Back with the Shopping (Fictional)


Back with the Shopping (Fictional)Editors Note: This is the first part to a two part story, at this point in time I am not sure how I want to proceed with the story so I have cut it to the point I was happy with. If you like it then please bother me because that’s how I get things done. I hope you enjoy :)His keys jingled as they unlocked the front door to his apartment. He let out a yawn as he walked inside, withdrawing the keys from the lock and putting them on the rack. He began walking into the hallway, using his foot to close the door behind him. In each hand was a bag brimming with food from the co-op down the road, his stomach grumbled as he peaked down at the contents that he bought. He hadn’t eaten all day and he was ready to tear into the meal he had planned. A cheesy carbonara and a few bottles of Rekordeling cider will suit him nicely. His flat mate wasn’t home as she said she was on some business trip, giving him the opportunity to bring meat home and gorge in his lust for the moist bacon he was planning to stuff down his throat.He placed the bags on the counter, walked over to the stove and began heating a pan. With that done he proceeded to turn on the kettle and unpack the food from the shopping bags. It was then he heard a low moan echo from somewhere in the apartment. Goose bumps erupted all over his neck and fore arms as the moan repeated over and over again in his head before being renewed with another. Someone was in the apartment…and they seemed to be having a good time. He forgot what he was doing and followed the moans that seemed to be leading to his roommate’s bedroom. He let out an audible gulp and opened the door slowly.He couldn’t see much as the room was dark but the light that passed him from the main room into the bedroom gave him enough lighting to see what was happening. The contours of flesh glistening with sweat filled his eyes. Her arms were outstretched, with her wrists tied to the end of bed and her ankles fastened which had left her in a precarious position with her back arched and her ass pointing towards the ceiling. Her knees were twitching as a low hum began to fill his ears. He focused on her ass cheeks and saw duct tape placed over both, pushing a bright purple object in between her thighs. She kept twitching and moaning, as the vibrating got louder then quitter. He noticed that her moans were somewhat muffled which caused him to walk around the bed so he could see her face.What he saw was his roommate with a red gag in her mouth and a satin ribbon türbanlı ankara escort over her eyes with smudged mascara leaking down her face. From the contours of her forehead and her cheeks, she seemed to be in half conscious bliss. He couldn’t help himself, he reached his hand towards her bare neck and stroked down from behind her ear to her collarbone. A loud muffled gasp escaped her lips as her head bobbed down, arching her back even further. He took this as an indication and traced two fingers down the stem of her spine, making slight turns to draw out the journey but generally keeping course to his prized location. He closed in on her ass cheeks and debated which one to go for. He made his choice and traced his fingers to her left cheek before lifting his hand and slapping hard down on her. A loud groan was heard as his roommates head fell onto the pillow, arching her back as much as she could creating a near 90 degree angle with her spine, she was always a flexible girl.She was trying to say something but her gag prevented her speech from making sense, he was tempted to remove it but this scene was so perfect that he didn’t want to tamper with it. He instead placed himself behind her so he was facing her firm, tight, hear shaped ass that glistened in the light coming from outside the room. The vibrator was still at work, clearly deep inside her pussy, making her quiver in ecstasy. He felt like she had enough of that. He grabbed one side of the tape and in one swift movement ripped it off of her; the duct tape left a large red strip across her two beautiful cheeks. He grabbed the hilt of the vibrator and slowly began thrusting it inside her, making slow motions, her reaction was instant, lifting her head and extending her arm like a cow being milked. He decided that it was time and removed the vibrator, he looked down at it and was surprised how wet and glistening it was, he didn’t expect his roommate to be such a squirter, and god knows how many times she exploded while he was away.The question suddenly arose, how did she get to where she was? She didn’t have a boyfriend that he knew of. This must of happened between when he left for work at 11 AM and when he got back which when he checked his watch was 6 PM. He decided to interrogate her later, for now he was going to blow his load with her help. But first he wanted to taste her.He unfastened the red velvet tied to her ankles so he could spread her legs and open up her pussy to türbanlı ankara escort bayan him. He slipped under her so that he was facing up at her glistening pussy; it was here that he saw that she wasn’t fully