Brenda and Jennifer Ch. 05

Alexis Grace

The very simple-to-follow story so far…Jennifer and Brenda are happily married but have some very secret sexual fantasies about other women. They have met online and are gradually exploring these thoughts and feelings with each other as they chat…and also explored their own bodies at the same time. Being women, they talk a lot about feelings. But don’t worry… there is lots of masturbation and nudity.

It had been several days since Brenda and Jennifer talked. It was hard for two stay-at-home moms to find time for secret chat…secret, uninterrupted, private chat which might involve doing some very un-stay-at-home mom things.

They thought about each other all the time. Sometimes the thoughts were very erotic. Jen stood in the shower one morning…just caressing her breasts and gently playing with her nipples…thinking about Brenda…about Brenda maybe with no clothes on…wondering what she was doing right now.

And sometimes, late at night, as Brenda moved in and out of chat rooms, wishing Jen would sign on, she would think about all the dirty thoughts they had shared with each other. And her fingers would drift…and explore…distracting her from the bots and fakes that were trying to get her naked…as she thought of Jen…naked…also playing with herself.

But other times they just thought about each other…each other’s thoughts…emotions…feelings…and the tremendous sense that they had each found someone different. A true friend…a unique friend who thought like they did and struggled with the things they did. And they glowed with feelings of peace…and excitement.

Finally one evening, when Jennifer’s hubby was out and the kids were in bed, she logged in…and there was Brenda. Her heart jumped a little.


“Hey.” Brenda’s husband was off on a trip, and her kids were sleeping too. The two women were alone in cyberland. It was almost a little…scary.

Seeing each other was such a rush, but the guilt came as fast as the excitement. They knew this was going to be sex chat – with someone they didn’t know except through a computer screen, someone not their husband, not even another man. They could talk about whatever, but they both knew it was about sex at the core – and dirty, naughty masturbation at that. Even as they typed back and forth chit-chat greetings, they knew they were going to be getting off with each other that night. They were going to masturbate together. The only real question was how, and whether they would push things further than they had.

“So…..” Brenda typed. And there was a long pause.

Jen ached to break the ice, but she didn’t. She chickened out and wrote “Soooooo” back.

Brenda laughed. Then Jen laughed.

Brenda was actually hornier than Jennifer. She had already been online for an hour…in and out of chat rooms, striking up conversations, and even finding a few good picture links. Her clothes were still on, but she was more than a little wet…having talked dirty to people…having looked at dirty pictures of people with no clothes on…especially pictures of naked women…sometimes touching themselves…or touching each other…kissing…licking… Even in the silence, she looked intently at Jennifer’s name on the screen and started to press a bit down below. She ached to tell Jennifer how she wanted to lick her pussy…but couldn’t say that…not yet.

Jennifer was already feeling overwhelmed by the guilt. The conflict…the feeling that here she was again…a adana escort slut and total failure as a wife and mom…having squalid online cybersex. It was so wrong and pathetic. But she couldn’t stop…she had tried so many times. She kept coming back because it was something different…something that also made her happy…gave her feelings of peace and release she could never find anywhere else. And Brenda understood…she seemed to totally understand and have the same feelings.

So Jen took the first step.

“Brenda…can I tell you something?”


“I’m feeling guilty.”

Brenda paused. She was already thinking of taking off her pants. But now she felt pierced by the same arrow.

“I know, Jen. I guess…me too.”

“I mean, that was really fun the other day.”

“Totally fun.”


“I know…”

Jennifer started to babble. She admitted their chat was so hot. But she felt like such a slut and hypocrite…living her typical normal life but having these secret thoughts. And acting on them…actually touching and playing with herself and masturbating to lesbian fantasies. Driving the ultimate mom-mobile…her minivan…but even as she drove, sometimes replaying in her mind how she had masturbated online with Brenda, lustfully swallowing every word as Brenda told her how she was playing with her own pussy. What a slut.

“I know,” wrote Brenda. “I know exactly what you are talking about.”

