Dad Needs Help With His Wife Part 2


Dad Needs Help With His Wife Part 2We fell asleep on the bed, Mei Mei on her back the whole night to keep my semen inside of her. In the morning I was awakened by her breath on my cock, still unwashed from the previous night of what can only be called love…and breeding.Watching her face so close to my prick it started to move and grow. Her eyes opened wide and she looked up to my face. She smiled sweetly and asked, “My son, I wish to taste your…cock. I caressed her dark hair in the early morning light and said, “Please Mei Mei. I want you to lick me clean of our dried juices we made last night.” She lifted the stiff member with her delicate hand and licked the shaft, then put her mouth sideways on the shaft sucking on that one area to take all that had dried there into her mouth. She moved her lips along the shaft sideways as someone might eat corn on the cob. I felt her feather of a tongue wisp away what was there. After she cleaned the head she pulled her mouth away and asked, “Would you please like to put more of your seed inside of me my son?” My breath sighed from me in a long slow stream. “I would love to fill you up again Mei Mei.”I watched her slender body move over mine in the pre-dawn light of the room. Her mound looked lovely perched just above the head of my cock. She pulled her lips apart and slid slowly down my shaft. Her face had the most exquisite expression. Her eyes were closed and there was a sweet smile on her lips. She pressed her tiny hands on my chest as she took all of me. My father’s wife leaned forward, her long black hair making a curtain around my face. Her eyes looking into mine she whispered, “I think we have already made a c***d my son. I wish to fuck you now for the pleasure it brings.” She brought her face down to mine and her lips kissed mine lightly. Just the surface nerves of my lips was what I felt on this butterfly kiss.She started moving her pelvis up my cock, hovering there for a long second, then sliding down onto me again. She was very very wet. Part of the slipperiness we felt was the semen that was still inside of her from last night.Her small breasts dangled above me as she moved. Her nipples were very hard and looked like the shadows of nipples in the spare light we had. Mei Mei moaned differently sliding off of me than she did sliding down onto me. sarıyer escort Coming away her moan was almost one of loss, of sorrow. Going down her moan was the promise of the now and the future. She whispered, “Please don’t tell your father that I have enjoyed your length Peter. That would hurt him and I knew you wouldn’t tell him, but I will miss that when we have made this baby. She leaned forward and whispered in my ear, “Perhaps when the baby comes you could visit again. Your father would understand your wanting to be with the baby you made. When he goes to work we could do this more. I would be using an ancient Chinese potion to keep me from making another c***d with you. It would all be for pleasure.”She continued moving on me as I pondered what she had said. She started flexing her cunt muscles then as she seemed to be milking my cock. She waited until she had slid all the way down before gripping me like that. There was silence between us, with only her alternating moans for up and in to be heard.”I would like that Mei Mei, but I would never hurt my father. I am here only because he needed help…but…if you could assure me you would do what was needed to keep from having another c***d…I would love to fuck you again and again and again. Your body is a treasure Mei Mei. I will remember this weekend together for the rest of my life should we not ever be able to do this again. I need to move inside you now. My cock is ready to explode inside you, but either you move faster or I am turning you on your back and taking you hard and fast.”She lifted the curtain of hair from around my face and sat up straight on my cock. The morning light had gotten a little brighter. I saw her beautiful breasts moving as she slid off my cock. “Please, my son, may we fuck as the dogs do? I want the sexual joy that hard driving brings about.” “Hands and knees Mei Mei,” I hissed. She moved to the position and was waiting, her body quivering and goosebumps all over her. I clasped the yellow-brown mounds that were her ass and placed my cockhead inside her. Poised like that I moved her ass around so that the head stayed planted in her, but she had pent up desire for my thrust.Finally she whispered, “Fuck me NOW my son!” I tightened my grip on her ass and pulled back hard as I slammed esenyurt escort forward into her. Her breath blasted from her body as if she had been slammed into something. I fucked