All about him


All about himFirst time sharing a story like this…. be kind :)All about him…First time writing publishing publically, it was written for someone and he overly enjoyed , if you get my meaning. So I thought I would see what others thought.There is a knock at the door, I run to the bedroom to get my robe, as I am cuddled on the couch in a tank top and shorts enjoying the quiet time with the girls are in bed.I open the door and you are standing there, I move aside and let you in. Right away wrapping my arms around your neck kissing you lips and neck. Pushing you coat off of you and pulling you shirt off kissing and licking you my way down you neck and chest. Leading you to the living room. Standing you right in from the reclining türbanlı giresun escort chair, kissing my way to the waist band of you jeans. getting on my knees and unbuckling your jeans and with a hard tug pushing them down to your ankles. Kissing and licking the sensitive skin all around you cock and on you thighs.Taking your cock in my hand and holding it against you, I lick from you sack all the way to the underside of your head, flicking the sensitive spot with my tongue. Gently pulling your foreskin back teasing your head with my tongue, blowing cool air on it. With your foreskin still pulled back I wrap my lips around the head of you cock taking you in the warmth of türbanlı giresun escort bayan my mouth. Wrapping my lips around my teeth, I start to slowly bob my head up and down taking a little more of you cock each time I go down. As I take you deeper in my mouth I feel the head of your cock bumping in to the back of my throat. My gag reflux starts to kick in, my throat squeezing and starting to convulse every time the head of you hard cock bumps it.As I am going and gagging on your cock I can feel the saliva drooling out of my lips, running down your shaft to you sack. I take you balls in my hand and start to use my saliva as lube to massage your balls. Going all the türbanlı escort giresun way down on your cock and gagging on it how I know you like it. Letting the choking sounds of me gagging on you cock full the quiet house. I pull my head away gasping for a breath, letting my hand jerk your cock while I catch my breath. Back with your cock in my mouth forcing it to slide until I start gagging and choking again.I feel you hands snake into my hair and grab it by the handful to hold it still while you fuck my mouth, holding your cock deep letting me gag and choke. Mouth open with saliva drooling out of my mouth on to my robe.You hold your cock deep in my mouth and I start to feel you cock swell I know now you are going to cum. With a grunt you start to cum in my mouth some going down my convulsing throat but most is running free out of my mouth and staining my robe. You slide your cock from my mouth, rubbing it on my face and in my hair to clean it up and dry off. You pull up you pants and walk out of the room, the house hearing the door slam, leaving me dirty and covered with cum and alone.

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