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caught watchingSex. Like all guys who aren’t getting as much of it as they would like and who also having a broadband internet connection, I was rather addicted to porn. I would spend hours off into the night surfing the net or the torrent websites in search of various new, hot, wet porn to satiate my sexual appetites. With the lights turned off and my monitor pumping out images of a carnal nature, I would slowly massage my fat six inch swollen member until that tingle in my balls signaled my oncoming climax.My favorite scenes were definitely the close up shots of a pussy getting fucked by a big fat cock; the glisten of her juices making everything shiny and wet, the slapping sound of flesh on flesh, the stretching pussy lips engulfing some lucky guys manhood. I would lean in close to the screen and imagine I was right there watching these people have sex while my hand vigorously pumped on my straining cock.One night as I was on my usual hunt a popup from an adult match making service popped up for the millionth time. The standard reflex to hit that little x and shut if off kicked in but at the last second I paused… what if? I knew I wanted to see a couple have sex but had never really thought about how to go about it and now here, staring me in the face, was a possible answer. I thought “what the hell?” and signed up for a 3 month subscription.2 Months Later…It was all looking rather pointless and I was pretty sure I had wasted my money. None of the couples that I wanted to see had responded to my messages and of those few who had sent me messages there were none that I really wanted to get involved with. I know it sounds strange to be picky in a situation like this but I wanted it to be hot… like in the porn.I was close to giving up on this little fantasy but one evening while checking my account there was an interesting message that just read, “So you want to watch do you?”Intrigued I followed the link to their profile, naughtycpl96. She was 22 and he was 25. She was a slim brunette with fine perky tits and a clean shaved snatch and he was a muscular well hung stud. In one of the pictures she was sucking his cock which looked a bit bigger than mine but the picture that really got my attention was a close up of his shaft buried half way into her tight little pussy, her juices making his cock shine. I was rock hard and very tempted to jerk off right then and there but decided that in this case, it might be better to wait.I quickly sent a message back saying, “Your pictures are wonderful and I would love to see you two get all hot and sweaty in front of me.” From that point on I checked my account almost every hour. The next day when I got up there was a message from naughtycpl96 waiting for me and I was almost shaking as I clicked on it.”Glad you like them. We enjoyed taking them. How about we meet you somewhere in public first? Get to know you a little and then see where things go”After a few back and forth emails we agreed to meet at a bar in the center of town that Friday evening. The next few days seemed to take an eternity and I kept on fantasizing about what might take place but I was determined not to pleasure myself until then. When Friday finally rolled around I was so nervous and excited I could barely think. It took me twice as long to get ready as usual but I was determined to make a good impression.What seemed like all of the sudden, there I was standing in the bar. I bought a beer and stood by the bar looking around as the place became more crowded. I began to wonder if I would see them. Then I began to wonder if they would show up at all. A million different thoughts were running through my mind but everything dropped away as I saw them walk through the door.They stood there for a moment looking about the room and then she saw me looking at her, smiled and turned to her boyfriend to say something. He looked up in my direction, smiled also and they made their way over towards me.When they got close it was she who spoke first. In a sultry yet cheeky voice she said, “Hello stranger. I’m Samantha and this is my boyfriend Steve”Trying to remain calm and cool as I shook hands with them both I said, “It’s very nice to meet you both, my name is Ted. Can I buy you two a drink?””Sure,” she replied. “Two beers please. We’ll go grab a booth over there and then you can come join us.”With the beers in hand I walked towards where she had indicated. They were sitting close to each other and she was leaning into him talking intently and smiling which I hoped was a good sign. She gestured for me to sit down next to her and for the next few minutes we made light small talk with each other.As we were chatting I couldn’t help but notice her fine perky nipples poking through her top in the cool air. When she saw me looking she smiled and turned to whisper something to Steve who smiled and asked me “So, do you like what you see?””Well, let’s just say that I’m glad we’re sitting down right now otherwise I might start to embarrass myself.””I know what you mean,” he said. “When I first saw Samantha I had a similar