Bad Teacher Ch. 11


Bad Teacher Ch. 11Chapter 11. Carmen and Ryan becomes a couple.In the morning I woke as I heard the shower running. About five minutes later the water shut off and I heard the shower curtain open. A few moments later Carmen walked into my room. She walked over to the dresser which had a large mirror behind it. She was wearing a short black robe with plunging laced back displaying her beautiful back and the top of her tight ass. On her feet she had a pair of what looked like three inch slipper heels. She sat down in the chair by the dresser, where she already had placed all her necessities as if we would share my room as a couple.I watched through half closed eyes as Carmen started to comb through her gorgeous black hair. After some time she was finished and her black hair was now cascading midway down her back. Next, my beautiful teacher stood up and opened her robe. My desire for this gorgeous latina woman with her black hair; her beautiful shaped full rounded tits, thin waist, tight ass and perfectly formed legs, once again came alive. I felt a throbbing in my loins looking at the naked youthful figure of my 39 year old lover, but didn’t give away my wakefulness. Carmen sat back down into the chair and reached out onto the dresser and picked up a small bottle of what appeared to be some kind of lotion. I watched as she poured some onto her right hand. She raised her hand to her left breast and began to massage the cream into it. She did the same to her other breast. As I stared at her hard upturned nipples I noticed that I had given her several hickeys during our lovemaking. Some on her tits but also some on her neck. I watched as Carmen reached out and picked up a bottle of nail polish. First she began to paint her finger nails a demure shade of red. She carefully stroked the nail polish brush across her nails. She blew gently on them to assist in the drying process. Next she bent down and began to paint her sexy toe nails. As she bent down she afforded me a fantastic view of her magnificent breasts as they hung down freely. Soon she finished painting her sexy toes and sat for a few moments to allow the polish to dry. Carmen got out of the chair and walked out of the room and into her own. After a moment she came back and I saw that she had some black material in her hand. Again she returned to the chair by the dresser and my cock throbbed as I watch as she put her arms through the straps of one of the sheer black laced bras, we had bought on our trip to the mall. She looked really alluring as she tucked her full round breasts into each cup. She looked at herself in the mirror for a few moments. She turned sideways and looked at her profile. This position gave me a good look at her athletic ass, and I decided that in matter of days, I would take her virgin ass. But right now I just enjoyed the enticing sight of my best friend’s mother. Carmen careful examined my love-bites and whispered barely audible to herself, “Oh, Ryan. You have been a real bad boy. What did you think of branding your teacher with all those marks. Hmmm….I’ll have to wear something to hide them.”I just grinned at this and watched as Carmen again sat down on the chair. She lifted a foot and stuck her foot into her stocking. Enthralled I watched as she pull on a pair of lace-top thigh-high black stockings. She rolled the sheer material up her fantastic legs and spent a little time position the sexy laced band on her flawless thighs. She then stood up and began to step into her thong. As she pulled them up her sexy legs I realized that she was putting on a tiny, laced black thong. My cock throbbed at the fabulous picture she made, as the small sheer materiel barely covered her vulva. Once more Carmen walk into her room and she returned with a skirt and a turtleneck. She put on the grey pencil skirt and it showcased her tight ass and stopped just above her knees. Then she slid her slender arms through the sleeves of the black turtleneck and after that her head. She began to put on a pair of three inch black open toe high heels. Bending down she placed the straps around her ankles and then stood up. She looked magnificent. As a finish touch she sat down an sprayed herself with perfume. With a sigh she reached onto the dresser for her rings. She put on her diamond engagement ring and then her wedding band and as she looked into the mirror, she said, “Not for long, Carmen….not for long.”Hearing this I jumped butt-naked out of bed and walked over to my startled lover. “You’re right Mrs. G. Not for long, and I’m just glad you’re wearing my marks below your clothes.”Carmen gasped and turned towards me. But she didn’t say anything as she seemed mesmerized by huge hard-on. My voyeur perspective had made me real hard and my huge cock