Chrystal and her Best Friend


Chrystal and Her Friend

For the next two weeks, Chrystal and I were meeting before school, after school and late night: fucking and sucking and licking and sticking in every room, hallway, wardrobe inside my house, and even occasionally outside in my back garden when her parents were asleep at night. My organ was actually exhausted from the activity it was getting and Chrystal’s slit was even getting swollen.

One particular afternoon I heard Amy, Chrystal’s mum, shut the front door and start the car engine. I later learned that she was going food-shopping for dinner. As soon as the car was out of sight, there was a rapid four-knock, four-knock, four-knock on my front door. I ran downstairs from my bedroom dressed only in a tee and light, fleecy trousers as I knew at once who it was. I opened the door to see Chrystal dressed only in a sheer purple button-down shirt, completely unbuttoned and panting hard. She jumped into my arms, wrapping her bare legs around my waist and kissed me incredibly deeply. I could feel my poor exhausted organ start to grow again. I thought to myself, “gee I guess it’s not as worn out as I thought.”

‘Oh… my…god,” she said breathlessly, “I thought she’d never leave.” And kissed me deeply again. “I’ve been thinking about your dick all day! I even had to go to the girl’s toilet to rub one out during a class! Good job there wasn’t anyone else in there at the time, ’cause I squirted all over the floor.” I quickly shut the front door, lest some nosey neighbour caught sight of us. Still entwined, I carried her over to the couch and threw her on the furniture. As Chrystal landed, the purple shirt flew open and her hands went immediately to her glistening and wide open vagina. She moaned alternately between “ow” and “ooh” as she manipulated here clit and lips.

“I don’t know what it is,” she said breathlessly, as she massaged her tiny breasts now, “all I can think about is having you inside me.” And her hands again went to her groin area, two fingers of her left hand moving piston-like inside and her right hand feverishly massaging her clit. “Oh fuck,” she said, “that hurts a lot, but also feels so amazingly good. Get over here with that thing.” She pointed at my ever-growing erection now tenting my trousers.

I pulled off my tee and untied and stepped out of the fleece trousers and ran over to her delectable form. I dropped to my knees and spread her legs wide apart as she moaned “ohhhh”. I gently touched my tongue to her clit as I inhaled her female aroma as if it were perfume. Now it was my turn to moan, “ohhhh”. She held her legs wide apart at the calves with her back against the poufy couch pillows. I inserted my tongue inside of her dripping vulva, my nose against her clit. Chrystal let go of the grasp on her calves and grabbed my head, pulling it even tighter against her body. “Oh, ow,” she said, but refused to release my head from her gaping hole. My nose was now tight against her clit and I had to breathe through my mouth as I alternated between licks, tongue probes, and inhalations. She came within a minute of my stimulations and I moved my tongue to her anus.

“Wait,” she said, “that’s not really clean is it?” Then dropped her head back in ecstasy as I kept tongue-ing her rear hole. My tongue moved alternately between the two openings directly in front of me as Chrystal moaned louder and louder, finally cumming again on my tongue during one of my vaginal tongue-ings.

I got up and stood in front of her as she threw off her shirt and knelt on the floor in front of me. Then she grabbed me around the waist and shoved my organ in to her waiting mouth. She sucked and slurped my erection, grabbing my bollocks with her left hand, which made my erection even harder. After only a couple of minutes I could feel my erection getting still harder and I knew that I was going to cum very shortly. But Chrystal, who obviously felt the same thing happening in her mouth, gripped my sac even harder and then the head of my penis with her right hand.

“No, no, no, no, no,” she scolded me, “I want to feel your hot load inside of me so that we can cum together. I’m already so worked up that it won’t take long for me, don’t worry.” And with that, she put her arse on the couch and leaned back on the pillows, and with both hands still on my privates, pulled me deep inside of her. “Owww, oh fuck that feels so fuckin’ good” she said. She spread her legs wide and grasped her calves again giving me full access to her insides. As predicted, we both orgasmed within a half-a-dozen strokes. I collapsed on top of her, then rolled to her side so that we could both catch our breaths.

“I think my mum is going to ask you to dinner either tonight or tomorrow, so act surprised,” she told me. “She actually does have a surprise and request to ask you.”

“What is it?” I asked.

