Caught in the Act!!


Caught in the Act!!It was a hot august afternoon, I was very bored in parents old house. So I decided to explore an old hiding place from my younger years that I hid old porn mags in to jerk off at night to. I knew the place was empty besides me, so I decided to take a look. I opened the door to the old basement room I used to sleep in long ago, I walked down and made my way over to my little cubbyhole to see if my things were left untouched by anyone. I reach up into a corner tile of the drop ceiling and lo and behold my old porn stash was still there, dusty but intact. I pulled the box down and began looking over the titles until I found a big tit magazine that looked good enough to stroke my cock to completion to. I reach into my shorts and release my stiffening cock, I squeeze the head and smear the pre-cum as lube to help with the masturbation. I slowly stroked my thick 8 inch uncut cock, and rubbed my balls with my free hand. I didn’t hear anyone enter the house let alone the basement door, but sure enough my step sister had managed to sneak down the stairs and was looking at my cock in a trance when I noticed her there. I was stunned and tried to hide my cock and porn mag from her sight. She laughed and said,”It’s a little late for that don’t you think?? I have been here watching you stroke that nice big cock for at least two minutes before you noticed me watching you stroke it..” I blushed and what she said next blew my mind. She says, “I see you like big tit porn huh? Well as you already can tell I am short much I have a nice big set of natural titties on me.” I nodded in agreement now staring intently at her big breasts. She noticed me looking at them and she pulled on the nipples through the fabric of her tank top. They instantly became hard and she continues..”So since we aren’t related this won’t seem weird, but I’m very horny haven’t been fucked in forever. And I’ve told you stories before about how I liked only big black cock, well I didn’t know you had such türbanlı artvin escort a nice cock.” I was turned on by her forwardness, and I continued to stroke my cock in front of her but this time I moved to make a show of it for her. She licked her lips and continued to gaze at my stiffening cock. She motions for me to get up and go over to her. I walk to her and she pulls me down to her and we kiss hot and wet, she grabs my hand an moves it to her huge saggy tit, I didn’t need encouragement I started rubbing her tit and pulling on her nipple. She moaned as we kissed and I stimulated her breast in my hand. She panted, and said, “Pull them out and suck on them, I like it and my nipples are very sensitive!” I did as she instructed, I took each fat saggy tit in a hand and proceeded to suck on them like I was a newborn thirsting for milk. She moaned as I sucked her tits for all it was worth. She reached down and took my cock in her hand and squeezed it hard and softly said, ” Please let me suck your cock it would be shame to let a nice hard on like that go to waste.” I played dumb, acting nervous but at the same time horny as fuck that this was actually occurring. So I say nothing and nod at her, she licks her lips again and smiles and then moves down to start sucking my cock. She wrapped her tits around the base of my cock and started giving me a rigorous titfuck/blowjob. It felt amazing, her soft tits and her slut mouth slobbering on my cock. I moaned as she did this, making her stop sucking and continue titfucking me as she started to talk dirty. “You like fucking them big titties huh? you like the way I suck your cock baby?” I nod and continue to stare as she removes her tits and deepthroat my cock like its nothing. I gasp and buck up farther into her throat and she gags and drools spit down onto my glistening cock. Now she is very short only 4 foot 11 inches tall but from the stories shes told me, she is quite a slut. türbanlı artvin escort bayan She has participated in a gangbang once when a black fuck friend got her drunk and talked her into fucking and sucking all his black friends at a party. I urge her to move her little body around so I could eat out her pussy while she services my cock. She quickly moved into place, and I licked her clit like a crazed man. She moaned on my cock as I licked her, I pushed her head down deeper cause I liked the gagging sound she made. We stayed like this for a while and then I whispered that I wanted to fuck her little body good before anyone got home. She moves to the old bed in the corner and spreads her legs and invites me in, pushing her big boobs together to tease me. I positioned myself and slid my rock hard cock deep in to her wet pussy. I fucked her slow at first, pushing every inch in, and then pulling almost the whole thing out. I slowly picked up pace and leaned closer to French kiss her and every so often suck her big tits. She pants and says to me, “Remember I told you about my gangbang, well I didn’t tell you that I was so nervous to get pregnant that night that all I did was titfuck, swallow, or take cocks in my ass all night.” I look at her in wild wonder, I am thiking of how good her little asshole must feel. She notices my distraction and says, “Whats the matter? Jealous a bunch of horny black cocks got to fuck my ass?” I nod sadly, and she replies,” Oooo baby, do you want to cum in my asshole??” I quickly nod yes and she smiles again spitting on two of her fingers and sliding them into her asshole to stretch it out as I continued to fuck her sopping wet pussy. She whispers that she is ready to take my cock in her ass now. I pull my glazed cock out of her pussy and easily slide it into her tight asshole. She gasps a little and I stop to let her adjust, all the while placing loving kisses and licks all over her massive türbanlı escort artvin tits. She relaxes and pulls my hips toward her to encourage me to slide my cock in deeper. I slowly pushed my cock to the halfway point and then I spit on the shaft to add more lube to it. She grabbed both her ass cheeks and spread her asshole open more. I push the remaining inches into her ass until my balls rested on her ass. She sighed and tells me,” Stroke it in and out a little slow until it gets loose then I want you pound my fucking asshole as hard as you can until you blast your cum inside me.” I slowly work her tight asshole with my aching cock, she moans and frantically rubs her clit as I feel her asshole’s grip ease up and I can slide in and out with ease. She is moaning loudly and slapping and fingering her pussy as I build up speed to a hard ball slapping anal fuck. She bites the nearby pillow and slaps her pussy again and makes a huge squirt splash up at me as I pound her asshole like crazy. She screams out in orgasm as I thrust deeper and deeper into her ass. She yells,” Please I’m so horny, let me taste your cum!!” I quickly pulled my cock out from the depths of her asshole and unloaded a series of three big cumshots. The first blast coated her big fat titties and sprayed her chin a little bit. The second blast shot over her face and plastered her eye and nose, she greedily lapped at my cock as the third blast sot into her warm mouth. She lovely sucked at my softening cock until it popped out of her mouth. She smeared the cum on her face down towards her mouth and slurped it off her fingers. she then rubbed the cumblast on her tits and made them shine in a sick cumglazing. She looked up at me smiling, and said, ” That was great but we both must never let anyone know this happened. We take this secret to the grave!” She again smiles at me and slides her tank top back over her cumsoaked tits. She walks over to me and squeezes my cock one last time as she let our tongues intertwine in a passionate French kiss. She winks at me and says as she walked up the stairs, “Thanks for abusing my ass, I don’t think i’ll be sitting right for a few days now, but I’m not complaining.” She blows me a kiss while jiggling one of her tits and then she left. I see her at get togethers but we only grin at each other. If the others only knew!! The End

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