Beach Cabin Fever


Seattle winters and springs are long and soggy. It was nice to see July roll around to be hot and dry, but it was a little too hot, 102 to be precise. We needed a break from the heat so we decided to take a mini vacation to the coast which was only a couple of hours away, and several degrees cooler. The only place we could find with a private beach available on short notice was a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom cabin. So I called my best friend Terry to see if he and his wife Sarah would be interested in going with us. As luck would have it they knew they could get a babysitter so they were more than willing to come with us.

“This is going to be so much fun! Three days with just adults!” I said as I dropped my kids off at their grandparents and kissed David. He was so hot. He was a bear of a man with thickly muscled arms and shoulders. He buzzed his dark blonde hair short so no one noticed the little bit of gray he had and the crinkles around his vivid blue eyes always made it look like he was smiling.

“Yes, it will be nice to get away,” he ran his hand up my thigh and kneaded my pussy suggestively. “But I wish we could be totally alone.”

“Oh come on! Terry is my best friend and I want to get to know Sarah better. Besides, they will probably want to fuck each other as much as we do. So they’ll stay in their room and we’ll stay in ours.”

“Hmmm… so much for getting to know Sarah!” I thought.

We arrived at the cabin which was a little smaller than the website had made it seem, but it was big enough for four and was perched on top of the bluff above a small private beach. David and Terry went out on the back porch and had a beer to keep out of the way while Sarah and I unpacked the kitchen stuff. I felt a little self conscious about being alone with her, I knew she was a bit jealous of me being friends with Terry for so long. She was a lovely person though and we had some idle chit chat. I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she was, she had short brunette hair and big brown eyes, she was sexy in an understated sort of way. She wore little makeup but it didn’t matter, she had curves, beautiful full breasts and a nice round ass. I’ve always been attracted to that kind of woman, I couldn’t wait to see her in her swimsuit and perhaps get a glance at her cleavage. We finished up in the kitchen and the men came in.

“I was just telling Terry I brought ‘the box’,” said David, “He wants a drink,” ‘the box’ was David’s large mobile bar. It had a small bottle of every alcoholic drink you could imagine.

“Great, let’s all have a drink and then hit the beach!” said Sarah.

“I’m getting in my swimsuit first,” I said. “I don’t drink that much.”

“Lightweight,” Terry teased.

I’ve always been attracted to Terry, but nothing had ever happened. He was long and lean but the military had put some muscle on him. He had dark auburn hair that he kept short, and hazel eyes. When we first met he was with his first wife and he was off limits, then I met David and fell in love with him, so when Terry’s first marriage failed, I was off limits. Nineteen years had passed since we first met in college and he was the best friend I had. We talked about everything, Sex, love, politics, sex, we’re both perverts it seems and we like it that way. I stuck my tongue out at him and proceeded into the bedroom to change.

When I opened my suitcase to look for my bathing suit I got a surprise. David had switched out my one piece for my bikini! I only wore my bikini at home because I am self conscious about my body, I’m a little round, I have big breasts and I mean big; E cups and I’ve got kind of a big ass to go with them so at least I look curvaceous. But I’ve given birth and I have stretch marks on my tummy. ‘Damn David!’ I thought to myself as I begrudgingly got into the suit and wrapped a towel around me. I walked out into the tiny living area to find David and Terry making everyone drinks.

“So what are we drinking?” I asked.

“Peach Pussies,” Terry leered at me.

“Of course, you perv!” I laughed.

David smiled at me sweetly and said, “Why don’t you take off the towel and have your drink?” Terry smiled and said, “Come on…I have to see it sometime.”

“See what?” asked Sarah who had just come back from changing into her own bathing suit. She looked very hot and did have nice cleavage.

“It seems our husbands have been enjoying a little joke at my expense. David switched bathing suits on me and I’m a little shy.”

“Don’t be shy,” she said,”It’s a private beach and it’s just us.”

I sighed and let the towel go blushing scarlet. Terry’s eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw me and David grinned a big shit eating grin. Sarah flushed a little.

“Fine. Now that everyone has had a good look at my tits, I want my drink and I want to hit the beach”

I grabbed my drink, knocked half of it back, slung my towel over my shoulder and marched out of the cabin and down the bluff to the beach. I heard someone following me and assumed it was David.

