Auntie Vera Discovers She is a Cougar!


Auntie Vera Discovers She is a Cougar!It was a bad time in Vera’s life. Her husband just left her for a girl half his age. Vera at first could not understand how her x could have ever gotten infatuated with a person he had nothing in common with. At first she moped around but then she started craving sex. She had always enjoyed sex with her husband but now she really frustrated since he was longer around. She got up enough nerve to go out to a bar. She had never gone out looking for sex but she was going to try.Despite her desperation to screw none of the men at the bar really did anything for her. Then the bartender who was in his early twenties started to flirt with her. Suddenly she was aware of just how wet her pussy was. She started fantasizing about looking up into the handsome young man’s face as he pounded her. Just as the scene in her mind was causing her to work up the nerve to start flirting back a young girl came and it became obvious that she was the guy’s girlfriend. Vera was crushed and she gave up and walked out of the bar.The next day she took a walk through the park and there was a group of high school aged boys playing football. She watched as the young guys ran back and forth with their muscular legs and arms showing. Most of all she loved watching them bend over so that she could see their nice firm butts. In her mind could feel her hands gripping a nice boy butt like that as she sucked a wonderful cock till her mouth was filled with sperm. The fantasy was so real she could taste the sperm on her tongue. When she came back to reality they were all gone.”You got to get a grip on yourself! No young guy like that is going to want a 38 year old woman!” She said to herself as she walked back home. When she got home her phone range and it was her sister in California.”Hi Becca! How is my favorite sister?” She said with a smile”Hey we are doing fine but I have a favor to ask.” Becca said”Sure, what do you need?” Vera said”Brian has an opportunity to come to the university for a football try out and well we were hoping that he could stay with you for a couple of weeks?” Becca asked”Well I think that will be ok.” Vera replied but the scene of the boys in the park filled her mind and made her pussy wetIt was all decided and a week later Brian arrived. Vera had not seen him for a number of years and had grown into an extremely good looking young man.“It’s good to have you here Brian.” Vera said as they ate a nice meal that night”Well I hope that I do not get in the way. I know you must be trying to get your life back together after the divorce.” He said”That will not be a problem since I mostly just stay home these days.” Vera said”That surprises me! A rus escort bayan really hot woman like you should have guys lined up down the block.” Brian said with a grinVera just looked at the boy as he looked at her and said “not many guys out there that want me or at least that I would want””Aunt Vera you are a hot woman and I know women your age are just hitting their sexual peak. I bet you would feel better if you started getting some sex on a regular basis!”Vera was shocked at her nephew’s knowledge of older women.”So what makes you an expert on older women?” She said trying regain control of the situationBrian blushed but then said “I have a friend has been having sex with an older woman for the last year. He says she wants it all the time.””So how do you know he is telling the truth?” Vera asked”Because mom is the woman.” Brian said as Vera’s mouth hung openAfter that they both fell silent for the rest of the meal but Vera felt Brian’s eyes on her.Later that night Vera was in her room and she started to think of her sister fucking her son’s friend. Vera started to become more aroused and she decided to give herself a little relief. She removed her clothes and lay back in the bed and started to rub her over-sensitive clit. Her body really needed some sexual relief soon. She closed her eyes and images of the young bartender and football players looked down at her as her pussy throbbed with excitement. She pictured her sister riding a young boy’s cock. Then her nephew’s face was the one looking at her and she wanted him to fuck her harder.”You are so sexy Aunt Vera!” She heard Brian saySuddenly Vera realized the voice was not in her head. Her eyes snapped open to see Brian watching her. She could see his stiff cock tenting his jeans.She watched as he climbed on to the bed he pulled her up and kissed her lips.”This is so wrong.” Vera mumbled but in her heart she wanted this so bad”Let me help you tonight!” Brian said as he pushed her back and kissed her hard nipplesVera jerked with pleasure as she felt him first lick and then suck her tits. His hand found her pussy and rubbed her pleasure button. Next she felt his finger slide into her. She moaned as the boy worked his way down her stomach. He pushed her back and spread her legs. Vera watched as the boy lowered his mouth onto her excited pussy.”Oh Brian! Fuck yes baby eat my pussy!” Vera screamed as the boy’s licked her clit while his finger pumped her pussyVera ground her pussy into Brian’s face and could believe how excited she was. Then the orgasm hit her like a tidal wave. Her ass lifted off the bed while her hands grabbed at the sheets. Her head flopped back and forth rus bayan escort while the boy moaned with pleasure!Vera came back to earth and looked up to see her handsome young nephew