“No, no, no,” she teased, “as I said it’s a surprise… but I guarantee you’re going to like it.” Chrystal looked at the clock on the wall nearest the front door. “Oh shite, ankara eryaman escort is that the time? She’s going to be back from the store any minute! And if she sees me like this,” and she grabbed her purple shirt from the back of the couch, “she’ll never ask you her request and you won’t get your surprise.” We kissed passionately as she threw on her shirt and I escorted her to the back door, where the gate I installed in the fence between our houses concealed her escape back home. It was only a matter of a couple of minutes before I heard the car pull back into the drive and saw Amy climb out of the car, take hold of bundles from the back seat and head inside the house.

It was only ten minutes later that the phone rang and the ID said “Thomas Martin”, which I knew to be Tom and Amy’s phone. I picked up the receiver.

“Hiya,” came the cheerful voice on the other end, “you ok?”

“Yeah, fine,” I responded, “you?”

“Oh you know, same shite different day, luv,” Amy said, “so the reason for my ringing you is that I wanted to ask you a request and I thought it best to do so over dinner tonight… if you are available that is.”

“Sure,” I told her, “dinner sounds wonderful. That way I don’t have to cook. What’s the request?”

“Why don’t we discuss it over dinner,” Amy replied, “that way if you don’t want to, we all can just get fat and pissed. Hahahaha.”

“Hahaha,” I laughed in return, “that sounds terrific, what kind of wine should I get, red or white?”

“Well, we’re having lamb steaks on the grill, if Tom doesn’t completely destroy them, so your choice I guess.” She said.

“I’ll head off to the off-license now and see what they have,” I told her, “what time?”

“I was thinking 7:00?” she said, “if that’s not too late.”

“7 is perfect,” I told her, “that way I can get cleaned up, and still have time to go get the wine.”

“Lovely,” she said, “see you then. Cheers, luv.”

“Cheers”, I replied. I hung up the phone, and enthusiastically got into the shower and cleaned Chrystal off of my body. Cleaned my teeth and put a touch of mousse in my hair to make an attempt at getting it to look smart. I dressed in a pale blue polo shirt and tan trousers with tan casual shoes without socks. With all the activity I was having, my waist had shrunk to a size smaller, so I needed a belt with the trousers which would have sunk to my knees otherwise. And I am not a rapper!

I walked the several blocks to my friendly off-license where the keyboard player for my band worked.

“Hiya, mate, you ok?” he greeted me, shaking my hand.

“Yeah, you?” I answered, smiling. “Look mate, I’m invited to dinner with my neighbours. They’re having lamb steaks, and I don’t know what wine to serve with it. Can you help?”

“Ah, no worries, mate, come with me,” he said and headed to the red wine section. “Is this a date or just a meet-n-greet?”

“Definitely the latter, mate.” I told him.

“Well, for that I’d recommend…” he hesitated, looking down at the various selections in the racks. “Ah yeah, ‘ere it is, knew we ‘ad it. It’s a nice little Bordeaux from France, not that expensive, but it’ll do the trick nicely.”

I took three bottles, in case the request was out of order and we all just wanted to get pissed. Then walked the several blocks back to my house, and as I was approaching I looked to Amy’s house and on the second floor, there was Chrystal in the window. She was wearing a light pink bathrobe, which she opened at the fold and exposed her body to me, then moved to the window itself and pressed herself to the glass, legs spread apart and breasts compressed against the window pane. After all the afternoon’s activity, I still wished I were that glass. If Chrystal got pissed along with the rest of us, no telling what “secrets” she might expose as well. Then we’d definitely be in the soup!

After puttering around the house, putting on the telly for a bit, it was now 7:00 and I grabbed the bag of wine bottles and headed next door. Ringing the bell, I heard Chrystal say, “I’ve got it,” and opened the door barefoot in a green, patterned, spaghetti-strapped mini-dress and, I was sure, nothing else. She looked quickly behind her, then kissed me deeply before taking my hand and leading me to the interior of the house. For some reason, one of the straps kept falling off of her shoulder, assuring me that she was not wearing a bra (if she ever did) beneath her dress. We went into the kitchen where Tom was cooking the lamb, turning it over on the inside grill and sprinkling seasoning on it with each turn. Amy was fixing salad in a large bowl and what smelled like garlic mash on the stove.

“Hiya, mate,” Tom said cheerfully, “y’all right?”

“Yeah, mate, you?” I returned the cheerful greeting. “I brought you a little something that the off-license said would go well with the lamb. So if it’s crap, it’s not my fault.” We all laughed.

“How lovely,” said Amy and we kissed on both cheeks. “Well, don’t stand on precedent, you know where the escort sınırsız çankaya wine opener is and the glasses are. Carry on, luv.”

