Boy gets NASTY with his UNCLE BILL


Boy gets NASTY with his UNCLE BILLHi! My name is Mike and this is a story about my Bi Uncle bill, my feet and how he “taught” me to do things about my own sexuality!I was young, impressionable and still just a freshmen in high school. I had a great body and was on the wrestling team and also played football. I had never thought that my Uncle would or could do things that he did to me one summer, but here’s the story and let me know if you have ever had this happen to you.Our families had some lake front property near Atlanta at one of the major lakes. Several times each summer, many of the family would go there for weekends, etc. and all get together for over night cook outs and sleep overs. One July 4th weekend, after a day of boating, sun and fun, we all went to bed and I had a room by myself for the very first time. I was laying on the bed, almost asleep when I heard the door quietly open and then close. I realized someone was in there because I also heard what sounded like foot steps, slowly coming toward the bed. Who ever it was had been near the foot of the bed and then I could feel the covers lift over over my ankles, exposing my bare feet. I was laying on my tummy so the soles were exposed. I then felt what seemed like someone’s fingers rubbing along them very gently and then I felt something a little warmer and soft but wet, running around the heels and then up to my toes. I had no idea who was doing it so I pretended to be still asleep and see what they were doing. They licked very gently all over the soles of both feet and I could tell they didn’t want me to wake up. After a couple minutes, I heard them leave and the door reopen and then close again.I fell asleep and the next morning, everyone was at breakfast and I was looking around trying to guess who had done it and why? Every body seemed normal and as the day went on, I noticed that my Uncle Bill kept looking down at my bare feet a lot and I secretly hoped it had been him, he was really nice and truthfully, I thought he had always seemed to hug me a lot when we would all meet at these reunions.I decided to see if he would take the bait and check me out so that afternoon, we were all out on the back porch so I put my bare feet up on a small stool so my soles were exposed to everyone there. I noticed that he kept staring at them when he thought I wasn’t looking. I would rub them together, etc., and I was actually getting a little turned on by doing this!We all finally ate some dinner and sat around the fire pit when it got dark and it was now bed time so when we all turned in, I was hoping for a repeat of the night before. Around midnight, or maybe even later. I was laying there still awake but finally I dozed off. When I awoke in the morning, I figured that he decided not to take any chances and not do it again. When I got out of bed and stood up on the bare wood floor, I almost slipped and fell! I realized that my feet with covered in something sticky and wet and it was all between my toes too. I went to the bathroom and washed them off and then realized that it was cum!! kars rus escort He must have come in there while I was asleep and jerked off on them and I missed the whole thing! I had only seen my own cum before from jerking off but I knew that it was. I was a little disappointed that he had done it without me knowing but I still thought it was kinda cool.The next day was uneventful and I couldn’t wait till that night to see what he would do this time. As I thought, around 2 in the morning (I think), I heard the door open and in he came. This time, I was waiting and I felt him kiss, gently rub and lick them all over. I really wanted to just turn over and let him know I liked it but I didn’t and I could feel him rubbing what I knew was his big huge cock all over them. He came in big spurts and it made my feet really hot everywhere the cum landed and I felt it go between my toes and all over the backs of my legs. The next thing he did shocked me and when I felt his tongue start licking up his own cum from my feet and got a hard-on just thinking about it and knowing what he was doing.The weekend ended and we all went home where I jerked off many times over the next two weeks thinking about it all. Finally, Uncle Bill called one day and asked my parents if it was ok for me to come over to his house for the weekend to help him pack some old boxes full of junk. He was going to pay me for the help and thought I might like to earn some money. Mom asked me about it and I jumped at the chance. He picked me up after school on Friday and we headed out to his house across town.We hadn’t been there 20 minutes when he asked me if I’d like to go for a swim in his pool and I quickly said yes but I had no bathing suit with me. He told me that he might have one but not sure if it would fit and he was right, it didn’t so he told me to just wear my under wear instead which I did. After I dove in the pool and got out for a second, I looked down and noticed that after it was wet, you could see right through the things and even though I had very little pubic hair at my age, you could clearly see little cock and the pubes around it through the wet cotton. I hoped he wouldn’t notice but he DID and told me that it was ok, he had seen me naked when I was born so it was no big deal!I continued to swim and splash around with him and after about 20 minutes, we got out and sat on two lounge chairs poolside. He laughed about my “see through” under wear he called it and told me that I might as well take it off. I was hesitant at first but he stood up and pulled his own bathing suit off and told me that no one could see us (his yard was very private) and that if I didn’t tell, he wouldn’t either! I stood up and did the same, freeing my young little cock and I was now totally naked and exposed to the elements!