response,” to which she giggled and leaned against him. I noticed that one of her hands had slid down beneath the table and was moving back and forth slightly which only made my growing hard on swell more.”I think we like you” she said looking to Steve who nodded. “Why don’t we finish up here and go back to our place for another drink?”I couldn’t believe this was happening. On the bus ride back we sat in the very back. I was seated next to the window with Samantha next to me and Steve on her other side. Again they smiled at each other and then starting kissing right next to me. I was slightly unsure of what to do so I just sat there trying not to look like I was paying too much attention but more and more they were pushing against me as they kissed and fondled each other. I was so turned on I though I might explode right there.Suddenly they stopped, “This is our stop,” and with that got up and headed towards the exit. Like a little lost sheep I followed behind them. After a brief walk we arrived at their flat which was a nice looking place.”Why don’t you make yourself comfortable,” she gestured towards the couch, “and we’ll fix you up a drink.”As I sat there I realized that my brain wasn’t working properly and I couldn’t keep a thought in my head. When they returned with karabük rus escort the drinks Samantha sat on one side of me and Steve on the other. She placed a hand on my arm and said “Don’t be nervous, we won’t bite and besides, you wanted to watch us didn’t you?”Nervously I agreed and downed my drink which made her giggle again. I turned to look at Steve who was just smiling as usual. “Let me get you another” said Samantha as she jumped up to refill my glass leaving me awkwardly with her boyfriend on the couch.”Don’t worry b*o” he said, “we wouldn’t have invited you around if it wasn’t ok for you to be here. We like to show off a bit and have been talking about really showing off in front of someone. Sam liked your pictures on that website so we thought what the hell, why not give it a try?”Samantha returned with a fresh drink and as I drank that one down I began to relax and feel more comfortable. “See, that’s better isn’t it,” she said as she took my glass and set it on the table. She set her own glass down, hopped up and went to put on some music again leaving me sitting with her boyfriend. “You have a nice place here” I said to break the pause.”Thanks. We like it too.”Some soft music kicked on and I leaned back taking in the surroundings. Samantha came bobbing back and landed herself back next to me. “You like?” she asked. Not sure what she was referring to I just sort of smiled and nodded which made her smile too as she looked past me to Steve. I was feeling oddly relaxed now even though I had only had three drinks but the thought didn’t last long as Samantha leaned across me.At first I thought she was going to kiss me but then she moved across a bit more towards Steve who mashed his lips to hers. So here I was with a young vixen half lying across me while kissing another man only a few inches away from my face. I could smell her perfume and was acutely aware of the sounds of their tongues and lips and they played with one another.I was already getting hard again when I felt one of Samantha’s hands run up and down my thigh feeling for my cock through my jeans. When her fingers found what they were looking for she gave me a squeeze, broke her kiss with Steve and looked into my eyes. “You’re a pretty big boy” she giggled “and turned on too it seems. What about you honey?” she asked as she reached for the bulge in Steve’s pants. “Oh yes… you too eh?”With that and with her body leant across mine she undid the buckle on his jeans. She turned to look at me staring at her as she slowly pulled his zipper down. Smiling she turned back and fished out Steve’s growing cock.I had never seen another man’s equipment this close in real life before and I felt myself transfixed as she lowered her mouth to his waiting organ. Steve simply closed his eyes and leaned back into the couch while Samantha began to go to work on him.Now it is hard to describe but with Samantha lying across me I could feel her body move against mine as her head danced on his stiffening pole, her breasts massaging my groin as she worked. Steve was lightly moaning as his girlfriend’s head bobbed in his lap and I allowed my hands to wander up onto her back and down towards her tight buttocks.”Uh ah,” she said as she pulled her mouth from his moist cock. “You wanted to watch remember, no touchy, touchy,” she grinned.”Well,” said Steve, “why don’t you show him what we both want to see then?”Smiling she hopped up and stood in front of us leaving Steve’s cock poking out of his jeans. I couldn’t help taking a quick look but my attention was then diverted back to Samantha as she began a sultry dance to the music. Slowly she peeled her top off revealing no bra and the most perfect tits you could imagine, voluptuous firm and perky. I was transfixed as this lithe creature danced before us.Beside me Steve was removing his shirt too but all my attention was on Samantha as she slowly undid her