I found the wine opener in the usual drawer and wine glasses hung up on their rack. So I opened with first bottle and poured the four glasses.

“To, hopefully, nice surprises,” I said and we all toasted. Chrystal shot me an erotic look behind her parents’ back as she took her first sip as her strap fell again.

“Ooh, that is nice,” Amy said. But Chrystal wasn’t having it.

“Ugh,” she said, re-adjusting her strap, “that’s horrid, I’ll stick with mine. Does anyone want to finish this?” And with that, she put the glass down on the counter and went to the fridge for a “wine cooler”, which she untwisted the top and took a large swig.

“Yeah, that’s all right, Chrys,” Tom said, “it won’t go to waste. Yeah, mate, as Amy said, that is nice. Mind if I keep the bottle for the next time we make lamb?”

“You know dear,” Amy said, “I don’t know what it is with that dress, but it’s not made right… the straps I mean.” And Chrystal just shrugged.

“No worries, mate,” I told him. After a bit of chitter-chatter, Amy called for Jason, their son, who bounded down the stairs and took up a place next to his sister at the table. Amy and Tom sat at opposite ends of the rectangular table and I sat across from Jason and Chrystal. As the food got passed from one to another, all of a sudden, I felt a bare foot creeping up my leg and massaging my crotch. I gave Chrystal a warning look and she withdrew her foot reluctantly.

“So,” Amy said after all the food had been disbursed, “we have a favour to ask of you. You don’t have to feel obligated to do it if you don’t feel you have the time or inclination, but it would do us a huge relief.”

“Ask away,” I told her, clearly confused as to what the request might be.

“Tom and I haven’t been on holiday for several years now, and we have an opportunity to go to the Dominican. Now we’ve already checked with my sister, who lives in the next town, and Jason can stay with them. But it’s Chrystal, you see. She doesn’t want to go to my sister’s and I didn’t have air fare for her to come with us. So… we were wondering… could you just check in on her from time to time, she is of that age where we don’t want things to get out of hand. We can pay you for it, so now worries on that score. We’ve already talked it over with her and she’s fine with that arrangement. There are very few rules, as you know. She can have girls over, but no boys, right?”

“Right,” Chrystal answered in mock annoyance.

“So, what do you think?” Amy asked, “could you do that for us?”

“No, I think that would be fine,” I replied, my heart doing flip-flops in excitement.

“And watch her drinking if you don’t mind,” Amy instructed, “she loves those sickly sweet, fruity-drinks, so just be mindful. Ok?”

“Absolutely, no worries,” I said, supressing my delight, “and if Chrystal is ok with it, that’s great.” There was her bare foot again and suddenly my trousers were getting very tight in the crotch area.

“Oh, thank god,” Amy said, “we were so nervous that you wouldn’t want to, and then what would we do? Oh thank you so much.”

“When do you leave,” I asked.

“At the end of the week,” she said, “it was all very last minute. One of Tom’s uncles owns a bed-and- breakfast on Dominica and they can’t go even though it’s empty at this time, so they offered it us. Isn’t that marvellous? We’ll only be gone a fortnight, but this really helps us out, you have no idea.”

“Fantastic,” I said with equal enthusiasm at the thought of two weeks with Chrystal without having to sneak about. All I could think about was “my poor penis”. He’s going to be so overworked that he’s going to need a holiday!

We toasted again and finished eating and talking. The three of us finished the three bottles of wine, and after the meal and pudding, I headed back to my house. Chrystal escorted me to the door, and we kissed very passionately at the entry way and she draped her leg over mine, lifting her dress to confirm that she was completely nude beneath. She released me and whispered, “Tonight?” I shook my head, as I was completely drunk and knew I couldn’t have done anything romantic even if it were Chrystal. She looked disappointed, but we kissed again, before we heard her mum in the background, “Would you let him go? You’re going to have to spend two weeks with him you know.”

I stumbled on home and crawled into bed, overjoyed at the prospect of a fortnight with Chrystal in my bed, her bed, maybe even her parent’s bed, and anywhere else we wanted to be.

The rest of the week passed incredibly slowly, despite the music lessons and band practice. Chrystal and I were being as careful as possible, to assure her parents wouldn’t take back their offer for me to “check in on her”.

