Chapter 7 Chrissie Recovers

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Chapter 7 Chrissie RecoversChapter 7Chrissie RecoversI couldn’t really move off the sofa for the next few days as the recoveryfrom the breast implant surgery required me to sleep in a sittingposition so mommy laid a sheet on the sofa and propped pillows behind meand for the next four days I just wore a satin dressing gown and kept mymovement to a minimum. My new breasts ached and I was too scared to evenlook at them. Mother was used to me taking care of her every whim so,when the tables were turned, she tried to be the best ‘Nurse Nancy’ shecould but her wonderfully wicked nature wouldn’t allow her to resistoccasionally lifting my slip, pushing aside my panties and fondling myshrunken penis and testicles. It was wonderfully erotic of her to touchme, even though I couldn’t get hard anymore.We had sort of been lovers since I was 13 and caught her cuckolding myfather with my uncle. When I say we were ‘sort of’ lovers what I mean isthat we didn’t have full on sex until after my father passed away when Iwas 18 and what developed between us was an extremely erotic andasymmetrical relationship. She allowed me to explore the depths of mysubmissiveness and I brought out her dominant nature. What it led to wasmy initial feminisation. We were the same size, both slight people,barely 5’5″ in our stocking feet. She dressed me in her clothes and Ilearned how to enjoy the feeling of being a girl and within the confinesof our house I never wore male clothes.I left her when I was 25, escaped to Africa and got married shortlythereafter and tried to pretend I was a real man. That experiment turnedout to be very brief. My new wife saw right through me. She made it clearright from the start of our relationship that I was never going to be manenough for her and her happiness required her sexual freedom, which shetook right from the start. On our return to London she became friendswith Helen, her doctor, who ended my psychological conflict by brieflychemically castrating me and beginning regular doses of oestrogen thateventually turned me into the sissy I am today, replete with new breastsand a prick and testicles that have shrunk to a fraction of their formersize.Now my wife is pregnant with her lover’s baby and is planning on leavingme. The divorce papers will arrive Monday. Helen has now taken over wheremy wife left off and is leading me on a different journey in life; onethat is solely devoted to her happiness. That happiness entails hercomplete domination of me and my utter devotion to her.I am not a woman and never will be. I have accepted that. I am a sissythat will be used to satisfy the kinky sexual desires of other men whowill pay for the privilege of degrading me. I will not materially benefitfrom that in the slightest; whatever I will make will go as my tribute tomy new benevolent owner: Helen. But I will ultimately fulfil a need in mein a way that very few people would understand. My happiness is wrappedup in my utter submission to the person who controls my life. Once thatwas my mother and now it is Helen. She is taller than me by at leastthree inches, beautiful, sophisticated, elegant and possessed with awickedly erotic mind.Perhaps the biggest gift my mother gave me was to allow me to serve her.Once she realised the sense of devotion I felt for her she allowed me totake care of her in every way possible. I did everything around the houseand prepared every meal she ate, waiting on her hand and foot, dressed asprettily as I could. That gift she gave me allowed her to fundamentallychange as a person. She became empowered as a woman and now demandsdevotion from her new, much younger husband and would not consideranything less than having her complete sexual freedom, whilst he issolely devoted to her. In return, he spoils her completely, as any manshould. At 55 she is strikingly beautiful, looks younger by at least adecade and has a sexual vitality much younger women lack.By Thursday, four days after the operation, the swelling and pain hadlessened greatly although I still felt most comfortable lying upright onmy back. Mommy gave me a large glass of her golden nectar to wake me upand sat next to me on the sofa, reaching between my legs and pulling mypanties back to look at my little cock. A hygienist had been giving melaser treatments every day of the week to remove all my pubic hairpermanently, which was Helen’s suggestion because my penis and balls werefar too small to shave safely. Shorn of pubic hair and pink, they lookedtiny, almost like a newborn baby’s little cock.”Can I carefully lower your bra and take a look at your new tits?” mymother asked knowing that as long as her fingers were touching me I couldnot refuse any request she made.”I am curious too,” I replied. “I am desperate to see them. Can you bringa hand mirror