swayed proudly in front of me as I walked to my married lover. “Blow me before you have to leave for school,” I demanded. Carmen just smiled up at me and then welcomed my cock with her warm mouth. I looked down and became even harder watching how Carmen’s full moist lips began to slide up and down on my hard cock. Tenderly I brushed her dark hair to the side so I could see my conquest.”Do you like my cock Carmen?” I asked.”Ummm…..I love it.” Carmen replied bathing the head of my cock with her delicate tongue.For the next couple of minutes the room was silent except for the occasional slurp or moan. Carmen began to suck harder and faster trying to draw my cum out. Before long she had both her tiny hands wrapped around my huge shaft as she sucked for all she was worth.I was close so to give me some time I grabbed a handful of Carmen’s hair and gently but firmly pulled her head from my cock.”Fuck, you’re so hot babe,” I groaned as I kissed my best friend’s mother deeply.Carmen didn’t stop jacking my cock as her tongue danced with mine. After a few minutes I ended the kiss and said, “Get back to business, Mrs. G. I’m really close….” Carmen just moaned and opened her mouth and began sucking on the glans. With both her hands she was stroking my shaft. In a matter of minutes I could feel my cum almost boiling in my balls, and moments later I began cumming with great force. Carmen tried to swallow everything, but again she had to give up. Then she put her right hand in front of my cock, so I wouldn’t spray her clothes, while massaging it with her left hand. When I was finish cumming, she quickly grabbed some napkins from the dresser and mopped up my cum. She rose from the chair while saying “Wow, Ryan. I think I had a mini-orgasm just by sucking you. What are you doing to me?””You have just become more open to new experiences.” I grinned and continued “I think it’s time for you to go. But I can’t wait for your class today. I’ll be looking at your modest clothing and only you and I will know the sexy attire you’re wearing underneath. It will definitely keep me hard during the whole class.”Carmen smiled at this and with a kiss she walked out of the room…—The following week after Carmen’s moving in with me, we had been having numerous hot and lustful encounters around the house, but kept our cool in public. It was clear to me that Carmen had fallen in love with me and I was definitely in lust with her. So I took advantage of my best friend’s mother at every chance I found, but kept myself under control, so I wouldn’t be pushing her too far. Every day Carmen got more and more comfortable with her own sexuality, and she didn’t hide the fact, that she grew hornier and more needy for my cock. Sometimes I would simply walk up behind her and cup her full round tits as she was leaving the house or I would pull my cock out from my pants and flip her skirt up and merely rub it against the gusset of the front of her thongs. Sometimes I was real hard and then I would move the sheer fabric of her panties aside and shove my cock deep into her wet pussy and then withdraw again and turn and walk away. It was more about displaying my dominance over my attractive teacher than having sex. I also often slapped and pinched her firm ass, and Carmen simply accepted the new chemistry between us. We fucked each other mercilessly and tirelessly all the time. As told it all started off discreetly, we would only have sex around the house when we were alone. We fucked in various places, and various positions. I fucked Carmen in the pool and in my parents bed. I took my teacher from behind on the kitchen counter. Carmen rode my huge pole in the back garden, on the tennis court and on the lawn. It was clear, that Carmen’s orgasms was growing even more intense the more we had sex.One day we had made love in the pool and afterward we was soaking up the sun naked while chatting about our future. Carmen told me it went really well with her pregnancy and that the divorce was coming along with the help of the lawyers. I told her, that I was on a scholarship track with the University of Florida and that I was still helping Tony with his studies, so he also could get into college. I had offers from a bunch of colleges but staying together with Carmen was a priority, so I had decided for Florida, so it wouldn’t raise any suspicion from around us. After some time I said, “Lay on your stomach for me.”Carmen rolled over and I moved over to her while squeezing a bottle over my hand, making sun lotion fall in to my palm. I rubbed my hands together and then sat down beside her and began massaging her shoulders. Carmen moaned as I massaged her shoulders and back for some time really working her muscles. I felt them ease under my hands until she was completely relaxed and