Boy’s Night Out


It was the second Friday of the month, which translates to ‘Boys Night Out’ in this household. That’s when my husband goes out on his own with his friends to the clubs and I get to have a quiet night at home. I’m not at all bitter about it; I think I appreciate the alone time as much as he probably appreciates the time with his buddies.

What do I do with my alone time? Usually nothing. I might start out watching TV, then take a bubble bath, wrap myself up in a soft robe and lie in bed flipping through magazines until I fall asleep.

This one Boys Night started out like the others. I found something to eat, watched a little TV, then got ready to draw myself a hot bath. When I do this, I usually go all out, put on some relaxing music, turn down the lights and even light some candles sometimes. I put in lots of bubbles and lavender bath oils and make the water really hot. So I slipped out of my jeans and bra and climbed in the tub when it was almost full. The water always starts out too hot and I have to slowly sink in and let the bubbles come up and tickle me as I settle down in the tub.

I guess I was already feeling kind of kinky because as I laid there and let the cares of the week slip away from me, I started to push the bubbles around my chest and I remember feeling them on my nipples. I felt wonderful and let myself slip down so that the water was up to my neck, and my whole body was under the hot water. I was just holding my breasts, feeling their near weightlessness in the water, letting the oils make my skin feel so smooth and silky.

After a while I decided to shave my legs. The bath oils made them nice and smooth already, so I could just glide the razor up and make them even smoother. I didn’t know what made me think about it, but this time, I thought, since I am making the rest of me smooth, why not trim a little hair “down there.” It normally isn’t very bushy anyway, so I thought I’d just soap up and trim a little around the edges. I let the water go down a little then grabbed the soap, lathered up my hands, and rubbed it in on my mound. That slippery feeling felt better than I expected, and for a while I just laid there rubbing it softly on top. Then every once in a while I’d let my fingers slide down to my pussy lips and just open them up to feel the warm water inside. I started to shave the edges now, have fun making a nice V shape, alternating rubbing more soap around and making a little more narrow a V. It felt so good. I could feel I was getting swollen down there. When I let my fingers slide down to the lips, this time I let them slide inside. I was amazed how slippery and wet I was with my own juices, and how easily my middle finger slipped into my pussy. I made the muscles tighten and felt it as I slowly pulled my finger out.

I was more turned on than I’d been in a long time. I kept shaving too. I liked the smooth feeling of the bare skin underneath and I kept shaving and rubbing until I was completely shaven. I didn’t even know what I was doing, just that I felt good and wasn’t going to stop.

I stood up and put the shower on and let the soap and hair rinse down my body. Without any hair down there, I could see that my pussy lips were still swollen and warm. I took the shower head off the holder and brought it down closer to me. I brought it right to my breasts and let the pulsing hot water make my nipples stiffen and turn şırnak escort red. Then I brought it down to my hairless pussy. That hot water pulsing steadily onto my clit almost brought me to climax. I felt my legs get weak, and I thought I was about to come. But I didn’t want to yet. It was early; I still had the whole evening by myself. I turned off the water, toweled off, and wrapped my big white terry cloth robe around me. I felt great sinking into bed and thinking, ‘now what…”

Part II

The bath oils really made my skin feel soft, and now everything was smooth and soft and the air made everything feel tingly and cool. I grab a stack of magazines, which for some reason was on my husband’s side of the bed tonight, and flipped through the top one. I found myself doing what I usually do, look long and hard at the beautiful models they have in there. These fashion mags show off the female figure much more than they do the clothes I think. I love looking at these women wearing expensive clingy cocktail dresses or sexy lingerie. God they looked yummy. The next magazine had more curvy models, like the Victoria Secret’s catalog, and I like looking through this because these women were built more like I was. I haven’t looked like these skinny coat racks since high school. Then my breast developed, and developed, and now I am nice and voluptuous, I would say a little too voluptuous, but no man would say that. Now these were some nice women. Seeing these vixens in bras and panties lying in front of a fireplace got me to think about myself a little more. I thought, maybe I should put something sexy on. Why shouldn’t I look as sexy as I feel?

So I dug right to the bottom of the draw and found a nice black silky top that stops at the belly button, and a matching pair of silky black panties. The panties felt incredible on my bald mound, and my tits held the shirt out so much that the front came up even further. It wasn’t decent enough to wear outside, but that was ok with me. I got back into bed and tried to pick out another good one from the stack. That’s when I saw it. Second to last one…not just a playboy or some gentlemen’s magazine, but a real hardcore porno mag. My husband must have forgotten to hide it wherever he usually does. Just the cover, a close up of a women with her lips around a big, glistening cock made my head spin for a second. Whoa!

For about a second I was mad at my husband for having this around. But the way I was feeling that night, I soon became more curious than angry. Inside were couples in all sorts of positions. Women getting fucked on their knees, on their back or standing up, or sitting down and riding a cock. And women giving head, either licking the shaft or deep throating it, or with their tongue an inch away and showing a string of saliva or cum stretching between her mouth and his cock. I have to say it did make me even hornier than I was before. I let my hand drop and started rubbing the front of my panties until they were wet from my pussy juice. I switched between that and squeezing my nipple through my shirt, all the while looking at those pictures.

Just then the door bell rings. I was going to ignore it but they were very persistent. I asked through the door who it was, and it was my neighbor Margarita, whose boyfriend is one of the buddies that is out with my husband tonight. I threw şırnak escort bayan the robe over me and opened the door, and Margarita practically jumps into the apartment screaming in half Spanish and waving something around. When I calmed her down, she tells me she found this in Juan’s (her boyfriend’s) draw. She flings a porno tape at me…Where the boys aren’t. As soon as I saw what it was I started laughing. This got her even madder. But I said, “Margarita, look.” And showed her what I found. ‘Don’t you see? They planted these here as a joke. So we could find them!”

