Blackmailing Cindy


Blackmailing Cindywhen I was 18I had a very good frien who s mom was a smoking hot blonde. all of us guys would get hard just talking to her, she was the kind that knew she was hot and turning all of us on. she would on purpose rub against our crotch with her sweet as, I know it was only to feel how turned on she had us as well as trying to size all of us up. Im pretty confident in my size and would rub her the same way just for her reaction as well.over time I had become real close as if I were a family member. I had keys to the house etc. I suspected she was fucking one of her husbands friends for a long time, and one day I walked in on them, she was fucking him in there house. I peeked thru a crack in the door watching her suck his cock and eventually fuck him good. I had my cock out just wishing it was mine in her. I was stroking for what it was worth. she had been riding his cock, when she dismounted him she turnd and saw me just as i was shooting my load, she didnt say a word then, but she seemed to rush him to get dressed and leave. when I came back later she had artemisbet yeni giriş a worried look on her face, she pulled me off to the side and asked me how much I saw, I just smiled at her.she then asked ok you lil ass hole whats it going to take to keep you quiet, the last thing I need is a messy divorce, I have too much to lose. and so does he, ( her friend ) I just said I dont now. and walked off. hell I was still in shock she caught me beating off. even though Im 3-4 inches bigger than her lover I just never planned on this woman see me jack off and was about 3 days later i popped in looking for my friend, no one was there but her, as soon as I saw her the vision of her getting fucked was in my mind. and an instant hard on fallowed. my fully erect 10 inch cock was hard to not be noticed in my cut off sweat pants. I walked up behind her just to playfuly let my cock rub her ass in her house coat (like i have done in the past) as she was standing at her kitchen sink. this time she turned, and her house coat was not tied and she was totaly artemisbet giriş nude. she grabbed my cock and I thought I would explode on the spot. she reched in and pulled my cock out and began stroking it and asked if I liked what I had seen a few days prior. I told her hell yes i did as if you didnt notice. she then went to one knee and started sucking on me and licking mt nuts, she then looked up and said, so what do I have to do to keep you quiet?I just replied Im sure you will think of something, ( I would have been happy to just watch her again) But I knew then I had the chance that me and all of the guys in the hood wanted so bad. i told her to just keep doing what she was doing and I would think about it. she went to both knees and sucked me like only my mother had done in the past. I had been doing my mom for a few years before her. so I had alot of sexual experience under my belt already. Cindy was good, but unlike my mom she cant deep throat me yet, she sucked me good for abbout 20 minutes then she moved to the table with legs spread, artemisbet güvenilirmi my shorts to my knees and she said she had to try this cock, ive never had one quite this big, i walked in between her spread legs and rubbed my cock head on her swollen clit, she trimbled and sighed loudly, soaking wet, I slide in a few inches the look on her face was awesome, I started pumping harder and faster, untill i was fully inside her, all 10 inches, I swear i thought little framed woman was going to go into orbit, she just kept getting wetter and wetter, she was so damn tight for me and that was awesome. this was so new to me as with my mom it was different, mom is an awesome fuck, (but untill now I had nothing or no one to compare it to. and mom wasnt this hot looking although good looking)I railed cindy untill i was about to blow hearing her moan and spew out dirty talk was all I could take, as I emptied my balls in her she began to squirt, this was new also, mom was a very wet cumer but never squirts, I kept pumping cindy till I was soft, then pulled out, this was the beginning of a 2 year relationship with her, untill a job forced them to move out of state, I have seen her a few times when she comes to visit family, and she still has such a fine body for a woman 20 years older than me. I guess it wasnt black mail, just a golden oppertunity for us both.

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