Day Trip to London (Part One)


Day Trip to London (Part One)As slave (My Husband) had to go away on business for a couple of days myself Gemma and Kiran decided to go to London for the 3 S’s (Shopping, sightseeing and sex).I decided to wear a black leather mini-dress with black fishnet stockings and black thigh length boots with 5″ stiletto heels and skintight opera length black leather gloves, over this l would wear a silver mink full length coat with a matching head band.Gemma decided to wear a pair of skintight black leather trousers tucked into knee high black leather lace up boots with 4″ metal stiletto heels,blue lyrca low cut top which clung to her every curve and elbow length black leather gloves which she had pulled over the tops sleeves, to finish the outfit off she had a black leather jacket with 3/4 length sleeves.I mentioned to Gemma that her outfit might make it difficult for her to take advantage of anything that might be on offer,she just smiled and with a leather gloved hand revealed a concealed zip and unzipped it revealing her shaven pussy lips, l couldn’t resist and inserted two leather clad fingers into her pussy and said ‘ very clever, my dear’ she just let out a gasp as l flicked her clit with one of my gloved fingers.Kiran chose that moment to walk in she was dressed in a black leather mini skirt black stockings, black over the knee leather boots with 4″ heels,a white schoolgirl blouse with the buttons undone to her clevage and tied up under her breasts exposing her midriff,also she was wearing black leather gloves which she had pulled up over her blouse and reached beylikdüzü escort to about midarm, she was carrying a long black leather coat over her arm.’Auntie, Gemma couldn’t you two wait until l came down’ Kiran hissed, l pulled my gloved fingers out of Gemma’s pussy and walking over to Kiran and tapping her mouth and lips with my pussy juice covered leather gloved fingers and said ‘Don’t worry we’ll all get our fill today’, she took the hint and licked my gloved fingers clean.A car horn then sounded and l turned and looked out of the window and saw a car had pulled up so l said ‘ Girls the cab has arrived let’s go’, l put my fur coat on and Gemma zipped herself up and we left the house.We got into the cab myself in the front with the driver and the two girls in the back l gave the driver our destination (The train station) and the cab pulled away, the driver was in his 30’s and looked quite dishy l adjusted my coat so that my stocking tops were exposed.As we drove towards the station l noticed that the driver was quite paying the attention l expected and then from behind me l could hear muffled moans and when l looked Gemma had undone Kiran’s Coat and had a leather gloved hand on her pussy and at least two gloved fingers up her pussy, kiran had put a leather gloved hand over her mouth to stifle her moans and was playing with one of her tits with the other gloved hand, l noticed that the driver had adjusted his rear view mirror to give him a good view of the action.I opened my handbag and pulled out a bullett vibrator and pulling my thong to one side with avcılar escort a gloved hand and slowly moved around my pussy lips, the poor driver didn’t know where to look so l switched it on and slowly inserted it into my pussy and reaching over starting stroking his bulge and said ‘ l’ll deal with that at the station’, he smiled and if anything sped up, Kiran by now was moaning openly and Gemma had now got 3 gloved fingers up her pussy and was using her thumb to massage the outside of her pussy and was saying to Kiran ‘You enjoy being shown for the slut you are, don’t you’ Kiran was playing openly with her tits and muttering ‘don’t you dare stop bitch’.As we pulled into the station l heard Kiran come and knew her juices would be all over Gemma’s gloved hand and saw Gemma’s smile as her pulled her fingers out and brought her gloved hand up to her mouth and started to lick Kiran’s pussy juices off her gloves, l reached over and unzipped the drivers pants and released his semi hard cock l grabbed it with a gloved hand and started stroking it and felt it started to get really hard.I pulled back his foreskin and exposed his head and with my other hand engaged with using the vibrator in my pussy l leant over and took his cokc into my mouth, l started to roll my tongue around his cock and l heard him moan as l did this my gloved hand started massaging his balls and l could feel my own orgasm starting so l started to speed up and ran my tongue along his length and started to bob my head up and down, l knew he wouldn’t last too long and as my own orgasm hit me l felt his esenyurt escort cock twitch and l increased my tempo and suddenley my mouth received a mouthful of spunk and the delicious salty taste l took his full oad into my mouth and swallowed.Removing the vibrator from my pussy and putting it back into my bag l pulled out a £20 note and handed it to him saying ‘I think you’re had your tip’ his only reply was ‘ Fucking hell’, we got out of the cab and l quickly did my coat up and Kiran leaned over and licking my face said ‘ you dribbled’ laughing the 3 of us went into the station to catch our train.On the platform we made our way to the first class section of the train and found our seats which had a table between them, we removed our coats and settled in for the journey Kiran sat by the window next to me and Gemma sat opposite me with our coats next to her.The train pulled out of the station and we had the carriage to ourselves Kiran rested her head on my lap and Gemma looked at a magazine, l smiled as an evil thought came into my head l brought my right leg up and planted my booted foot into Gemma’s crotch and started rubbing my sole and heel against it.Gemma smiled and one of her gloved hands disappeared under the table and she unzipped her crotch zip and guided my 5″ stiletto heel into her pussy with her gloved hand and started to use my heel as a dildo, Kiran meanwhile had slipped a gloved hand under my dress and was probing my arse hole with her gloved hand and had positioned her head so that she could use her tongue on my pussy, the feelings were heightened by the fact that we could be discovered at any time, By the time the train pulled into London the carriage reeked of sex and pussy juices,so we took time to freshen up in the toilets before continuing our trip.

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