Daddy’s Little Girl Part 22


Daddy’s Little Girl Part 22Daddy’s Little GirlBy BaddaddyPart 22(Heather learns her fate)About 10:30pm we come back down. Britt’s rope imprints starting to fade, but the red marks have become quite prominent; in a day or so they will fade to some nice bruises.Heather, is dozing, I give the Hitachi wand a quick click on-off, on-off, a few times as Heather rockets awake, shaking her head no. Still gagged, with a stream of drool running from the corner of her mouth.“No, no it’s OK“, I tell her, “I just wanted to wake you before I undo you, I didn’t want to startle you, and I don’t want you to fall off the bench”.I move between her legs, undoing and removing the binding and vibrator. She moans each time I move the Hitachi as I took it off her, I would loved to turn it back on and just leave her tied, But no.Freed her sex is a reddish pink and puffy; she tenses as I lightly blow air against her clit, as I remove the silk rope. With a soft, towel I gently blot her sex still wet from her prolonged orgasms. I don’t know how often she masturbates but from the moans she let out, I know she won’t be touching herself, for a few days.I pull off her gag, and give her some water, I hold he head up a little as I tilt the water to her mouth, she drinks greedily, I say softly, “Not to fast Honey”, then give her a little more. With the same towel I wipe some of the drool from her face and hair.I also explained her legs aren’t going to be work for a bit, but they will be OK.I undo her legs one at a time, rubbing each, to stimulate her circulation, before freeing the next. Then her arms I do the same. Once freed, I scoop her up in my arms and carry her to the couch, her head resting on my shoulder.Ash has spread a blanket, in the middle of it and I set the naked cheerleader into it and pulled it around her.Ash cuddles to her legs, while sitting on the floor lightly stroking them, saying, “Captain, you were so sexy, tied up like that, you look so pretty Cumming, over and over, and so hard, I liked that. If daddy had not told me stop it, you would still be Cumming”.Hearing that, Heather gave a little shiver.I was afraid I had overestimated the girl and may have broke a new toy the first time played with, but as I sat next to her, she leaned her head a against me, and let out a contented little sigh. And I knew she was hooked.Brittany sat down, on the other side of her, patted her leg and told her, “you did good, for your first time, but we are going to have to show you how to tie a better knot, I could have gotten loose”.Heather kind of perked up, cut her eyes to Britt, and asks why she hadn’t?Britt told her, “Mr. Xxxx told me to lay there and let you do anything to me, even if I could pull free, don’t”.Heather looked at me inquisitively, and said, “But I thought…”“Honey the whole point of the game was to watch you, to see how you would do,” and I told her, “And to get more of you on tape”.At which point Ashlynn pop in with, “Daddy can we watch some of the new tapes?”The look on Heather’s face was priceless. Yes, baby girl go get the tape out of the VCR marked A (That’s the over head shot, so you get a full body view). Heather was livid, when she found out there were 5 cameras filming the two of them the whole time, even her little solo show at the end, bound and forced to cum for 30 min.I explain, I have enough footage, for 3 videos. One, of her bound to the bench being used, another of Brittany on the bench, and a tape of the two of them switching off who’s on the bench. And I can do that without using the same shot in any two tapes.But again as she watched the tape she got so excited, I think if she could have endured it, she would have been antep rus escort playing with herself.As we watched the tape, I sprang the news on Heather, of what I wanted her to do.“I knew this wasn’t over”, she sounded not dejected, but fatalistic, “And if I don’t you will release the tape, right?”We had a heated exchange, which ended up with me explaining, I did not want to release the tapes, I would, but once she had done this one, well two things really she would be free. I would never hold it over her again, and would give her back her signed release form. She wanted to know what the things were.I explained to her, I think the excitement of not knowing is part of the fun of being under someone else’s control. But there will be several men maybe 4 but it could be 6 or more men, and just the 3 of you.She protested, she could never fuck 4 men or even 2 at a time, she had only been with 5 guys in her life, and 3 of those had been boyfriends, of the other 2, one had been a drunken hook-up after a party, and the other a preacher’s son at church camp.Ashlynn perked up saying, “Jamie?”“Yes, do you… ah… know him?” she asked.