Delicious Desserts


Delicious DessertsDelicious DessertHis mates from work were coming round; they did occasionally, just their way of winding down after a hard week; a meal, a few beers and inevitably, a lot of flirting. I liked them all, well all three of them – Nick, Si and Andy; all very different but a great laugh when they were out together.Tonight was no different; I was cooking them a meal and they would arrive around 7:30, probably having already been down the pub for a couple of swift ones! No doubt they would be a little raucous when they arrived but that was all part of the evening.I’d spent a little longer getting ready tonight, a little longer choosing what to wear; not that I needed to impress them as they always told me I looked gorgeous anyway. Tonight I just felt sexier and wanted to show off.I’d set the table – being round, it was perfect for a small dinner party; no-one had to sit at the end and there were no awkward corners. This wasn’t a fancy dinner party but I still wanted to make the effort. At each place setting was a small box, the kind you find on wedding tables; the contents of which only my husband and I knew. Tony winked at me as I laid them out carefully amongst the glasses, wine chiller and candles. He came up beside me and stroked my bum… “you look sensational baby and so sexy. They won’t be able to take their eyes off you, especially Nick”. Nick was the loudest of the three. Tall with strawberry blonde spiky hair, he was a real ladies man, but that made him all the more attractive I guess. He had a mischievous look in his eye and was always finding an excuse to touch me. Tony loved it.True to form they arrived just before 7:30; bearing in mind it was Friday evening you’d think they hadn’t seen each other all week! Each of them came over to kiss me, Nick’s hands wandering down my back as soon as he got close “hi gorgeous, you look fucking amazing in that dress”. I blushed as his hand slid down over my hip; the dress I had chosen clung to every curve and was so sheer you could almost feel my skin through it. I had worried about wearing something so short, but needn’t have as their eyes gave me the approval I needed to know that I had chosen well.Si was the next to come over. A little shyer than the others, dark curly hair; he played guitar in a band so had a coolness that was really sexy. I saw him take in the curves of my breasts, which I was showing off to maximum effect. Again, the dress left little to the imagination and at once my nipples hardened as I felt his eyes on me. He pressed against me as he hugged me; the bulge in his trousers was already obvious and it was his turn to blush.They relaxed immediately, Tony getting them beers while I continued cooking the meal and it wasn’t long before they were all sitting around the table tucking in. I hovered around playing hostess, which I didn’t mind. They were talking “shop” most of the time anyway so I just busied myself until türbanlı gümüşhane escort they had finished.“so what are these boxes for then?” Andy asked. Andy was the youngest. Dark hair, deep brown eyes; his wife was a hairdresser so he always looked immaculate.“You’ll find out soon enough” replied Tony getting up and clearing the plates from the table. They all sat back in their chairs, obviously full up from the meal, each toying with their boxes, curiosity taking over.“so, what’s for dessert then gorgeous?”. That was Nick, always the most forward being a salesman.I had my back to them and stopped what I was doing. Taking a breath and a large sip of wine, I turned to them and walked across to the table. “I am”. They all looked at me, mouths open not sure if I was joking or not. Tony got up, took my hand and helped me onto the table top. Getting up onto all fours, I was facing Si who was sitting with his beer halfway to his mouth. I lowered my voice “so, who wants to go first?”. Tony felt under the table and pulled a lever; the table top started turning around slowly, like a merry-und. He stopped it gently, I was now looking at Andy but Nick was getting the full view of my bum which was now exposed as my dress had risen up. I was so turned on by now if my knickers hadn’t been crutchless they would have been soaked. I sunk down onto my elbows, wriggling backwards towards Nick and opened my legs. I heard him gasp “fucking hell, I wasn’t expecting this for dessert”. Tony urged him to taste me as he was keeping the others waiting. Nick didn’t hesitate and the next thing I felt his warm tongue on my pussy. I pushed my hips back a little more and he grabbed hold of my thighs pulling me towards him, pushing his tongue in further. God it felt good.Tony was smiling “ok, that’s enough Nick, you can have some more later…share her around. How about you Andy, are you ready to try?” Andy nodded and the table spun so that my back was towards him. He slipped his tongue between my legs, lapping hungrily. I thought about his wife and it made me all the more horny that her husband was enjoying my pussy and sharing it with his mates. And then the table turned again; it was Si’s turn. Shy Si, all inhibitions having faded with the beer seductively let his tongue explore me, I could tell he wanted to taste every bit of me, savouring every last drop of my juice. If he carried on, I was likely to cum already, and that wasn’t the plan.“so, who’s going to be the lucky bastard who makes her cum then” said Nick.Tony replied “not sure, you’ll have to open your boxes now and see what surprise you have in store”Wasting no time they tore open their boxes, each containing a small piece of paper. No clues were given, there was just a number on each one.“Mine says 83” said Si.“Sorry then, it’s not you” replied Tony. Si gave a deep breath and looked around the table türbanlı gümüşhane escort bayan expectantly.“27” shouted Andy.