dogging in hawaii


dogging in hawaiiI don’t know where I heard the term for the first time. I think it was at the after hours club, but it was in reference to homosexuals. “Dogging”, is the act of fucking a total stranger, just like dogs do. No names, no chit chat, just an offer and a****list sex in public. I pondered how you would even initiate the offer. Finally, I concluded you just had to ask, straight up, and be ready if they say yes.Well, there I was, out at a punk rock show with some friends, when I got kicked out of the club. They through me out into the back alley in a heap. I was pumped up from the violent dance and looked around. That’s when I saw her. She was a thicker ,goth chick. She was sitting on a curb, her skirt pulled up her thighs, exposing her black panties. Her legs were pale white, which is strange because, it’s Hawaii after all. Women wear so little that there is nothing left to the imagination, but what kind of pussy lips and nipples they have. I was sitting there contemplating all this, all the while I was staring at here panties. Finally,I looked up at her eyes and she smiled. One of her hand moved to her thigh and she spread her legs ever so slightly. Was this happening. It was so subtle, I could have imagined it. The smile was real, for sure. What the fuck, don’t get thrown into an alley where there is a horny goth chick, sitting there showing her panties everyday. The music was loud, the shadows were thick. This was a perfect set up. All I needed was the guts to ask. I was already working up a semi-hard-on. türbanlı balıkesir escort I got up off the ground and stood in front of the club’s light. She was 10 feet away. I rubbed my cock as if I was just adjusting my junk. I lingered a bit longer than I needed too and her hand moved down her thigh a little move. It was barely perceptible. But there was no mistaking the gesture. I unzipped my pants and my now hardening cock fell out into the shadows and fresh air. She shuttered. Sitting up a little better to get a clear view. Her hand went to her panties. The situation was moving along fast. Then some people piled out of the club’s back door, only glancing at us in passing. They went to the other corner of the alley and lit up cigarettes and a bowl of weed.I, still with my cock out, was turned away from them and walked toward my doggy partner. She had a finger inside her panties. Her other hand moved up toward her over-sized titties. She just looked up at me. Well, I guess she had a hard time seeing passed my now stiff cock. Her lips parted and I stroked my cock. She licked her lips. I moved closer and then I moved her hand from her chest to my cock. She quivered. She opened her mouth, but didn’t move toward my now throbbing hard on. I glanced over at the smokers. They were oblivious.This was a dream situation, so I said the hell with it. How many times do we get to live out a fantasy like this. I grabbed her by the hair. She smirked. I pulled türbanlı balıkesir escort bayan head back. Her jaw was completely open as I shoved my cock straight down her throat. She gagged on the last few inches, but didn’t pull away. I pulled her head away and she was smiling. I slapped her playfully and she started to squirm a bit. I shoved my cock back into her throat and started to pump the full length all the way out, then all the way in. Just when I thought I was all it was all the way in, she took it even farther. Her gagging throat was constricting on my shaft. She still wouldn’t pull away.I reached down inside her blouse and found the valley between her juicy tits. I fabric was pliable and I had one of them out before she came up for air. I pumped her mouth for a minute and then the smokers started to walk back toward the door. We were in clear view. She knew it too. She went crazy on my dick. It was obvious she was getting a good face fucking. One of the girls in the group yelled “Get a fucking room.” Most of the crowd went in. A guy and a girl let the door close and moved over toward the wall just down from us. The were just talking as I was mad fucking this girl’s face. Her mascara was running down her face in streams. The couple watched out of the corner of their eyes. The guys reached up to the girls breast. She responded by rubbing his crotch. The goth girl pulled her head back, looked for her purse and procured a condom. She stroked türbanlı escort balıkesir my shaft as she slid the sheath over me. I pulled her to her feet and turned her around. She already had my cock in hand and was guiding it toward her soaked pussy. It was hot and dripping as I slid in. I reached up and pulled her other tittie out and pinched her nipples. She was backing into me as I started drilling her from behind. I looked at our friends and the girl was now blowing the guy. It was only a few pumps before she started orgasming wildly. I just kept up my slow hard thrusts, while I pulled her head back by hair. This was the first time I noticed she was super short. Her bubble butt was beautiful in the dingy shadows of that filthy alley. She was screaming as the music stopped. Suddenly, her moans filled up the alley. The couple next to us stuttered for a moment, like the cops would be coming around the corner any moment. I took a few full thrust into her soaked and steamy box. She pushed back into me as I pushed my load up inside her. Her legs quivered and started going weak. She was only being held up by my throbbing cock. She started to collapse and I pulled my cock out. She fell to her knees as I flung the condom onto the wall. I looked down at this sex pot, on her hands and knees, panties down around her knees, gasping for breath. I looked at the couple. They were in thrall. I put my cock in my pants and zipped it up right as my friends piled out of the club. They were ready to go. Some one mentioned the, apparently, puking girl and someone else made a comment about her panties down around her knees. “We should bring her with…” someone said. “Naw, she’s done” I replied. I looked back at the couple and they looked at me confused. I looked back at the goth girl and shrugged. “She was here when I found her.” My friends looked at me sideways as we walked off in search of more fun…

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