Finally Friday arrived and with tears in her eyes, Amy, and Tom as well, said good-bye to all of us on the front lawn of our houses çankaya eve gelen escort bayan and got into the taxi taking them to the airport. Half-an-hour later, Amy’s sister, Judy arrived and gathered Jason together with his case for the fortnight away from his home. He kissed his sister good-bye and got into the car.

“You’re sure you can handle Chrystal, then,” Judy asked, “she is a handful you know. Here’s my number if she gives you too much trouble.” And she handed me a slip of paper with her phone number.

“Aunty Judy, I’m all right,” she told her in the most annoyed tone, “I don’t need you meddling into my things, thank you very much.” And she took the paper from me and ripped it in several sections.

“We’ll be just fine, Judy,” I reassured her, “you have a good time with Jason, then. Bye.”

Reluctantly the woman got into her car and Chrystal and I waved as the car left the drive and headed on down the road. Jason and Judy waved back from the down windows of the car and Judy beeped farewell.

Once we saw the car disappear around the corner, Chrystal and I headed back onto my house. We leaped the stairs two-at-a-time, tossing clothing this way and that. We kissed nude on the first floor landing and she grabbed my hand leading me to my room.

“I want you to do the same thing that you did the other day… you know to my arse-hole,” she said, jumping on the bed, and pulling her knees up next to her chest exposing both her vagina and anus to me, “I cleaned it really well. I even douched… with scented liquid.”

I dove on the bed between her legs and licked and sucked and tongued both holes like I was a man in a desert and those were the last two water-holes for miles. I poked my nose into her vagina whilst I inserted my tongue into her arse-hole, then licked from her rear hole to her honey pot, and back and forth repeatedly. Chrystal couldn’t help herself but to orgasm several times, bathing my face and mouth with her delectable juices. After her last orgasm, I held on to the rear side of her thighs and hands-free, I inserted my raging organ into her sopping wet, wide-open vulva. She fairly screamed as I pummelled her continually, to the point that I was sure our neighbours heard every delightful utterance. Maybe even the neighbours on the next street! She came several more times and I kept slipping out of her vagina with the wetness, but always managed to find my way back inside. In short order, I exploded my semen inside of her and let out a primal scream of my own. Chrystal grabbed my arse and shoved her index finger into my own arse hole and massaged my prostrate so that I exploded at once more until I had no more secretion to emit.

“Oh… my… god,” Chrystal said, panting thoroughly exhausted. Her blonde hair and body dripping wet with sweat. “That was fuckin’ amazing! I thought we were really good already… but that took it to a whole new level, lover… Holy shite!”

I was also sweating profusely and breathing as if I had just run a marathon. “I know… you are… so fantastic! Where did you learn that…?”

“Well… I thought… you were doing that to me, and I’d return the favour,” she said between exhalations, “I never thought… I’d get… such a reaction. Look… you’re still… dripping out of me.”

Once we had calmed down, and it took about 15 minutes of just catching our breaths, lying next to each other, Chrystal turned on her side facing me.

“You know, I was thinking the other night and today just confirmed it,” she began, “I have a really good friend, Amber, that I knew in college that goes to the same uni as I do. She’s two years older than me, but we kind of got together before you moved in and we started. I hadn’t even seen her around campus since that time. But last week, I ran into her and told her about you… and us… and she said that she’d like to meet you and I thought… well, why not. What ya think?”

“I’m not sure that’s a good idea, Chrystal,” I said, “there’s always the jealousy thing that’s a possibility. She might not be my type, lots of things.”

“Well, firstly,” Chrystal began, making little patterns on my chest with her finger tips, “she was the one that showed me that website you found me on and how to get tips and all. So, I’m sure she’ll be your ‘type’. She’s blonde and cute, but you better not like her more than me, luv, is all I’m saying.”

“Are you sure that she’d be up for it,” I asked, “I mean after all, I am somebody that she’s never met, and maybe she won’t like me.”

“Oh don’t worry ’bout that, babe,” she reassured me, “I’ve seen her in action with her last partner and you are definitely her type… in fact, that you have this” and she grabbed my semi-erection, “and know how to use it very well, is just her type. Besides, as I said, she and I got together a couple of times already, so there’s no mystery there. But I have expanded my knowledge since then, I’d say, yeah?”

We agreed that Chrystal would ask Amber over for dinner one of the next couple of days and that we would see how things went after (or maybe even before) that. In the meantime, she and I kept up our morning, afternoon and evening activities at both our houses. To the point that the next morning, as I left her house to go to work there was old Mrs Thatcher out pruning her weeds. She gave me such a disapproving look!

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