from the bathroom so I can look at them too?”While she was upstairs finding the mirror I gently touched the bra andnoticed that each cup had a button that held it in place, making itpossible to open either side without taking the bra off. When mommyreturned and sat next to me I told her to carefully unbutton the two cupsso we could get a good look. As she fiddled with the bra I held out themirror so I could get a good first glimpse of my new breasts.”Why, they’re beautiful,” she said when she finally released my breastsand held them gently in her hand. “I’ll be ever so careful but I have tobe the first one in the world to suck those beautiful nipples.”When she placed her mouth on my right breast and slowly swirled hertongue around my nipple I felt a surge of electricity run through me andI began moaning with pleasure. Mommy reached down with her other hand andartfully played with my little cock making me almost gasp with pleasure.”You’ve made a mess out of mommy’s hand,” she said as she held up her cumcoated finger and stroked it on my lips. “Your little thing can’t gethard but somehow those tiny balls of yours seem to be making little dropsof sissy juice.””Please kiss my tit again,” I begged mommy, with a plea in my voice.”I’ll do anything you want if you just give me ten seconds more ofattention.””Well, since I am back in London I would like a new pair of Louis Vuittonshoes,” she said with a sly grin. “You can buy us matching pairs thisweekend.”When she put her lips back on my nipple I thought about buying her adozen pairs. After she finally pulled her lips away from my breasts I hada chance to examine them. They seemed perfectly matched; my enlargednipples were perfectly placed to make them look exactly like a realwomen’s tits. I touched them lightly and held them and the feeling wasalmost perfect. I decided I would keep the surgical bra on for one moreday and take it off on Friday morning and put something far sexier on. Ihad to go to the clinic to get my hormone shot in the morning and I hadan appointment at the brothel to get my indoctrination and learn aboutwhat it was going to be like working there. I asked mommy if she wantedto go with me to my appointments and if she would allow me to take herout to dinner on Friday night. She readily agreed and promised to make usinto the two most beautiful women in the restaurant.Mommy had spent the last four days asking me questions I had no idea howto answer about my future life working ığdır rus escort as a t-girl prostitute. She wantedto know how many men I would service in a day, what they would want to dowith me, if I would just see other sissies or if there any element ofdomination or submission. The way she talked about it was almost as ifshe was more excited about her son becoming a whore than me. I had myworries but they were insignificant only because the decision to become aprostitute had not been mine. Helen and Derek had made that decision forme and they were the two people I had pledged to serve without question.I had shown the tattoo on the back of my neck to mommy which stated inunequivocal terms that I was the property of Helen. Seeing that seemed topush the overdrive button on the erotic side of my mommy’s brain. I couldsee her chest flush after she looked at it and from years of experience Iknew that her pussy was getting moist and her mind was spinning withsalacious thoughts. She u*********sly licked her lips and closed her eyesand a slight sheen of perspiration formed on her forehead. I knew thenand there that mommy and Helen would probably bind right from the start.When Friday morning came around I woke early and rose from the couch,took off my surgical bra, shoved it in the rubbish bin and went upstairsto shave my legs and underarms. I showered and washed my hair feelingclean for the first time in days. Mommy joined me in the bathroom andpulled the shower curtain aside and helped me wash my body. I lingeredwhile she showered and luxuriously soaped her taut body and shampooed herhair. When we got out and dried off, I put her in a chair in front of thedresser in my bedroom and blow dried her hair. I quickly dried mineafterwards. Then we both put on makeup and I let her choose my wardrobefor the day.As I was going to the brothel after visiting the clinic I put on asuspender belt and natural tan stockings. I matched it with a black lacebra and matching black panties. Mommy picked out two tweed skirts whichfell two inches above the knee and a purple silk blouse for me. I undidthe top three buttons which gave a view of the beginning of my cleavageand just a wisp of my lacy bra. It was the first time in my life I couldshow my breasts and I was fascinated to see what I looked like in thefull length mirror. Slipping on three inch heels mommy joined me at themirror. As we looked at ourselves I realised we looked more like sistersthan