Exhibitionism Earns a Surprise

Exhibitionism Earns a Surprise
Ellen and I have been so busy raising our c***dren and meeting our responsibilities that we somehow managed to avoid spending time together for about ten years. We grew distant, but still loved each other. In fact, I have always lusted after my wife. When we were dating, Ellen had a wild side. We made love in cars, on beaches, and in the woods; where a hiker once caught us. I remember it well because Ellen was on top of me and just told the guy to move along as if he had found us picnicking.

Now, even at forty-two years of age, she is still pretty hot. She works out every other day and has an amazing figure, which is accented by a nice flat midsection, round firm thirty-four C-cup breasts, and a pert butt.

I work out too and despite my age of forty-eight, I am a pretty solid six-foot, one hundred eighty pounds. All this caring for our bodies, yet Ellen and I didn’t get to enjoy them very much anymore. A little weekend trip to a hotel near Philadelphia changed all of that.

Our family was accompanying our older son Mark, twelve, to a lacrosse tournament. We arrived at the hotel early Friday afternoon to settle in, but the first thing the k**s wanted to do was to go in the pool. We all changed and took the elevator to the Club floor to go for a dip. You had to pass through a fitness area to get to the atrium housing the pool. The pool was round and only about thirty feet across, so there wasn’t a lot of room to swim.

Ellen is much more conservative nowadays and you would never know what a great figure she has. But even in her modest one-piece suit, there was no mistaking the shape of her breasts and her nice round butt.

After playing around in the pool a bit, I told her, “I’m going to exercise in the fitness area.”


“Mostly.” I answered.

“Ok, I’ll stay with the k**s for a while, then it’s your turn.” Ellen bartered.

“That’s a deal.”

I was doing some arm curls when Ellen came into the foyer and said something that I couldn’t hear. I motioned her closer, but being modest, she protested, “I’m only wearing a bathing suit”.

A couple of other guys were exercising and heard her as well.

“Everybody can see it in the pool too, what’s the difference?” I called over to her. Ellen’s reluctance seemed to cause a change in my thoughts. I wanted to see these guys check her out.

“Ellen, I just strapped myself into this exercise machine. Come over hear so we can hear each other better.”

“Ok.” She reluctantly wandered over to me.

She looked great in that suit as her breasts stuck out above her nice flat abs. I heard one of the guys give just a slightly audible whistle. They thought she was hot. It stirred something up in me. “Ellen, you look really good in that suit.”

“I gotta agree with you bro!” Piped up one of the guys.

I wasn’t upset. I was actually pleased because these guys reminded her how attractive she was. I later found out that the two guys were friends and had come for a weekend at the hotel; just to get away from the same old places they frequented back home in Delaware. The guy who said it was Ray. He was about five-foot eight and had a Spanish accent.

“Thank you.” Ellen answered, trying to subdue her embarrassment. Then she turned the subject back to me.

“Dan, can you watch the k**s for a while, I want to go back to the room to unpack a few more things.”

“OK. Let me finish up and I’ll come over.”

As she walked away Ray said, “Damn Bro, you’re do’ in alright.”

I laughed and said, “Not really. We don’t get much time together.”

“How’s that?” He replied.

“k**s,” I responded, “You’ll find out someday.”

Ray then gave me the kind of philosophy you can only get from the street, unfiltered by responsible adult behavior. “Damn Bro, how the hell you think you got those k**s in the first place!” We all laughed and I realized he was right. I had this hot wife and was missing the party.

By the time I went back to the pool, Ellen was back in the water again.

“I thought you were going back to the room?”

“I got cold standing out there.”

“I noticed,” I said as I stared at her nipples, “They did too”.

“That’s why I didn’t want to go out there in my suit!” She nudged me with her elbow.

“Hey, I’m ok with that. I thought it was kind of flattering how those young guys looked at you.

“What’s gotten into you?” She said dubiously.

“I think the problem is ME not getting into YOU enough!” I playfully lowered one of her straps.

“Not in front of the k**s.” She reprimanded me.

“Ok, let’s come down later while Mark’s at practice then.”

“Dan, it’s still a hotel pool.” She warned, but I could see she was smiling. For some reason, Ellen is always a little more playful when we are away from home.