Well, I had to give Margarita a glass of wine to calm down and after a while she got the joke and was laughing about it too. “But how could they do this to us!” she said.

“Oh, it’s not that bad…in fact I was looking through this one,” I told her.

Margarita took a look at the mag, and I noticed that she spent plenty of time taking in certain pictures, of big-titted women straddling cocks, of women licking each other out in 69 positions, and of the real nasty pictures showing cum dripping from the women’s mouths.

“Well, we can play that game too,” she said, and with the drink in her hand, picked up the tape and popped it in the VCR.

Part III

I wasn’t exactly sure I wanted to do this. What I really wanted was to be alone so that I could get back to what I was doing. But I grabbed the bottle of wine and plopped back onto the couch. This movie won’t take that long, and it would be a hoot if the boys found out we watched it.

The first scene started out with a nicely shaped brunette in Miami cruising around to pick up chicks that boys rejected. That was a really lame plot line because these rejected women were fantastic hotties, and nobody would reject them. But forget about that. The brunette brings home the girls, she found two of them, and treated them really nice and they were so happy. Then the older women, the one who picked them up, started touching their knees and rubbing their arms, just being friendly at first, then more and more flirtatious. Finally, she was so close to one of the girls, she just slowly moved her face a little closer, then a little more, and when the young one didn’t pull away, she gave her a soft, gentle kiss on the lips. From that point on, Margarita and I were fascinated with the movie. How they always started out as friends, something changed and they had wild uninhibited sex, and always remained good friends afterwards. The women were really hot, the sex was hot, and I was hot. I wanted Margarita to leave (and leave the tape behind) so that I could get back to what I started in the bathtub.

Finally, when the movie was over, I got up to give Margarita a hint, and my robe fell open. I was so interested in the movie that I forgot all about the fact that I was wearing my robe. Margarita did get the hint and stood up to leave, but when she saw my robe fall open, she said, “Ay, whats this underneath!”

“Oh, well I had taken a bath,” I started to make up some excuse for the sexy underwear.

‘Uh huh, and then you found the dirty magazine, didn’t you!”

“No! No, that was later,” I said, I think, unconvincingly.

“OK,” she said, quickly, moving a little to the door. “Well, bye honey. You gonna tell your husband we watched the movie?”

“I’m gonna make him squirm a little escort şırnak first,” I said.

“You sure are, in that outfit,” she said. “Well OK then, I’ll see you.” But she didn’t leave. So I walked over to open the door for her. “See you,’ I said.

“OK.” Now Margarita walked slowly over to the door, stopping very close to me, with her eyes lowered. Her head barely moved, just a little upward, and a little toward me, until our lips were very close. She tilted her head up again, this time raising her eyes up toward mine, and our lips were practically touching now. She parted her lips a little and put them right up against mine, and I…well, I parted mine also. This was no kiss, it was a test. An exploration. Two women, two friends, with their lips touching, seeing what feelings we got from it. I liked it. My tongue also explored, and licked Margarita’s lip, before her own tongue met mine. We stood like that for a minute, unsure of how to proceed. Then I closed the door.


Everything happened fast. My robe dropped to the floor. We kissed passionately. Margarita’s hands were immediately on my breasts squeezing them together hard. She moved right up against me and her legs and hips started rubbing across my mound. This felt great with my silky undies and hairless pussy and I immediately felt the wetness returning. Margarita’s titties were nice and round and a little smaller than mine. She was younger though, and when I pulled off her shirt I saw how nicely shaped they were and they almost seemed to defy gravity, so young and supple. She was pretty light skinned, but her nipples were very big and dark. I put my mouth on one of them and sucked until I felt it hard between my teeth. I bit them a little, and she loved that. She didn’t want to take her hands off of my breasts, but she did, moving one of them down and into my panties. She stopped as soon as she did it. “Ay. How slippery!” My newly shaved pussy was dripping with its own juice, and when Margarita moved her hand down to my pussy lips, then back out, I could see her fingers were wet and shiny. I put one in my mouth and sucked my juices off. I felt so hot now I would do anything. Anything.

I threw Margarita on to the couch, stripped off my underwear and fell on top of her. I spread her legs out and laid my pussy right on top of hers. If I had a cock it would be deep inside of her. I would fuck her like she was never fucked in her life. Instead I rubbed our wet pussies together. She was looking up with her hands on my breasts, squeezing them and playing with my nipples, pinching them and pulling on them. I took my hand and reached behind us, between our legs. Our mounds were rubbing on one another, and with my fingers I could feel our swollen pussy lips pouting open with every stroke. I thought of a man kneeling behind us, sinking every inch of his cock into my pussy, then slowly pulling it out, all wet and sticky, and sinking it into Margarita’s right below. In my mind I saw my bare lips on top of hers and that thought sent me to the edge of climax. When Margarita felt my fingers down there she immediately moaned and started to shake into a violent climax also. “Ay. You’re gonna make me come like that.” she said. We both clung to each other as the wave that I started hours ago finally broke all over me, and I felt the heat and wetness from our pussys banging together in uncontrollable surges and muscle spasms.

We fell together and laid there for a few minutes catching our breath. Then she leaned up and kissed me on the lips. She got up to put her clothes back on. “You gonna tell your husband?”

“Nah. Not if we still want our ‘Boys Night Out’ next month,” I said with a smile.

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