Dad,me and best friend.


Dad,me and best friend.Fictional storyAs a teenager my parents where very liberal, I could talk to them about anything from what happens as you grow up to boys including sex, we where very free living people and often heard mum and dad having it off, if it got to loud as mum used to I used to shout keep it down as I used to hear them laugh after. They had been together since high school as dad got mum pregnant at 17 but he stood by her and as soon as they finished education and got jobs they got married, I often saw mum and dad walk around with hardly any clothes on underwear and top as I was encouraged as well not to be ashamed of my body.I had sex at 14 with a guy I was stuck on, he always boasted he was good in bed but all I remember was my leg got fucked and a very spunked covered pubic hair, he was soon kicked into touch, well I was now 17 and at college, I had a best mate her name was Carole, she was beautiful,tall blonde,blue eyes and could have any guy she wanted and proberly had as well, if she was gay I would turn myself just to kiss her.As usual I would ask if Carole could stay the weekend come frida after college and leave with me monday to go to college, she was treated like a daughter with mum and dad and she always thought of them as her second set of parents. We arrived home on friday afternoon and collapsed in my bedroom listenin to sounds, we was called for tea and sat at hte table, Carole always was a flirt with dad and dad in a secret way loved the attention and given the chance would fuck her stupid.She always teased him asking if he had, had any virgins for dinner always the same reply asking is she on the menue, as she replied i’m to pure to beon a plate, it always made me choke as I knew she had fucked atleast 10 guys at college and atleast 2 teachers as well. We went back to my room and got changed as we decided to go for a walk, Carole removed her top her tits where perfect with a nice pinkish colour nipple set it off, as she stood topless I looked her up and down as she slid her panties off showing a smooth pussy, commented on her gorgous body joking that if was gay I would have the hots for her badly, she smiled and said well not gay but bi.I looked and asked her to say it again, she said i’m bi sexual and sat on my bed next to me, I asked for how long she said a while and had fancied me for ages but knew I was totaly straight and would never try it on, with that I lent across and kissed her softly touching her nipple that stiffened under my touch. Her mouth slightly opened as my toune slipped in her mouth our tounges wrapping round each other like 2 fighters trying to get a hold.I felt Caroles hand move up my t shirt and trace her finger over my small breast as i gassped on her touch she helped me off with my top and undone my bra I had small tits and pink nipples, I hated them and wanted bigger ones like mum as Carole encased her mouth around my fethiye escort tit flicking my nipple with her tounge, I groaned at the fantastic feeling it had as I cradled her head like a baby being breast fed, I opened my legs slightly as I could feel her hand slide up the inside leg rubbing my panties that where now soaking wet with my jucies, I whispered take me i’m all yours, as I lay back Carole removed my knickers revealing a small patch over my pussy, carole licked her lips as tho she had, had a meal placed before her.She stood up and then knelt inbetween my legs I was about to become her main meal and was gagging for her to eat my pussy, I felt her push 2 fingers in my slit searching for my G spot that she found with no problem, she massaged it softly as I felt the urge to scream out but held back, Caroles fingers moved in andout of my pussy coating her fingers with my jucies I arched my back and cum with a strong orgasm with a feeling I had never had before. She pulled my pussy lips apart slightly as I felt her tounge lick the pink flesh of my pussy she sucked my clit deep into her mouth if she was a lesbian she was a unreal lover as bi she knew what made a women cum. I lay on my bed head spinning with what Carole was doing to me as I felt myself cumming again this time there was no holding back as I burried my face in a pillow as I cum that hard I shook and squirted my jucies over Caroles face, no guy had ever done that and it took my best friend to make it happen.I lay there breathing heavy as Carole looked at me smiling, she kised me as I tasted my jucies on her lips, we got dressed and went for a walk, I hardly spoke whilst we was out but i the end discussed what had happened. When we got home and went to my Bedroom I had gained enough corauge to ask Carole to share my bed that night so I could repay her for earlier, she agreed as we stripped and went to bed, we touched and explored each others body as she said lick my pussy, I slid down the bed and kissed her slit, as I stuck my tounge into her crack she moaned it felt good, er pussy tasted sweet as I pushe my tounge in further moving it up and down, I flicked her clit as she groaned softly.She guided my head up slightly as I nibbled her clit making her cum her jucies dribbled out as I tasted the white cum fluid that she was leaking it was a funny taste but pleasent, I ventured by pushing 3 fingers into her now soaking wet hole with vigour I moved them fast as I would on myself knowing when I did it I had a huge orgasm, I heard her moan as I went faster my arm startting to ache as she gassped saying she was cumming as she shouted OMG and moaned loudly as she squirted jucies allover my fasce and hand as well as soaking the bed clothes, she recovered after a few mins saying I was a natural and would consider being Bi.We got sorted and changed the bed clothes I was o a buzz and couldnt sleep nor could Carole, escort fethiye she said she was going to rab a drink and would be back shortly, I lay on the bed my