Double Trouble


Double TroubleAs Friday night goes, it hadn’t turned out as I had planned and me my girlfriends ended up at a local bar. And as the night wore on, I had had one too many to drink and decided I had better head for home. I bid my girlfriends goodbye and stepped outside the bar into the warm night. I knew I shouldn’t be driving, so I stood by my car, smoking a cigarette, debating on whether to call a cab. When in the distance I could see someone walking my way. It was an old friend of mine and his buddy. Well, he used to be a fuck buddy to be honest. And his buddy was someone who was hot as hell. Soo, Russell asked how I had been and I said ok. He introduced me to Tommy. We chit chatted for a few and Russell told me I sure was looking fine. I smiled, knowing what was coming next. Russell was a good lay and could eat some pussy. Made my twat twitch just thinking of our previous encounters. He asked me if I had any plans for the rest of the night and if I wanted to have some fun. I looked at him and looked at Tommy, who is a little bit on the shy side. I asked what do you have in mind. He smiled. Tommy walked off… I told Russell that I wanted to fuck Tommy. He said let me ask. He walked over to Tommy and asked him. And he said yes. Well, when Russell came back and told me, he said leave your car here, you really don’t need to be driving anyway. So I got in the car with Russell and Tommy. Me and Russell in the front seat and Tommy in the back. On the way to my apartment, I was rubbing on Russell’s cock. Russell said “Do what you do best, baby”. So I proceeded to unbutton and unzip his jeans which had a full blown hard on. It sprang out and I immediately started stroking it. I pulled it completely türbanlı kilis escort out and cupped his balls in my hands and put all of his hard cock in my mouth. Slowly sucking and licking his balls. He was in heaven… When we got to my apartment, my roommate was home and had a few friends over. So we decided to go to the pool. As we neared the pool, Russell grabbed my hand, turned me around and kissed me as he put his hands down my pants. Tommy came up behind me and was kissing my neck and playing with my ass. Russell moved his hands up my shirt and starting taking it off as Tommy took my bra off. Russell had one tit in his mouth, while Tommy had the other. Mmmm, this was going to be a good night after all. Tommy was taking my pants off and feeling my wetness. I told the guys that it wasn’t fair that they still had clothes on. In a flash, they were both naked. Too rock hard cocks to play with. I grabbed each one and said lets go for a swim.. As i dived in, they followed. As i swam to the other end of the pool and sat up on the side, Russell was right behind me and spread my legs to eat my wet pussy. Hmmm, oh what a feeling. He knows how to eat some pussy. Tommy came up and was looking puzzled and I said come on Tommy come up here with me. Grab a chair. Tommy grabbed a chair and pulled it up next to me and I started licking his balls and playing with his cock. It came to life quick. I licked his shaft and as Russell was licking my pussy, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came. And the closer I came to cumming the harder I sucked on Tommy fabulous 9 inch cock. He was close to cumming, he was fucking my mouth for all it was worth. Holding my türbanlı kilis escort bayan head as he came in my mouth gagging me…which in turn made me cum. Russell was licking and finger fucking my pussy as I pushed him in, needing that release. Not being able to moan or scream because I had a mouth full of cock, I just shook with pleasure..As I swallowed Tommy’s load and Russell licked up my juices, I still needed to take care of Russell. Licking my lips, I said Russell, my dear, what is your pleasure? He said, “I want that tight pussy wrapped around my cock, but first, I want your lips on my cock!” All of a sudden a couple lights came on and we scrambled to the pool house. Russell sat on a small table that was in there and I bent over sucking his balls and sucking and licking his cock. And Tommy came up behind me and started playing with my pussy. I was getting wet and hot and wanting him to stick his cock in me.. Sucking and licking Russell’s cock had me going again. Tommy slid in my wet and waiting pussy. And he filled me up with those 9 inches. Mmmmm, I was in heaven… Sucking Russell’s sweet cock hard and fast as I could feel my explosion coming. Damn, Russell was going to cum and I could feel Tommy thrusting in my wet, tight pussy harder and faster. This could be a first, all three cumming at the same time… That thought alone sent me over the edge, sucking Russell’s cock hard, I needed him to cum with me. He held my head down on all of him as he came hard in my mouth. And Tommy was pumping my pussy full of his own cum…Tommy and Russell were moaning, while I couldn’t say anything, which was so fucking hot!!! When Russell let go türbanlı escort kilis of my head and Tommy had backed out of me, I collapsed on Russell. I told them, ya’ll are the best!! Russell said, I still want that pussy. Let’s go smoke a cigarette and regroup. And that familiar twitch started…again.So as we are sitting by the pool smoking, Tommy is all over me. I said, he has lost his shyness, I believe Russell. Russell laughed and said, he has had the best now, you ain’t gonna be able to shake him off with a stick. So as we talked about old times and old friends who had come and gone, it was getting late. And I asked him if he would mind taking me to get my car. He smiled and said after I get some of that pussy. So I got up and said where do you want it, darlin’? He said bend over the picnic table, which I did and he started playing with me, which I was already wet from being played with by Tommy. So he put it in and pounded me hard. Hard and fast, he wasn’t playing around, he wanted to cum in my pussy. Tommy walked around the front of the table with his cock in hand.. I gladly accepted it in my mouth as he fucked my mouth. He was hard as a rock… And wanting to cum.. Russell was pumping me from behind, holding my hips pounding me as he shot his load in me. I wanted to make Tommy cum and it didn’t take long as he shot his cum down my throat. I swallowed every delicious drop. As i came off Tommy’s now soft cock, I told Russell don’t stop, I am sooo close. Tommy started playing with my tits and bending over and kissing my neck and kissing me with his tongue. I said don’t stop, I am cumming. Ahhh, I am cumming soooo hard!!!!!! As my pussy exploded on Russell’s cock, I felt my knees weaken… Russell backed up smacked me on the ass and said, you are awesome!! I smiled.. I said, let’s go, it is getting late. We grabbed our clothes, putting them on as we walked to the car. Laughing and playing all the way. We talked on the way back to the bar, I kissed them both when I got out. I said ya’ll don’t be strangers, ya’ll are Double Trouble!!!!!!!

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