jeans and slid them down to reveal no underwear and that perfectly shaved little snatch. Every impulse in my body wanted to jump up and take her into my arms but I sat and watched as she nakedly swayed to the music.”Is this what you wanted to see?” she cooed suggestively.I could barely respond as if under a spell. Closer she danced. Closer until she was right in front of me. “Look, but don’t touch,” she smiled as she gyrated in front of me. “Steve honey, why don’t you go get more comfortable and I’ll entertain our guest here for a minute?”With that Steve stood up with his still engorged cock pointing outwards and went off into the other room.It was like being in a private strip club as Samantha leaned over me, her breasts swaying just above my face, moving to the music. She then climbed up straddling me brushing me with her hair as she swayed back and forth getting closer and closer to me each time. I was practically sitting on my hands to resist the urge to take her into my arms as the soft, warm flesh of her chest brushed over my cheeks.Sitting fully on my lap she then leaned back and started unbuttoning my shirt while I sat in a daze just smiling at her. With that discarded and with a naughty look she moved her hands down and slowly undid my jeans and moving backwards from me pulled them, along with my boxers, down around my ankles and off thus releasing my throbbing manhood from its constraints to immediately flop up onto my stomach.Smiling her cheeky smile again she resumed her position straddled over me gyrating and swaying, tempting me with her flesh but never quite making full contact. All I wanted was to sink my cock into that tight wet pussy but instead I forced myself to just enjoy this intense situation as she breathed into my ear while her nipples brushed against my naked chest.Through her dancing hair I briefly saw Steve come back in the room now buck naked with his seven inches standing out proudly in front of him. I lost sight of him as he moved behind her and then she slowly stopped her sultry little dance and looking right into my eyes and only inches apart she smiled her wicked little smile once more. Then her eyes rolled back slightly, her mouth opened and she sighed.It took me a second to realize what had just taken place as she knelt over me but as she began to push backwards before coming forward towards me again the unmistakable motion, complimented by a soft sticky wet sound, karabük rus escort bayan told me that Steve was presently burying himself deep inside of her.Slightly flushed she stopped her own movements and locked eyes with me once again. I could see Steve’s shoulders and saw glimpses of his hands on her hips as he began to thrust into her with more intent. The soft smacking sound of his hips meeting her ass was only complimented by the little flick of her hair and tits towards me in sync with his thrusts. Here I was, buck naked on a stranger’s couch while this nude little nymph was getting fucked right on top of me!Samantha began to moan and sigh with each slap of his balls against her and that only seemed to spur Steve on more. His thrusts became stronger and the aroma of their sex permeated the air. Each time he would slam into her she would get pushed a little closer towards me until she surrendered and just let her naked beauty fall against me. I could feel her perky tits mashed against my chest and her panting and breathing in my ear was driving me wild.My hands could resist no longer and since I was now a part of their sex making I allowed them to roam across her body feeling the curve of her waist and the soft silky skin of her back. She didn’t protest and over her shoulder I caught Steve’s eye as he laid into his girlfriend. He smiled a warm smile and pushed her harder against me with each deep thrust.Samantha then gained some of her control back and placing her hands either side of my head on the back of the couch pushed back against Steve arching her back as she did so. This gave me a great view of those wonderful tits as they flicked back and forth in time with Steve’s penetrations.Since there had been no objections and taking it somewhat as an invitation I reached up and took her breasts into my hands. Samantha moaned and tossed her head back as I kneaded her flesh while her boyfriend pounded her pussy. I pinched on her nipples and she squealed in delight bouncing herself back against Steve’s oncoming thrusts, her hair tossing around me on each impalement.The smells and the sounds were overwhelming and obviously not just for me as Samantha began to quiver slightly. Steve took this as a sign and increased his pace which must have driven Samantha over the top because all of the sudden she fell against me, mashed her lips against mine and drove her tongue into my mouth slathering me with her hot saliva.I reached around her back and hugged her to close to me not only for the pleasure but also to prevent our teeth from banging into each other as Steve continued to drive himself into her. Samantha was sweating and must have been climaxing because all of the sudden her hips gave out and she collapsed fully against