limp. I then reached back for the bottle of lotion and started to massaged her ass cheeks. After several minutes of this, I said, “You know what I want to try, don’t you? Are you cool with it?”Carmen turned her head and looked me into my eyes. With a shiver she merely nodded with a frightful look in her gorgeous dark eyes.”Why don’t you get your knees up under you,” I suggested.Carmen lifted herself and brought her knees up under her, then relaxed back down, using her crossed arms to steady her head. It seemed as if she was offering her virgin asshole to me in a ritual sacrifices. Once again I began to massage Carmen’s firm buttocks and I was able to see between her cheeks now. I put some more lotion on my hands and rubbed them together, then I placed one finger against her tiny rosebud and heard my best friend’s mother gasp. I took my time and after a moment Carmen’s shoulders started to relax, as I rub her tiny brown rosebud in small circles, massaging her virgin asshole. I decided to take action and poised my middle finger and gently pushed.”Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh,” Carmen cried.”Relax, Babe. It nothing you haven’t done before,” I said as I felt how her muscles grasped at my finger. Once again I made small circles against the muscles to ease them open. “Relax Mrs. G. It’s so tight back here. If you keep being tense, it’ll only make you hurt.”Giving Carmen some time I waited before I pushed further, to my first knuckle. She cried out again,but this time I didn’t slow down as I pushed once more, to my second knuckle. “Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggg, Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssee stop, Ryan,” Carmen shrieked, “Please Stop. I can’t!””Of course you can, Babe.” I said soothingly. “”You have done it before, and you will again. You’ll just have to loosen up.”I didn’t want to back down as I was preparing her ass so eventually I could work her up to taking my huge cock. Her asshole was so tiny and tight, so it wouldn’t be an easy task. I slid my finger in and out of Carmen for some time and then I added another finger. I was still very careful so I didn’t cause my hot teacher too much discomfort.Carmen breaths were short gasps, but she didn’t objection to another finger. For some time I moved my two fingers in and out and and I started to sense her muscles eased a little. “You’re doing fine Mrs. G. I can feel how you’re starting to loosen up. It’ll be necessary because I’m going to fill your ass with my cock today. But don’t worry. We’re going to work up to it over the next hour”During the next hour I slid two, then three fingers in and out of Carmen’s snug asshole. Simultaneously I used my other hand to caress Carmen’s clit. Taking it slow gave Carmen time to accepted the intrusion in her ass, and at the same time she became more and more aroused. I pulled my hand from her clit and began to lube my swollen and rock hard shaft, making sure that it was well covered. Then, I moved to my knees behind my sexy teacher’s virgin anus. I slowly pressed my thick mushroom head against Carmen’s rosebud. At the same time, I reached around her with my left hand, and used my middle finger to trace circle after circle on her sensitive clit. My right hand was on her left hip, holding her body in place, so that when I pushed my huge cock into her, she would not be able to move forward to avoid the certain pain that would come with my shafts first invasion of her virgin ass.”I’ll slowly push my cock inside your ass Mrs. G. I know it will hurt a little at first but after awhile you’ll begin to enjoy it.””Okay Ryan, just take it slow. You’re awful big and I am afraid it’s going to hurt a lot.”I let the head touch her tiny brown rosebud hole and then pushed forward, gradually increasing the pressure. The tight sphincter resisted mightily for a second before it began to relax.”Oooohhhh, Ahhhh. Stop, Ryan. Stoooooooooooooooooppppp….” Carmen screamed as my large head opened her virgin hole. I stopped and told her to relax while I slowly pushed forward.”Please stop Ryan it hurts too much.” Carmen said as she turned her head and looked at me with tears in her eyes. I was hard as a rock. Here I was with my dick three inches into the ass of my best friend’s mother and I had no intention of stopping. I said to Carmen, “Relax, babe. Get used to my size and soon it will feel really good.””I’ll try,” Carmen sobbed. I had almost cum, when I felt my mushroom head pop through my hot teacher’s virgin asshole, and now I would let her ass get used to my presence before I pushed deeper into her. I continued to circle Carmen’s sensitive clit with my finger, so she would experience both pain and pleasure. I looked to the side and could see our bodies in the reflection of the