her furiously now yelling words that I had never used with my wife when we fucked. She was screaming and yelling with me. My hips had never moved so fast and forcefully when fucking. My balls must have bruised her mound. The orgasm was an explosion of joy inside this tight fertile woman who was the wife of my father. When the last shot of seed spurted inside her, we both sort of melted forward onto the bed. My cock remained partially inside her. We were awakened from our sleep when the phone rang. The sun was up now and the room seemed bright. Mei Mei’s voice answered the phone softly. “Hello my darling.” She listened for a while then replied, “We have been fucking several times. I have been filled with your son’s seed my darling.” She waited and then answered, “Yes…we have plans to have more fucking. I want to give you another son or perhaps a daughter my darling. I know this is for me but you will love this c***d.” She listened again and said, “he is right here my darling let me put him on.” She handed me the phone. Mei Mei was lying on her side. I looked at her beautiful face and then my eyes went where they wanted to go even more. I was staring at her tits when Dad asked me how things had gone.”Your wife is is a wonderful woman Dad. She and I have fucked several times already and I think she must be pregnant by now, but we will keep on with it through the day and the night. I am honored Dad that you wanted me to do this. I know the c***d will be mine, but your DNA will be there and that will make this c***d be a very good looking and intelligent person.” Dad waited for a minute and asked, “Where are you two right now?” I told him we were still in bed. “We had a long night and then another session this morning.” There was another pause and then Dad asked, “Peter, do you think…maybe…you might be ready to fuck her now? I would love to hear it all. She is such a beautiful woman and I am almost jealous, but I love you so much son. Would you do that for me…NOW?”I looked at Mei Mei and said, “Dad wants to hear us…fucking. If you are wish to do that,I certainly do.” She spoke avrupa yakası escort in that honey sweet voice and said, “I want to do as my husband wishes my son.” Then a little louder she said, “I will take your son into me my darling and you will hear us as we make a baby.”We heard Dad’s voice from the phone on the bedstand say, “Put the phone on the bed right where his cock joins you Mei Mei.” It was strangely stimulating to know my Dad wanted to hear me fucking his wife and her fucking his son.I placed the phone on the bed and said to Mei Mei, “Let’s fuck like dogs again Mei Mei. The phone will be right under your cunt and all the sounds will be heard easily. I am pretty sure he heard us moving around getting into position. “I am ready for your cock my son.” I answered, “put your head on your pillow and leave your ass raised on your knees.” She did that. I then told her,”Reach between your legs and spread your cunt lips for me.” She did so and asked, “Like this my son?” I moaned out, “Your cunt is so beautiful. I still see semen inside you.”I lined my cock up with her red center and slid hard and fast into her. Mei Mei grunted as I bottomed out inside her. We were soon working up a later. My semen and her cunt juices were there already and we made a very juicy sound as we fucked. I knew the slap slap slapping was easily heard on the phone and I fucked her extra hard so that Dad would hear it all and do whatever he was doing at the hotel.Mei Mei lost all sense that we were being observed at all and yelled out, “Oh fuck me hard my son. Fill me up. Your cock is so hard inside of me. I feel you deep inside me. I need your semen your juices your cum inside of me. I need you to fill me with your seed.” Then her orgasm started. She screamed and wailed as her cunt muscles squeezed my cock. I moaned as I plowed through that tightening cunt and started to spurt inside her. Our motions continued until I was spent and we collapsed forward, landing on the phone. After a few seconds we heard Dad’s muffled voice coming from under Mei Mei’s cunt.I pulled the phone from under her and asked, “Did you hear it all Dad?” He was gasping because I think I caught him at the tail end of his own orgasm. “Yes…yes…I heard you fucking my wife. I heard her cum. Call me when you decide to try again. I love you son.Mei Mei spoke sleepily to him for a while then she hung up the phone. We slept another hour or so then got up to have breakfast. We were naked the entire day and of course the entire night. Nine months later, to the day, Mei Mei had a beautiful boy. They named him Christopher Peter for his name and mine.

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