shaved. She had this cute little heart shaped tuff of hair on her pubic area; it reminded him of the sort of innocence she let off on a day-to-day basis. However seeing her like this had destroyed that image for him forever. He broke out of his thoughts and placed a hand on each cheek, slowly lowering her onto his awaiting mouth. Starting at the top, concentrating mainly on locating and stimulating her clitoris. He heard a low moan escape her, giving him the confidence to carry on. He moved down, tracing his tongue along her sweet tasting labia to reach the opening. He started to use his tongue to prod her opening, trying to quench the growing thirst that he had for her nectar. He removed his right hand from her cheek and used it to enter her hole while he focused his attention back onto her clit; he heard another low, drawn out groan followed by her pussy walls contracting on his finger. He grinned internally as her mini-orgasm subsided. He worked on her for another ten minutes, losing himself in the taste of her juices. In that time he managed to get three of his fingers inside her, pounding rapidly inside her hole, replacing the vibrator that had left him with a welcoming participant. It was during this treatment that he gave her a full blown orgasm with a muffled scream trying to get out followed by her whole body collapsing, her wrists still tied in red velvet to the bed post.After this, he slivered out from underneath her and looked at his current situation. There she was, dripping in sweat, barely conscious with her wrists tied tightly to the boards at the head of her bed, her long blonde hair caking her face, covering the blindfold and the gag that muffled any noise she tried to make. First things first he needed to sort her face out. He moved to the front of the bed and looked down at her, her head was bowed down in submission. He slowly stroked her cheek, moving some of the hair that was plastered to her face. He looked around the room and saw a hair band. From memory of him watching girls do it he tried to tie up her hair and he did it mildly well. Now he could look at her neck with complete lust. He leaned over and whispered in her ear,‘I wonder what would happened if I…’ he didn’t finish. Instead he moved down türbanlı escort ankara and with the tip of his tongue, licked the side of her neck, slowly at first but then began involving his lips until he was tenderly knowing on her neck, rubbing her skin gently between his top and bottom teeth, licking any skin that went into his mouth. Coming back into full consciousness, she began to moan again as he went to town on one of her sweet spots. He kept going until he knew that he would leave a mark on her, claiming her as his own. He now wanted some pleasure himself.He undid his trousers and pushed both his trousers and boxers down to the ground and stepped out of them. His 7” uncut penis throbbed as it had been trapped for over twenty minuets, demanding attention. He looked over at her and then down at her gag. ‘Lets give you some much needed breath’ He said as he leaned over to undo the gag that was fastened from behind. Unfortunately, because of this, his dick accidently slapped right into the side of her face, ruining the surprise that he was going to give her. No matter how little vision you have, you know when you have been slapped in the face with another mans dick. The girl moaned, as she knew what awaited her. The second he took off the gag, he pushed his dick into her mouth, not giving her a second to catch her breath.She complied and began licking his hard dick with what little movement she had control of. Her head bobbed but not with much force, he realised that he would have to take control. He grabbed the back of her head and slowly sank his dick down her throat, with her breathing coming from her nose she managed to not gag however she had to use a very quick breathing pattern to get it all inside her throat. He then suddenly withdrew, bringing up with him a string of saliva that he then rubbed onto his dick, glistening it to the point that it matched her own genitals. He then thrusted back into her and began moving at a regular pace, slowly massaging her neck as he did it as a sort of reward for her good performance.She moaned as his warm rod filled her throat, her lack of vision only left the taste and smell of his manhood to fill her mind and she liked what was filling her, both mentally and physically. However she craved him, she craved him more than anything in the world. Her pussy was so raw but it was willing to take one more pounding if it meant she could feel his warm rod fill her to the brim. As he once more removed his dick, she quickly blurted out,‘FUCK ME!’ she meant to be more sultry about it but it was clear of the level of desperation in her voice. The boy grinned; he rubbed his dick slowly as he walked to the foot of the bed where her rump lay waiting, poised high, ready to be destroyed. He got onto the bed on both his knees, positioned himself behind her and pressed the tip of his dick on her pussy.To be continued…

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