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Ben“Ben I……Oh! Sorry! Sorry I didn’t……..”“Mu-um!”“Yes! Sorry love. I was just – er – just……I’ll…..I’ll let you get on.”Jenny backed out of her son’s bedroom closing the door behind her and smiling as she hurried downstairs to the kitchen. She was busy making the coffee when she heard him behind her. She turned and smiled.“Breakfast won’t take a minute, love.”Ben gave a little grunt but avoided eye contact. There was an embarrassed silence for a while before he spoke or to be more exact, mumbled.“Sorry, Mum. I didn’t mean…..well, you know.”Jenny smiled at him.“Ben, love. It’s totally natural for a boy your age.”“Yes. But…..”“Yes. But not to be caught by his mother, eh?”Ben shrugged. Jenny smiled and put her arms around him. His head fell on her shoulder.“Your father used to do it all the time,” she said as she stroked his hair. “From when we first met until the day he died.”“What even when he was married to you?”“Yes. I don’t know what you think love but there are times when you need a little – DIY, shall we say. We all need it.”He looked up at her and she smiled.“Yes, Even me!”Ben blushed and put his head back on her shoulder.“I didn’t know girls did it.”“Oh, yes! A great tension reliever. I used to watch your Dad doing it. It turned him on. @Certainly turned me on.”“Mum! TMI!” he said and pulled away. She giggled.“And believe me, you’ve got nothing to be shy about. You’d beat your father in a ‘show most, takes all’ competition. Even at your age.”“Oh, please!” he said but she saw the smile on his face and had a wicked thought for fun.“Did you finish off?”“What?!”She nodded down at his dressing gown.“Er, no! Seemed to lose the – er – er……..”“Impetus?” she prompted sweetly.“Well – yes!”“Looks like you’re regaining it now though.”Ben looked shocked and looked down then crossed his legs.“Sorry, Mum.”“Don’t be daft. Want to go to your room and finish off?”He looked up and blushed.“Who’s the lucky girl you’re thinking of, then?”“I – I – er, I can’t tell you.”“Oh, come on, Ben. Who’s the lucky girl getting the benefit in your mind, eh?”“No, Mum. Really. I can’t!”She looked at him and the blush was deepening. She smiled for a moment before it dawned on her. Her jaw dropped but she recovered enough to say.“Not me. Ben!” she said but the look of shame on his face told her that she was the object of his lust.She giggled. “Me?”Ben sat for a while, head bowed and finally nodded briefly.Jenny moved to him and squatted in front of him. Gently she lifted his face and looked at him. His eyes were almost pleading but she smiled.“I’m flattered,” she said. “It’s been a long while since anyone wanked off over me.”He looked as though someone had slapped him and she smiled before going on.“Surprised that your old mum knows words like wank? Don’t be. Your dad love me talking dirty while he did it. And by the way your dressing gown is rising it seems a case of ‘like father, like son!’ Is it?”“I don’t know,” he whispered. “No-one’s ever – sort of – done that for me.”She smiled.“Want to try it?”He nodded quickly once, then again a few times. She took his hand.“Come with me, Ben,” she said pulling him to his feet. “I think we need to get somewhere comfortable. And I might just join in. I could do with a bit of relief myself. Would you mind watching your old mum wank off as well?”She looked into his eyes. They were wide. She smiled and led him upstairs to her bedroom. There she turned him and pushed him gently until he sat on the edge of the bed, then, moving away, stood before him.She had to admit that her clothes weren’t really the sexiest but she made a good show of slowly unbuttoning her blouse and easing it off her shoulders. Twisting her arms up behind her, she unfastened her bra and, holding the cups over her 36C breasts, slid the straps türbanlı gaziantep escort off each arm then sensuously pulling the bra away. She heard his gasp as he saw the neat, firm globes and pink nipples.Her hand went down to her skirt and she lowered the zipper and unfastened the catch. A slight wiggle of her hips and the plain grey skirt slid over her hips and she let it fall around her feet. She stepped from it and stood before her son in just her frilly briefs. Her husband had loved her to wear the smallest possible and these were a delicious red trimmed with black lace. She looked at her son’s face. He was rapt as he studied her body and she felt very wicked and pleased at his obvious love of her body and, at twenty eight, she was in pretty good shape. Now she was enjoying the tease.Hooking her thumbs in the waistband, she eased the briefs down over her shapely bum, turning herself and bending forward as she pushed them down her legs. The boy studied the shapely buttocks and the teasing glimpse of her vaginal lips as she lifted each leg in turn to step from the last of her clothing. She straightened up and turned back to him, one arm across her chest and a hand performing the fig-leaf role at her groin.“The last time you saw this, Ben,” she cooed. “Was as you passed through it when I was the same age you are now. I was a right little slut for your dad. And Ben, son. I feel like a right little slut for you now.”She moved her hand.