Part of Brenda ached with the same feelings. The other part wanted to do it again with Jen…right now. She wondered what Jen was wearing right then…whether she was turned on even as she confessed…the way they had been before. Maybe Jen’s panties were getting wet…wet with the excitement of being bad.

And a part of Jen did too. Just saying…that she was a slut…turned her on a little bit. But she wasn’t going to say that. Instead she continued “it’s like…it’s like I want to stop…and know I should stop…but can’t stop…just no matter how many times I try.”

“And,” continued Brenda, “you rationalize to yourself.”


“That it’s not hurting anyone.”


“That it’s just fantasy.”


“That it’s okay to be turned on.”


“I know, Jen…I do all that too,” Brenda said. She was getting very horny and wet.

“I guess I just don’t want to go far,” said Jennifer.

“Me neither,” said Brenda. Then she continued, “But how far is too far?”

“Sometimes I really don’t know.”

“I guess…” said Brenda, “that sometimes I figure I’ve crossed the line anyway. So…it doesn’t matter…I may as well just do anything.”

“But,” said Jennifer. “You can try to stop and go back.”

“I guess.”

“But you’re right,” said Jennifer. “Once you’ve done something it’s in your mind forever.”

“You can’t just stop thinking about it.”


“Like an addiction,” said Brenda.


“A really hot, horny addiction.”

Jen laughed. “Yah.”

They were both quiet for a minute. They were both on the edge again…wanting badly to plunge into hot dirty sex talk…but held back by a mix of things…not just the guilt, but the thoughts of how self-indulgent this was…all the errands they needed to do for tomorrow…and even a desire to prolong the arousal…build the excitement further…as long as they possibly could.

“It just feels so good,” said adana escort bayan Jennifer.

“I know.”

“It feels so good to touch myself.”


“To masturbate.”


“Thinking naughty thoughts.”

“Naughty thoughts about other women.”

“Naked women.”

“Women with all their clothes off.”

“Getting excited about it.”

“Thinking about women masturbating.”

“Women having sex with each other.”



“Mmmm.” Brenda began to unzip herself. She felt a sort of relief…that they had at least temporarily resolved the nagging guilt…and also felt the sense of arousal…the arousal of such good, open conversation…the kind she could only share with Jennifer.



“I’m getting very wet,” said Jen.

“Me too,” said Brenda.

“What are you doing right now?”

Brenda told the truth. “I’m starting to take off my pants…so that I can play with myself, Jen.”

“Mmmmm…are you wet?”

“Oh yah.”

“I get so wet thinking about chatting with you.”

“Me too.”

“As soon as I saw you were online, I started to get wet.”

“Mmm…I got wet too.” Brenda’s pants were undone and pulled down her hips…hanging loosely…her panties still on but very exposed.

“Mmm…what were you doing before I signed on?”

Brenda held back for a second. Then she typed, “I was in sexy chatrooms and looking at sexy pictures.” She pressed down against her panty-clad pussy.

“Oh really?” Jen felt a new flood of excitement…and wetness. She still had at least an hour. The flame was building now. She wanted to keep it growing…by talking…and maybe more confessing…


“Did you talk to some sexy people?”

Brenda laughed. “Not really…just a lot of bots and fakes.”

“Aw,” said Jen. “What about the sexy pictures?”

“Mmmm.” Brenda moved her fingers under her panties.

“Brenda…were you looking at dirty pictures?”

“Um.” They both laughed.

“Do you ever look at nude pictures and play with yourself?” asked Jen. Then she quickly added, “….like I do?”

Brenda confessed she did. That sometimes she would cum…looking at dirty pictures. And Jen repeated her own confession…that when she couldn’t find fun people to chat with…she also masturbated to pictures.

Now Brenda’s pants were off all the way…her panties still on but wet and pushed down…as she and Jen talked about what turned them on. Nothing hardcore. No expoited Russian teenagers. And certainly not fake “lesbians” with bleached hair and blank eyes.

“What about this?” asked Brenda, and she attached a link. Jen clicked on it.

