Bittersweet Rivals


Avery is a cheating shit.

Jesse mutters this to herself while getting ready to go out on Saturday night after a loss to the Ravens, Evergreen College’s women’s basketball team. Jesse is the captain of the Golden Eagles.

She tucks a black button-down into her jeans and buckles her belt. She fixes her short, cropped brown hair in the mirror and nods to herself. She’s going out tonight with the team anyway — fuck the Ravens. They worked hard this season and she’s damn well going to celebrate with whiskey shots and dancing at the city’s gay bar.

The night starts off well. Good music – the kind with a beat that she can roll her body to, relax into, let go of her stress. There’s some good bangers that she sings along to with her teammates, smiling and buzzing with whiskey warm in her stomach. But when the night grows late, she notices Avery at the front of the bar, paying for her cover, and the whiskey rolls in her stomach. She clenches her jaw and Avery glances up, making eye contact. God dammit.

Jesse rips her eyes away before she can see how Avery responds, spinning around to the group on the dancefloor.

“What -?” her friend Tasha asks, peering behind her. “Oh. Whatever, Jesse. Fuck her. We came here to have a good night and that’s what we’re gonna do.”

Jesse groans but nods. “You’re right. Fuck it. I came here to dance.” And she does, pretending like Avery isn’t there, buying a drink at the bar, looking hot as hell in a leather jacket, then joining the other side of the dancefloor. She’s definitely not thinking about her. She’s having a great time, and not resisting a nagging urge to steal glances. Nope. Just dancing.

After a high energy song and at least an hour of dancing, Jesse gulps down a cup of water at the bar.

“Thirsty?” The familiar voice makes her shoulders tense.

She turns around. “Fuck off, Avery.”

“Oh come on. I just wanted to say good game, captain.”

Jesse scoffs. “That’s rich, coming from someone who plays dirty.”

Avery playfully frowns, and takes a step closer to her.

“I don’t play dirty…” she says, glances down at Jesse’s body, flicks her eyes back up to hers. She lowers her voice and smirks. “At least, on the court.” Her seductive voice makes Jesse’s blood grow hot.

“Whatever,” Jesse rolls her eyes, trying to push past her.

“Wait -” Avery says, grabbing her arm. Jesse glares at her hand and Avery lets go. “Let me buy you a drink.” At her continued glare, she adds, “Please. Captain to captain. Consider it good sportsmanship.”

Jesse grits her teeth. “Fine.”

This draws half a smile from Avery. “Great. Let me surprise you. I’ll meet you out there.”

Jesse rejoins the dancefloor with her heart still pounding as fast as when she left. She resumes dancing halfheartedly, distracted. The song changes to a slower number, with a deep bass that Jesse feels vibrating through her body.

Avery emerges with two shots of brown liquor, handing a glass to Jesse.

With the music so loud, she leans into Jesse’s ear and yells, “If you can guess what it is, I owe you a pickup game. If you can’t, you owe me a kiss.”

Jesse pulls back and raises an eyebrow at her. She leans her body close to Avery to reply, and she pretends not to notice how hot their bodies feel pressed against each other, hoping that her warm skin doesn’t look flushed under the bar’s lights. Her lips next to Avery’s ear, she yells back, “What makes you think I want either of those things from you?”

Avery shrugs and raises her glass to Jesse’s. Jesse shakes her head and tips the shot back into her throat. Then she smiles. “It’s Jameson,” she laughs. “I’m a whiskey girl, you didn’t stand a chance.”

Avery nods and toasts her empty glass to Jesse. “Pickup game it is.”

Jesse shakes her head again, still laughing, as the song changes to a great beat, and her body moves of its own accord. The conversation breaks off as the dancefloor blends into crowded dancing bodies, Avery near her but not quite dancing with her. Instead, she feels her eyes on her, watching her shake her hips and roll her body. Jesse’s skin feels hot and a distinct throbbing in between her legs begins to form.

She needs to dance with someone and she pulls Tasha to her, knowing that her friend won’t find it weird, and they move their bodies together and grin.

“What the fuck is happening here?” Tasha laughs.

“I don’t know!” Jesse yells.

She turns around, grinding her ass against Tasha, and catching eyes with Avery, who openly watches her. This time, she can’t look away. She keeps dancing under Avery’s heated gaze, feeling her anger and attraction to this girl simmering.

Impulsively, she pulls Avery close and brings her lips to her ear. “I don’t want to fucking play basketball with you!” she yells. Avery hasn’t stopped dancing, and now it’s right against Jesse’s body.

“Okay,” Avery smiles, unbothered.

