Well, it is wonderful to meet you all,” Miss Maurine said, clapping her hands together. “And I hope you are all ready to dive into the complex world of mathematics. I expect you all remember how to do your sums and multiplication, because we will be applying those basic principals to open the world around us to your understanding. Math is the language with which God fashioned the world, and in the supposed chaos of nature marches unseen order. With the right equation, any event can be described, including the fluttering tingles that young women often develop in their nethers which make them squirm pendik escort to a fro. Is there a problem, Miss…?”

“Peony,” the shy girl blushed, realizing the teacher addressed her. “No, no problem.”

“Just in need of your hysterics cured?” The teacher’s brown eyes twinkled. “Well, we can’t have you…”

Her words trailed off as a new group entered the classroom, led by a young woman in a stained dress. The others fanned out from her, including the stern headmistress of the school, a maid, Prefect Geneva, and several students. The group of eight all moved in unison, stopping and surveying the class. Flashes of metal caught Peony’s eyes, drawing her gaze down to the floor where strange, cylindrical cords made of segmented silver rested on the stone and disappeared between the women’s skirts. It was like they were all tethered together.

“Headmistress?” blinked Miss Maurine. “What an unexpected surprise. And Miss Marilynn… Don’t you have a class to teach?”

Peony realized the woman with the disheveled dress was Miss Marilynn, the new teacher Peony had heard several of the students gossip about at lunch who had missed teaching all her morning classes. Did she get hurt? Is that why she wasn’t teaching?

“We are here to connect with you,” the eight said in unison, their voices purring and sultry. Heat smoldered in their eyes.

“Connect?” frowned Miss Maurine. “I don’t… Oh, my!”

From beneath the skirts of all eight women protruded a new segmented cord of metal. They rose from the women, wiggling and writhing before them, ending at round heads. The way they moved sent a wave of lust through Peony.

“You have tentacles, too,” gasped Peony as she hopped to her feet. “That is amazing.”

“Yes,” Tansy gasped. “Are you here to cure our hysterics with those tentacles, Headmistress?”

“We are here to connect with you,” the eight women said, their tentacles reaching. Peony, the closest student, gasped as the one from Miss Marilynn’s skirt wrapped about her waist and pulled her close.

“Oh, you can connect with me,” Peony moaned. “My cunny is so in need of it.”

“Yes,” Christine moaned, moving up beside Peony. She was seized by the maid’s tentacle. “We love to connect.”

“What is going on?” another girl asked as she was seized by prefect Geneva’s tentacle.

“Just enjoy,” Peony shuddered as the tentacle about her waist relaxed and slithered down her body. Feeling bold, Peony threw her arms around Miss Marilynn’s neck, staring into the teacher’s green eyes. Fiery hair fell about Peony’s hands and the teacher’s ample bosom pressed into the student’s smaller mounds, separated by blouses and camisoles.

Her nipples tingling with excitement, Peony kissed the teacher hard on the lips. In the background, other girls gasped in shock. Miss Maurine let out a squeal of bliss as the Headmistress rammed her tentacles into the teacher’s juicy cunt. The other girls seized shuddered and writhed, gasping in bliss while the girls not chosen, backed away, pressing into the far wall.

“Don’t be afraid everyone,” Tansy moaned beside Peony. “Embrace it. Enjoy their tentacles.”

Peony moaned her agreement as Miss Marilynn’s arms hugged her back, squeezing the young girl’s ass through her skirt, pulling her tight against the teacher. The metal tentacle pressed beneath Peony’s skirt and petticoats, brushing up her stocking calves to bare thighs. The cold metal sent a rush through Peony as it slid higher and higher, making her squirm, her pussy getting juicier.

Her cunny clenched as the tentacle approached. And then she gasped into the teacher’s lips as the cold metal kissed bare cunny. It slid back and forth, nudging Peony’s clitoris. Electric sparks shot through the girl. Her body spasmed.

“Yes,” Peony gasped, breaking the kiss to snap her head back as the tentacle rammed into tender pussy. “Oh, you are so wonderful, Miss Marilynn. Oh, yes. I love it. How ever did you get these?”

“Must connect,” Miss Marilynn moaned. “Must find the voice.”

“Uh-huh,” Peony gasped, her hips undulating back and forth as the tentacle reamed in and out of her tight cunny. “Oh, yes, you are connecting with me. Mmm, let my pussy warm up that cold tentacle. Oh, yes. Do you love it?”

“You are so warm,” moaned Miss Marilynn. “So hot. So perfect for connecting.”

“I am.” Peony shuddered, her pussy clenching on the segmented metal. Her eyes rolled back in her head, adding her moans to the other six students and one teacher being fucked. “Oh, yes, yes, it is so amazing. I love it. Fuck me faster, Miss Marilynn.”

