coworker pee

coworker pee
I was speaking at a conference that was being held in Orlando in late March last year. I would be presenting at one of the more popular sessions and it was expected that there could be as many as 1,000 attendees. Given the importance of the event I asked Kaye our corporate contract PR person to travel with me as she would be able to help fine tune my messaging given the meetings and discussions we would have in advance of my presentation.

Although young at 27 she was not only very talented in her field but also knew the industry and many of the movers and shakers. She would be a huge help to me and would ensure I would deliver the type of presentation with the impact I desired.

We had worked closely together for the past couple months and our relationship had always been nothing but professional.

…. Arriving in Orlando, we checked into the hotel just before noon and headed to the pool bar for lunch. It was a beautiful day with a light breeze and just warm enough that a little shade was welcomed as we enjoyed our lunch. Although there were some families enjoying the pool most were business people in town for the conference. We had chosen to stay at the conference hotel as it seemed easier than taking the shuttle each day.

It always cracks me up to see business people in their “business casual” attire trying to “hang at the pool”. Laptop, smartphones and newspaper tossed aside within moments of noticing the sunshine, warm air, splashing water and of course the pool bar. Thinking … no one knows me here and leaning back in the lounge chair eyes closed and drifting off to sleep. Only to wake moments later checking for new email panicked that somehow the boss can see them.

Kaye on the other hand was always working and always on her game. Doing everything possible to make me look good despite my best efforts to mess up. She was relentless as well, do this, don’t do that, pause here, add more feeling here, and on and on. Although she made me shine there were times when I felt like smacking her aside the head.

We blew most of the afternoon at the pool bar and upon standing up realizing we may have also enjoyed one too many frozen drinks.

Wow … the walk back to our hotel rooms feeling much longer than it was when we walked down several hours earlier.

We had planned to meet at the hotel restaurant at 7 pm for dinner and I headed to my room for a quick shower and to sober up a bit.

It was about 7:15pm when I heard the phone ringing… SHIT… I cannot believe I fell asleep!!!

It was Kaye in the restaurant as planned wondering where I was.

Apologizing profusely I told her I’ll be down in five minutes, she suggested however that she bring a pizza up to the room. That way we could eat and run through the presentation one more time.

AHHGGG!!! I’m thinking … no more F’in practice runs!!! She was driving me crazy!!

… losing the argument as expected Kaye arrives at my door, pizza in hand 20 minutes later. And yes … I’m doing another practice run just as instructed. What is it with PR people anyway, always pushing for more and more. Grrrrrrrr

I had been pounding the waters since leaving the pool trying to rehydrate after our afternoon. Add to this the beer that Kaye had brought from the hotel bar and I found myself needing to pee … again.

I had thought her comment the first time I went to the bathroom … “let me know if I can help” with a laugh and smile a bit odd but just blew it off as the alcohol talking.

This trip however took an entirely different turn.

I had just pulled my cock out and was ready to start draining my overly full bladder when I heard the door open. I could see Kaye in the reflection of the mirror standing in the doorway with a very interesting smile on her face.

I’m like … get out of here … what the fuck do you think your doing coming in here … I’m half serous and half laughing as I’m sure she must be drunk!!

She however is not moving. Just standing there looking at me without saying a word.

Now I’m starting to get a bit pissed (no pun intended). I need to “go” bad and you can’t be in the bathroom with me as I do I say. That’s just plain wrong!!!

And just then things went from messed up to out of control.

There I am holding my cock with one hand, waving her away with the other and then notice via the mirror that she is undressing behind me.

I find myself unable to even speak … removing her shorts, shirt, bra and finally panties. I must say she was fucking hot. Smallish breast like I love and a flat toned stomach and shaved clean pussy. Dam I thought!! Nice, very nice.

Snapping back into reality I turn and try and push her now naked body out of the bathroom. As hot and sexy as you might be this cannot happen I say. We work together girl!! What the hell are you thinking I say.