mother and c***d. We had similar hair styles although mommy’s hairhad darkened over the years and she had skilfully streaked it blondewhilst mine was softer in hue, offset by platinum streaks. We both hadthe same facial features with high cheekbones, blue eyes, slightlyupturned noses and lush lips. If people saw us there was no question thatthey would see we were closely related but, given mommy’s youthful look,I doubt they would ever suspect she was my mother.We grabbed our handbags and marched out of the house and caught a cab tothe clinic. When we entered and I went up to the receptionist she did adouble take when she saw me. Just last week I was in my regular outfit ofleggings and yoga tops and feminine flats and now I was here before herwith my new tits and dressed like an elegant woman. There was no sniggertoday, just a quiet acknowledge and a nod of the head to indicate whereto sit and wait for the nurse. The nurse also was taken aback when shecame out to lead me to an examination room. When she closed the doorbehind her I could see a little amusement in her eyes and a contrastingmalevolent smile on her face.”So Helen’s favourite patient doesn’t have her doctor here today,” shesaid, lifting a pre-packaged hypodermic needle off the desk and splittingthe end to take it out. She held it up to examine the measurement andknitted her brows together as she looked at me with feigned friendliness.”I’m supposed to give you your injection this week and Helen always saysyou want more and more of the hormones in you,” she continued. “She saysher favourite sissy can’t get enough girly juice in her ass each week andbegs her for more. She says you are addicted.””Get up and come over here and lift that pretty skirt up and bend over,”she commanded. “I just might be more generous to you than Helen is andshoot you so full of it your new tits will grow a size.”I had no real choice so, while a deep blush rose in my cheeks, I did as Iwas told and hiked my skirt and bent over. She jammed the needle a littletoo violently in my left cheek and let out a little giggle as the pushedthe hormones inside me. When she sat and I had pushed my skirt down, shelooked me over in an imperious manner.”If you tell Helen I gave you a super dose of girl power this week Iwill report her to the medical board and I’ll make sure she is struck offthe register because of her bizarre relationship with you,” the nursesaid with a sneer. “I’ve got enough on that woman to make sure she couldnever practice medicine in any country in the world.””Look at you,” she said in the most belittling way possible. “You came inhere three years ago as a red blooded man and now you are a mincing sissyboy. You are the butt of half the jokes here. I can’t believe you stillhave a cock and she hasn’t lopped it off yet.”Her face didn’t soften when tears started coming out of my eyes. It onlyseemed to strengthen her resolve.”Now get out of here and don’t ever come back unless Helen is here,” shesaid. “Go out to your sister in the lobby and you can both cry your eyesout.”I was visibly shaken as I hurried out to the reception area and motionedfor mommy to follow me out of the clinic. She could see my eyes were redand I was visibly upset and wanted to talk but I insisted we get as faraway from the clinic first before we spoke. We eventually stumbled ontothe same cafe Helen and I had met Derek just a week ago and we sat andordered coffee and I told mommy all about what the nurse had said to meand that I had probably been given a much larger shot of oestrogen than Iwas normally used to. She was furious but told me to calm down and thatshe would take care of me if the hot rushes I always got over the weekendwere stronger than normal. She used her phone to research if a largeinjection of the female hormone would be harmful and was assured that,since it was a natural substance, it was impossible to overdose on it.Too much might wipe me out for the day but it wouldn’t have any long termeffect.”Let’s just assume that tomorrow is a wash and try to get as much donetoday as possible,” she said, trying to calm me. “As far as what she saidabout Helen, it may be true, but that awful nurse doesn’t understand youat all. When I look at you now I know this is the right destiny for you.You need someone strong to take control of you, even to knowingly exploityou to some extent. You were happiest as a boy doing everything you couldpossibly do to make me happy and you expected me to be the selfish andpromiscuous woman I can’t help being.””Let me tell you something I have never shared with you before,” mommysaid in a serious voice. “That afternoon thirteen years ago when you sawyour uncle taking me like he had hundreds of times before there were somany conflicting emotions running ığdır rus escort bayan inside me. He treated me like his slut,the wife of what he considered his pussy