Both our k**s went to Mark’s practice, which left us time to return to the pool. It was about five in the evening and there wasn’t anyone in the fitness area or the pool atrium. I imagine most guests were getting ready for dinner.

I told Ellen what Ray had said and how I agreed. “We need to enjoy each other more.”

“I always enjoy our time together Dan, we just don’t have very much.”

“We do now.”

“What are you thinking?” She said cautiously.

“Well, nobody’s here to see us.”

“It’s a hotel pool!” She warned.

“Yeah, but we’d hear anyone coming. They’d need to come through the fitness room first, then into the atrium. Just a little fun.” I said with a devilish grin as I reached behind her and pulled her suit into the crack of her ass. Her ass cheeks looked great in the ‘insta-thong’. Then I pulled both straps down her shoulders. To my surprise, Ellen didn’t resist much. I loved it when she was playful; it reminded me of our dating years.

As we played around, her suit slid down until it rested just above her nipples. She looked very sexy with most of her breasts showing.

“Ellen, you are so damn sexy! When did you become so shy about your body? You used to show it off pretty well, if memory serves me.”

She just gave me a ‘what is going on with you?’ look. But I could tell she liked the attention.

I wanted to see those tits, so I swam up behind her, reached around the sides of her suit and pulled down her top. She happened to be facing the entrance hall to the fitness area. I took a step back and said “don’t move!” Surprisingly, she didn’t! I stared at her bare back curving down to her hips, ponytail pointing down the contour of her backbone. Her round tits were slightly visible even from behind. My dick nearly popped out of my suit.

“Are you crazy?” Ellen yelled. “I’m facing the hall? Do you want someone to see my boobs?”

I quickly responded, “Yeah, maybe?”

She spun around, her large round tits staring at me, water from her hair slowly rolling down those slopes. Her face looked different now, kind of flush. I stepped closer and slid all my hands down her tits, over her nipples, and then circled under them. I leaned forward as we opened our mouths and searched each other’s tongues. She reached down, freed my cock from my suit, and took hold of it. I ran my hands up her sides and around her tits as she jerked me off until a spiral of cum rose into the water. As we watched my semen floating away, we heard voices echoing down the hallway from the fitness area.

“Someone’s coming!” Ellen said as she quickly lowered herself into the water and pulled her top up.

“That was me.” I joked.

A woman and two men entered the pool atrium. As my wife recovered and turned towards the steps, I stopped her from fixing the panty of her suit, “You look great in a thong.”

Ellen started up the steps on the right side of the pool as the three people waded into the pool on the left side. As she rose out of the water, I saw one of the guys signal the other by tilting his head towards my wife. Her suit was totally pulled up into her ass cheeks. Those two firm cheeks wiggling back and forth as she went up the steps. I followed her and raised myself out of the pool. “Those guys are staring at your ass.” I kept her back to the pool, so that they got a good look. “No, don’t turn. I like them admiring you.” I gave her a quick kiss. Her skin felt warmer than usual.

“Dan, what’s gotten into you?”

“Just thinking about our first few years together and how you still look as gorgeous as ever.”

The events at the pool made us pretty horny that night. After the k**s were asleep, we tried to keep quiet under the sheets, but we were both too active. So we went into the bathroom and turned on the shower to drown out any sound. We quickly undressed what clothes remained and started kissing and fondling. My fingers found their way to the moist area between her legs.

“My turn.” I said as I lifted Ellen onto the vanity. I raised her knees to her chest as I continued kissing her. Then I leaned my face between her legs and rolled my tongue over her clit, down the lips of her pussy and back up again. She drew her knees even wider to allow me full access.

It didn’t take long for her to cum as she tried to muffle her voice, “Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmhhh!”

“Me thinks you liked exposing your body today.” I chimed in. She didn’t answer, but whatever the reason, her eyes were all lust and her mouth was still open in pleasure.

The next day, after the lacrosse tournament, the team took the k**s to a party at Pizza Hut. Ellen and I went back to the hotel. We had the room to ourselves for a few hours, so I was surprised to hear Ellen say, “Let’s go to the pool for a while.”