“Looks like it’s your lucky evening then mate” Tony spun the table round so that he could have his prize“Wait” said Nick “I’ll give you 50 quid if you swap your ticket with mine“No way” replied Andy, “this pussy is all mine“80 then, I’ll give you 80 quid”Andy paused, was he tempted? “OK then, but you owe me one”Nick opened his wallet, took out four £20 notes, folded them and placed them between my teeth. Tony spun the table again so I was facing Andy. he took the money. Nick slid his hands up my thighs, cupped my bum in his hands squeezing each cheek. I felt the juices in my pussy gush and pushed my hips back towards his face. His tongue was inside me in seconds and then caressing my clit, he licked expertly, deep and probing; he knew exactly what buttons to press. I closed my eyes and let out a soft groan as I felt myself on the brink of orgasm. “cum for me baby” I heard Nick whisper as finally he touched that spot, teasing me to the point where I was almost screaming inside. Rocking my hips I urged him to finish me off and suddenly I felt that wave of nausea come over me as I came violently. He was still licking me as I opened my eyes, the others wishing it had been them, Andy wishing he hadn’t sold his prize.Nick kissed each thigh, licked his lips and I sat down on the table.“ok said Tony, who said they had 83?”“That was me” said Si “but what’s going to beat that?”Tony helped me down from the table, my legs were a little woblbly but I soon composed myself.“Well, this naughty girl deserves a good spanking and 83 gives you permission to do that. And once you think she’s been spanked enough, then you can fuck her”. Si’s face lit up. I turned and faced the table again and he pulled my knickers down. They dropped to the floor and he spread my legs wide. I winced as I felt the sting of the first slap, but it soon turned to pleasure as he spanked me a couple more times, alternating between each bum cheek. Despite my earlier orgasm, I could feel my arousal once more and urged him to finish punishing me; I wanted his cock inside me. He paused, obviously feeling that he had worked hard and deserved his treat. The tip of his cock was warm and slippery with pre-cum as he slid it between my bum cheeks. Again, I pushed my hips back inviting him in and suddenly he was deep inside me. His cock felt amazing, his hands on my hips as he desperately pumped me, urged on and excited by the evening’s entertainment so far. I knew it wouldn’t be long before he came but I couldn’t allow that to happen yet as we were yet to reveal Andy’s surprise.“Why don’t you get up on the table Si and I can ride you”. The look on his face told me all I needed to know and he slid his cock out of me slowly and climbed up on the table, which by türbanlı escort gümüşhane now had been secured to a static position. Si laid down and I straddled him, sinking my wet pussy down onto his cock once again. I slid the straps of my dress down, my breasts exposed as I teased my nipples; everyone watching as if this was some amazing porn film.“So, there’s only one number left Andy, that should be 99” Tony grinned like a c***d.Andy looked at his ticket, the one he had swapped with Nick. “So what do I get to do to her then”“Get up on the table” said Tony “and get behind her…you’re going to fuck her tight little arse which she’s fucking Si”Andy looked gobsmacked but quickly took off his jeans and pants. His cock stood proud, glistening in the lights and he got up onto the table, carefully positioning himself behind me and across Si’s legs. I leant forward, reaching behind me I pulled the cheeks of my bum apart and felt the tip of his cock teasing me. “please be gentle” I whispered. I felt liquid trickle down between my bum cheeks and Andy gently rubbing it over me. It was obviously lube. Slowly but surely Andy entered me until the whole length of his cock was inside me. I was literally full of cock; the sensation was unbelievable. Nick got on the table not willing to be left out and thrust his cock into my mouth. “Suck that bitch” he said “I can’t believe I swapped my ticket now”. He held my head as he fucked my mouth, watching the other two fuck me. Si was sucking on my nipples; I had never felt so filthy, or more slutty than I did now with my husband watching as three blokes filled me with their cocks. Tony walked around the table with a full length mirror. He placed it in front of me so that I could watch myself being fucked. I could see Andy’s cock sliding in an out of my arse and the look of pleasure on his face as he did soI was ready to cum, the thought of being a slut was overwhelming and I gave in to the sensation. Si came at the same time and I felt his cock deflate a little at the release. Andy was pumping faster now and I could hear him groan as he slid out of me and came all over my bum, rubbing his cock in his own juices, sliding it between my bum cheeks as his breathing slowed down. Nick was last, fighting the urge he took his cock out of my mouth and came over my face. I stuck out my tongue, licking my lips hungrily as he squeezed the last few drops onto me..“You fucking little slut wife” shouted Tony. “You wait, I’m going to fuck you senseless later for being such a dirty bitch. My cock is ready to burst and it’s all your fault. He dropped his jeans and took out his cock, wanking hard, the frustration of the last few hours of watching his mates fuck me taking control of his emotions.“Get down on the floor slut and let me cum over those tits”I knelt down in front of him obediently, caressing my breasts tenderly, squeezing the nipples so they were fully erect.“fucking slut” he shouted before shooting his load all over me. Cum was dripping from my nipples, running down my tummy.. “now, lick my cock clean slut”. I did so, taking my time,, sucking and licking it gently, easing the sensitivity before he stepped back and looked at me. I was half undressed, covered in sweat and cum; I felt dirty but in a good way. I just hoped they’d enjoyed the evening…

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