“Wait for me!” I heard Sarah call. “You forgot karataş escort the sunscreen.” I slowed down and let her catch up with me. “The guys are changing into their suits. You know you really have nothing to be shy about you look smokin’,” we spread our towels out on the sand, sat down and sipped our drinks.

“Thanks for the sunscreen Sarah,”

My skin’s very fair and I burn easily. I rubbed it all over my front as Sarah watched me. I asked her to get my back and strangely she flushed.

“This may sound a little weird but can you have one of the guys do it? I really hate the feeling it leaves on my hands, can I ask you to put some on me though since you already have it on your hands?”

I shrugged and began massaging the sunscreen into her arms, and then I gently rubbed some on her face. It was very sensual touching her face and I traced my finger underneath her lower lip before I moved down to her neck. I noticed she was breathing faster; so was I.

“Did you want me to get your chest too or would you rather wait for Terry?”

“No, go ahead” she breathed.

I let my hands slide down her neck to her chest and then to the tops of her breasts. I couldn’t believe my good fortune, we had barely been here an hour and I had my hands on the loveliest pair of breasts I had seen in a long time. I could see her nipples getting hard under her suit as I gently and thoroughly massaged the sunscreen into her skin. I was leaning very close to her and I couldn’t help myself. Maybe it was the half a drink I had drunk. But I just leaned over and kissed her. She backed off a little but then leaned into the kiss. I parted my lips and ran my tongue gently over her lower lip. She opened her mouth and our breath mingled as the kiss deepened. I slipped my hand into her bathing suit and cupped one of her beautiful breasts in my hand gently pinching the nipple. She reached forward and cupped one of my breasts as well. Our tongues tangled with each other.

“Well, that’s one way to get to know each other better!” I heard David’s voice say from right behind me. We pulled back from each other and smiled guiltily, flushed and panting.

“I’d say the jealousy issue is going out the door too” said Terry.

“Don’t let us stop you.” teased David. But the moment was lost, though I did notice both the men were getting hard, I winked at Sarah and she blushed.

David had brought a full bottle of peach pussies to pass around and finished rubbing sun block onto my back. He unhooked the back of my bikini top and slid his hands under my breasts while I lay on my stomach. He tweaked my nipples and my pussy began to get damper than it already was from the kiss with Sarah. We continued drinking and enjoying the sun and surf and talking like old friends do.

Sarah and I both went and splashed around in the water. She leaned over and gave me a very casual kiss as the surf splashed over our knees. Then she said conspiratorially “Let’s drive those two crazy.”

By this time I had had two full drinks and had quite a buzz going on. My inhibitions went out the window. I smiled at her and took off my bikini top, “How’s this for a starter?”

“Mm, nice,” she leaned down to suck on my nipple.

I felt pleasure wash through me and my pussy begin to tingle. I peeked over at the guys and they were both watching intently. “I think we caught their attention.”

“Good,” and she continued switching back and forth between my nipples slowly kissing across my breasts. Both the men stood up to get a better view. I reached down and tweaked her nipples through her swim suit. She moaned lightly and said “That feels so good, you have no idea.”

I slipped my hands into the front of her suit and cupped her large warm tits in my hands, “Yes I do,” I sighed as she sucked on my hard nipples.

I smiled a wicked smile, “Let’s go back to the boys and see how they liked the show.”

I didn’t bother to put my suit top back on and we walked slowly back to the towels hand in hand. When we got close I could see David’s cock was straining against his suit, tenting it out. I stared over at Terry, it is one thing to know a guy’s cock is big; it is another thing to see the tip sticking out of the top of his swim trunks nearly poking himself in the bellybutton!

“So, what’s on the agenda for this afternoon?” David asked. “More drinks, ladies?”

“I think Sarah and me are going back to the cabin, I don’t want to get sand in my pussy. You’re welcome to join us if that is what you’d like to do.”

Sarah and I walked hand in hand up the bluff to the cabin and sat down in the tiny living area on the larger of the two couches. We looked out the large window and saw the guys nearly sprinting up the bluff with the towels, the empty bottle, glasses and sunscreen. They dumped them in a jumbled mess on the kitchen table and tried to casually saunter into the living area.

