Cheating Husband????


Cheating Husband????For the first time in many years I was able to leave work early. “Wine, bath… order some food for my husband and cuddle” that’s all that was on my mind. When I got home there was a car in my driveway I had never seen before, the garage was left open. I panicked a little and honestly thought about calling the cops, but I walked in anyway. As soon as I walked I could hear the sound of a woman inside, sounded like she was moaning loudly. I followed the noise to the guest room, I could not believe it, she was on top of him riding his…. My dick… No words came out of my mouth so I pulled out my cell and started recording the scenario, his dick was white with her juice, and he was… was… fucking someone else… after a few minutes of it I walked away. My head was spinning, I wanted to cry but I could not muster any tears, I wanted to call my best friend but I could not talk, I was angry and at this point wanted to kill him. I pulled in the parking lot of a bar a few miles down the road, I put on my glasses and walked inside “Tequila” I said to the bartender “a soldier” he said as he poured me my first shot, I gulped it down quickly, shocked he poured me another bursa escort “that’s on the house” he said “whatever it is let it go” he added, I looked at him and gulped it down again “tequila” I said again. After nine shots I was able to relax a little, I pulled out the cell and started playing the scene over again. “Damn… he’s tearing that ass up” this man said behind me, his hand is now on my ass “soft” he added with a squeeze, I wanted to turn around and smack the fuck out of him and let my husband… my husband… was busy fucking someone else, so I let it go. “Hey bartender… whatever she’s having is on me” he said, at least he was nice enough to buy my drinks. I felt his hands move down my legs, I closed my eyes and wanted to cry but no tears came, he slowly started to pull my skirt up, I helped him by lifting myself from the stool, I couldn’t believe how I was allowing a total stranger to pull up my skirt “nice ass… nice… fucking ass” he said then I felt his face in between my butt cheeks, his tongue moved fast, his hands were actually rough but it was gentle to me, he pulled me to the edge of the stool and yanked my thong to the side, now his tongue was licking my bursa escort bayan asshole “musky…. Fucking love it man” he shouted and licked my ass again. The bartender handed me the bottle of tequila “you gonna need this” I didn’t know what he meant by that and I didn’t care, I was playing the video over and over while I was getting my ass licked… “Come here” the guy eating my ass said and pushed me on one of the tables inside, he did it so quickly I didn’t realize what he was doing until… the tip of his dick was at my asshole… I felt his spit on my hole then he started pushing it in… I have never experience this feeling before, my husband fuck me in the ass almost everyday, but this was something else, my hole was stretched wide, it hurt, it felt good, it…. “fuck” I said to myself… his dick was fucking HUGE… I honestly don’t remember much, from my moaning, screaming, all I know is he fucked my ass like its never been fucked before. His hands never left my hands (that I recall) and he never fucked my pussy, I must have squirted four or five times. “Let me get some” I heard the bartender say… the guy pulled out of my ass and the bartenders cold hands were on my ass escort bursa now, when he pushed himself inside of my pussy, I literally screamed out… his dick was bigger than the other guys, my lips pushed in with his cock, he stayed that way for a few seconds before he “FUCKED” me… “Lock the door” he said to the other guy, that much I heard… I couldn’t believe someone aside from my husband could fill my hole, and he did. I dropped the phone on the table and held on to the sides, the other guy stood in front of me trying to get me to suck him but I didn’t. “Let’s double fuck her” I heard one of them say… All I can say is, double penetration IS THE SHIT…. I don’t know how many times I came, but HUGE dicks were fucking both my holes…. My phone rang… it was the asshole calling me “Shit… FUCK ME HARDER” I shouted, I’m not sure how much harder I could take but DAMN it was fucking good. The phone rang again and I continued to ignore it. “I’m cumming” the bartender said who was in my pussy “me too” the other guy said, the bartender tried to pull his dick out but ended up shooting his entire load inside of me, the other guy pulled out but shoved it back in and shot his own load in my ass. My phone rang again “Hello” I answered with two dicks in me“hey honey… how are you?” “I’m great baby and you”“listen babe… I don’t have much time” I bet you don’t I thought“My twin and his wife are at the house……………..”

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