Defloration & sex education in Olsztyn/PL st3

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Defloration & sex education in Olsztyn/PL st3When Irene and her boyfriend left the barn, it was sure that they had to do it again as soon as possible. In public though, they had to behave as ‘normal neighbors c***dren’ to prevent people talking about.When they kissed goodbye, they made an appointment for the next day to meet in the old barn right after school. Not a single minute should be wasted.[pic: Irene besamte Pussy im Heu.jpg]Next day, when Irene came into the barn, she was already highly aroused and longing for her boyfriend. All the day her thoughts had been about this and sometimes she was completely dreaming away. Dreams about romantic love and dreams about pure sex. What was the difference?When her eyes had adopted to the somewhat shady light in there, she saw her boyfriend and she flew into his arms and hugged and kissed him. Then she got aware, that his brother was there too, just some steps away. After hugging her boyfriend a minute or so, she felt other hands stroking her ass. And that surely were his b*o’s hands! This went on for some time and then her boyfriend turned her around to face his brother and said ‘Kiss him hello, he loves you too!’Irene wasn’t really shocked, but she needed some time to adjust to this situation. Her boyfriend was her great love and he would always be. But his b*o also was sort of her lover since that afternoon and he was gentle and handsome too.And – not to forget – he had made love to her too. Above that, he was the one who had fingered her to the first and until then only orgasm in her life.The brother held her tight and gave her sweet kisses. Then he started french kissing and that broke any barrier that might have been in her.She felt two hands embracing her tits from the back. Her tokat rus escort boyfriend was playing with her tits while she was in a deep kiss with his brother … it was dirty, but it felt wonderful.At once she had that tingling feeling in her belly again. If she had been more experienced, she had known, that her vagina had started secreting love juices again.She was turned around once more. Now facing her boy friend again, and his brother was fondling her buttocks.This turn around repeated several times and then her lover said to his b*o: ‘You didn’t believe me, so I’ll prove’And to Irene he said: ‘Darling, you swore to show your love whenever I want it’He looked at her and Irene responded ‘Yes, whatever you want’Triumphantly he looked at his brother. Then he looked at Irene again and said ‘Take off your dress. All of your dress. And lay down on that hay stack’Irene would have been shocked, but the last days had completely turned her mind. And the fondling of the past minutes had made her highly aroused. But she stood there motionless and her boyfriend repeated ‘You are so beautiful and we love to see you. Go on’Irene needed some seconds to think about, but after all, there was nothing new. Both had seen her more or less naked and both admired her for being a beautiful ‘real woman’.So she started to undress her school uniform and only hesitated a short moment before pulling down her pants.For a moment she covered her tits an pussy with her arms, but when she saw anger in her boyfriends face, she took them aside. This was the first step.The next step – to lay down on the hay with the two males watching – was more demanding. But Irene knew, that the boys would love it. And deep inside her tokat rus escort bayan there was a strong urge to expose herself and be admired.So she lay down and didn’t do anything to hide her goods. But she kept her eyes shut. Her face and chest had become flushing red and slightly sweaty and her nipples were stiff as pencils.It was a fabulous view for the boys.They went over and got down to their knees, each at one side of Irene.Her boyfriend started to kiss her. His brother started to pinch her nipples and this caused her to give long and loud sounds similar to the meow of a cat. After some time, she pushed her tits up to offer them for more of this magic treatment.The older b*o hadn’t had a woman before Irene, but obviously he had a natural talent for arousing the female body.His younger brother saw that success and started to do like him and so both of them had a sensuous small tit to caress. Irene was responding with moans and high pitched ‘meows’ all the time.Though the boys had taken their time and not yet touched Irene’s cuntal area, she was moving her hips up, showing any male around, what she needed.The boys knew, they hadn’t much time left. Or they would cum into their pants. But this was unbelievable and they enjoyed the show, that Irene gave to them. The older brother wanted to be in command too, as he had heard it from his brother and had hardly believed it at first.He moved his head down to her pussy and started blowing on her clit area. The effect was smashing. Every time he blew, Irene pushed up her hips as far as possible.To tease her, he said: ‘Open your legs wide, if your slit is wet and red, we’ll reward you with our dicks’.Without hesitation Irene opened her legs rus escort tokat wide and both boys got aware of natures miracle about the female genitals.Her inner labia had become flashing red and engorged. The hood above her clit had retracted and her labia were gaping open.The whole area, even her thighs were glistening from cunt juices.The unspoken words of mother nature were ‘enter her and put your seeds deep inside’No male in the world should leave a woman so much in need unsatisfied.Though Irene was the girlfriend of his brother, the older one jumped between her legs first and mounted her up to the hilt. Irene was ‘singing’ like mad now and her body thrust against his in the perfect rhythm. All the time her boyfriend was caressing her tits. She threw her head from side to side and then her whole body started shaking. She had her first orgasm from a dick in her cunt.This time her lover lasted for nearly 3 minutes. But then there was the point of no return and he blew load after load into her womb. When Irene felt his loads splashing against her cervix, she came a second time and then she collapsed. She hadn’t really passed out, but she was limp like a wet sack. She was hardly aware, that her boyfriend had taken the free place between her legs and was humping her like mad. He too lasted longer than before and the sensations in her cunt made Irene ‘wake up’ again and take up the rhythm. When her boyfriend had blown his load too, all three lay there, cuddled together, and fell asleep for many minutes.The boys woke up first and enjoyed to explore the body of the sleeping beauty. They had a great view on Irene’s vagina. Her red labia still gaping as if the last dick had just slipped out. A stream of semen flowing out of her cunt, down into her ass crack and then down into the hay. Where her hymen had been torn, there was a small wound and some small droplets of blood were sprinkled around. With her cunt still gaping open, the boys had a great look into her cunt, where all the folds were rosy from arousal and covered with their milky white sperm.

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