Episode 38 – Mothers & Daughters


Episode 38 – Mothers & DaughtersIntroM0thers and daught*rs love to share everything: a pot of ice cream with two spoons, a favourite romantic video, boyfriends, helping choose each other’s erotic underwear, that purple double-ended dildo, Dad.This is a story of love and sex between consenting females who just happen to be related by birth, so don’t read if easily offended by young pulsating flesh driven to multiple orgasm by older women and sex toys.Ellie and KateIt was a long, boring Saturday afternoon. Dad had taken Ellie’s br0ther Robbie out to play football, or something stupid and Kit, her best friend wasn’t answering any of her messages. Ellie had sent her 2 photographs of herself naked: 1 close-up of her pussy lips held apart by 2 fingers jammed into her cunt. Ellie was particularly proud of the second photo displaying her succulent teenage AA-cup breasts; the hard nipples perfectly aligned, just waiting for her lover to kiss.Looking up from her smart-phone, Ellie could make out a low thrumming noise and several female voices from her parents bedroom down the corridor. The door was half open so Ellie just stood and watched her mother, nearly naked thrashing around on the bed. Kate was wearing black stockings and a black lacy bra – her large pink nipples clearly visible through the soft fabric. Her knees were drawn up so Ellie couldn’t quite see the curious device purring between her legs, but she could certainly see the other 3 women on the bedroom TV screen using the same masturbator.”Come on in, darling. Don’t be shy” Kate demanded, making room on the bed for her lovely daught*r.Now Ellie could see the purple handle of the ‘thrill’ vibrator protruding from her mother’s vagina, wrapping around her entire cuntal area like a hand. Ellie spotted the ceiling camera staring down at the bed, suddenly realising that one of the images on the TV was a close-up of Kate’s pussy and now included her own hand as she slid it up her moth*r’s thigh to touch the pulsing device.On the TV a gorgeous black woman – she might even be Kit’s mum Gemma was adjusting the vibrator speeds remotely and zoomed the camera out to reveal more of Kate, and Ellie by her side with one hand down the front of her shorts.”Take them off, baby. We’d all love to see your virgin pussy stretched wide on one of these”,Ellie didn’t need telling twice – she shed her few clothes and lay down between Kate’s thighs, squeezing the We-Vibe handle against her pubic bone. Ellie rode her m0ther hard, grinding her own pussy against the soft vibrating plastic. Kate was clearly getting off on the attention from Gemma and the other mums, responding to their demands for another climax. Ellie took one nipple into her mouth – chewing into the soft bra fabric, gripping the teat tightly between her teeth while trying to fuck her m0ther with her own cunt.Kate was getting very wet between the legs, her juice coating Ellie’s thighs as she slid up and down over the hateful vibrator deep inside the cunt that gave birth to her. Kate could feel that Ellie was getting pretty close to her own orgasm; body stiffening, movements slowing down, both hands now m*****ing her breasts.”Cum for me babe. You can do it” Kate’s hands cupped her daught*r’s buttocks, spreading the cheeks apart, fingertips grazing across her tight hole, wiping their combined slick pussy juices around her soft lips.”Mummy, mummy. You’re making your little girl really wet”. One of Kate’s fingers pushed deep into Ellie’s backside. “Oh shit, Mum I’m cumming”. Ellie’s legs trembled, she clamped down harder on her m0ther’s nipple as the perfect inc*stous lesbian feelings surged through her young body. Ellie’s noisy climax tipped Kate over the edge and she etimesgut escort screamed through her third orgasm that afternoon, not removing her finger from Ellie’s arse until it had subsided. Kit and GemmaEllie and her black teenage lover Kit are walking home from school, hand-in-hand, flaunting their teen lesbian lust for each other – kissing, petting, laughing at passersby. Halfway down Dean Street in Soho, Kit suddenly pulls Ellie into a dark doorway, pinning her to the wall – tongue down the back of her throat, one knee brought up between hot thighs. Ellie goes limp, closing her eyes, letting Kit’s hands roam all over her body – bringing up little goose bumps wherever she caressed.Kit was a fabulous kisser – just the right amount of f0rce, perfect teeth to excite the tongue, big lips to mash into. The knee in the crotch was soon replaced by a hand – slipping inside Ellie’s white panties, cupping her recently-shaven pussy mound. Ellie trembled as two fingers slid in and upwards, seeking out her tender g-spot.Ellie opened her eyes, briefly taking in the life-size posters of strippers and semi-naked pole-dancers adorning the doorway before ripping open Kit’s school blouse and grabbing one succulent breast in each hand. They were not quite as developed as her own – hence no need for a