“You’re an asshole,” Jesse says halfheartedly, her anger dulling to the rhythm of the music and the buzz of the izmit escort bayan whiskey and the feeling of Avery dancing against her and Tasha behind. Her feelings leave her head and settle in her body, thrumming with heat.

Avery’s hands come to Jesse’s waist. “Am I?” she asks.

“Yes,” Jesse answers, their lips inches apart, but neither closes the distance. Avery keeps looking to her lips and back to her eyes, the tension burning between them, and Jesse can’t take it anymore. She turns away from Avery, mouthing ‘What do I do?’ to a smirking Tasha.

“You fuck her, that’s what!” Tasha yells in her ear, very unhelpfully, before leaving her stranded on the dancefloor with her searing desire and Avery’s hands on her waist. Fuck.

She can’t bring herself to turn back around to face Avery, so she presses her back into her chest, grinding to the beat and guiding Avery’s hands down to her hips, rolling them back into hers. “Fuck,” she hears Avery murmur against her ear. A fire burns down Jesse’s body.

The song changes to Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”, and Jesse pulls away, taking a step back and shaking her head at Avery, who is smiling and singing along. Avery pulls Jesse’s hands in and guides her in a silly dance, crooning “Ohh, don’t cha wanna dance, say you wanna dance, don’t cha wanna dance?”

Jesse smiles and rolls her eyes, singing along and deciding to let go into whatever the fuck is happening here. Together they sing ” I wanna feel the heat with somebody / Yeah, I wanna dance with somebody / With somebody who loves me.” Avery spins her, but it’s a little too fast and she loses balance, falling back into Avery’s arms.

“Sorry,” Avery laughs, steadying her. Jesse looks at this girl she’s competed against all season, watched from across the court, envied for her skill, hated for her ruthless strategy, barely spoken to. Then her eyes flicker down to Avery’s chest, where she’s still gripping the edges of her leather jacket for balance, and to Avery’s lips, and to Avery’s eyes… that are watching her with an intensity that shoots jolts of electricity through Jesse’s body.

The music pauses between songs, and Jesse leans in, brushing their lips, and murmurs in a low voice, “I don’t want to fucking play basketball with you.”

The music starts again – it’s Juice by Lizzo – and the crowd is into it but Jesse and Avery don’t notice.

Their lips meet softly, exploring, then harder, then bruising, tongues brushing in a rhythm that makes Jesse’s knees weak. Jesse’s hands slip under Avery’s jacket, pulling her closer, feeling her hard body. Avery’s hands slide down her body, trailing heat to her core and tugging a moan from her lips.

They kiss through the whole song, not coming up for air, and Jesse absently thinks Blame it on the juice is a good enough excuse for whatever the fuck else is going to happen tonight.

Avery tugs on her hand and pulls her through the crowd to the stairs, leading her up to the lounge with couches and a second bar. She orders two more shots of whiskey for them and motions for her to sit on an empty white couch with her.

“Cheers,” she says with a smirk. Jesse resists the urge to roll her eyes. She clinks her glass with Avery’s and tips the whiskey back into her mouth.

Avery leans in close to Jesse when she puts her empty glass down on the table. Closer than she needs to. She licks her lips and smirks at Jesse. Avery’s arrogance pisses her off and turns her on. Jesse puts her glass down too and opens her mouth to say something when Avery’s warm mouth finds hers, tasting like Jameson and mint gum. It’s quieter up here, less people, just a few scattered couples also making out. The music is still loud and the bass thumps through her body while Avery’s hands find her hair, pulling her in closer to the kiss.

The couch is wide and shallow, and when Avery leans back and pulls her back with her, they’re basically horizontal. It makes Jesse think about other things that happen while horizontal, and fire sparks in her belly. The kiss grows more heated, and Jesse finds herself hooking her leg around Avery to pull her closer, while Avery’s hand slips up her back under her shirt. They kiss for a long time, long enough for Jesse’s lips to feel bruised and clit to throb in need.

“Fuck,” Jesse pants, clinging to Avery’s leather jacket. It’s soft under her fingertips, the zipper rough.

Avery plays with the top button on her black shirt, slowly unbuttoning it. “What?” Avery asks, curious, teasing the skin where she’s opened her shirt.

“You,” Jesse breathes.

“Fuck me?” Avery says playfully, smirking and fingering the next button. Avery leans into Jesse’s ear, promising in a low voice, “Only if you beg for it.”

Jesse swallows and barely holds back a whimper. She pushes Avery down on the soft leather couch, climbing on top of her to kiss her again roughly, with a lust that’s growing out of control. She tugs on Avery’s hair, her jacket, her belt. She wants her. Fuck, she wants her. She’s izmit eve gelen escort not supposed to want her. She’s supposed to hate her basketball rival, not ask her to call an Uber home and fuck her. Shit. Her teammates are still here, they would see her leave with Avery. Wait. They’ve already seen her make out with Avery. Oh god.