looking at her and smiling.”So did I do good?” Brian asked”Oh God baby! That was fucking wonderful! How did you ever learn to eat pussy like that?” Vera asked”Watching porn and listen my friend tell what mom likes.” He said with a grin”Well you did good but I think I need to return the favor” Vera said as her foot stroked the young man’s erectionIt had been a long time since she had a cock to play with. They quickly traded places and Vera now knelt between his legs. She started by kissing his balls. Then she licked them and finally sucked them with tender care. His cock stood straight up and jerked with pleasure. Vera knew the boy would not last long but she also knew he would be hard again quickly. Vera slowly licked from the base to the tip where she took time to suck the pre -cum from the little hole at the top. Her pussy flooded with juice as her mouth filled with taste of cock. Vera teased the boy by lightly licking the bottom of his cock. This made pre-cum ease from the tip for her enjoyment.Vera looked up at Brian and he stared back at her. She could see pleasure and torture on his face. What was happening was better than anything he experienced but he needed to empty his balls soon! Vera opened her mouth and slowly lowered her mouth down his shaft. She then started to pump quickly. Vera knew he need to cum and she wanted his to explode.”Cumming!” He screamedVera was shocked how hard the first blast of seamen hit her throat. The next several was just as hard. Vera had never felt a dick shoot as much spunk as this and was starting worry when she felt Brian relax. Vera then swallowed the cum down it was at that point that she realized that was the best tasting cum she ever had. How am I ever going to go without that?After the blow job they snuggled for a while but soon Brian’s hands were exploring his aunt’s body. He started to rub her pussy and kiss her lips. Vera groaned with pleasure. This boy may be inexperienced but he had enthusiasm. Vera reached out and found the boy cock and began to stroke it. “Aunt Vera that feels so good! Can I fuck you?” Brian whispered in her ear“Yes baby boy. I will fuck you but have you ever heard of 69?” Vera asked as perverted thoughts played through her mindVera turned around and let her mouth find her nephew’s cock. As she positioned her pussy over his mouth she felt his tongue lick her slit. It made her jerk with pleasure. She looked at the cock she now held in her hand. She could see the veins pumping escort rus blood as her young lover licked her dripping pussy. She could see the pre cum dripping on the knob of the cock of her young lover. Vera licked the pre cum and her body became even more aroused. Her mouth opened and the cock slid deep into her willing mouth. Vera moaned as she felt Brian eating her pussy as her mouth pumped the cock that was all that she could focus on. Vera pumped her mouth up and down the dick and she did not care if it spurted all she wanted was this moment to last!Her pussy was flooding her nephew’s face as her lips sucked on his member. Suddenly she felt her nephew slap her ass. This made her moan.“You are such a nasty boy! Spanking your Auntie’s ass!” Vera said in a voice of someone under a spell“Suck my cock!” Brian screamedVera’s lips wrapped around his cock and started to pump even harder. Brian continued to slap her ass. Each slap made her even more excited.“Brian I want to fuck your cock so bad! Auntie wants her cock now!” Vera screamed as she jumped off of his mouth and turned to face himHis cock looked like it was shining as her saliva dripped down it. Vera squatted over her nephew and even though she knew many would condemn her she had every intent of fucking this boy until could not get it up again. Vera looked back and could see Brian holding his cock in anticipation of sliding into his aunt’s pussy!Vera felt the head of his cock touch her opening. She looked into his eyes and watched as the head of his cock popped into her pussy. She moaned and she felt two hands grabbed her hips and start to pull her down on him. She felt more and more cock enter her. Her pussy started to cum on the cock as she rode him like a horse. Vera could hear the slap of her pussy against the pelvis of her nephew. She thought, ”I’m such a pervert fucking not just a boy but my own nephew!”It was all too much and Vera collapsed on top of Brian. He was not ready to slow down so he flipped her on her back. He pushed her legs wide and slammed his cock deep into the hot wet pussy. Vera looked up into the eyes of her nephew who fucking her harder than she had ever been. She could hear the sound of his balls slapping against her ass. Her orgasm just continued to roll over her. All she knew was she was getting the fucking of her life. She looked up at the young face as it strained while he fucked her pussy. Then she saw the boy face tighten even more as he groaned and she knew that her pussy was being filled with boy cum.After she looked at him and grinned.“So did you enjoy fucking you auntie?”“Fuck yes and as soon as I rest a little I’m going to fuck you again!”Vera smiled as she realized that she was excited about becoming a cougar but for right now she was looking forward to playing with her new boy toy!The end (A word from the author. Just another tale of sexual discover old and young. If you enjoyed a thumbs up is appreciated and as always comments and messages are appreciated.)

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