At the RSL Club.


At the RSL Club.I was at this RSL club with some friends from the hospital that I work at. 4 female nurses, the oldest, in her late 30-ies, Helen, was there with her boyfriend. And the youngest, Anna, about 20 was also with her boyfriend. There was Karen, about 30ish, divorced. She was the one I was interested in. And there was Vicky, a Pilipino girl also about 30. She was also there on her own. There was a singer on stage. Singing 60’s, 70’s type of music. Fairly good looking lady in her 40-ies. She had shoulder length dark wavy hair, a nice curvy figure, D-size breasts She was wearing a black dress, knee length, with a flared skirt. The 7 of us where all sitting together near the stage.Anna seemed to be cheering and clapping the loudest after each song. I don’t know if she was sort of making fun of this lady singing or not, but it seemed to me it wouldn’t be her sort of music. Everyone was drinking except myself and Helen. We came to see this lady sing because she was a friend of Karen’s. It must have been about 10.30 or so when she had finished singing, and she came over to us and said Hello and her name was Jan. She had a very bubbly personality and she greeted Anna warmly and thanked her for cheering her on so enthusiastically. Anna said she enjoyed her performance but I think it was the alcohol making her cheer loudly.I like Anna, She is a beautiful, sweet, caring girl. Slim figure and blonde hair always in a ponytail. But I was seeing a side of her I’ve never seen. Jan sat with us and we were buying her drinks and talking and laughing. Other people where coming up and talking to Jan as she sat there with us. The couple that where with Jan organizing her music came up and said that they had packed up and they were leaving. I think they were expecting to give her a lift home. And seemed concerned that she was drinking and getting half cut. But she explained that Karen was an old friend and that we decided to give her a lift home. Not long after that Anna and her boyfriend said that they were going. So they said goodbye and walked out the door.Probably 10 minutes after that we all decided to leave as well. The car park at the back of the club was quite a large area. It was sort of an L shape. With a long section going all the way back alongside the edge of a sports field. And there where trees and bushes on both sides. We had all parked way down the back, down near the sports field end. Because the close parks where all taken when we arrived. Anna and her boyfriend came türbanlı kütahya escort in their car and Helen and her boyfriend came in a car and Karen and Vicky and myself came in my car. As we walked down towards our cars we could see that Anna’s boyfriend’s car was still there.As we got a bit closer we could see it moving and rocking slightly. We all stood on both sides of the car and peered in the window. They were in the back seat of the sedan. We could see Anna’s boyfriend had taken his trousers off and Anna was sitting on him, moving up and down, riding his cock. She still had on her black one piece dress. But she had stripped off her black stockings, and her sexy white legs stood contrast to her black dress which was covering all the exciting action that was taking place underneath. Her boyfriend seems to get off on the fact that we were all watching. But Anna was shocked that we caught her going at it. Her boyfriend then undid the waist belt that was around her and then proceeded to pull her dress up. But she was saying No and tried to pull it back down again. But he was too strong for her and he pulled her dress right up and over her head and off. We could see her nice tight little bare ass and her clean shaven; tight little pussy stretched open swallowing up her boyfriend’s cock. He then proceeded to remove her black bra. Again she protested strongly. Saying “No don’t show my tits” But he over powered her and pulled up her bra which seemed quite padded and she was quite flat chested but she had puffy nipples which where puffed out sharply like two round ice-cream cones against her flat chest. And she immediately covered them with one arm as her other hand tried to cover her opened pussy. Her boyfriend then started pumping her again. As he thrust it in and out we all couldn’t help notice it was quite long. We knew now what she saw in him. It wasn’t his intelligent conversation after all. We could tell she really enjoyed getting fucked. And her arm dropped from her tits and she didn’t seem to care as she was getting pumped. And as we watched her sharp, puffy little ice-cream cone tits jiggle around we were all getting really turned on.Jan said “Wow, look at her little tits” Vicky said “She’s got little tiny ones” Karen said “Looks like you’re having a good time” Anna just kept moaning and just gave us a blank, mouth opened sort of stare. I noticed Jan started rubbing her groin through her black dress. She was getting türbanlı kütahya escort bayan really turned on. Jan, Karen and I all moved around to the other side of the car. And we could see the back of the club in the distance