Almost caught at work ,LOL.


Almost caught at work ,LOL.Taking risks at work can be so much fun. One of my most memorable experiences was when I worked as a new home saleswoman for a property development company. Our sales office was in one of the model homes, and I mostly worked by myself. There were three other model homes to showcase to homebuyers. My job was to help them through the process of buying a new home. There were periods where traffic was real slow. But I did get frequent visits from a few of the construction guys, who built the houses just about a couple blocks away. They would pretend to have some chore as there reason for coming by, but I knew just wanted to flirt with me. It didn’t hurt that I dressed to tease, but within the bounds of professionalism. A pattern developed where I could expect one of the guys to come by at the start of the day, and the rest would follow in intervals. I got a kick out of it. Suddenly it stopped, and I found out that the foreman had gotten on their cases about being behind schedule, and that my office was out of bounds. My visitors lessened but some still came by to see me, especially Ernie, who I think had seniority.One day, feeling more adventurous than usual I wore a short skirt suit, thigh-highs and matching dikmen escort heels. I rarely wear panties, and didn’t even though the slit in the back of the skirt goes up pretty high, just an inch or two from showing my butt. I knew my stocking tops could be seen from behind as I walked, and when I sat down. I was feeling sexy, and horny to say the least.I got to work earlier than usual, and wasn’t expecting anyone as we weren’t open yet, and was bent over the file cabinet pulling some files when I sensed or heard something. I turned, and there was the Ernie, his eyes bulging out and his mouth hanging open. I was startled , but recovered and said good morning with a smile like I usually do, and he croaked out something in response I couldn’t understand, and quickly left. The fact that he had seen my bare ass and the thought that he was now telling the others made got me hot, and I was tempted to take a quick break so that I could stroke myself and orgasm, but I had an appointment coming in, and decided it would have to wait. My appointment went quickly, and since I expected it would be slow, I thought it the perfect time to indulge in something I’ve been tempted to do since I started working here. I went to the model demetevler escort home farthest away from my office, and up to the bedroom. I thought I’d just lay back in the bed, and play with my pussy until I came, but looking at myself in the mirrored closet sliding doors, and bending over as I had done earlier to see what he had seen. I got even hornier, and stripped-off everything except my heels. I really like looking at myself when I get like this, and I like how I look in nothing but heels. Then I laid myself down and soon got into my rhythm when I heard the front door open and voices downstairs, and the conversation continued as they made their way up the stairs. To say I was freaked-out would be a big understatement. For a split moment I was so terrified, that I couldn’t think or move. Then I did the only thing I could think of doing. I grabbed my clothes and hid in the closet. I slowly slid to close it, but couldn’t do it all the way because they walked into the room. There I was crouched down, in nothing buy my heels, with my pussy wet and drippy. I realized I was gripping my clothes tightly in a bundle, and was hardly breathing. I was just 2 inches away from sliding the closet door totally shut, çankaya escort and I could see part of the bed, and hear everything they said. It was the foremen, Ernie, and another one of the guys who frequently came to visit me. The foreman was telling the other two what maintenance needed to be done in the room and others. As he talked, I saw his hand smoothing out the bed spread, which I had messed-up. I just hoped his hand didn’t run over the wet spot I’m sure was there. Oh, I was cursing myself for being so stupid, and was praying that I wouldn’t be discovered. I was in sheer panic. Then the foreman left, and then I heard Ernie and the other guy talking about me. Ernie told of seeing my ass and pussy that morning, which surprised me ….the part about seeing my pussy, that is. Then they started talking about how they wanted to fuck me, and all the other things they wanted to do to me. I imagine it was typical locker room talk, but I really liked hearing it. They sounded so wanting, and were really graphic and nasty . I found that I wasn’t panicky anymore, and had been absent-mindedly stroking my pussy as I sat squatting in the closet. Then the foreman called-out, and they left the room. I could hear them downstairs, as I continued fingering my pussy. I came just as I heard the front doorn close, and allowed myself to let out a satisfying but muffled shriek of pleasure. I got dressed, but my clothes were all wrinkled, LOL. That day guys were constantly coming in to see me, and I loved it ?

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