brother who he used just for hisown satisfaction. He and your other uncle did that to me from the startof my marriage to your father. They took what they thought they deservedand I was a willing accomplice because something inside me always cravedthe excitement that your father could never provide me. They had theirrespectable wives who would never consider doing what I did with them. Iwas their dirty thing on the side.””Then I saw your sweet face peeking through the door and I saw youplaying with yourself as you watched,” mommy added. “After your uncle hadput his seed deep inside me I knew that I had to make you an accompliceto that act so you would never tell your father about what sort of motheryou had. I led you into bed and took your little prick in my hand andplayed with it, hating myself for having to do that and thinking it wasthe sickest thing any mother could do to their son. Then you surprised meby asking to lick the very pussy that I had betrayed your father with. Ifirst felt a feeling of revulsion when you went down on me. I thoughtabout what sort of man you would become if the first experience youwanted sexually with a woman was to degrade yourself in such a manner. Areal man would have taken me like your uncle but your only desire was tolick his spent seed. I have to admit that once I got over the revulsionof allowing you to do that my first reaction was relief. Any boy who doesthat would never reveal that he had committed such a shameful act withany woman, let alone his mother. Then as I began to feel pleasure as Itold you how to lick my clit and bring me off, something inside mechanged. I knew then that the reason your first impulse was to dosomething no normal man would ever do was an act of adoration. I hadnever felt adored in my life before and allowing myself that emotionchanged me forever.””Then you began asking me to do other things that I first thought weresick and revolting,” mommy continued. “You insisted on drinking my peeevery morning and licking my ass clean after I had taken a shit. Everytime you pushed through my barriers I worried about what sort of son Ihad brought into the world. You brought up so many conflicting emotionsin me but each time we crossed a new threshold I realised that you neededto make me feel completely adored and that feeling empowered me as awoman. You helped me let myself go. I began to enjoy the erotic dominanceI had over you. The ultimate conclusion to that was to take away yourmanhood and dress you as a girl. I loved the sight of you in stockingsand a skirt and I loved to put makeup on your sweet face. We became a bitreclusive after your father died solely because we gave each other somuch joy together. I guess the final thing was whipping you with thatriding crop you bought. I didn’t like it at first but then I gotincredibly turned on by it. I loved that I had such power over you andthat you would willingly suffer through whatever pain I inflicted on you.It put me in a sexual frenzy.””My relationship with my husband is not dissimilar to what we hadtogether,” mommy confided. “I was drawn to him not just because he ishandsome, younger and rich but because he was willing to fully come toterms with the power exchange that is the basis the basis any ofrelationship I will allow myself to enter into. I will never recapturethe erotic experiences I had with you. Nothing will ever come close tothat. But to enjoy that I had to get over the guilt I felt at raising ason who would never be a real man. When I began to accept that it is inyour very nature to enjoy the degradations you do and nothing will everchange that then I began to realise that how I once judged who a man isisn’t important, it’s your happiness and fulfilment that means the mostin life. You will always be who you are and any woman who fully gets youwill know that.””Helen is satisfying her dominant sexual needs in life by turning youinto a sissy prostitute and reaping all the financial benefits from that.She knows every day you will be on your fours taking a real man insideyou continuously and not expecting any benefit from that and doing itjust out of devotion to her. To be honest with you, when I think aboutit, my biggest regret is that I didn’t do that to you first. That wouldhave been the most natural outcome for our relationship but we both gotscared about where we were going and you ran off to Africa to try topretend to be a real man and I went off and got married to someone whoturned out to be substitute for you. I am sort of conflicted now because,more than anything, I would like to be part of this new journey too.””What did you mean about being a part of it?” I asked. “At some pointyou have to go back and be with your husband or are you telling mesomething I don’t know?””My husband takes his orders from one person only and, if he is desperateto see me, he can take a flight to