By this time I was helping Sarah out of her swimsuit, she was spectacular. Her nipples were dark with rather large areolas and they stuck out because I had been teasing them. Her bush was dark and trimmed back and I could see moisture on her pussy lips. I traced my finger around her clit and she moaned. She helped me out of my bikini bottom and then ran her hand over my shaved pussy. Her fingers teased my clit as I leaned over and kissed her magnificent tits. The men just settled on the smaller couch and watched entranced with the two of us kissing and gently touching. Both of them slid their suits down and started stoking their cocks. I kissed my way down her belly and tasted her sweet pussy. She was so wet and I lapped at her juices then ran my tongue in earnest around her clit and gently sucked on it. She moaned loudly.

“Oh man, I gotta fuck something.” Terry murmured.

“Don’t look at me man, I don’t swing that way” said David.

I kept licking Sarah’s pussy and slid a finger inside her hot wet hole.

She breathed harder and said, “Why don’t you fuck her pussy while she’s eating me if that’s ok with you and David, then I can suck his nice looking cock while you do.”

Well that surprised the hell out of me but all I could do was nod and continued licking that beautiful pussy while I slid my fingers in and out of it, she moaned again as the guys approached us. I didn’t know how I felt about another woman sucking my husband’s cock but I was about to find out. I also wasn’t sure about being fucked by my best friend either, but I simply didn’t care at the moment.

I was so turned on by the smell and taste of Sarah’s pussy I would have done anything at that point. I reached up with my empty hand and rolled one of her delicious nipples in my fingers. She moaned again and then turned to David’s hard cock and wrapped her lips around it. I decided it was very hot to watch another woman blow my husband. I jumped a little as I felt Terry’s hands caress my ass.

He leaned down close to my ear and whispered, “I’ve been wanting to do this for years,” as his hands caressed softly over my breasts and squeezed my nipples. I was so hot I could feel the pussy juice rolling down my legs. I sucked Sarah’s clit into my mouth and flicked my tongue over it. She stopped sucking David’s cock and arched her back and moaned loudly. I could feel her pussy tightening around my fingers as she came, her body twitched and bucked and her hand pumped up and down relentlessly on David’s cock.

Terry took that opportunity to push his large cock into my hot dripping pussy. I groaned into Sarah’s pussy. Terry’s cock filled me entirely.

“God you’re tight,” he said.

“No,” panted Sarah,” you’re just huge. It’s going to be nice to fuck something normal sized for once,” she looked at me pleadingly and said, “As long as that’s ok with you.”

“Fair is fair. He may be normal sized but he’s damn good with it,” I said, then moaned as Terry’s cock began to slide in and out of me.

He felt so good filling me up and then pulling out almost all the way. He thrust into me again and then grabbed me around the waist and carried me still impaled over to the smaller couch. He pulled out of me and laid me down on my back.

“I want to see all of you,” he said.

He leaned forward and kissed me, thrusting his long tongue deep into my mouth. For years I had only imagined what he could do with a tongue like that but now it looked like I was going to find out. His hands traveled all over my body, they stopped on my breasts and squeezed and kneaded them. He kissed down my neck and sucked each of my nipples.

“Please let me fuck them,” he pleaded.

I smiled wickedly, nodded and pushed my breasts together. His cock was already slick with my juices as he fucked the valley between my hot tits. He was so long that I could reach down with my mouth and suck the end of his cock while he slowly stroked back and forth. I could taste myself mixed with the pre cum oozing out of his swollen head. He breathed harder but didn’t make a sound. I sucked harder and he breathed out.

“You’d better stop that or I’ll blow my load right now and I want to wait!”

I released the end of his cock from my mouth reluctantly and looked over at David and Sarah. David had his face buried in Sarah’s pussy and was lapping up the juices up from her orgasm. He had his hands on her fantastic tits tweaking and rolling the nipples.

She moaned and said “Let me sit on your face. I want to see you jerk off while I’m there.”

She moved and he lay down on the couch. She lowered her pussy onto his face, cupping her breasts in her hands and rolling her nipples between her thumb and forefinger. David reached down and stroked his cock slowly, running his hand over his balls occasionally. Sarah leaned over and took the head of his cock in her mouth. It made my pussy tingle to watch them together like that.

“Nice,” I heard Terry say. He had been watching them too. He looked down at me, moved down my body and kissed me again,

“I have to taste you” he insisted.

He kissed and licked his way down my body to my sopping pussy. He very slowly eased his tongue into the folds and licked the juices away. His tongue teased my clit and I began to feel the clenching of the muscles in my lower abdomen. I moaned. He then licked the entrance to my hot hole and stuck his long tongue inside me and started tongue fucking me. His tongue was just long enough that it teased my g spot. I gasped as the clenching grew stronger and waves of orgasm crashed over me. Terry kept thrusting his tongue into me as I came harder than I have in a long time.

