Book 01 :Garden Oaks Art Club

Ass Pounding

My art teacher in high school, my 18th year, Miss Ann Parks (not her real name) picked her best and brightest to take eight of us to the Coliseum to see a band concert (she was a sister-in-law to one of them in the band). Making a drum circle, they warmed up the voices with Hebrew songs for a good 45 mins. Then they asked us to think of a loved one who was gone from this world and they would be with us in song. We sat in the wings, on the last song of the night they gave us tambourines and sticks to beat. Their families, kids, my teacher, and we were pulled on stage. We jammed for 30 mins with 3 encores. Out of that group, 4 of us became regulars at The Garden Oaks Art club. We would meet at her house and we do arts, crafts, body studies (including nudes I know we are in school) working with clay for sculptures, and pottery. Our models would be one of us by drawing straws including Ms. P. as we called her. Now before we started this nude stuff, we shared a little wine and good tunes and ended up with us two guys getting to kiss and make out in a closet by that good old school classic Spin-the-Bottle with all of the women!

Now and then one or two of us would be asked to stay behind for a little more fun. And fun it was Ms. P. would bring out the hash, we get blasted, and it was a sex ed advance course. She would tell us/me exactly what to do (I had lost my cherry over the summer to my aunt), it was never the same way twice. She would ask if it was OK to do something, in her soft sexy voice what she was going to do, or what she was telling us/me that we would do to her. I had fallen in love with all 3 women and it was hurting my grades.

Ms. P. asked me, “What’s going on? You’re going to fall in love with who you see sexually and the better it feels the faster you fall into lust. Close your eyes and for me to see the two of us would become a boy/girl thing in 2 years. Tell what me our day would look like.”

I start off with, “We wake up in bed starting the day with a bout of sex with my morning hard-on. We shower together, as you dress for school, I make breakfast. We perform our weekday tasks as usual. You would come home from work meeting me at the door after all my activities, you’re in nothing but an apron, with a drink in hand. We would eat dinner then make love till it was time to go to sleep.”

Skeptically she responds by telling me about her previous relationship, five years ago, “The sex was rough without asking or any foreplay, really good for him not so much for me. I did meet him at the door just as you said but the neighbors see and I get fired from my job because they called the school. He took my mouth the same way as he did my pussy. Then dinner, bed, and took my ass again, all for him.”

She asks again, “Where do you see us in 10 years?”

I start to answer and for every answer, I give she tells me what happens in real life. Then she says you have to learn that we don’t yet know enough about the life we want to live and about the life we are living. That takes time, luck, and love.

“You and the group have seen, shared, fun sex that you can use those learned skills to make love and have fun with until we die!” She laughs while saying it. “I think the next meeting will talk about the down side of sex/lovemaking.”

A uşak escort few days later we are sipping our sprite wine spritzers and she asks the guys, “Have you seen a period, menstrual cycle, before?” This grossed us out, then she pulls out a dirty pad, asking each of us to look and give it a smell because about 12 times a year for 2 to 7 days this will be your sex life. So, I dare to be the first to reach out my hand. I learned it is not as big of a deal as everyone makes it out to be. Now, after three months we’ve seen/done pretty much everything there is to talk about sex but the last thing I expected to see was Ms. P.’s pussy with a string hanging out. She had the same smell but maybe a touch of something else?

She asked me, “Would you like to lick my clit?”

Well, I thought for about two seconds (I’d eaten bugs on a dare before), then I do as she requested. It’s normal but a bit messy, as she gets wet, but the towel she sits on is getting a bit messier.

She tells me, “Slip on a rubber!” Then she bends over spreads her legs, pulls the string, places the tampon on the towel, and I slide my cock into her pussy. Fuck, that’s hotter than when she’s not on her period.

I find myself looking at the blood on my cock but it’s only on the rubber, so it might have wilted me a bit, but her moaning and rolling her hips got me fully hard again.

She says, “Fuck your bitch!”

I do, I did, I saw, I Got talked dirty too and got hard again, I was moving so fast one of the girls Linda has her hands in her pants going at it and says “It looks like a candy cane Big Boy.”

‘First time she called me that but it made me even harder, I don’t know why but over the years I learned to love those words, then her, then to miss her but I getting ahead of my story.’

Linda arches her back, cums, pulls her hand out of her pants, and her fingers are red. Well, that sure put steel in my cock but poor Billy looks like he wants to toss his cookies and goes to the bathroom. Ms. P. arches her back and comes so hard she pushes me out of her she takes a few deep breaths.

She says, ”I will go see about Billy, Lilly and Linda would you girls like to finish Dick off?” She heads off to the bathroom and closes the door.

Linda comes over and drops her pants and shows me her rose-colored pussy, I knew she was still a virgin, wanting to stay that way till marriage but she sure was going to make her husband happy in the sack. I grabbed the towel, cleaned her up, she’s squirming bad as I tease her lips and clit. Well, she’s now moaning non-stop as I start two fingers inside her but not trying to break her Hymen which I realize is now broken by her own hand. My thumb is flicking across her clit and her smell is pushing me over the edge.

I moan ”Shit I’m so fucking hard someone please help”.

I going nuts with lust, my tongue comes out on its own, flicks her clit my moans are nonstop now, my moans are vibrating her clit and she wets my face with cherry cool-aid colored juice. Lilly has been busy rubbing her breast and her hands are under her dress. She hears my plea and dropping to the floor pulls my rubber off, saying, “That’s a nice cock, it’s bigger than my brothers, can I suck you?”