my naked body. In this position as she continued to passionately kiss me I could feel Steve’s impacts resonating through her body and into mine. With my cock pressed tightly between her stomach and mine, mingled with the sweat and the motions of their sex I couldn’t restrain myself and suddenly jets of my hot cum were shooting out between our mashed together stomachs.Samantha must have felt this and broke our slobbery kiss. Once again there was that wicked little smile. “Are we too much for you?””Sorry,” I stammered, “I just…””Don’t apologize; you’ve been very well behaved so far. Why don’t we let Steve take a little break and you can take care of me for a minute.”With that Steve pulled out, allowing Samantha to climb off of me. She rolled off of me and lay on the couch beside me, legs spread, inviting. “Why don’t you show me what that tongue of yours can do?”I didn’t need any more prompting than that. Without thinking I turned past Steve who was standing there with his still raging hard-on and mashed my face into his girlfriend’s sopping wet pussy. As my tongue lapped her juices the thought that another man’s cock had just been fucking this tender pussy ignited in my mind and I redoubled my efforts.”Ooh, he’s good honey. Yeah, that’s it, lick my wet pussy. Mmmm.”I did my best trying to apply everything I had ever learned about licking pussy to earn my keep with this fiery minx. I continued to lap and suck on her pussy and I felt her hand on the back of my head pushing my face harder against her. Her legs began to quiver and tense and her hips bucked against my wanting mouth as her climax took over.Panting, she lifted my head from between her legs and pulled me up towards her mouth. Without question I moved forwards and kissed her deeply sharing her juices between us. When she broke the embrace she pushed me onto my back and scooted around placing her dripping pussy over my face once more but before I could even pull her hips down onto my face I felt her warm mouth engulf my cock.She was good. Her tight little mouth took in my flaccid member and began to suck it back to life. With a brief pause of consideration over how wonderful she felt I leaned my head up and resumed tonguing her wet folds and the little nub of her clit determined to make her cum again.It didn’t take long before my cock was raging hard again but with our position sixty-nining on the couch my neck was getting tired so I let my head fall back for a minute to catch my breath while she slurped and sucked my cock like I’ve never felt. I briefly wondered what had happened to Steve during all of this but my question was soon answered.”Tiring isn’t it?” he asked, “why don’t I take over?”From my position looking up at Samantha’s pussy I saw an upside down Steve standing over me or more to the point I saw 7 inches of hard cock just above me aiming straight back for the pussy I had just vacated. With no warning he moved forwards, lifted her hips slightly and probed her pussy lips with the end of his cock.This was it! I had flashbacks of watching porn on my computer but this was real and it was happening literally right in front of me. With Samantha gobbling on my cock Steve slowly pushed himself back into her waiting pussy. I could see the folds of her lips part to accept him and the veins on his cock bulge as he slid back into her hot snatch.I decided that the best thing to do was just lie there and enjoy it all. I watched intently as just several inches above me his fat cock slid in and out of Samantha’s tight wet pussy. After the first few thrusts rus escort karabük his cock was coated once more with her glistening juices and all the while I could feel her sucking and licking my throbbing manhood.It wasn’t long before Steve found his pace and unfortunately the pleasure caused Samantha to stop sucking me but I lay there, entranced by the cock; sliding in and out, wet and sticky, the strong aroma of their sex flooding my nostrils.Each time Steve would pull almost all the way out and then drive back in all the way to the hilt. I could see his balls swaying with the motion, slapping against the underside of Samantha’s pussy and I imagined the boiling cum waiting to be released into her and suddenly I knew what I wanted.I reached up around Samantha’s waist and slowly pulled her hips down towards me to get a closer look while Steve continued to bury himself in his girlfriend’s tight pussy. Closer and closer until this carnal scene was only a few inches away from my face. No porn flick could ever compare to what I was witnessing at this moment as Steve’s balls practically brushed my nose each time he embedded himself in Sam’s wet pussy.It was then that it happened. As Steve pulled back he pulled back slightly too far and his cock fell from her snatch with a plop and landed on my cheek. Without thinking my tongue just lapped out and passed over the underside of his cock. Steve didn’t seem to miss a beat and pressed down on the top of his manhood aiming it the bulging head towards my mouth.I didn’t even hesitate. My mouth opened and for the first time ever I had another man’s cock in my mouth. I could