London,” mommy replied. “I’m thinkingof a plan to be part of your new life. I haven’t figured out how to dothat yet but I want to talk to Helen when she returns.””Speaking of Helen,” she added. “Have you talked to her and has shespilled the beans about what your slutty wife is up to on her holiday?””She said Heidi has had enough strange cocks inside her so far this weekto knock that baby she is carrying inside her for a loop,” I said with alaugh. “I guess in between fucks she and Rob are calling each other allthe time and he thinks she is missing him dearly. I honestly can’t waituntil Monday when the divorce papers arrive.””Enough about that useless South African bitch,” mommy said. “Let’s usethe time before we go to the brothel to do some shopping. You must need anew batch of lingerie because I think that’s all you’re going to bewearing while you are at work.We went to Bond Street and I fulfilled my pledge to my mother and boughther some Louis Vuitton shoes, as well as a pair for myself and then wewent to Agent Provocateur in Soho and blew a mint on bras, suspenderbelts, knickers and stockings. Finally at 2:00 pm we caught a taxi toDerek’s brothel in Mayfair. When we knocked on the door we were let inand shown to an office and told to wait for Kate, who was the matron ofthe establishment and was currently entertaining a client.Shortly thereafter a tallish brunette woman entered the room wearing onlypanties, a suspender belt holding up dark stockings and a bra. She wasstrikingly beautiful, in her mid-thirties and had a ready smile for bothof us, instantly putting us at ease. She introduced herself and I toldher my name and introduced my mother.”This is the first time that Derek has ever hired a t-girl,” said Kate,giving me the once over. “I have to say if I hadn’t known that you wereonce a man I would never have guessed. The girls here are a littleshocked that you are coming to work here so you’ll have to do your bestto fit in. I think their initial worry was that you would attract thewrong clientele but I agree with Derek that you will fulfil a kink in alot of men’s minds. This is an extremely expensive and exclusiveestablishment. The girls rus escort ığdır here are lucky to be chosen to work here andthey know it and we have all built up certain camaraderie. We think weare the most beautiful women in the business in London and the mostsought after. The only problem we have is as a business is that we loseso many of our girls to marriage but, thankfully, that will never be arisk for you.””Another advantage is that you can work five days a week and not have toworry about taking a week off every month like a real woman does,” addedKate. “We can put you on a full schedule as of Monday and I can assureyou that you will be busy all the time.””I have no idea how this works,” I said to Kate. “How will your clientsknow that I exist? I assume when they come here they expect to have sexwith a real woman, not me.””Every day we send out the most sought after email in the city ofLondon,” replied Kate. “It goes out to over 200,000 of the highest paidmen in the UK and it has pictures of all the women who are working herethat day with details about them and the limits they have. We are goingto photograph you today in lingerie for Monday’s email. Every man who canafford to come here Monday will know that you are on duty and, if theyare interested, they will call and make an appointment to see you.””Now, let’s get down to business,” said Kate. “We don’t allow and d**gs,drinking or smoking on the premises. All the girls have to fully shavedand keep themselves smooth at all times. Men will pay £500 to see you.Derek takes a cut of £100 and another £100 goes to the house. We expectall the girls to see about ten men a day and, although we tell theclients each session is an hour, we expect them to leave in 30 minuteswith a smile on their face. When you leave here you will go to a tattooshop that handles all of Derek’s business. His initials will be inked onyour right ass cheek to signify that you are his property. You will nothave penetrative sex with any man outside of the premises of this houseever. Any man who you have a relationship with and you want to have sexwith will pay for that privilege just like any other client. Only Derekdecides when you retire. With your look you have at least 20 years ormore in this business.””If one of the clients falls in love with one of our girls, which is mostunlikely in your case, then he has to negotiate with Derek for thatgirl’s purchase. No tattoos are allowed. Do you have any existingtattoos?””Yes I do,” I said blushing. “I just had one on the back of my neck. It’svery subtle.”Kate got up from seat and walked behind me. She lifted up my hair andgazed at the tattoo and then walked back behind the desk and sat down.”If that is the case then I think the girls will readily accept