and we could see another couple walking down towards us. Anna’s boyfriend told her to get off him and suck his cock for a while. As she got off we could see he had at least 7 or 8 inches. Jan said “Look at his big cock” Jan then reached her arm back around to her back and was feeling for the zip on the back of her dress. She found it and then unzipped her dress right down till it stopped just above her ass. Helen said “Jan what are you doing, where in the middle of the car park” Jan said “I don’t care” The other couple walked up beside us and stopped for a moment obviously recognizing Jan. Jan still watching Anna sucking off her boyfriend. Looked over at the other couple and “Hi there” Then looking at this couple reached up to her shoulders and pulled the shoulder straps of her dress off her shoulders and her dress immediately fell to the ground at her feet. And she stood there in her black high heels and a light colored pantyhose that went up over her slightly pot belly stomach. She had no underwear on and you could see her black hairy pussy through her pantyhose. And I heard a gasp from a couple of people. She turned around and I could see her fairly big white round ass. She started rubbing her pussy through her pantyhose. Helen called out “Jan!!” She looked around at everyone watching her then said “Do you want to see my tit’s” She then reached around and undid her black bra and as she pulled it forward and off, 2 saggy tits flopped out. And she brought her hands up and tweaked her big nipples. I looked around and saw Vicky rubbing her groin through her jeans she was wearing. Helen bent down and picked up Jan’s dress and tried to cover her up with it. But Karen said “No leave her it’s all right.” Helen said “She can’t stand here naked in the car park” Karen then said “It’s OK nobody cares, no bodies getting hurt, leave her be ” Karen then said “I’m going to strip off too” And Karen then started undoing the buttons of her Saturn shirt she was wearing. And then pulled her shirt off revealing a white bra through which I could see big round dark nipples on her C size tits. And then she proceeded to undo her black slacks and she unzipped the fly and let them fall to the ground and she stepped türbanlı escort kütahya out of them. And she was wearing a pair of white panties. Jan then went behind Karen and undid her bra and pulled it off, and then bent down and pulled off her panties. Revealing a hairy pussy trimmed in a sort of mo-hawk. Karen immediately put an arm over her tits and the other hand over her pussy. Feeling slightly exposed. Vicky was leaning up against the car and had undone her jeans and I could see her white panties as she moved her hand down rubbing herself. Helen said your all crazy and got in her car and left. Karen and Jan then proceeded to strip me naked then Jan bent down and started sucking my throbbing cock. Karen came over and let me feel her tits. Jan was doing a good job on my cock. It felt so good in her mouth. And I was moaning and groaning. Karen said “You’re enjoying that” Jan then stood up and bent over and proceeded to rip a big hole in her pantyhose to expose her pussy. She then bent over the bonnet of the car and asked me to fuck her. So I bent down and ripped her a bigger hole in her pantyhose and then lined my cock up into her pussy. I grabbed on to her ass and started pumping away in her. Her pussy was so wet. It was running down her leg. But I desperately wanted to fuck Karen. So I pulled out and I licked and fingered Jan’s pussy until she came. The other couple who were still watching came a bit closer. And started to strip off as well. They looked to be in there 40-ies. The guy was soon naked from the waist down. And had his big stiff cock on display. His wife was in an elegant evening dress, undid the waist belt around her waist and bent down and lifted it up over her head and then proceeded to remover her white bra and white G-string. And was soon completely naked. She had flat saggy tits, slim body, but she had a nice ass for her age. Jan went over and asked her if she could suck her husband’s cock. And she agreed. Then I went down on Karen. I opened up her pussy with my fingers and then gave her a good licking out. She was moaning and groaning and she was enjoying it. I then bent Karen over the bonnet of the car and guided my cock into her pussy and started to fuck her. By this time the other Jan was getting fucked by that other couple. His wife was in front of Jan getting her pussy licked and fingered by Jan. Then Anna who had sucked down her boyfriend’s cum about 15 minutes ago was starting to get horny again. So she got out of the car, still naked, and her pointed little tits starting to get pointy again. Went over to Vicky who was still standing there with her hands down the front of her jeans, and started to strip Vicky off. Soon Vicky was naked too. And getting her clean shaven little pussy eaten out by Anna. So Vicky got off with Anna. Karen and I got off together. And Jan got off with the stranger and his wife.

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