Maybe she wanted to get me going with a little more exhibitionism first. Or maybe she wanted to get HER going. Either way, I quickly agreed and once again found the pool area vacant and quiet. Ellen didn’t put up much of a fight as I slid her straps off and pulled her one-piece suit down around her hips.

“Come get me!” She toyed as she pushed me and swam away. I chased her to the side of the pool facing the hall to the fitness area. She stood up. Her tits were clearly visible to anyone coming down the hall.

“That’s it, show off those tits. It’s really turning me on. Are you getting as horny as I am?”

“Yesss.” She whispered.

“Because someone might see you? Is that why? Exposing your tits IS turning you on!”

Ellen nodded shyly, which made me want more. I pushed her suit down her legs. As I kneeled down to help her step out of it, I licked the little dent at the top of her ass. She leaned her ass back in anticipation of my next move, but I wanted to enjoy the exposure more. I either surprised or disappointed her when I said, “Let me see you swim”.

She lay back slowly, as her breasts cut two eddies in the water. She did a backstroke and I watched each breast rise up and fall as her arms reached behind her head and then circled down through the water. She reached the other side and swam back under the water, her heart shaped ass shimmering in her wake. She stayed below the surface, grabbed hold of my shorts, and pulled them down. My cock sprang up as the trunks slid down my thighs. She stood up, water pouring off her hair, down her shoulders, and over her tits and said, “Like what you see, huh?”

“Very much.” I nodded my head as Ellen turned and dove in again. Her ass came up high out of the water and I saw a flash of her pussy as she jackknifed below the surface.

I watched her swim, but in my stupor my other senses must’ve shut down because I suddenly noticed other voices. I looked toward the fitness area and saw Ray, the guy I met exercising on Friday. I don’t know why I did what I did next, but I got excited at the thought of Ellen being caught skinny-dipping. I waved to Ray. He looked over as I put my finger to my lips gesturing “Shhh!” How he knew WHY I did that, I’m not sure. But he and his friend quickly tiptoed into the pool area in anticipation of my little surprise.

I was afraid Ellen would see them coming and yell for her suit. I had to think quickly, so when she surfaced on the opposite side I shouted, “First one across!” and dove toward her. She dove towards me and we passed each other underwater.

I grabbed her arms as we passed each other and wrestled with her to slow her down. I popped up on the far side of the pool just before I heard Ellen say, “OH my!” Her tits broke the surface and bobbed up once before she lowered herself down again. She didn’t know where these two gawking guys had come from. The guys could see her body in the clear water as she squat down and put her arms across her chest.

“Sorry Bro. We didn’t know you two were having a private party.” Ray said.

Ellen spun her body toward me with a quizzical expression before realizing who he was. She was now turned toward the middle of the pool, her legs tilted under her body as if sitting, arms crossing over her chest with her hands barely able to cover her ample tits.

“Our fault Ray. We thought we were alone. Sorry Ellen, I should have been watching.” I acted contrite.

She motioned for her suit as I slowly moved across the pool towards her. I threw the suit to her, but aimed high.

I thought she would watch it sail over her head, but in her nervousness she reacted by reaching up for it. There, for a few seconds, was MY wife with her arms in the air and her gorgeous tits displayed before these two strangers. Her tits hung down like two perfectly shaped eggplants, her midsection curving down into the water.

“Damn Bro, you are a lucky dude, she is fine!” Ray blurted out.

Ellen looked at me with a ‘How could you?’ stare as she sunk back below the surface, arms crossing over her breast.

“I’ll get it!” I said to Ellen as I started across the water.

Meanwhile, I responded to Ray, “I’ve been trying to tell her that for years!” I could tell that Ellen was surprised at how casual I was about her nudity in front of these two guys.

As I slowly moved towards the other side of the pool to retrieve Ellen’s bathing suit the other guy, Deke, ran over to pick up it up where it had landed on the deck. I thought he was going to throw it to me, but he looked down at her and walked over to the edge of the pool.

“Here you go Miss”.

Ellen turned back toward me, but I motioned for her to go get it. Her eyes widened with a look of ‘Are you crazy?’

“Better get it.” I prompted.