Avery is still kissing her while Jesse has an internal meltdown. Finally, she pulls away from the kiss. “I need another drink,” she announces.

Avery agrees and returns with another shot of Jameson and a glass of water, like a thoughtful fucking gentleman.

Jesse waves away the water, yelling “You think I need this shit?” and downs the shot. Avery shrugs and drinks the water herself.

Avery sits and puts a hand on Jesse’s thigh, leaning into her ear and asking in a voice that comes out huskier than intended, “Can I take you home?”

Jesse thought she’d never ask. She hides her smile and nods. Avery pulls out her phone and orders the Uber. 7 minutes away. “Can we… stay up here?” Jesse asks, glancing down to the first floor of the bar. “Til it gets here?”

Avery nods – she doesn’t care, she would have agreed to anything in that moment. She kisses Jesse again, still nodding, putting her hands on both sides of her face and pulling her in close. They kiss for 6 minutes and run down the stairs and out of the bar, not running into any teammates on the way, thank God.

Avery is on her the second the apartment door closes, pressing her up against it, lifting her up to wrap her legs around her waist and kiss her with abandon. “Fuck. Jesse,” she says between kisses.

“What?” Jesse hums.

I’ve wanted you all season, ever since I saw you on the court, she wants to say. “You’re so hot,” she says instead.

Jesse grins. “Fuck me about it,” Jesse challenges.

Avery growls, picking her up and carrying her to the bedroom, which Jesse finds hot as fuck. Avery throws her on the bed and climbs on top, grabbing her wrists and pinning them above her head. Jesse tries to kiss her, but Avery keeps her pinned, pulling away.

“Remember what I said,” Avery reminds her. “You have to beg for it.”

Jesse whimpers, pulling against the restraint. She breaks. “Please,” she begs.

Avery smiles. “Good girl,” she praises.

“Good boy,” Jesse corrects.

Avery’s smile grows wider. “Good boy,” she repeats. She leans down to brush their lips together, teasing her with her tongue. It’s not enough. Jesse is hot and bothered and wants more. “Please,” she asks. Avery indulges her, kisses her harder, and grinds into her. Jesse moans into her mouth.

Avery’s hands brush up her sides and chest to reach her buttons. “Do you want this?” she asks. Jesse nods.

“Say it,” Avery orders.


Avery smiles and unbuttons her shirt, pushing it over her shoulders.

“No bra, I’m jealous,” she comments, gazing at her beautiful small tits.

Jesse licks her lips and pulls the rest of the shirt off. She looks at Avery in a way that she hopes is seductive and inviting. She feels a little vulnerable in this moment. Maybe it’s being more undressed, or maybe it’s because this is becoming real, this thing with a near-stranger who she isn’t supposed to trust, or even like.

Avery pulls her black t-shirt over her head, sensing that she didn’t want to be the only one shirtless. Her binder is underneath, black too, the half tank style.

“You don’t have to take it off,” Jesse offers.

“No, it’s okay,” Avery says. “I want to.” The moment is unexpectedly tender, the complexity of gender and intimacy and butchness passing between them in mutual, quiet recognition. Avery pulls the binder off and her chest is there, slightly flattened from years of binding, sexy and butch as hell.

They kiss, bare chests pressed together, and the kiss has a new slowness and intimacy to it, carrying the promise of not just sex but understanding. Their tongues and bodies move together, heat rising between them. Soon being shirtless is not enough, and they tug on each other’s jeans. Jesse breaks the kiss first, breathing hard, reaching to rub Avery through her pants and discovering an unexpected bulge.

“Are you -?” she asks. Packing, she doesn’t finish. Avery’s dark lustful eyes answer the question.

It makes Jesse’s skin feel hot, makes her clit throb in need. She’s never taken a strap before. Fuck. But she’s always wanted to. She doesn’t exactly know what the protocol is here, never having been with a butch who’s strapping before, but she decides to keep rubbing Avery through her jeans and she likes the way it makes her mouth drop open in pleasure.

“Do you like that?” Jesse asks, feeling bold.

“Fuck,” Avery groans, and grabs Jesse’s hands and pins them above her head again, enjoying the way her face becomes pouty and helpless as she strains against Avery’s hands. She wants the power back, and now she has it.

“Naughty boy,” Avery teases, grinding her bulge into Jesse’s hips, pulling izmit otele gelen escort a moan from her lips. “Do you like that?” Avery repeats, kissing her before she can answer, swallowing her next moan. She holds down her wrists and trails her kisses down her neck to her nipples, licking and teasing them while Jesse whimpers and writhes under her touch.