head spinning at the thought of just what had happened, I must of dosed of for a few mins as I woke I noticed that Carole wasnt back,I got up and walked down the hallway I could her noises I thought she had started to watch tele and fell asleep, as I got closer the noises turned into low groans, as I crept through the kitchen into the livivng room, the only light that was on was the tv as I noticed Carole bobbing up and down begging for more as I noticed dad underneath her his huge cock sliding into her pussy her tits incased in his hands as she was getting a rodding and loving every inch of it.I watched in awe as dads cock slid into Carole pushing her pussy lips apart her begging for daddy to fuck his daughter harder, I saw his huge balls hanging down like to apples as his cock slammed repeatedly into her I felt as horny as hell and slowly touched my wet pussy not being seen by the 2 of them, She got off his cock it was shinning with her jucies, as she bent over sucking his cock deep into her mouth I had never seen deep throating like it as I rubbed my pussy harder. I was close to cumming as I could not hold on any longer as I watched Carole lay down and dad slid his meat into her waiting oven, I could not control myself as I moaned softly cumming hard as my hips bucked with spasms, Dad stopped and said was it me I got up and looked, Carole said come and enjoy this cock its massive as I walked over naked dad moved in and out of Carole, I bent down kissing Carole and then dad, he felt my tit, I jumped with pleasure as I sat down watching my dad fuck my mate hard, I could see dads cock shaft slide in and out know wonder mum moaned when having sex I know I would.She stopped and pulled out his cock shone with Caroles jucies as he took me by the hand and said it will be ok we, walked back to my bedroom where he bent me over my pussy was now at his mercy, I felt him feed it into my hole as it pushed the lips wide sliding in Carole looked at me and smiled, I groaned as it felt so good as Carole stroked his huge balls making him groan as he moved in and out of my wet hole, dads hands held my small tits as he thrust in and out as he grabbed my hips, making me cum again and again.He pulled out of my pussy as he told the 2 of us to sit on the bed facing him, as we watched he stood there wanking his cock hard,I watched as his balls hung down at the end of this huge cock, he groaned and shot a huge stream of cum over our naked bodies, he jerked violently as he carried on rubbing pouring thick white fluid out of it, it went limp and Carole in a shot kneeled down sucking his spent cock dry skweezing his bals of the last drop.He smiled and said now ive had you of the menue and me as a extra, I smiled saying will it happen again, fethiye escort bayan in a flash Carole said yes tonight come to this room at midnight for a treat that your sure to like. Dad left and went back to his room as we chatted and giggled, we heard mum and dad fucking this guy had the sex drive of a horny teenager, as we heard mum groaning and begging daddy to fuck mummy hard as mummy was a naughty little girl, this went on for a while and as morning broke we heard them still at it, was this the same shag ? or another one ?. We went in for breakfast mum was walking gingerly as we giggled knowing why her pussy must of got battered like hell, dad walked around with a huge grin having 3 pussies in one night, the randy bugger, that day we didnt do much Carole suggested I shave my pussy, as she offered to do it I agreed as she shaved me then licked me out making me cum again. Dad dragged mum into the bedroom and fucked her again making her scream out with a huge orgasm that was heard all over the house, that night a knock on the door at midnight as dad walked in.We all layed on the bed naked as I rubed dads cock until it was hard and Carole started to lick my pussy, dad got up and moved round the back putting his cock into Carole grabbing her hips he fucked her hard making her cum and making me cum as well with her tounge he groaned and emptied his load into Caroles pussy as she moaned saying it was enough to fill her right up, Carole got of and dad knelt inbetween my legs licking my sweet pussy as he expertly moved his tounge around inside me, I was groaning like mad as his tounge worked my pussy as I begged for dad to fuck me so hard I could walk after.He moved up the kissing my body as his tounge rolled around my nipple and my areola blowing on it softly making it hard I felt his cock nudge into my pussy as I moved my hips as he entered me fully, I wrapped my legs around his waist locking him in palce a he moved slowly the force of his thrust made my tits move up and down I could see the pleasure in his face as he drove his huge lump into my young pussy I felt him harden even more as I noticed Carole behind him poking her finger up his arse and tickleing his balls, all of a sudden he groaned and a hot flood of fluid spilt into my pussy I bucked and jerked as this et of a row of huge orgasms.Dad rolled of his cock fell lifeless on his thigh as Carole put it in his mouth sucking him dry before she knelt down licking my pussy that was full of cum like a starved cat wanting milk, I cum again as she lapped it all up, we all slept for a while and then dad returned to his room, the following morning we left for college as we chatted about our eventfull weekend of nothing but sex, that evening I came home to find mum and dad at it in the living room dad was eating mums pussy as they where oblivious to my precense, mum was skweezing her nipples as she moaned with pleasure her tits where fairly big topped with huge dark nipples that where permantly erect I walked into my bedroom as mum screamed out she was cumming and all was silent after. The following weekend I was at Caroles, but nothing really that eventfull

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