Crossdressing at the truck stop


Crossdressing at the truck stop
Hello this is my first story I really hope you enjoy it

I am a crossdressing truck driver and with my job I have a lot of time to enjoy dressing up in my truck. One night I was all dressed up in one of my sexy outfits watching some porn and thinking about trying to find a nice hard cock to suck. So I put an ad on Craigslist and got a few but none of them wanted to come to me then I got a message from a guy, he said that he was a driver and was at the truck stop. I ask him what he wanted to do and he said that a BJ would be nice. I told him what truck I was in and that I would be ready I a few minutes, I touched up my makeup and fixed my hair. Sent him a message said I was ready couple of minutes later there was a knock on my door.

I let him in and looked at me and said dam you look very sexy, he ask if he could kiss me sure I said. We started kissing and l felt his hands on my ass he started rubbing my ass, we got turned around and sat down on the bed with his hands still on my ass. I started to undo his belt and open his pants and took out his cock then l felt his hands on my shoulders and pulled me down to my knees. So I got to my knees and put my hands around that nice hard cock he started to moan. Then he put his hands on my head and told me to suck that cock you slut I took him in my mouth and started to lick the head of his cock. With him holding my head he pushed me down on his cock now all the way in my mouth his moans got louder, he held my head in place and started to fuck my face moaning louder I felt him tense up. Then he pulled me off his cock and told me to lay down on the with my head hanging over so he could fuck my throat, I did what he wanted then he started to fuck my face and went deep into my throat he kept this up for a few more minutes,then he was tensing up again so I was getting ready to take his load down my throat. He pulled out again then said he wasn’t ready to cum yet told my to sit up he sat next to me and started kissing me and rubbing my legs, we made out for awhile.

Then his whispers in my ear it’s time I make you my bitch get on your hand and knees with your ass out,so I did he ask if I had lube I pointed to the shelf. Then l felt him putting some lube on my ass then he started with a finger then two, ok bitch your ready. Please go easy I asked I could feel the head of his cock touching my ass then l felt the head going in OMG the pain he stopped with just his head in me. He asked if I was ok with the pain going away I shook my head he pushed in a little more then out this time he said your going to get all of it this time so relaxed, and in all the way he went slow a first the faster. He was now fucking me and making me his little sissy cum slut he was moaning louder then he said i going to cum he must have unloaded a huge load because I could feel it starting to run out of my ass. He went soft and pulled out and laid down on the bed looked at me and said dam you are a sexy little sissy cum slut. He asked if I had any wipes I showed him where they were, he cleaned himself up looked at me and said now show me just how good of a slut you are. I looked at him he grabbed his cock and said get on it bitch so leaned over and took him in my mouth, he started to get hard I just kept sucking up and down all the way in my throat maybe for about 10 minutes he got tense and said take it all you slut he grabbed my head and started to shot his load down my throat dam could he cum had a hard time swallowing it all but got it all down he pulled out of my mouth. I sat up he kiss me and said thanks got up dressed and said untill to next time be safe the left

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