Crowded Club


Crowded ClubI was in a really loud, very crowded club. It was a great place, and the women outnumbered the men at least two to one. Most of the were probably just there for fun, but there was a sexual atmosphere that could not be denied.I went to grab a drink, and there was no line at the bar – it was more like a mob. People were packed in like sardines, slowly moving toward the bar. I took a spot and gradually migrated into the pack. About five minutes into this, I realized that I was virtually surrounded by women. Unfortunately, it was too loud and too crowded to hit on any of them, so I figured I would just have to wait out the drink line and get a couple of doubles.The group started getting impatient and pushy, and someone behind me nudged me forward. I found myself pressing against a very shapely woman in front of me. She was wearing a light summer dress, and I was wearing nice slacks. At first it was no big deal, but as the crowd was getting packed tighter, I was pushed more firmly into her, and I could feel her nice ass pressing against my crotch, which cause my cock to start to bulge a bit. I was initially embarrassed, but then she pressed back against me just a bit and rotated her hips in a way that obviously let me know she was feeling me pressing against her.About this time, the crowd swayed a bit and we both nearly fell, forcing me to hold on to her hips. This pulled her into me even more, and I could feel my cock pushing into the cleft of her butt. I felt her right hand touch mine as she pushed back against my hardening cock. I had had a couple of drinks already (and türbanlı malatya escort I’m guessing she had too), and I was feeling the heat of sexuality in the situation.As we steadied, I ran my hands down her hips to her thighs and felt her legs at the hem of her dress. When she didn’t resist and kept her right hand lightly covering mine, I lifted her dress just a but and felt the tops of her thigh high stockings. That made my cock totally hard, and with my left hand I reached down to adjust myself a bit. To my surprise, her left hand followed mine and moved past it to feel my cock. I glanced around to see who was watching. Although there were women on my left and right, and another woman behind me, we were so pushed together that none of them could see below our shoulders. I decided to see how far this could go.As she felt my cock, I lifted her dress with my right hand and felt her thighs above her stockings. I continued moving my hand up until I felt the fringe of her lacy panties, and I was pleased that she spread her legs a little and even moved one foot over a bit to clear the way. Feeling bolder, I moved my middle finger between her legs and felt the dampness of her pussy oozing through her panties, and then I could feel that her clit was getting hard and swollen. She responded by feeling for my cock and stroking it through my pants.I slipped the fingers under the elastic of her panties and felt the wet flesh of her pussy, and even in the noisy room I heard a distinctive rush of breath from her. With my left hand, I reached türbanlı malatya escort bayan down and unzipped my pants, and she could tell exactly what I was doing, since her left hand was gripping and stroking my cock. I saw her look around as I had done a few moments earlier, and then she reached into my fly and pulled out my growing cock. By this time I was stroking her cit, and I could tell she was getting very hot.There were still at least four people in front of her before we reached the bar, but I knew this would not last much longer. I reached down with both hands and lifted her dress from behind, finding that she was wearing a thong, so my bare cock was quickly rubbing against her bare ass. I was oozing pre-cum, and I knew she could feel it. She was squirming a bit, which caused her ass to grind against my cock. It was now or never. I pulled her thong to the side, and slid my fingertips up her ass crack, feeling her asshole, then her pussy, which was by now soaking wet. She grabbed my cock, and as I bent my knees slightly and she stood on her toes, she guided my cock between her butt cheeks until the head of my cock was rubbing against the wetness of her pussy. I wrapped my right around her, feeling her tits on my arm, and as she leaned forward just a bit, the tip of my cock slipped into her pussy, and then I pushed into her until my cock was lodged inside. I again heard her breathing heavily, and I looked around to see that the woman on my right was looking down where my fuck buddy’s dress was lifted up to reveal türbanlı escort malatya her bare ass. I looked into her eyes as I pulled back slightly and then pushed my cock even more deeply into the woman I was now fucking in a crowd of at least 100 people. We continued in this position, and my cock was almost completely inside of her from the rear. She was rocking (in time with the music – hehe), and I was rolling, and this was simply good fucking. After only a couple of minutes (and at least one time when we had to move forward toward the bar in unison), I felt her pussy start to clench, and I could feel her get a lot wetter, and I knew she was about to cum. I reached around and rubbed her clit, and she went nearly limp in my arms. That was all I could take, and I started shooting jets of cum into her. I lost all sense of where we were, and I pumped her from behind, pushing my cock as deep as I could into her, filling the depth of her pussy with my juices. I could feel her cumming in spasms, and that made my orgasm last longer. Then I could feel my cum and her juices oozing out around my cock.When I looked up, the bartender was asking my fuck buddy what she wanted to drink, but she wasn’t responding. I leaned forward and yelled into her ear that she needed to place her order, and I yelled to the bartender that he should put her drink on my tab. My cock slipped out of her, her dress fell back into place, and the next thing I knew she had her drink and was gone (I never saw her again, never knew her name, and not a word was ever spoken between us). I quickly zipped up and ordered a drink for myself.I looked to my right, and the woman who had seen what we were doing was flushed in the face. I told the bartender that I would cover whatever she wanted also, and I gave her a big smile. She returned the smile, and I leaned over and asked if she wanted to join me by the dance floor. She laughed and said she would love that, but that’s another story.

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