windows in the house. It made me really hard watching Carmen’s beautiful mature body on all fours, with her magnificent breasts swaying gently as they was hanging down under her. She had taken over massaging her clit with her right hand and I held on to her hips with both hands. I began to push deeper and deeper, while I groaned, “Oh, babe, you are so fucking tight in there. You feel so freaking hot. I’m so proud of being your first and from now on this is my hole. It’ll be our special thing.”With my hands now placed at her hips, I pulled her back towards me as I pushed forward with my hips, feeding myself into her. I watched her ass take my meat as Carmen continued to moan both in pleasure and pain. “You’re fucking perfect Mrs. G. Before long you’ll be loving getting fucked in the ass. But fuck you’re tight back here.”Carmen didn’t respond, she just tremble and moaned as I forced my long hard pole up her ass, inch by inch. It was a fascinating sight, seeing her ass stretching to accommodate my large intruder and Carmen kept on moaning as I fed her my cock. After some time I started to pull it out, and then push it back in, fucking about 2 inches out and 3 more back in.”So big, …so fucking big,” Carmen shrieked, busy rubbing her clit as I began to take long strokes in and out of her ass. I felt an intense pleasure at the intense heat of her ass as it clamped down and massage my buried cock while I slid it deeper and deeper into her. I continued to stroke in and out of Carmen’s tight little ass, loving the feel of what still felt like virgin territory, even though I had fucked her ass for several minutes now. Carmen’s body shook with each slam of my huge cock. Sometimes she cried out in pain as I continued to go in more deeply. Now I ignored her cries and and began fucking Carmen’s ass with a regularity that sent electric thrills surging through my entire body. Her ass so tightly encased my thick shaft that I had never felt anything so good before. I lost myself in the pleasure of the moment and I began to fuck my mature woman’s tight ass with abandon. Carmen was now screaming as if someone were beating her, but I sensed it was screams of both pleasure and pain. She was rubbing her clit with abandon and after some time my balls finally slapped against her pussy indicating that I had fully penetrated her backside. Carmen surprised me by moving her ass back kayseri escort towards my cock as I fucked into her. Suddenly I felt Carmen’s body had begun to twitch and spasm here and there, and I knew her climax was close. Soon after I felt her ass clamp so tightly around my shaft and I began to piston all the way out and then back into her. I could sense, I would cum in a matter of minutes, so I really began to jackhammering into her with my long, hard shaft. Sweat dripped from me onto Carmen’s back and ass and I could feel my balls pounding against her wet cunt.My balls tightened, and each plunge of my cock into her clenching ass brought me closer to my climax. Carmen was yelling and twitching uncontrollably now, and I let go of her hips and held her by the breasts. I increased the tempo even more and my cock throbbed and pulsed in rigid excitement, and I loved the incredible pleasure I was getting from my gorgeous teacher as I was pushing her boundaries and making her a wanton slut. Carmen’s entire body shuddered and twitched in an incredible orgasm as I felt my own climax approaching in tremendous speed. Now I couldn’t hold back anymore and with a tingling from my feet to my head I groaned as my whole body tensed, and my buttocks clenched as surge after surge of my fertile seed spurted into my mature lovers virgin asshole. As I shot my cum deep within Carmen, I kept stroking in and out until I was satisfied that I had nothing left to give her.I collapsed upon Carmen and she continued to moan deeply with noises of pleasure. She was clearly breathing heavily, exhausted from this new experience. After several minutes, I pulled out of her ass and she hissed as the mushroom head slipped out of her still tight asshole. I turned her around and we cuddle and kissed for a moment. After awhile I kissed her lips tenderly and whispered, “That was amazing, babe. I hope I didn’t hurt you?””It hurt a lot in the beginning, but after some time it became the most amazing thing I have ever felt. It was a mixture of pleasure and pain, and I couldn’t separate these feelings. But I’ll bet I’ll be sore tomorrow.”With a kiss I said, “First time is always the hardest. Now you know it’s worth the pain so we’ll do it more often””I know and I’ll be ready,” Carmen whispered and for some time we just kissed and caressed each other before taking another dip in the pool.