I uşak escort bayan can’t talk, probably can’t walk, but I can damn sure stick my cock in her mouth as an answer a wonderful few days or seconds pass I moan, “So close I will shoot my cum in a few seconds where do you want it”

As soon as I said that I blow-off in her mouth, around her mouth, neck, chest, I do the only thing a red blooded-Texas boy can do, and that’s rolling my eyes in my head passing the fuck out. About 5, 15, or 50 minutes later, I am not sure, but I wake up with two of my friends fighting over my cock to see who can get it deeper in their mouths. Just about 1/2 way is as deep as they get! Billy and Ms. P. come back out and Billy looks better his face is all red and I see cum dripping out of Ms. P.’s ass.

She says, “Girls we going to need more practice here watch.” In one move she’s an inch off my tummy with her nose. She’d given me extra work before about just such a skill, so I grab her head, and she pulls up like she’s going to let my cock out of her mouth. I push her head down firmly but not too hard, on the second stroke I push her down harder, now my hips rise up so I can go deeper, faster, and finally, she has all of me in her throat.

She says, “See now you try!”

Well, Linda gets there first, she, in one gulp, has my prick nose deep and we all cheer. She’s doing good, not one gag, my first time in her mouth but not my last.

Lilly looks at Linda and says, “I tasted Dick’s cum before, you want him to cum in your mouth?”

Ms. P. says, “Keep his cum in your mouth, show it to him, and swap it with me.”

Well, I guess if you wanted to say something to make me cum that would do it. I do, my legs are out at 90 degrees and shaking like I’m dancing. They swap my cum and it was the hottest thing I had ever witnessed. I knew I had to say thank you to Linda and I guessed, kissing her with my taste in her mouth might do it, so I kiss and French her. My taste is not that bad, but poor Billy’s getting green in the face and leaves again.

This time Ms. P. says to me, ”Does anything make you sick?”

I said, “I don’t know, can I eat your ass right now?”

She stood up like she was shot from a canon, leans over the couch between the two girls, and asks them to spread her cheeks.

Now that very second, I learned three things:

1. I like eating ass when it makes a woman cum!

2. I like eating ass when it makes a woman cum!

And 3. I like eating ass when it makes a woman cum!

As she did, our friends are pulling on her nipples for her and she rubbed her clit. I tasted Billy’s cum, it was not as sweet as mine but I did not die eating it. Or at least not until Ms. P. said “Fuck my cum filled ass push outs Billy’s cum out and fill me with yours!” I almost died, but I was still hard so I slid into her ass in one stroke, she’s loose going in, then tightens her ass on the way out, and fuck me that feels good. So, fucking good.

I say, “You feel so fucking good, it’s like you got two pussies on my dick at the same time!”

Everyone stops what they are doing and laughs saying, “Well we know who the perv is in the group is now.”

I am getting an idea that it’s not hard making women escort uşak cum if you’re just shown what to do properly. I start moving faster, rougher, and she says my first, “Ouch!” (The first time I cause pain to a woman without knowing what I doing.) I froze, did I hurt her like her boyfriend in her previous accounting?

I pull out and said, “I’m sorry, did that hurt?”

She said “A little, but I know you did not mean to hurt me! Go on finish in me, I won’t break.”

Something inside me did break. I now had tears in my eyes. I asked, “Could have a rubber please?”

I pick her up and laid her gently down on the blanket. I move some hair out of her face and said, “You’ve shown us how to grow, how to make love, but most of what we do is just great fucking sex. That’s not enough for me right now, I hurt you and I felt it hurt you. I want to make love to you to say thank you.” I asked Lilly, “Please put me inside her, Billy, kiss her but don’t fuck her mouth yet.”

Linda comes back in and starts kissing her nipples as Lilly does too, I slowly start sliding in her hot wet pussy and we both moan when I hit her cervix. We are moving slowly and now I feel 3 sets of hands are on me, they’re moving us faster, I am not moving, but it’s like all 4 of us were inside her at once. She screams and squirts making a mess of us all. To Billy’s credit, he no longer looks green. We took turns loving each other kissing or cuddling. There was a kitchen timer used to train for holding off our cumming, she sets it for 20 minutes, and we all nap cuddling.

Linda wakes before the buzzer is up and says to me, ”Let’s go shower to save time and you can take us home (you see we lived across the street from each other since we were 5 or 6) on your motorbike”,

“Sure, Hun anything for you.” I looked at her and said, “Maybe we could find a garden hose to play with before we get home.”

Oh, she says, “I almost forgot, you always remember your first cum Big Boy!”

“It was mine too!” I said washing soap on her ass, “I remember like it was last week not 4 years ago.”

I think, musing:


The first time playing you show me yours or was it, doctor? Hard to remember as before that point it was just kids’ games. The first time a young girl put a garden hose in my shorts, changed the whole game to boing, boing, city!

My turn, as it’s only fair, she did me and I did her. She shuddered and screamed a little when the spray from my thumb on the hose hit a certain spot, she got weak in the knees and leaned against me.

I was not sure she was in pain or not so I stopped and asked, “Does it hurt?”

She said, “It tingled at first and thought I had to pee. Please don’t stop, it was the best thing I’ve ever felt!”

I try a few different sprays; one was so good she grabbed my arm and held me there till she shuddered through her first orgasm ever. I was hooked! It was a good deal more fun to give than receive. When Linda tried to put into words what happened to her, she saw my boner and went to work with her hand and garden hose… My whole world changed that day, we two became one step closer to becoming adults. I often thought about recreating the magic of the garden hose but never have. I still feel giving is where it’s at.

We dated and played as partners and she keep saying in her church voice that she wanted to be a virgin on her wedding night. What she didn’t know, I was working on a to-do list and the top thing on my list was to make Linda my wife. I found out years later she had the same plan.

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