you,”Kate said with a smile. “Knowing that you are the property of anempowered woman will make all the difference to the other girls.””Now there are some more delicate issues I would like to address,” Katesaid. “Derek has informed me that you are incapable of having an erectionand that you are very feminine and submissive in nature. We will restrictyour clients only to men who have no interest in trying to bring yousatisfaction. The girls are adamant that you only see a certain type ofman and we don’t want to start accepting men here who have conflictedsexual identities. Derek also says that your penis has shrunksubstantially and is only an inch or so long. That also makes the girlshappy. I don’t want your submissiveness to get in the way of making yourclients happy, though. You will have to take the lead sometimes and showthem how best to enjoy your body. It’s their pleasure that is the mostimportant thing.””Finally, this may come as a shock to you, but this is a no-condom zone,”Kate said. “The clients pay top money to see the girls here and theyexpect to take them in the same way they would take their wives. You willhave to watch your hygiene between sessions and make sure you aren’tleaking. Always wipe your private area and clean it with a wash clothbefore you see another man. At the end of the day you won’t be able tostop the leaking but, in your case that means you will probably not needany lubricant.””Now, I want you to go into the other room and wait for me to photographyou for Monday’s email,” Kate said nodding towards the door behind herdesk. “I would like to speak to your mother about something privatebefore I come in, so I might be a few minutes.”I quickly made my way into the other room and took off all my clothesexcept for my shoes, stockings, bra and panties and sat and waited forKate. I wondered what had prompted Kate to want to speak to my motherprivately but that question was answered as soon as the door opened andmommy and Kate walked in laughing like old friends.”Your mother has agreed to become the house’s new receptionist,” Katesaid. “She will answer the phones, make the appointments, usher theclients into the rooms, handle all the money and make sure the house runssmoothly. I hope it doesn’t bother you to be working with your mother. Assoon as I saw her I just knew she was the face we had to have on thedoor.””No, that doesn’t bother me at all,” I said with a sense of relief. “Itwill actually make things easier for me in the beginning.”After Kate took a few pictures of me with her digital camera she gave mea slip of paper with the name and address of the tattoo shop on it. Shealso informed me that my working attire was only going to be what I waswearing when she took the pictures and that I had better quickly get usedto walking around only wearing stockings, knickers, a bra and heels. Shealso told me to arrive promptly at 10:30 am Monday morning and expect towork up until 6:00 pm. Kate told my mother to be in at 9:00 am and expecta flurry of calls as the clients wanted to make appointments to see thegirls as early as possible.When she was finished Kate studied me as I got dressed and showed us tothe door, warmly kissing us both goodbye on the cheek. We walked for fiveminutes before my mother hailed a cab and gave the driver the address ofthe tattoo shop.When we arrived at the tattoo shop I was pleasantly surprised to see itlooked fairly upmarket. I told the pretty blonde girl at reception thatKate had sent me over from Derek’s brothel for my tattoo. Rather thanlooking shocked the receptionist actually looked at me with barelyconcealed envy.”Is it just you who is getting the tattoo or is your sister getting oneas well?” she asked me. Before I could respond my mother answered for me.”It’s for both of us,” mommy said with a gleam in her eye.”Every design is the same but each girl gets to choose the colour theywant,” said the girl as she pulled out an image of the tattoo Derekrequired each of his girls to get. It was the initials D and Cattractively superimposed on themselves inside a circle that was maybe aninch in diameter.”In that case I will have mine done in a deep blue and my sister herewill have it done in a deep red,” mommy told the girl with a gleam in hereye.One hour later mommy and I walked out of the tattoo parlour arm in armboth suffering from slightly sore bums, choosing to walk home rather thanface the pain of sitting in a taxi. After ten minutes of walking, mymother stopped and pulled me into her arms.”Thank you for wanting me to part of your new life,” mommy said as hereyes began to tear. “Every day I will be only a few doors away from youas you begin to fulfil your new destiny in life. Perhaps one day onewicked client will want to double book the new receptionist and the newsissy together. Just think of that.”

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