bra, but equally sensitive – making Kit gurgle as she crushed the hard nipples between thumb and forefinger.Why was Kit fumbling about in her school bag? Surely she didn’t carry a vibrator to school each day in case she got bored in Maths? No, it was a bunch of keys. Kit’s hand skimmed passed Ellie’s head to unlock the front door of her flat, just as it opened from the inside.Kit and Ellie tumbled into Gemma’s arms: “Come on in you two; we don’t want girl-cum all over the doormat” she laughed. Kit had told Ellie that her mum was only 13 when she was born, so they looked more like s1sters, but she was amazed how young Gemma looked – stunningly beautiful and nearly naked – just wrapped in a thin white silk robe. It moulded around her gorgeous bare breasts and barely covered the tops of her thighs, leaving her long legs for Ellie’s eyes to feast upon.”OK, upstairs you two. We have some serious sex to do”.Kit bounded up the stairs on hands and feet, bum high in the air, like a playful ch1ld, throwing off her few remaining clothes. Ellie caught her up at the turn in the stairs, bumping her face into hot, tight black arse: “You’d better hold onto your arse, babe, this game gets pretty rough”.In the dark, Ellie crouched alongside Kit, offering her exposed sex to Gemma, who crept up the stairs, licking her lips in anticipation. Ellie looked back between her legs, down past her trembling breasts, over her lovely flat pale stomach to her pussy bump covered in short blonde hair. All she could see in the gloom was a pair of flashing eyes and gleaming white teeth.Then Gemma was upon them, growling “I’m going to devour your bottoms; then eat your pussies. Then if there’s anything left, make you masturbate until you cum in my mouth”. Kit was visibly trembling as her m0ther’s whole mouth sucked in her entire sex. The moans and whimpering showed Kit was on the verge of an almighty orgasm. She swung one hand down between her legs to relieve the pressure on her clit, mashing it from side to side in a frenzy. Ellie could see drops of sweat running off Kit’s nipples; leaning over she took one in her mouth, rolling the hard nipple around between her front teeth. Kit’s legs gave way as her climax shook her entire body; Gemma took one last lick between her hard buttocks, all the way from arse to waist and let her collapse on the stairs.“Now my little beauty. How shall sincan escort I make you cum?” Gemma roughly pulled open Ellie’s thighs, f0rcing her face onto the exposed crotch. Even afterwards Ellie couldn’t describe the sensation of multiple tongues lashing at her sex: one deep in her arse, teeth gripping her hard clitoris and her entire cunt dissolving into a gooey mess. From behind Gemma m1lked her pussy for all the juice streaming out; Ellie was climaxing continuously.Ellie was vaguely aware that Kit had crawled under her body and was m1lking her breasts; squeezing and suckling like a sexed-up baby. Ellie realised the dreadful noise was coming from her throat; she had to f0rce a hand into her mouth. Now she could concentrate on the sensation of having no lower body after Gemma had eaten her alive. She was just a torso spewing pussy juice from a gaping hole where her cunt used to be. Slowly, slowly, Gemma licked her thighs back into existence, then all the folds of her pretty cunt lips and finally the taut arse that Kit loved to fondle. Ellie had survived the stairs game. Kit used to play it more gently with her Dad when she got home from school, then one day her Mum took over – an awesome climax every afternoon before tea. Gemma could see the confusion on Ellie’s face, wanting to ask about the tongues. She just grinned and kissed Ellie lightly, then passionately open-mouthed. Ellie had kissed most of the girls in her class, often up against a wall with a hand up the skirt to stop the bitch running away. Once she had sampled the delights of both netball teams after a particularly hot and sweaty match. None tasted as good as Kit’s Mum now – she kept a firm grip on one tongue, while the other flashed around her teeth. Ellie and Kit stumbled through the door into the flat and collapsed on the enormous white leather sofa; their cunts still throbbing from Gemma’s onslaught. Ellie looked down at her crotch, surprised to see a pale blue plastic leaf-shape covering her pussy mound and disappearing between her legs, and Kit had just the same. Kit was examining hers; tentatively touching herself, then they both began to buzz. A light vibration hard against her clit and high up in her pussy. Gemma increased the speed on her remote control; Kit and Ellie squirmed: “Oh shit, that’s awesome” purred Kit.”What are these things? How do you do that”? Then Ellie noticed the red blinking light on the camera pointed at the sofa. Suddenly the TV screen burst into life, first showing Ellie’s Mum, sprawled out on her bed; legs wide apart, we-vibe pulsation between her legs: “Hi babe, loved to watch Gemma eating you out on the stairs. Amazed you’ve still got any