…LOL!We sat there a while sipping some water and when he came over and sat next to me. I though it strange but I like it and I noticed he kept brushing his hand over my left foot. I knew what he wanted but I was afraid to tell him kars rus escort bayan I knew so I decided to just tease a little and see what would happen. I jokingly put my foot in his lap, knowing it was slightly touching his cock and he then put his hand over it and started a gentle rub. It felt good but the best part was his big cock just under the sole. I could feel it and it was warm and firm and squishy at the same time. He continued his little massage and I could feel him start to harden up. He finally told me that I had beautiful feet for a young man and that he would like to take some pictures of them. I told him it was fine and he grabbed a camera from the house and had me do several poses for him using my feet.He said that no one would ever see them and after a few pix, he started rubbing them all over and I just laid back and let him enjoy it and I was enjoying it myself. I felt him start to move his hands up my legs, farther and farther till he was just a few inches from my cock and balls. I think he and I both knew what each other wanted so I parted my legs just slightly, hoping he would move them on up to my waiting cock. I knew I was getting a hard on and when his hands finally reached it, it felt so good I jumped a little but let him do it. He first just rubbed my nut sack some then started fondling my cock. I thought I would cum all over him but he suddenly stopped and asked me to come in the house. I followed him up to his bedroom and he had me get on the bed. Neither of us said a single word when I did it and he had me lay on my back and starting with my toes, he licked and sucked each one and then used his tongue to massage my soles and then worked his way up to my now hard little cock! I had closed my eyes and when I felt his warm mouth go over it, I nearly passed out from the good feeling. He swirled his tongue all over the thing and even stuck it in my pee hole. While doing this, his fingers massaged my balls and sack and he started moving his head up and down and that’s when I had my very first orgasm ever with another person!I felt my cum spurt out and into his mouth and he never stopped once and he had to have swallowed it all too since when he pulled it from his mouth, nothing was left at all. He licked around my shaft and then my ball sack and finally down to my ass crack, cleaning up everything I had shot! He told me that I was a very good boy and that I should never tell anyone what we had done and if I could keep a secret, he would show me lots of other things too! I told him I’d never tell so we got up, jumped back in the pool and then rested a couple hours.That night, he asked me to stay in his bed with him which I did. We undressed and I knew that he was going to be doing things to me and I could hardly wait, even though I felt strangely ashamed a little. He turn out the lights and I laid on my side like I was going to sleep. I felt his hand cover my ass cheek and start rubbing it a little. I reached around and felt his hard cock pushing against my butt and I took rus kars escort the shaft and my first reaction was how big it was and while hard, had almost a velvety texture to it. The head was big and fat and it made up probably ten of my little young cock….LOL!I gently squeezed and stroked it, never looking at him since my back was to his face and as I stroked, he reached around to mine and started rubbing my balls and stroking me. He whispered to me what good boy I was and then he started fingering my asshole. His finger did circles around it and every now and then, he would push it in just a little bit. It felt good and I just let him do whatever he wanted with me. After a couple of minutes, he told me to come over to him. I rolled over and he was on his back and his cock was sticking straight up in the air! I knew I wanted to kiss it and see what it was like to put it in my mouth. I got over to it and gently kissed the very tip. He was massaging my hair and I felt him kinda push me down closer. I opened my mouth and let my lips go over the head. It was huge and my mouth could barely cover it but I did and the taste and texture was amazing! It seemed like I couldn’t get enough of it and I sucked and licked it like a lollipop! He was moaning a little and I felt him start to tense up, suddenly, I felt a huge rush of warm slippery liquid enter my mouth! I knew it was my Uncle’s cum and the inside of my mouth was quickly covered and it was on my tongue, teeth and gums! At first I gagged a little but after getting use to the shock and taste of it, I swallowed down what I could and then I moved my mouth to his big balls and I licked and suckled those for him.We both laid back and kinda caught our breath for a minute and then he reached over to me and started stroking my hard cock. I knew I wanted to cum and also do anything else he wanted so he rolled me over on my tummy and put a pillow under my hips. My ass was now in the air and my legs apart, waiting to see what he was going to do next. I felt his warm breath on my hole and balls and then felt his long tongue start to lick around it. It felt so good I wanted to just cum right there and then, but as his tongue entered me, I felt a rush that I had never felt before. He was fucking my tight little hole with his tongue and I could hardly stand it!He raised up after a couple of minutes and licking and tongue fucking me and I felt his massive cock push against my rectum. I was scared for a minute. thinking it would rip me apart and when the head went in, the pain was horrible! For some reason though, I wanted it in deeper and after the head passed, it got slippery and and I relaxed and submitted to a hard ass fucking! He pounded me for several minutes till I felt him shoot his load and when he pulled out, I felt a warm stream running out and down over my balls. I knew now that he had cum inside of me and I wanted to do even more nasty things with him.As the night went on, I learned how to rim his ass, suck his toes, eat my own cum and even how to properly jerk off into his mouth! He was as nasty with me as I had hoped and now, every time I go over there, he does fun things with me and I to him and nothing is off limits with us! He has even introduced me to his friends who all use me like a young boy toy whore and I love every minute of those nasty sessions too!…Those of course are another story!

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