At the Gay Sauna


At the Gay SaunaLuckily for me in my country we have few gay saunas, I had visited 3 of them, each one has pros and cons, but what I do like is that I have had very hot times, in one more then the others so I won’t get into details about the cons because no matter where I am, I’m willing to do my best and give all to get all the pleasure, I can’t help my slutty side, is something that I had discovered the last year; well I wouldn’t find it without my Man’s help, who is always there supporting me and guiding me through this journey.So where should I start is just that all has been awesome, ok let me se I will start with one of the adventures I had in a sauna the first one I visited, there they have like maze end a dead end in that dead end many things happened, so I spent my time in that area that is in the middle of both wet sauna rooms, there I had sucked many cocks, sometimes two at the same time, I had been fucked, one time I was fucked there by a really big cock, I sucked that guy first, and he was fucking my mouth so good and deep making me swallow all that big thick cock, guy was surprised with my skills and was telling me that I was a slut and a hungry one, so he asked me if I was like that with my bottom I said ohh I’m so much better with it and he was curious and find it out ohh goshhh türbanlı ağrı escort he opened my pussy with his big cock and bareback he slide it all inside me it was feeling so good and my boypussy sore, but I was loving it, I was moaning and moving myself back and forward to fuck myself on it mmm mmmmmm, I always cum badly when I’m being fuck, with a little help of my hand, also another guy in that same spot fucked me so good, he knew he called my attention, so I followed him through the maze hallway and when we reach the dead end he turned around and grabbed me kissed me passionately, and hold me hard against him, was trying to lift me up and finger my boypussy, ohhh gosh that was, great, then he turned me around and slide his cock in me, we were excited but he said let’s come back here in five minutes I said OK, then I was waiting for that time and he came back and we kissed more again and re do everything ohh gosh that was cool, in another occasion that I was there, another young guy fucked me on a small it was like a bed but it was actually use for massages, but it was empty so we use that little room, I spread my legs and have that guy between them and he was fucking me so good, his cock was thin but It was feeling cool in me, so the türbanlı ağrı escort bayan adventures there in this sauna were good, but in the other one got better just one time I wentthis sauna has a dark room and the bed there is covered with nylon I guess to easily clean it, well I met some guys there, one I fucked he was a bottom but as I said I always do all I can do when I get a change, then I fucked another guy in the sauna but it was too hot and he had a friend and we decided to go out to the dark room, so he was laying on his belly and I was fucking him and then his friend get on the bed and fucked me, while I was fucking the other guy, goshh that was really a great feeling, I like it, then after I cum well I was wearing a condom I stayed a little more to be fucked but I was exhausted since spent time in the sauna. and that is what I remember from this one.and the best adventures I have had it was in the last sauna that I visited like couple of weeks ago, there in this sauna there were more guys then in the other saunas, there is a dry sauna room, a wet sauna room, showers, and a dark room with two beds with some sheets, really dark that when I entered the first time I could not see anything and was just using my hands to find someone türbanlı escort ağrı and I found guys there but not all of them were easy going even with it I had fun, I sucked like 3 or fuck cocks, two of them were so big one was thin but big and the other was thick and big, I love sucking both it is different but all I wanted is to get better on deep throat so I practice and good for me I don’t choke easily like at the beginning when I was doing that for first time, now I felt the cocks head touching the back of my throat, I also got fucked two times, the firs one that guy without compassion shove his cock in and me and made me scream hard, but it was ok, I liked it and I know my boy pussy was wide open and I moan and groan loudly, ohhh man!!! yessssthen later in the same dark room another guy fucked me I sucked him firs and got him hard then he guided me to one of the beds in that room and in all four at the edge of the bed he fucked me so hard and good for a good time, he was grabbing me from the hips and really slamming his cock in me, ohh I ended that day with my pussy sore but satisfied well almost LOL, I’m a so hungry slut that I wish I had more time to stay but I needed to go since home is far from there but I’m excited to go back soon.definitely I have change a lot from that virgin shy boy I was to this insatiable slutty girl I ‘m well I’m a body guy that protects a girl soul, I love being fucked, I love being owned, used, taken, ohhh all of it makes me feel so good, and I like when Daddy dominates me, I’m alive when I’m in his arms and I’m so happy and crazy to go for more.thanks a lot for reading and hope you enjoy it.:-)

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