An Accidental Dogger


An Accidental DoggerAn Accidental DogMy work requires me to travel to clients for meeting and sometimes the journey can be long. I like to dress smartly for meetings as I love the admiring looks I get from men AND women and I always feel very sexy in a tight fitting suit.This particular day, I put on my favourite light grey two-piece suit with a white cotton blouse as I knew that I was seeing a lady who, I believe, is either bi or bi-curious and I love to flirt with her. The skirt is very figure hugging so I elected a skimpy thong for underwear so that my curves would be uninterrupted.It was a long drive to the meeting which went well and I had fun flirting and wondering what my client would be like naked but that was as far as it went (at least for the moment). On the way home, I stopped off to get a sandwich and coffee and found a nice quiet woodland carpark in which to eat it and rest a while before heading back.I wasn’t there long before, to my surprise, some guy just walked up to my side window of my car and pressed his crotch to the glass. He still had jeans on but he clearly had a large erection inside which he continued to rub up and down the glass. I was too dumbstruck to eat or do anything but stare. This went on for some minutes before he reached down, unzipped his jeans and pulled out a fat but stubby cock quickly followed by a pair of hairy, wrinkly balls. He continued then to rub these up and down the glass making a squeaking noise and leaving a “snail trail” of precum!After getting over the initial shock, I started to enjoy the show and must admit to feeling a little stirring and wetness in my groin. I must have stumbled on a dogging site!After watching for a few minute, I decided to open the window for a closer look. I pressed the button and the window whirred open, dragging the guys foreskin down with it to expose his purple bell-end which flopped out in front of my face, pre-cum glistening on the end.He grabbed his cock and started to rub it in front of my face. By this stage I was extremely aroused and could feel my juices starting to flow. I couldn’t resist anymore and I slipped a finger under karşıyaka escort my tight skirt to give my clit a rub through the tiny fabric of my thong.It was then that another guy appeared at my window and without delay dropped his trousers to his thighs and thrust forward what can only be described as the most perfect erect cock I have ever seen: hard, smooth and straight, about 8 or 9 inches with a shiny purple head. Any pornstar would have been proud. This one I grabbed, feeling the hot meat in my hand as I wanked him, barely able to wrap my hand around its girth. My other hand was working hard at my sopping pussy now whilst the first guy was breathing heavily and wanking himself hard.To slow myself down, I took my hand away from my cunt and opened a couple of buttons on my blouse. I reached inside my bra and pulled the fabric under my right tit to expose my nipple which allowed me to pinch myself. This was too much for the first guy. With a grunt he pushed his hips forward so that his stubby cock was 3 inches from my face, another grunt and a gob of thick cum hit my cheek, this was followed by further lumps of cum that oozed out of his cock and landed on my nice grey jacket and skirt where it clearly showed up dark grey.He pulled back and disappeared leaving Mr Perfect Cock more room to thrust himself forward. It was too easy to dip my head forward and take him in my mouth. Mmmm that taste of precum! I enjoyed that feeling of having a mouth full of hard cock as I sucked, licked, nibbled, all the time holding his balls in my hand. I was slobbering, slurping and moaning as I pinched my nipple, matching the moans of the cock’s owner.I heard an engine and stopped what I was doing. I turned around and saw a white van pull up alongside my car. Four guys jumped out and stood watching me with a tit in my hand, my skirt up by my waist and a perfect hard cock in my hand. Two stayed on the passenger side and 2 came around to the side where Mr Perfect Cock was and before long they all had their cocks in their hands watching as I dipped my head back to the problem in hand.I was really karşıyaka escort bayan sucking hard now and using every cock sucking trick I knew: nibbling, flicking, rubbing. Then Mr Perfect Cock let out a groan. I felt that bell end expand in my mouth. He thrust it forward to the back of my mouth and then I felt the jet of cum hit the roof of my mouth. I felt his perineum throbbing in my hand as more cum squirted into my mouth too fast for me to swallow it all. There wasn’t room in my mouth for such a big cock and a bucket full of cum so I had to allow some of it to ooze out of my mouth, down my chin and falling onto my already cum spattered jacket.I continued to suck and lick until I felt him go soft in my mouth, at which point he withdrew only to be replaced with a couple of the guys from the van.I felt so gloriously slutty!I wound down the passenger side window so I now had 2 cocks at each window.In the cramped space of my car, I managed to kneel on the driver’s seat, on all fours with my hands on the passenger seat. I pulled my skirt up to my waist and undid my blouse and bra. I was now in reach of taking the two cock in my mouth and my ass was pointed at the two guys at the driver’s window but just out of reach of them penetrating me with their cocks (well after all, I didn’t know where they had been).However, I felt my thong being pushed aside as two fingers forced their way into my soaking cunt hole sending quivers through my body. I was so aroused, I was sure to cum soon.The two guys in front of me had dropped their trousers and presented their cocks for tasting and I duly took one into my mouth and used a hand on the other. Meanwhile, fingers (I don’t know how many) where thrusting into my cunt. I found that if I rocked forwards and backwards the cocks would move in and out of my mouth and at the same time the fingers would move out and into my pussy. I was so wet I was squelching at both end. My tits were hanging free and swinging with my gently swaying motion. The penetration at both ends, the sexy squelching noises and the moans from the guys brought me to escort karşıyaka that familiar spreading warmth and I cried out (as much as you can with a cock in your mouth), “Ooooohhh fuck, fuck, fuck!!”, is what I tried to say as my orgasm flooded over me. My pussy clamped around the fingers that were inside and I could feel my juices flow down my thighs.That was enough for one of the guys at my ass because I heard a bellow followed by feeling hot cum hit my ass cheek, then another jet that I could feel was very close to my hole, dribbling down my crack.I could tell both guys that I was sucking off were getting very close now so, with one cock in my mouth, I pulled the other to a couple of inches of my face and rubbed it with my hand as fast as I could. In second, I felt the cock in my hand swell followed quickly by a hot jet of cum hitting my eye, making me wince. Letting go of the other cock, I sucked the remaining cum into my mouth. The guy whose cock I had just released then stepped forward and sprayed my face with what seemed like gallons of hot jizz.Still one to go.With my face coated with cum, my tummy full of it I turned my attention to the guy at my ass who hadn’t cum yet.I turned over so that my ass was on the driver’s seat and my head towards the passenger seat. My legs were spread wide offering my pussy up to the last guy.“Cum over my pussy!”“please! Do it now!”The guy rubbed furiously at his cock as I watched. He let out a bellow and cum jetted out of his cock, falling as red hot gobs onto my clit, lips and tangle of pubes. A perfect shot!I lay back in my car as the guys disappeared and took a look at myself. My face was covered in streaks of cum across my cheeks, eyes and chin and there were white streaks of it in my hair. Some cum had dripped down onto my tits which I rubbed into my nipples. My thighs were covered with a mixture of jizz and my own juices and I had an extremely wet sensation around my pussy as I sat.My lovely light grey suit was streaked with strings of cum making the light fabric look dark. The bit of my skirt I was sitting on had a big wet patch from my cum and that jizz. The car wasn’t much better, there was cum on the seats, carpets, the dashboard and the steering wheel.I spent the whole journey home fingering my sopping gash and rubbing cum all over my body.This was the most slutty experience of my life and one I can’t wait to repeat. Maybe next time I’ll bring my client along too ?

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