“And his dad” Ash answered curtly, “I don’t really like his dad”.Heather looked at Ash inquisitively, but only expressed she was not really fond of his dad ether; the looks he gave her, give her the creeps.I told her, Ash would be the only one getting fucked; her and Brittany’s job would be to just keep the men entertained and keep then ready for Ashlynn, because just like you were wound up, strapped to that bench, the more wound up you can keep the men, the better time they’ll have, and the more often you can get then hard again the more times they can fuck her.Heather gave a dry little laugh and said, “So we’re fluffers?”“Yes,” I laughed, “you are, but you will also be completely exposed, and they can touch you all they want where they want, and you’ll problem be sucking a lot of cock. You can suck a cock right?” To which she replied, “I’m a Cheerleader, what the hell do you think I do on dates go to movies?”I made a non committal kind of sound, really I hadn’t thought about. She informed me she had a date every Friday or Saturday night even when she wasn’t dating someone, her mother and father often set her up with the sons of their friends, she had probably suck the dick of half the guys she knows, and all her parents friends sons, or son’s friends.We made plans for her to come back next Friday for the test run with the guys, “Poke-Her Night”, and for her to come by a few nights during the week, I wanted to work out some sexy little something for her and Brittany to wear. And a game plan so to speak.(Poke-Her night prep)Late Monday I called, Alejandro, the first home repair guy (he’d given me the best price), and set-up getting them to do the work.Tuesday I got his test back from the Doc. and had to tell him the bad news. He had a little Venereal issue…He blew up; he had been married 18 years… test must be wrong… He’d never been unfaithful… He loved his wife… There are no responses I’ve not heard, I have been doing this for 6 months now. And I have had to tell a lot of guys they don’t get to fuck Ash, some can get cleaned up with a shot, and can then give me a call back, but sometimes I have to tell a guy he is never going to get to hit it, they’re the ones that have something that can’t be cured.You get a feel for it, some guys like to spread the clap, others truly did not know they had something, and sometimes, like this poor guy, you get the feeling he probably did not get it far from home. Over the week the guy’s came in and got started on the work, I talked to antep rus escort bayan Alejandro he’d gone back to the Doctors, and he’d also talked to his wife, they were getting shots. It also looks like there may be a divorce in his future, he was getting DNA test run on the k**s.Heather had really warmed to the idea, it helped, that she was a team player, and would not be the one “Banging” all the guys. She’d been by almost every night this week getting ready. She’d brought the little Cheer leader that liked to sew, turns out she wants to be a clothes designer, so she was a big help with Brittany’s outfit.The little sowing girl (she was about the size of Ash and was the one they threw in the air) was also the youngest Cheerleader on the squad, had not really been in on the play with Ashlynn game, so as she sewed she was all ears.The way Heather was, you’d of thought it was the Big game and not just a scrimmage night. She was a nerves wreck. She could not believe how calm Ashlynn was; I had to explain Ash had done this almost every week for 6 months. The little sowing girl who was doing some last min adjustments on the outfits looked up.Heather said, she’d heard Ash has been fucking big groups of guy since 8th grade, Brittany corrected her, telling her, no back then she just got naked and jerked them off or gave blow-jobs. Ash told her she’d been a virgin until her junior year, when she’d fuck Bobby Jr. Jamie, and the other two in the jeep.Heather stole a quick look at the little sowing girl, and asked, “Jamie the Preacher son?”“Yeah” she said and went back to talking about her first time “Banging”.But the little Cheerleader looked crushed. And then both Heather and Ash told the girl about their dealings with the k**, and Ash also told them about his Dad.(Poke-Her night game time)The girls are all dressed up. Heather in Ashlynn’s Cheer outfit, if it had been reviling on Ash’s small frame, that was nothing to how it fit Heather. The short see-through skirt did not cover anything; I mean anything, it fell about 2 inches above her smooth vaj. Ash has bigger boobs but a smaller frame so the top did fit pretty good, it almost came down to her nipples.Ash and Britt, were done up as slutty Anime, Magical girls, whatever that is (when they were younger they had gone to Anime Conventions, I don’t really know anything about them other than they are some kind of cartoon thing, it was back when Britt had Ash stripping and blowing boys, they were a big hit I take it). Britt was a Sailor Moon, although I don’t think the cartoon Sailor Moon outfit is so short her vaj hangs out, nor do I think it is see-trough, but her hair looks just like the