—Even if we had decided to be careful about letting our love be known to the public, I often took some chances, when we were home. Frequently Tony was coming by and I helped him with his studies. Some times I made an excuse and went to find Carmen, while her son was struggling with his homework. Often Carmen wasn’t hard to find and soon I for example would have her bent over the washing machine fucking her real good, while Tony was unaware of my domination of his mother. One time I had Carmen riding me in the living room, while I was letting Tony in through the gate. As he walked into the house Carmen came really hard and merely succeed in hiding her scream as she bit hard into a pillow. I also made an effort to make a statement whenever Carmen and Peter talked on the phone. Once we were in the kitchen when Peter phoned and as she spoke to her husband, I bent her over the kitchen counter and started to fuck her doggie style. Slowly but relentless I began to fuck my mature lover with long hard strokes and soon she did her best to suppress her moans and groans as she reached a climax. After the phone-call Carmen tried to reason with me, but I just told her, that she was my woman now, and I just had to make it clear to her every time she spoke with her husband. Soon she was getting used to me taking advantages of her, when she was on the phone with Peter. It didn’t seem as if Peter noticed Carmen’s changed behavior, but I definitely got a kick out of cuckolding him.—One day Carmen had an appointment with Peter and the lawyers. Before she left the house I found her and said, “Carmen, I hate the fact, that you’re spending time with Peter and I can’t be around. So I have gotten a little token of my affection for you, and I want you to wear it so you’ll always have a reminder of me on you, even when we are not together.”I took her hand and caressed her fingers, where her rings were in place. “I hate the fact, that you’re wearing another mans rings, but I can deal with it for the time being. But I have found a discreet token of our love.” With that, I handed Carmen a black jewelery box. She took it and as she open it, an open heart pendant with a charm was revealed. It was a diamond heart-shaped pendant in platinum with a heart-shaped gold charm. Both was mounted placed on a silver chain. In the gold charm, barely visible to the human eye, I had gotten engraved the words, “One man’s woman.” “Oh, Ryan. It’s so beautiful, but I can’t wear this. What if anyone asked about the words?””Carmen, hold on for a minute. First of all, the engravings are barely visible. It’s important for me, that you wear this, as it’s a discreet symbol that you’re taken. I can’t tell the world, you’re my woman, but I had to express it in some way. You and I will both know, what this necklace means and that’s of the essence for me,” I smiled as I looked at Carmen.”If that’s how you feel, Ryan, I’ll wear it for you. I know we have some difficult times ahead of us, but you should never doubt my love for you.”I took the necklace out of the box and opened the clasp and clipped it around her neck. I glanced down at her necklace to see the heart-shaped pendant hung low enough to settle into the crease of her exquisite cleavage. I looked back up into her eyes and smiled and moved her over to a mirror.”Do you like it, Mrs. G.” I asked.Carmen looked into the mirror and then said, “It’s so lovely, but I have never had a pendant hanging so low.””I know, but I love to think about how it will pull mens attentions downward to your gorgeous full breasts. They can look both they can’t touch, because you’re my woman.” I said as I filled my hands with her luscious tits.”Oh, Ryan,” Carmen moaned as she placed her hand on the pendant. I let go of her breasts and noticed how her nipples had harden. “I’m not really comfortable with this, Ryan. Maybe I’ll only wear it when we are together. Is that okay with you?””No, it’s not okay with me at all. It’s a sign that I have taken you, Mrs. G. You’re my woman and you’ll keep the necklace on. I want you to play with it in class, so I can tell you’re thinking of me even if we can’t show our love. But remember I’m not going to share you with anyone, and with this chain you have accepted me as your man. If you don’t want to do that, then take it off – but then it will be finished between us. Do you understand?”Carmen eyes got huge hearing this and tears started to fall from them. “Oh Ryan, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you. I will keep the chain on. But, Ryan I think I still have difficulties believing you’ll want to be with me. I’m getting a divorce from Peter, but do you really want to live with me in the future?””Now you’re getting the picture Carmen. I’m not going anywhere without you. You’re my woman and we’ll keep living together, even as I enroll in college. After some time we’ll tell