“Wow!” the boy said. “You’re bald.”“You approve? Your dad loved it hairless.”“Oh, yes! Better than all the pictures, mum.”She posed and slowly parted her legs.“So my little boy likes his mummy’s cunt does he?”“Your – er…….”“Cunt, Ben. It’s my cunt,” she said but there was silence for a while. “Go on, Ben. Say it. It’s only a word and a delicious word too. Tell me if you like my cunt.”“Oh mum,” he said. “I love it. I love your c – c – CUNT!”“Well done. And I can see it’s impressing you somewhere else. Don’t you think you’re a little overdressed? Come on. Your turn. Let me see that delicious prick again.”Ben stood although his legs were shaking. He released the tie-belt of his dressing gown and it fell open. He could see her eyes riveted to his groin and the smile she gave as his cock came into view. He eased the garment off his shoulders and let it fall to the floor.“Wow!” she said. “My turn to say it, Ben. But that is a very impressive weapon you have there and I’ll wager it has still a bit more developing to do. Ladies are really going to know they’ve been speared by that.”Moving to him, she gripped the long shaft and began to rub slowly back and forth. To his amazement, she placed a hand behind his head and brought him to her, kissing him hard and forcing her tongue into his mouth. He could feel her naked body against his and it excited him. He put an arm around her and pulled her tighter to him, returning the kiss which seemed so natural.He felt her grip his left hand and her nimble fingers felt for his middle finger. As they kissed she guided it between her legs and he didn’t resist. He felt the soft flesh and to his amazement, the wetness. He pulled his head back and she smiled as she bit her lower lip.“Mum, that is so wet.”“It will have to be to grease up that huge lump of man-meat so you can fuck me.”“I thought we were just going to…….”“For a start we are. But after……..”Their lips met again and he felt into the wet channel, gently massaging her soft inner labial folds. Further and further until he found his goal. The depression leading inside his mother’s body.He felt her sag against his, her legs spreading just that bit wider and she gave a little grunt. He curled his finger so that the tip was in her and the length along türbanlı gaziantep escort bayan her wet channel and he pumped and she moaned and writhed against him.“Two fingers!” she demanded. Finger me with two fingers!”His third finger was well wet also and he had no difficulty in sliding alongside the other and she moaned louder.“Oh, yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” she was writhing as she spoke. “Finger fuck me Ben. Finger fuck me. Make me your whore for the night.”“Mum, you could never be a whore.”Jenny pushed away from him a little.“Oh yes I can! I am going to whore for you my beautiful boy. I am going to be a really filthy fuck-bitch for my boy.”As she spoke her hand gently rubbed his cock. It was rigid and standing a good eight inches of firm, thick man-meat.“But first,” she said pulling back and dropping to her knees.Ben stared down at his mother as, with both hands, she took his cock and began to rub it, his large glans glistening with the wetness that had oozed from his. As he watched, she looked up, opened her mouth and engulfed the knob. He threw his head back and moaned as he felt her tongue swirl over the smooth flesh and find the eye, then back down and under the head and beging sucking and working on the frenulum.“Oh, Shit!” he said and noticed her sucking increased. “Oh, fuck yes, Mum. Yes! Ohhhhh! Ohmygodno! Noooooooooo! Arrrrrrrggghhhhhhhh!”He felth the squirt like hot water shooting out of him and filling her mouth. He expected her to react but she just sucked and as spurt after spurt erupted from him, she took it all. His body was a quivering masss. He’d never had such a climax. As he watched, she stood, a seductive smile on her face. Her hand went behind his head and he was kissing her and savouring the spunk he’d just filled her mouth with. Back and forth the squirted it and finally, with a swallow, it was gone.“Hope you enjoyed that,” Jenny said to him.“I’ve never…….”“Oh, Ben, darling. You are going to taste a lot of that. And not only from my mouth.”“What do you mean?”“Well. When you’ve filled my hot cunt with all that delicious cum, you will need to clean me up down there.”His eyes widened as he realised what she was saying.“Can I do that?” she nodded and smiled. “When?”“No time like the present, is there. Come!”Pulling him with her, she sat on the bed and swung her legs up. She lay flat on her back, her knees bent and her feet well apart.“Down you go, Ben. Eat mummy!”Ben was totally smitten. It was far better than his wildest fantasy. He climbed between his mother’s legs and bent forward. As he got close, he could see the lips of her labia glistening with her wetness. Closer still and he caught his first whiff of the musky scent of her sexual arousal. He took a deep breath.“You like my horny perfume?”