Britney & The Blackmail k**


Britney & The Blackmail k**Britney just stood there stunned. she couldnt believe it. this young k** filmed her fucking his grandfather. she didnt even know anyone else was there. and now he was blackmailing her. and there was nothing she could do about it. she thought about it and figured it couldnt be too bad, the k** probaly just wanted a handjob and an autograph. the boy stepped into her house and told Britney she made the smart decision. he told her to strip and she did. the boy couldnt believe it, Britney Spears was naked in front of him and was ready to do anything he said. he was rock hard. Britney saw this and wondered what the boy would want. the boy said, “get down on your knees slut” so she did. the boy took off his clothes and walked over to her. Britney was surprised at the size of his cock. it looked bigger than his grandfather’s and he was a teenager. the boy ordered, “put it in your mouth slut and dont take your lips off until i cum down your throat” Britney had never been spoken to like that and didnt expect it. she really didnt want the video to get out, so she did as she was told ankara escort and put his young cock in her mouth and started to suck it. the boy moaned and grabbed her head with both hands. he started to pump it into her mouth. “yeah you slut, take my dick. take it all down” he started to fuck her face faster and harder. his entire cock dissapearing down her throat, his balls slapping her chin. she gagged alittle and the boy only went faster. he was loving this. he started to moan and exploded into her mouth without warning. Britney didnt expect so much cum. “swallow it bitch. every single drop”. and she did. he pulled out of her mouth and started to grope her breasts, squeezing them and rubbing them. he told her to lie down and she did. the boy got up on top of her and started rubbing his cock around her tits. he was starting to get erect again. he put his balls on her mouth and told her, “suck them” she skept licking and sucking them until he was rock hard again and he slipped it back into her mouth, then pulled out and put his cock in between her amazing breasts. she grabbed them and squeezed ankara escort bayan them against his cock as he started to fuck her tits. Britney couldnt believe she was being titfucked by this k**. he kept pumping her tits and then started to rub her pussy. he placed his cock in front of it and teased her pussy. “you want my dick inside you dont you you little slut?” “yes, please fuck me, i’m all yours. i want it” the boy shoved his cock into her pussy and was in heaven. he started to rapidly fuck her. he loved hearing Britney moan, he sped up some more, pumping in and out of her tight pussy. he didnt want to ever stop. he started to fuck her harder and then came right inside her pussy. he kept pumping and pumping and when he pulled out he was still hard. “did you like that bitch? i bet you want some more” “yes, that was good. so are we all set now? can i have the tape?” the boy laughed, “i’m not done with you yet slut, turn around” Britney turned around and was on all fours. the boy got behind her and just admired her amazing ass. he slapped it a few times and started rubbing it escort ankara on her asshole. “no, no, no, please” “shut up bitch, you do as your told or that tape will get out” Britney had never done anal before but heard from a friend that it was not a pleasant experience. “ahhhhhhhhhh” the pain hit her and she couldnt do anything. “ahhhhhhhhhh, no,” the boy started working more and more of his cock into Britney’s ass.once he got all the way in he slapped her ass and started to really pump it into her.Britney was screaming and begging for him to take it out. he just kept fucking her ass. “yeah bitch, take it, your mine” “ohhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhh, i’m yours, i’m yours, i’m your little slut bitch” hearing Britney’s words as he fucked her ass made him ready to explode. he pulled out and turned her around, “open your mouth bitch” Britney did as she was told and opened her mouth, she closed her eyes and felt wave after wave of hot cum hit her face.she felt some over eye, in her hair, it was everywhere. the boy dropped the tape onto the floor and said thanks for being such a good slut before grabbing her hair and wiped off his cock. he pulled out his phone and took a picture Britney covered in his cum and then got his clothes and left, with Britney sitting on the floor covered in cum and in pain. she had a feeling she hadnt seen the last of the boy.

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