cunt left. Hi Kit, open your legs a bit wider. That’s great; I love your purple lips and that succulent bump at the top, now you can masturbate it for me. Make that pussy cream, then Ellie can drink it all down”. “Here girls” added Gemma, throwing them a slippery purple double-ended dildo, all wriggly like a snake “I bet you didn’t realise you can still fuck yourselves with that we-vibe model inserted. Give it a try”.Kit caught the snake in the middle, thrashing it across Ellie’s breasts, then licking one end and sliding it up her own cunt behind the we-vibe. “Wow it fits like a glove. Now for your end. On your knees, babe. This is where you cum for me too”. Kit fucked Ellie hard with the dildo; then gradually Ellie got the upper hand, ploughing into Kit with long smooth strokes, alternating with short fast fucks. They both loved it, as did Gemma sitting behind her daught*r and Kate watching over the internet.Kate demanded that Gemma take charge of the middle of the slippery dildo and make sıhhiye escort both girls scream, winding up the speed of their we-vibes to maximum, while pounding the dildo deep into both bodies. Kit started crying first: “Mummy, mummy, stop it. My cunt can’t take any more abuse. Please stop, I can’t cum any more. I’m all fucked-out”. Kit and Ellie faced each other – outstretched feet touching, cycling on the air, bodies pulled up tight, gripping each others hands, buttocks almost touching. Puddles of juice pooled on their flat tummies and ran down between their buttocks onto the leather sofa; they just dripped sweat. “Shit, look at these little beauties – they really are completely fucked”. “Nah, I’m sure we can get one more orgasm out of them” cried Kate, wrestling with her own we-vibe. “Come on you two babies; put some effort into that fucking, I want to see pleasure and pain”.Ellie fights backUp until now Ellie had been a fairly passive soft, fluffy fuck-bunny for Kit and her m0ther, Gemma to command and play with. She had enjoyed it, but now wanted to exert some control over her orgasms. Ellie ripped out her vibrator and watched it still twitching on the floor. Hardly surprising it had made her entire cuntal area almost numb – there were vibrating bumps all up the inside – it reminded her of the suckers on an octopus leg. She pulled out her end of the double dildo, leaving it dripping and trailing out of Kit’s pretty black cunt.Turning to Gemma, she said in her most authoritative voice: “OK bitch, fetch me a strap-on, and then get down on your knees, I’m going to fuck you, while your sex-crazed daught*r has to watch.”Gemma fumbled around behind the sofa and brought out a selection of fierce-looking rubber cocks and a black harness: “Here try this one for size”, helping Ellie to tighten the straps around her young thighs. Ellie picked the longest, fattest cock with an enormous head and rigid veins; clipped it into place and poured on a good dollop of baby oil. “OK bitch, on your knees, and no squealing – my ears hurt”. Gemma obeyed – taking Kit’s place on the sofa on hands and knees, she reached back to hold open her pussy lips.Ellie had no intention of using that hole and slammed the rubber cock into Gemma’s arse; the first three inches slid in with a satisfying slurp. Gemma bucked and squirmed, trying to take in what was happening; her daught*r’s best friend was rap1ng her arse.“Go baby” cried her m0ther over the internet connection.“Oh my god” mumbled Kit, trying to stop her we-vibe destroying her sex.Ellie held tight to Gemma’s hips for purchase, slamming the rest of the dildo in until her thighs met red-hot buttock. Ellie leaned right forward over Gemma’s back to grapple with her swinging breasts. They felt divine – one cupped in each hand – hard nipples pressing into her palms, then gripped between finger and thumb.Meanwhile Kit had clambered up onto the wide arm of the sofa, showering her m0ther’s face in kisses, licking up the tears of joy as Gemma remembered her own first grown-up anal sex in Episode 9. Candy, the lesbian flight stewardess, with a love of little girls, had introduced her to the regular orgy in the first class cabin enroute to her grandparents home in Burkina Faso. She could never have imagined taking all of Kurt up her 13 year old backside and coming home a year later with this beautiful sexy baby now covering her nose in pussy cream.Gemma realised it was now time for breeding Kit; first find a suitable boy – she did fancy the young Moroccan DJ in the club downstairs herself, but would be happy to share him, second get her interested in boys again, third get her off the pill, then help her through pregnancy. Gemma could see the two gorgeous black babies twins cuddled up in Kit’s arms; one m1lky breast each – one boy, one girl. Oh the fun she would have watching them grow up. Just then Ellie’s dildo hit that special spot high in her arse at just the right angle and Gemma screamed her climax into Kit’s pussy.

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