Kaye however had very different ideas and wrapped her arms around me pulling me tightly against her nude body. What are you doing I say! No response …

Reaching between us I feel her take my cock into her hand and holding me tightly ensuring I don’t leak a drop, she gives me a big wet sloppy kiss. I’m dumbfounded with no idea what to say or do … I’m just looking at her trying to figure out what is happening.

Still holding my cock and allowing my shorts to fall to the floor she leads me to the bathtub. I am no longer resisting for some reason as she steps in and tells me to join her. And I do. Fuck I think, I do everything this woman tells me!!

There is no hesitation on Kaye’s face or in her voice as she tells me that she needs to feel me covering her body. I understand the words but am unable to process what she is saying. I’m standing there looking at her without expression or movement.

Pulling me closer and positioning my cock between our bellies she tells me to relax, just let it happen, let me feel your warmth upon my skin.

As badly as I needed to go just minutes before, I find myself now unable to let go of the liquid gold she seems to want so badly. I didn’t understand what was happening, why did she want this … nothing was making sense.

Moving back slightly and falling to her knees she begins kissing my thighs, stomach, cock and balls all the while gently telling me to relax … telling me to enjoy this young woman in front of me … to give her what she wants … it will be ok … I need to feel you she says… please allow me this pleasure.

I don’t know what came over me, why I wasn’t running out of the room, why I wasn’t telling her to fuck off and get out. Why I wasn’t doing what I knew I should do.

I still don’t know … but I didn’t.

Beginning to relax I can tell this is about to happen. I will pee on her tonight, this person that I saw as just our PR person 5 minutes ago will soon receive me …

… relaxing … I soon give in to her completely.

My cock in her hand she directs my flow … over her nipples, down her stomach between her legs coating her pussy. Her face, hair and finally her mouth fills with my juices. Every inch of her body receives a full dose of my warm golden liquid.

Looking up at me with a smile as the final drops fall onto her face. Covered in my pee, dripping from her body as her hand falls from my cock.

For several seconds I stand there not knowing what to do. Should I ask her to pee on me? “Return the favor” I didn’t want that … I had no interest in that, and found it a bit disgusting.

I didn’t understand why she had wanted this … or why I had done it.

Reaching for the shower controls I turn on the water. Kaye came to her feet and stepped into the stream without saying a word. Showering in front of me as I asked her what had just happened. She asked me to be silent and that she would explain soon enough.

It wouldn’t be tonight however.

Finishing her shower and collecting her things she gave me a kiss as she walked out the door … pausing long enough to say “I love you” before heading down the hallway and turning the corner and then out of sight.

You love me???… what’s that all about I think.

No you don’t love me!!

You can’t love me. You’ve never even shown the slightest hint of being interested in me beyond work. This is not good … we cannot go here under any circumstances I think.

We are coworkers. I will not cross this line.

A very restless night sleep followed and I was glad to hear the alarm go off even if I had been up all night. At least I was much closer to seeing Kaye and talking about what happened the night before.

Breakfast as you can imagine was a bit awkward. How do you start that conversation?

Sooooo … I was thinking a bit more about how I peed on you last night and was wondering what that was all about?

Fortunately she spoke first…

I need to apologize to you she said … I took advantage of you and I’m so very sorry. I never thought I would go that far, I thought I could control how I felt about you.

I sit stunned at what I am hearing. What do you mean I say?

She tells me to zip it and to let her explain. Ok by me I’m thinking because I am completely lost here.

Kaye goes on to explain that she has had feelings for me for over a year, deep feelings of love that she has had great trouble controlling. She’s wanted me so badly but knew I would never get involved with a co-worker. That was strictly off limits and she knew it.

She said that last night was amazing for her … to feel me enveloping her body in that way was a feeling beyond anything she could have ever dreamt possible.

She understood that I did not feel the same way about her and it was impossible for her to explain why she needed to feel me in that way. I could not possibly understand she said. She said … I’m sure you see it as a bad thing, maybe even gross and possibly disgusting.

But it’s not she said … it’s actually one of the most beautiful and intimate things two people can share. It’s beyond words to describe she told me. Trying to explain, trying to help me understand.

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