taste Samantha on him and perhaps that is why I didn’t care but slowly I began to suck on the head of his cock as he slowly moved back and forth. Each time the head passed by my lips I could feel its contours and it was marvelous.I did my best for a minute before Steve lifted his cock back to Samantha’s waiting pussy where he impaled himself once more except that now every couple of thrusts he would withdraw and run his juicy cock over my mouth to be sucked on before returning to her hot folds.This went on for a minute or so and it was clear that some unspoken agreement had been made. Samantha climbed off of me and knelt on the floor in front of Steve to suck his cock. I turned and followed suit as if in a dream and placed my face next to hers to watch his meat slide in and out of that gorgeous mouth right up close.She sucked on him for a few moments and then pulled off and still holding the base of his cock pointed it at me. I moved forwards and took him into my mouth trying to mimic what I had just watched Samantha doing. Steve seemed to enjoy this attention and was moaning as we shared his cock between us.”I’ll be back in just a minute” Samantha said to me, “I’m sure you won’t mind keeping Steve here happy until I get back” and with that was gone. Without a pause I turned back to the bulging shaft in front of me and worked it into my mouth deeper each time enjoying the hot sensation probing my throat.”Hang on a sec,” said Steve, “let me get more comfortable.”With that he sat down on the floor in front of me and invited me to resume my activities. I bent forward and took his shaft back into my mouth partly wondering what was happening to me but mostly not caring.I heard Samantha come back into the room but Steve held my head in place bobbing over his meat which didn’t get any objections from me. Then I heard Samantha cooing in my ear and I sucked her boyfriend’s cock, “You were a good find you were, a good little bitch for us to play with. You like having a hot cock in your mouth don’t you?”All I could manage with five inches of man meat buried in my throat was a muffled agreement of, “Mm hmmm.””Well then, you’ll love this,” she said.She moved away and I felt her behind me, her hands roaming across my ass. Her fingers kneaded my flesh and she reached underneath me to grab my hard cock and to massage my balls. Then I felt her fingers probe my asshole with something slippery but I was too far gone to care about any social stigmas now, I was theirs to do with as they pleased and I was not disappointed.The pressure was immediate as Samantha pushed something hard against my anus and I tried to relax. She coaxed whatever it was in and out slightly relaxing my anal ring each time until I felt her push for real. There was a brief pang of pain but this was almost instantly replaced by something else, a sensation I had never felt before.She pushed harder against me and I could feel something slipping deep into my ass as I continued to lick and suck on Steve’s big fat cock. Then I could feel it sliding out but suddenly pushed back in deeper than before. The sensation of pain was gone and now it felt good… really good.I briefly lifted my head from Steve’s lap to look behind me and there was Samantha behind me in the doggy position. I couldn’t see exactly what she was doing but the straps around her waist were a dead giveaway to the strap-on she was starting to fuck me with.My head began to spin and so I just dove back onto Steve’s cock while Samantha began to find her pace. The feeling of being so filled with cock was intense, a real one in my mouth and a rubber phallus in my ass that was beginning to piston in and out in what seemed like a well-practiced manner.It was all too much. With Samantha now pounding my ass deep and hard and Steve’s cock now sliding all the way into my throat my balls tightened up and I exploded. Spurt after spurt of cum pumped out of my body onto the floor as if these two cocks fucking me left no room for even a drop. I became like a rag doll in their hands.Samantha continued to fuck me harder and harder. I could feel her hips slapping against my ass each time forcing me forward onto her boyfriend’s hard cock. I had long since given up on trying to think and just rocked with the motions. Steve then began to lurch slightly and suddenly, with his girlfriend giving my ass all she had, he grabbed my head and held it firmly and with his cock impaled deep in my throat I felt his hot jets of cum firing deep into my stomach.Samantha laughed with glee and really pounded my ass at the sight of this as Steve pulled his cock free making sure to fire the last few shots of cum onto my face. I licked my lips trying to take it all in while slobbering his softening dick all over my face sucking it into my mouth as it passed by.As Samantha withdrew her cock from my ass I collapsed on the floor between them totally spent. “My my, you really are a good little cum sucking bitch aren’t you?” she cooed at me, “and to think, we’re only just getting started. Wait until we take you to my uncle’s horse farm…”

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