DEC 03 2015 – MY NEW NEIGHBORSSince I moved from Knoxville back towards the airport in Alcoa, I have had some fun times with a big dick black daddy, a hot, young hung white country boy and an older white daddy dom with a big, fat beautiful cock. However, I hadn’t had much contact with the neighbors other than hanging out with some of the girls and getting snickers from the men. That all changed this past summer (2015)Across the hall, two young college age guys moved in and they immediately noticed the effeminate sissy boy next door. I tried to avoid them as much as possible though I did sort of like the humiliation when they laughed at me and called me a queer and a sissy. After about two months around August, they started taking the verbal assaults up a notch from laughing at me to giving me orders.For instance, on the weekends, the older of the two, Bret, would come banging on my door at 7 am on Saturday morning telling me to move rus escort my car to the building on the other side of the street because they had friends and a bunch of girls coming over to party. I never once said no like a good girl, because I knew these guys would probably beat me up if I did. The parking situation later became doing dishes and laundry for them when their friends were gone, and Bret would sometimes let me see his dick if I did a good job. The other guy, Brice, was never there when that happened but I was glad he did that. He would ask me if I liked it and I of course said I did. It was really long and thick and had one of those beautiful, thick circumcised heads that made you want it in your mouth.One day about a week ago, Bret was laying on his couch watching TV and I was over there at his request picking up after a weekend party. It always makes me mad when they come over and tell me rus escort bayan to do something like that, but of course I would never say no. They are the kind of guys you love to hate but also want nothing more than a chance to suck their dicks too. So as I was cleaning, I could see over the couch that Bret had his dick out kind of stroking it and I tried to finish up without him noticing my gaze. There was nothing I wanted more at that moment than to be on my knees at his feet and lick and suck on his big dick. I kinda thought he was gonna let me suck it or see if I would ask, because it was rock hard and he was stroking it a little. I leaned my head over and said “My gosh you have a big dick.” He laughed and said “Yeah I do. Why don’t you put your down here and kiss it.”Oh my gosh! I was so nervous and so timid at that moment. I was all decked out in full sissy attire and I was loving this! Brice escort rus bayan was at work and wouldnt be home for hours. I leaned my head forward, shaking a little afraid he was gonna slap me and just laugh at me, but he let me kiss it. I gave it such a girly kiss on the head then slipped down real fast and kissed the shaft too. I asked if I can kiss it again and he told me if I want to suck it then get over there and hurry up. His girlfriend was coming by that afternoon and I had to be gone by then.I got on my knees as he lay on the couch and slowly took the head in my mouth. It kept growing in my mouth and I couldnt help but moan. He was kinda smirking maybe wanting to humiliate me for sucking a dick, but he could have done anything at that point. I didn’t get to suck it long. He popped it out of my mouth and told me to finish the dishes and go home. I’m hoping next time I get to suck it until he cums in my mouth so I can show him how I swallow every drop. I’m not sure I will even get to, but every time I walk out my front door, I think about that sexy man and his big throbbing dick. He has a gorgeous young blond girlfriend who probably gets to suck on it anytime she wants and feel it inside her. Lucky bitch. Lol

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