friends and families, that we have fallen in love, but right now I endure the fact it has to be a secret. Both you’ll have to accept I’m your man in every way.”Carmen tears kept falling but she turned and reached up and grabbed my head and pulled me down and gave me a long soulful kiss. When she broke the kiss, she said, “I love you so much, Ryan. And yes…yes, you’re my man.””You’re my woman. Before you leave for your meeting, you’ll have to take care of this,” I replied an unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock.”Sure,” Carmen smiled and subserviently dropped to her knees between my legs. She looked up into my eyes and I smiled down to her as she kissed the head of my dick. Soon she was liking the base of my head and clear fluid started to seep out of my cock, as I clearly was aroused. Carmen reached between my legs with her left hand and began to fondle my huge cum-filled balls.I reached down and unbuttoned her dress, parting it to reveal her breasts in almost their full glory. She was only wearing a laced demi-cup bra. I leaned forward and rubbed my cock back and forth across her chest.”I really want to cum on your tits, Mrs. G. Soiled your new pendant with my cum.” I grinned down at her.”If that’s what you want, then we’ll do it. Remember I’m your woman now, Ryan,” Carmen smiled back up at me.Once again she took hold of my long, thick shaft and proceeded to flutter her wet tongue over the very tip of my cock, wetting it enough so that her thumb effortlessly could make delicate circles over the sensitive nerves on the underside of the huge mushroom head. Pre-cum was really oozing from me now, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep this up long before I would explode.Carmen was now stroking my cock with both hands while teasing it further with her tongue. I was so turned on and really enjoying the blowjob Carmen was giving me. I began to push my cock in and out of her mouth and she began gently squeezing my balls. After a minute I could feel a well-known tingling all over my body. I groaned, “Oh God yes Mrs. G. I’m cumming.”I could feel it would be a massive load. My climax happened so fast that Carmen barely had time to react. As I groaned she leaned forward, her tongue continuing to flutter over the tip of my little hole as a rush of thick cream shot out in a ribbon that found its way to the back of her throat. Carmen had to close her mouth to swallow to keep from choking as I continued cumming. Splashing her closed mouth, nose, cheeks, lips and chin as she softly kissed my little hole. I took hold of my cock and continued to spray my semen onto Carmen’s gorgeous tits for several loads. Her new heart-shaped pendant was soiled in my cum. When I was all done I looked down and Carmen smiled at me before she once again took my cock into her mouth and cleaned it of cum. I leaned down and began to massaging my spunk into her tits and pushing it down into her cleavage and under her bra to her hard nipples. I took her hand and helped her up. After a brief kiss I buttoned up her dress. Carmen popped her new heart-shaped pendant into her mouth and swirled my cum away with her spit. I pulled her toward me and began kissing her. Again my hands found their way to her breasts and I pinched both erect nipples. As I broke the kiss I said, “Now you’re ready for your meeting with Peter and the lawyers. I’ve marked you as my woman.”—From that day on, Carmen was always wearing the necklace.For months Carmen and I fucked like rabbits at least 3 or 4 times a day. We were fucking so much that it seemed on a typical day all we did was go to school, come home, fuck, then sleep, fuck some more, then get up and the cycle began again. We fucked in every room in the house, in the garden, against the windows, against the front door only seconds after Tony had left for home. We fucked on, over or against every piece of furniture in the house. Having the house to ourselves gave us plenty of opportunities to fucked each other mercilessly and tirelessly. It became clear to me, that Carmen for many years had been ignoring her passionate side and now she was determined to make up for lost time. It seemed as if the more we fucked each other, the more addictive to each other we became. Over the next months our bodies grew increasingly attuned to each other, and it seemed as if our orgasms grew more intense as the days passed. Fortunate I was a straight A student and had no trouble keeping my grades up, even as my school efforts inclined. I still participated in sport, but my head was often elsewhere during practices. I was still the big sports hero on campus, but had become more adapt letting my teammates take over some of the responsibility for success. This way I saved a lot of energy for my actions with Carmen.As