pictures of cartoon’s they showed me.And I don’t even know what, the hell thing, Ashlynn was supposed to be, although they insist her outfit is from some New Anime book, all she is wearing are fox ears, a fox tail butt plug and her fangs (she really looked younger than she was), when I asked they said she was Wolf(?).All the girls are wearing collars and tags (Heather’s says I’m a Cheerleader), but I am getting them made up some custom collars, for the business men that have Japans writing on them, I hope.So I hustle them into the toy room, where they are to wait until I call for them to knock on the door. Heather is a nerves wreck, shaking all over. She is quite a sight to see, completely exposed, and jittering.She tells me she has not Cum the whole week, first she was to sore, then afraid I would be upset with her if she did. To foster this in the girls I tell them they can play but No Cumming.Ash’s God Father Bobby, P.S.Bob, Todd, Harold (to see how rus escort antep Heather handled the servicing someone she would never consider fucking), Uncle Andy of course, also Coach Wxxxxxxxxn were the players. It had been hard to talk Coach Wxxxxxxxxn into it, but when I let him know about Heather, well he could not resist the uppity head cheerleader, and as I had told him, who is she going to tell.They arrive all within a 10 min window of when I said to be here.I did not think Mike would be comfortable with it, and Laurie would not let Steven play. After the little key trick, they don’t give it out anymore, and it is too early in the month for him to go out without his cage on.The guys know what the plan, but not the particulars, that I left up to them. Once everything is set, I take a chair to the side, I am not going to be in the room on game night (and I am not real happy about that), I call the girls, and they knock on toy room door.Harold opens the door, and lets out an audible gasp, as soon as he sees the Cheer Caption, there is also a glimmer of recognition in Heather’s eye’s, but without missing a beat she walks Ash into the room on a leash, followed by Brittany, carrying a box of toys we thought might come in handy.When Heather recognizes Coach Wxxxxxxxxn, she turns quite red, but never faltered.Now, when Ash meets the real Businessmen, she is going to be really wound up, but this is just a rehearsal, yes, she’s going to get her brains fucked out, but she fucks these guys regularly, just Coach Wxxxxxxxxn is new “Banging” addition and she has fucked him before.Britt makes a point of setting the box of toys in plain sight, as Heather walks Ashlynn around the room so all the guys get a good look at her (in truth most are checking out the girl they have only seen cheering on the 50 yard line), she then leads her to the bench (we don’t know what the room will have), and the guy start striping as Brittany and Heather help then.The guys let Coach Wxxxxxxxxn go first, as soon as he is done Britt starts working her mouth magic on him to clean him and get him ready to go again, at first her looked a little disappointed that it wasn’t Heather, but Britt can suck a cock.Harold came quickly, and made a bee line for Heather, poor girl spent quite a bit of time that night with that tiny dick in her mouth, he even came in her mouth once.She handled it just like she had been told to, if a guy Cam in her mouth Show him you have it, smile rise from your knees then go kiss Ash, braking the kiss open mouthed let his Cum run from yours into hers, when you’re done, spit into Ashlynn’s mouth. Then go back drop to your knees and show him your empty mouth, and say thank you, and then go back to trying to get him hard again.Coach Wxxxxxxxxn really seemed to have a good time; he fucked Ashlynn 4 times, twice in the ass. He had Heather suck him hard twice and clean him once, he had Brittany clean him twice and suck him hard once, and at the end of the night he had heather, sucking his limp cock just because he like having it in her mouth.Heather was amazed by Andy, not just his size but that he was almost always hard. She really wanted that big cock inside her, having so many cocks in her mouth all night, being completely exposed, and having her body so freely handled; it had really worked on her.She was so wet it was running down the inside of her thighs.After the party was over, just before Andy left she came up to me and asked if, I thought he’d would be OK with fucking her, if it was alright with me?I told her “Yeah, It’s OK, but I am going to film it”, she took off after him and I loaded more tapes. He was really hard on the Cheerleader; He fucked her about four hours. You could hear her crying out each time she Cam all night.Shortly before daylight she took a shower, redressed in the “street clothes” she’d worn over, and limped out to head home.Ashlynn is a natural, Brittany does it because I tell her to, but I think Heater quite enjoys it too.

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