“Oh my….” Jen’s heart skipped a beat. It was a picture of two twentyish brunettes…naked…and kissing. It was very sexy. She began to caress herself a bit. “Mmmmm.”

“Do you like it?” asked Brenda.

“Yes….do you?” replied Jen. The women’s faces were glowing…their eyes closed, but happy…lips pressing together…bodies also together…breasts touching…pushing against each others lips..

“Oh, yes.”

Jen paused. “Brenda…were you looking at this before?”

“Mmm…I was.”

“And what were you doing?”

“Jen…I was playing with myself while I looked.” Every word aroused Brenda as she typed.

“You looked at these naked girls kissing and masturbated.”

“Yes, I did.”

Jen couldn’t escort adana stand it anymore. She began to unbutton her shirt…and unzip her pants. “Brenda…it makes me want to play with myself too.”

“What does…the picture…or knowing I touched myself?” asked Brenda.

“Both,” said Jen. She was now exposed…her fingers beginning to freely roam.

“Mmmm…are you playing with yourself now, Jen? Are you…masturbating?” asked Brenda, almost holding her breath as she typed.

“Yes,” said Jen.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, Brenda, I am masturbating. I am beginning to touch my pussy.” In fact, Jen had one hand lightly moving up and down her slit…stopping to type…then back again, while the other began to move up to her bra.

“What are you thinking about?”

Jen knew what she was thinking about – about kissing Brenda the way the women in the picture were kissing. About being naked with Brenda. But she held back again.

“About those women kissing.”

“Those naked girls kissing…their bodies touching?”


“Mmmm…me too.”

“It’s so wrong, Brenda.”

“Totally wrong…looking at women together like that.” Brenda’s panties were now all the way off…and so was her top and bra. She was naked…removing hands to type quickly…then they returned to her…roaming over her chest and tummy…dancing down to her pussy for a quick rub…then back up and around. She fondled and massaged her bare breasts, flicking her nipples lightly…wondering intently whether Jen was naked yet.

“But I just can’t stop,” said Jen. “I can’t stop looking…and touching.”

“I know…me too.”

“It feels sooooo good,” said Jen. And she felt very, very good right then…she had removed her bra…and was gently fondling her bare breasts…secretly, secretly, thinking it was Brenda feeling them…Brenda playing with Jen’s tits…maybe licking her nipples…sucking them…caressing and fondling. Jen closed her eyes and imagined the two of them together…naked and kissing and touching.

Brenda didn’t reply…she was spending more and more time rubbing herself…fingers sliding up and down her pussy…so slick and wet by now…causing tremors every time they moved against her clit…her bare, wet, red clit…just like Jen’s bare, wet, red clit. Jen was probably feeling her own clit right now. They were two women…their bodies alight…aroused…aflame…both wanting to rub the other…rub their clits together…against each other…maybe reaching down and fingering each other…exploring each other’s naked feminine bodies.

Jen opened her eyes and saw Brenda hadn’t replied yet. Maybe she had stepped away…or maybe…she was too busy playing…? Jen shivered at the thought. She typed, “Brenda…whatcha doing?”

Brenda stopped and wrote back quickly, “Jen…I’m masturbating.”

Jen almost squealed with delight. She wrote back. “Brenda…so am I.”

“It feels so good, Jen.”

“So, good, Brenda.”

“You just got me so excited, Jen…so excited,” said Brenda.

“Our dirty, naughty talk,” replied Jen. She was naked now…totally naked…fondling her bare tits and rubbing her pussy while she talked to this chick she only knew through chat..

“And naughty pictures.”

“Oh yes.”

“Pictures that made me play with myself,” confessed Brenda. She didn’t want to stop to type, but each word made everything even hotter.

“Me too.”

“But now I can’t stop thinking about your pussy…wet and shiny.”

“It is so wet…it’s been wet for a while now,” said Jen.


“Wet pussy…erect nipples…everything aglow…you made it wet, Brenda.”

“Jen…” said Brenda.


“Could I….could I lick it?”

(To be continued yet again.)

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