the divorce proceedings moved along I got an in depth picture of Peter and Carmen’s marriage. They had both been in their teens, when they’d wed. Neither of them had any sexual experience before the marriage, and when the c***dren had arrived they had settled into a conservative gender role emphasizing the parent role and not the passionate side of the marriage. I made sure, that this wouldn’t happen to my relationship with Carmen. I was the dominating part in our relationship, and Carmen was quite submissive. Carmen clearly liked it when I took charge and told her what to do sexually, she loved to constantly sexually pleasure me in every way. Our relationship as teacher and student pretty much continued as before, but sometimes I would blink at her in class and she would often blush in response. Carmen was now dead set on getting a divorce. Together with her lawyer she came up with a strategy, which would make her set for life. I became aware of the fact, that the Grants had huge assets and she without a doubt could walk away from the marriage with millions. As the time went by, Carmen’s pregnant state became more obvious. Over time I had discovered, that there was something about a pregnant woman bearing my c***d, I found really hot. Carmen was definitely showing as her firm, sexy belly stretched out before her. However fortunately she carried her pregnancy largely at her stomach and breasts; her legs and ass were still trim. If you walk towards her from the behind you had no idea she was pregnant. And if you only could see her face you could not discern her pregnant state because she remained as beautiful as ever. —One day Tony asked me about my celibacy, as I had not been with a girl from our school for a couple of months. I told him I was seeing a college chick but became aware of the fact, that Carmen and I had to be more careful. My sexual habits had changed a lot and clearly it was not gone unnoticed by my friends. Previously, I had been taking full advantage of my local sports star status, and having sex with just about any good-looking girl I could seduce – and there were a lot of those. I told Carmen about it, and we decided together, that I should keep having sex with some of the girls, but take a care, so I wouldn’t get an STD and even pass it on to her. So I continued dating and having sex with some of the girls from school, keeping up appearances at school as a stud. Carmen was somewhat jealous, but accepted it. But often she would punish the girls, when she graded their work in class. When they complained, she just gave a nod and told them to pay more attention to their schoolwork and not so much to boys. Carmen definitely embraced her new living situation, she still excelled as a teacher but even in her pregnant state she walked around with a spring in her step and a near constant smile on her face. She told her co-workers that her marriage had fallen apart, but she was excited about the new baby. Nobody suspected she was getting fucked by a student, and the smile on her face was because she was getting more sex than she’d had in her entire married life.—My life was amazing and things got even better for me as the months passed. The relationship between Carmen and me grew even stronger, as deeper bonds were forged between us thanks to my sexual dominance and the growth of our c***d. At school I was still playing the field but the rumor about my relationship with a college girl had spread, and I didn’t have to spent so much time on seducing girls. As time passed I was only a month away from graduating high school, and already had gotten a scholarship from University of Miami. Carmen and Peter had gotten a divorce. Carmen walked away with 54 million dollars, c***d-support and a huge mansion situated only 10 miles from my upcoming university. She had told friend and family, that she had to move away, so she could get a new start on her life. They all accepted it and didn’t suspect anything. At the same time as the divorce was finalized, Carmen gave birth to a little girl and we named her Eva. My parents praised how I help my best friend’s mother with her new life, and thought it was a great idea, that I would move in with Carmen instead of living on campus. Tony was also relieved at this, as he was looking forward to college life in Chicago. Even Peter thought it was a great idea, not realizing I had been fucking his wife for almost a year now.So Carmen stopped being a teacher, and we moved into the new mansion and started the next phase of our life. Gone was the bad teacher and I was extremely proud of making her my woman. This is the end of Carmen and Ryan’s adventures at high school. Coming soon Bad Teacher: Living TogetherThanks for reading

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