Avery lets go of her pinned wrists and starts in on her jeans, pausing to ask in Jesse’s ear, “Do you want these off?”

Jesse looks up at her with big eyes and nods yes.

“Say it,” Avery instructs. Her commanding voice makes Jesse’s knees weak.

“Yes,” Jesse whispers.

Avery unbuttons and unzips Jesse’s jeans, tugging them down her hips and leaving them halfway off before reaching to tease her pussy through her underwear. She’s soaked, and the light touches set off whimpers from Jesse.

“Do you like that?” Avery asks, voice husky.

“Yes,” she pants, trying to keep her breathing under control.

Avery continues stroking at her slit through her Calvin Kleins.

“Do you want me to fuck your pussy, Jesse?” she asks.

“Jesus fuck -” Jesse gasps, surprised by the dirty talk, and turned on.

“Is that a yes?” Avery grins.

Jesse whimpers, nods. She thinks twice and says “yes” for good measure.

Avery reaches for Jesse’s pants and pulls them all the way off, strokes her thighs, pulls at the band of the Calvins teasingly until Jesse says please.

“Good boy,” Avery praises.

She pulls Jesse’s black Calvins down her thighs. Avery’s hands tease her thighs and her ass, her stomach, not reaching where she wants them to.

She’s wet. Avery can see that much. Her face is flushed and she’s licking her lips. She lies back on the bed, propped up by her elbows, naked and wanting.

Avery bends down to leave a soft kiss on Jesse’s knee. Then another kiss higher up her thigh, and higher, again and again, until she can smell Jesse’s arousal and her mouth waters. She looks up at Jesse from between her legs and waits for her “please.” It doesn’t take long, just another round of kisses on her other thigh, some teasing with her tongue.

“Please what?” Avery asks wickedly.

Jesse moans. “Please eat my pussy, Avery,” she begs.

Avery is more than happy to oblige. She spreads her pussy lips and licks slowly up her slit, relishing in the moan that shakes out of Jesse’s throat. She licks softly, repeating slow patterns and listening for Jesse’s response, searching out the best ways to make her moan.

“Oh fuck,” Jesse whines, shoving her hands in Avery’s hair to have something to grip onto. She spreads her legs wider, hooking her feet behind Avery’s back, bucking onto her face.

Avery slides her hands up the back of Jesse’s thighs, groping her ass and pulling her closer. She hums into her pussy eating and the vibrations send a gasp out of Jesse’s mouth. Her noises are growing louder and higher pitched, like she might cum soon, and Avery debates on whether to let her.

She decides to draw it out, and she comes up for air, licking her lips and tasting the salty sweetness of Jesse.

“You taste good,” Avery compliments.

“Then why did you stop?” Jesse asks, and she doesn’t mean for it to sound as pathetic and whiny as it does.

“Because you look cute when you pout,” Avery teases. She grabs Jesse’s hand, guides it to her crotch where she’s packing under her tight, black jeans. In Jesse’s ear, she adds, “It makes me want to fuck you.” Her voice comes out deeper and huskier than intended, and it makes Jesse’s cunt throb.

Feeling hot, Jesse rubs Avery’s bulge through her jeans and reaches for the button, the zipper, and then she pulls the matte black strap out of Avery’s pants. Jesse licks her lips. She’s so grateful it’s a medium size, and not a monster cock. She has a chance of being able to take it in her pussy. And fit it in her mouth.

Jesse surprises both of them by leaning down to suck her silicone cock. She’s never done this before, but for some reason she wants it in her mouth and she takes what she wants. The cock slides easily in between her soft pink lips and Avery mutters ” fuck “. This makes Jesse’s cheeks flush. Feeling encouraged, she goes harder, sucking up and down, taking the full length into her mouth.

Avery’s clit throbs at the sight of Jesse between her legs, bobbing up and down her cock. It makes a familiar pleasure tighten in her belly, and she pulls Jesse away before the pleasure can build too far.

“I want you on my cock,” she pants. She pulls her jeans all the way off, finally naked with Jesse. “Have you taken a strap before?”

Jesse shakes her head. Avery nods, considering.

“I’ll finger you and we’ll use lots of lube, okay?” She says it in a way that’s so thoughtful that Jesse swallows down the fear she didn’t know she had.

It sounds like a logical plan until Avery’s fingers reach Jesse’s wet opening, and then it sounds hot as fuck, her fingers slipping easily into her tight, wet cunt and moans coming from both of them. Two fingers, then three. They find a rhythm with Jesse grinding on Avery’s fingers, gasping about how good it feels. “Please,” she begs. “More.”

“Fuck,” Avery mutters. She slips in a fourth finger and Jesse’s moans grow louder. She’ll have no trouble taking her strap.

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