The redheaded teacher kissed Peony again, her hands squeezing. Peony moved her hands down to squeeze the teacher’s breasts through her blouse. Beside her, Tansy had freed one of the maid’s round tits, and had her mouth locked onto the nipple, sucking hard as the tentacle reamed in and out of her cunt.

“What is going on?” asked one of the watching girls.

“I don’t know, but it is exciting. Look at them aydınlı escort all writhe.”

“Ooh, why couldn’t I get grabbed?” moaned another girl.

“Yes,” gushed a third.

Being watched only excited Peony. Another orgy with tentacles. How wonderful. Her cunny clenched on the segmented tentacle. The metal was ribbed, stroking her flesh in exciting ways that sent flutters through her and made it hard for her fingers to unlace the teacher’s bodice and free her large breasts.

But Peony persevered. She opened the front of the gown, broke the kiss, and marveled at the large, soft breasts of the teacher. She groped the heavy tits with both hands, her fingers sinking into pillowy breasts. They were such large tits.

“Oh, Miss Marilynn, these are wonderful.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” moaned the teacher, her face contorting, the tentacle probing faster and faster in and out of Peony’s cunny. “Connection forming.”

Peony leaned down and sucked on a fat nipple. She loved the feel of the teacher’s nub between her lips. Her hands squeezed on the mounds as she swayed. The pleasure swelled in her pussy, churned by the amazing tentacle. Pleasure rippled through her, driving her closer and closer to her exploding orgasm.

The girl trembled and squirmed, the tentacle fucking her faster and faster. She loved how it felt plunging in and out of her, so different from the smooth texture of Henrietta’s tentacles. As she sucked on the teacher’s breast, she had no idea whose she liked more.

Both were wonderful.

Miss Marilynn’s hands dug into Peony’s ass, clenching hard, pulling her in tight and holding her close. She shuddered, her hips writhing, grinding herself against the teacher, her clitoris rubbing against her petticoat as she humped the teacher’s leg, her cunny tingling. She sucked so hard.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Tansy gasped. “You’re connecting with me.”

“Yes, connecting,” the maid groaned.

Beside Peony, Tansy’s eyes rolled back, and then she slumped forward in the maid’s arm, trembling from the power of her orgasm. She came so hard. Peony envied the effervescent paroxysms spasming her friend’s body. Peony clenched her pussy down harder on the thrusting tentacle, sucking on the teacher’s nipple with a hungry fervor.

Peony wanted her orgasm.

“Yes,” Miss Marilynn moaned. “Connection forming. So close.”

Peony humped harder, her clitoris throbbing. She wished there wasn’t layers of skirts and petticoats between their flesh. She would love to feel her clitoris sliding directly against the teacher’s flesh. Peony moaned, her cunny clenching on the plunging tentacle, her pleasure growing, swelling, ready to explode through her.

Her head snapped back, nipple popping free of her lips. “Miss Marilynn!” she screamed as her orgasm exploded through her.

Peony’s cunny spasmed about the thrusting tentacle. Her hot flesh massaged the plunging girth of the tentacle. Her body swayed. She clutched to her teacher, her head thrown back, her moans echoing through the classroom, joining the others.

“So good, Miss Marilynn,” she gasped. “Do you like my cunny massaging your tentacle?”

“Yes,” hissed the teacher. “Connection forming…forming… Yes!”

The tentacle thrust deep into Peony’s cunny. The teacher gasped and shuddered. And then the trembling girl felt something flood into her pussy. Her eyes widened as a heat washed through her. Electrical sparks spasmed through her body, tingling her nethers and sending another orgasm crashing through her and–

…connection formed…

A mechanical, feminine voice whispered in Peony’s mind as she slumped forward into Miss Marilynn’s arms. She felt her mind sinking down through the tentacle and uniting with the teacher and through her to the maid, the headmistress, and Geneva. And then she reached the others. She felt Tansy’s thoughts along with everyone else.

She was connected to them. United. She groaned, electricity sparking through her pussy as the nanites went to work. With every assimilation, they worked faster and faster, understanding human anatomy and what they had to do to modify the women and create the new connectors. Miss Marilynn and Daisy were at the limits of their connectors, four. But that still left fourteen able to connect to another woman, and there were thirteen girls panting and watching, masturbating their wet ports.


As Peony rose back to consciousness, she felt her own tentacle sprout out of her pussy, pushing past Miss Marilynn’s. The metallic appendage flexed beneath her skirt, desperate to connect with another woman, to increase the processing power and to locate the voice. It had to be found.


“Connect,” Peony spoke with the others, a smile on her face, her body eager to experience the pleasure of her new tentacle. She stared hungrily at the girls masturbating at the other end of the classroom, skirts hiked up about their waists, plunging fingers into their pussies, churning them with frantic need to cum.

Peony shuddered with the others and moved, Tansy at her side. Peony’s tentacle reached for Adrianne, her roommate. The black-haired, green-eyed girl gasped at the metallic tentacle reaching towards her pussy.

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