“Oh my God!” I yelled and then moaned and twitched and writhed in pleasure.

Suddenly from the other side of the room I heard applause. Sarah was now straddling David’s cock and they had been watching us. David grinned at me and I blushed. He reached down and played with Sarah’s clit while she ground herself down on him. She moaned and twitched in orgasm as well but not as intensely as I had.

I gasped in pleasure as Terry’s tongue suddenly swept over my asshole. David never did that to me, we had tried anal sex and he didn’t like it so I was somewhat inexperienced in that area. I was surprised at how good it felt. Terry surfaced and smiled at me. We had very few secrets and he knew my inexperience.

“See how nice it can be?” he said, “but not now.”

He moved me off the couch onto the floor and got me up on all fours, he grabbed me by the hair and growled in my ear, “Now I’m going to fuck you like the little bitch you are,” he slid his huge cock into my orgasm tightened hole. I groaned, as much in pain as in pleasure.

David and Sarah saw what we were doing and mimicked it. There she was, her face in mine, getting fucked from behind by my husband and all I could think about was kissing her. I moved forward a bit and gently kissed her lips while Terry thrust into me again. His thrust brought me forward a bit more and I kissed Sarah more deeply. Our tongues twined together while each of us was being pumped from behind by each other’s husband. It was so hot.

I knew David wouldn’t last much longer. He loves doggy style but it always makes him cum faster. I had no idea how long Terry would last. I didn’t care, I was kissing Sarah with an abandonment that I hadn’t ever felt before and she was kissing me back just as passionately. Our mouths thrust together with the thrusts of our lovers. I heard David’s breath catch and Sarah moaned in my mouth as I knew David’s cock was swelling in size. He shouted out in ecstasy and she moaned into my mouth again as he spurted his hot load of cum into her.

Terry reached around me and found my clit with his long fingers. “I want to feel you cum around my cock this time” he hissed in my ear.

He rubbed the side of my clit and I could feel it building inside me. His cock was relentlessly thrusting into me almost to the hilt but not quite. It hurt but in a good stretchy way.

“Come on, you can do it.” Sarah whispered at my lips and then kissed me again.

David was still inside her mesmerized by the two of them trying to get me to cum, I could feel the waves of it building inside me. Sarah kissed me harder shoving her tongue into my mouth. Terry was almost pounding into me and rubbing my clit. I moaned and shuddered and my pussy began to spasm hard. Terry groaned slightly as my pussy got tighter and tighter, he shoved himself into me again and again then I felt his hot cum spurting inside me. He thrust himself into me three or four more times and made a small moaning sound as he pulled himself out of me and collapsed on the small couch.

“Is he always that quiet?” I whispered in Sarah’s ear.

She laughed, “Yes, half the time I don’t know he’s done unless I feel it. Now lean back I want to taste your pussy.”

David had pulled out of her and he sat back on the couch looking dazed. I lay back and she buried her face in my sopping pussy, sucking the cum out of me and licking me clean.

“Mm, you two taste so good,” she said.

David groaned from the couch. I looked over at him and saw him watching us . “You two are so beautiful together, will you lick Sarah’s pussy for me again?”

Instead of swapping positions with Sarah I moved over her until we were in a sixty-nine and I tasted the familiar salty taste of David’s cum on her sweet pussy. I stuck my tongue inside her and then sucked his cum out of her, it tasted wonderful. I ran my tongue all the way around Sarah’s pussy and teased her clit with my tongue. I wanted to make her cum again. So I slid my fingers inside her and crossed and uncrossed them a few times. Then I gently massaged her g spot while my tongue flicked over and around her clit.

She moaned, “Oh don’t stop doing that.”

I continued, she moaned louder and began to writhe beneath me. Her tongue thrust in and out of my pussy, it felt so wonderful but I was determined in my goal. I kept flicking my tongue around her clit and gently massaging her g spot. She moaned louder, “Oh God!” and suddenly her pussy began to almost gush with her wetness. Her body stiffened, I opened my mouth wider and sucked her juice up. Taking my fingers out of her I began sticking my tongue inside her lapping it up, her body bucked beneath me then suddenly, with a groan, she completely relaxed.

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