“I love it, Mum,” he said and gently extended his tongue and ran it the length of her labia. He heard her sigh and ran his tongue along them again. From as far down as he could reach, his neck bent awkwardly back and the tip separating the lips.This time a cry from her and he probed deeper. Now he was at the bottom of the canal and felt the opening of her vagina. He buried his face in her and was rewarded with a cry of sheer pleasure before his hearing was pretty well cut off by her closing her thighs around his head, trapping him in there, his nose buried in the canal as he licked as deep up her as he could reach. He felt as if he were suffocating but he licked harder and felt her writhe under his attentions. The she went rigid. So rigid she was quivering. A low wail cam to his partially blocked ears. Her hands pressed against the back of his head and she was now bouncing her buttocks on the bed. She was using his face to come off and he sucked türbanlı escort gaziantep every scrap of juice and gasped air into his lungs at every snatched opportunity. He could hear her faintly.“Fuck me! Fuck me you dirty little cunt-licking bastard. Lick your fucking slag of a mother until she can take no more. Eat cunt you…….OOOHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHYESYESYESYESYES, FUCKING YES!”She pushed him away and lay quivering as he watched her finish her orgasm. He knew she’d had a good one despite the fact it was the first time he’d seen a woman have one.Jenny pulled him up to her and kissed him ferociously and he felt her body along his. Her legs around him and his still erect cock was under her. He could feel the wetness on his knob and it seemed only natural to rub it. Her eyes opened wide.“Are you ready to go again?” she panted. Ben nodded and saw the smile on her face.“Slip it in me, darling.”She must have seen the look on his face and she smiled and slid her hand between them, gripping his cock and guiding it to her hole. He flexed his hips and felt the wet tunnel slide over his cock. A couple of pumps and he was fully inside his mother.“Fuck me!” she demanded. “Fuck your mum. Fill me up with all that delicious spunk.”He needed no second request and it seemed just the natural thing to do. He began to pump in and out and felt the gentle gripping of his mother’s muscles and listened to her moaning as he drove in and out. He needed to release again and the feelings running along his cock and into his body were exciting.Jenny was biting his neck as she moaned and he could feel her fingernails in his buttocks. They hurt and he loved it.Suddenly he felt a hard smack. And another. Then her other hand on his other buttock, timing the blows with his pumping.“Fuck me!” she was saying with each slap. “Fuck me! Fuck me!”Over and over. And he fucked her! As the feelings in his body grew, he drove harder and the harder he rammed his cock into her, the harder she slapped his buttocks.“Oh, Fuck, Mum! Here it comes!”“Do it, darling.. Fill me up!”And with a loud cry he drove his cock as deep as he could go and held it there and let it twitch and pump his semen into his mother.Jenny was moaning and bucking her hips under her son and felt every squirt as she took his load inside her. Then she was kissing his face all over. Biting his ears and laughing. He tried to kiss her back but she was frantic for a few moments until they both collapsed, breathing hard. He now had time to feel the thrill of his cock inside a woman. The warm wetness and stickiness of leaving it inside her after he’d cum. He could feel the hardness waning and pushed himself up on his hands and smiled down at Jenny.“I thought you were just going to watch me wank,” he said, all worries about his language now gone. She smiled up at him.“Oh I’ll watch you do that a lot, believe me. We’ve got a lot of things we’re going to do. Anything you don’t fancy?”Ben thought for a moment and was a little surprised by his response. He smiled and just shook his head. She grinned.“Good! Because I have no limits on what I want to do. No restrictions. Now roll off me. I think we need a coffee.”“Do I have to?”“Oh yes. Then you can have the pleasure of slipping it back in later.”He smiled and rolled from his mother and she eased her way off the bed and reached for a tissue.“Uh-uh!” Ben said and pulled her round. He buried his face between her legs and she smiled as his tongue worked into her tender cunt, licking it clean before looking up. “You told me how you liked to be cleaned up.”“Oh, Yes. Something your father never did for me. Anything I can do for you?”“Ben though for a moment before replying.“Two things,” he said. “One, never wear clothes in the house and two, never refuse to let me fuck you whenever and wherever.”“Providing you abide by the same rules then we have a deal. Let’s seal it with a kiss.”She bent down and a soft and very intimate kiss passed between them and she left the room. Ben lay back on the bed and smiled. Life was going to be very good. The thought of what had just happened made his cock stiffen again. Life was going to be VERY good.

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