Her jaw dropped as her face lit in surprise then suddenly turned indignant. She turned towards him saying, “FFFine!” She gracefully moved to the edge of the pool her hands still covering her breasts in vain. She looked so sexy, her naked back and round ass facing me, as she stood facing the guy. Ray mouthed a ‘Wow’ as the other guy’s jaw stood gaping. He reached down to hand her the suit as she reached up with her left hand. Her right hand was d****d across her left tit, her right elbow squeezed over the right tit, the nice round bottoms of those large tits on display to him. Ellen took the suit and turned away from him. Ray was still watching from the side as she tried figure out how to get her legs in the suit without letting her tits dangle freely in the water in front of her.

From my position I watched both tits swaying in the water as she reached down to get the suit under her feet. From Ray’s position, he could see her long back arching down into the water, left tit bobbing up and down. The guy behind her could see her back curve down into the water as her hips spread out into a perfect heart shaped ass. Ellen looked at me and noticed my cock bobbing straight out towards her, as I made no attempt to retrieve my suit or help her. I knew she was really horny before, but wondered now if the embarrassment or the exposure were winning over.

Ray noticed my reaction and blurted out, “Bro, put that thing away before you hurt someone!”

Even Ellen laughed at that. It was apparent that she was having a difficult time getting that tight suit up over her hips as she wiggled her ass left and right in the effort. Deke, the guy behind her, was watching her and licked his lips as he looked over at Ray.

“Ellen, you’re showing these guys more trying to put the suit ON. Just leave it.” She looked at me with a blank stare. “Ellen, they’ve already seen everything they can see.”

“And you don’t mind?” Her indignance grew, but her face was flush with excitement.

“No.” I replied as I came closer so that just she could hear me. “Besides, we’ll never see these guys again, so let’s pretend we’re on a nude beach somewhere. What’s the difference? Besides…” I said while looking down at my bobbing cock, “It seems that somebody down there likes it a lot.”

She sang out “Oh-kay-ay!” in a tone of ‘If you say so!’

“I can’t get this thing back on!” She said so they could hear her.

She dropped her arms in frustration and stood up, letting the suit drop back down her legs. Ray was busy appreciating her magnificent profile then tried to ease the tension. “Hey, sorry to mess up your gig Bro!”

“It’s ok Ray, I’m just embarrassed that we got caught.”

“Damn, Miss, you’ve got NO reason to be embarrassed!” After a pause he added, “Hey, if it makes everyone feel more comfortable, we can drop our suits too; kind’ a make things even.”

Ellen raised her eyebrows incredulously when I said, “Sure, fair is fair.”

The guys had their shorts down in about 2 seconds. I noticed my wife’s tongue gently break the plane of her lips when Ray’s cock bounced out as he lowered his suit. He was about seven inches long. Both guys were in good shape with muscular shoulders, thick chests, and tight abs. My wife’s eyes opened wider as she looked.

I whispered to her, “Shit, look at those guys! Good to be twenty isn’t it?”

“Yeah.” She said distractedly.

“Guys, we’re bound to get more company. We’re all going to get thrown out of the hotel.”

“No problem there.” Deke wandered over and figured out a way to close the door to the Atrium. Then he blocked it with a planter.

“Dan, this is way out of line for us.” Ellen warned.

“I know, but I’m really turned on by you being nude in front of them. As a matter of fact, you’d better swim around now, because my cock is so hard, I don’t think it’s safe for you to be this close.”

“Why, you wouldn’t fuck me right in front of them?” She said as her expression suddenly changed. I hadn’t seen that look in her eyes in years.

“You get too close and I might not be able to control myself.”

“Dan, before now, I would never believe you would go that far.” She studied my eyes. “But you really would, wouldn’t you?” She said amazed. Then her eyes narrowed seductively and lips pressed together.

“I can’t explain it, but yes.” I admitted. After a pause I added, “Would you?”

Ellen gave me a very sultry look, then reached down and gave it my cock a squeeze before sinking down into a breast stoke.

I moved toward Ray and his friend, “Swimming?”

Ray mused, “Just taking in the view, Bro.” He watched her swim and added, “Hey dude, thanks for the show. I thought she was uptight? What the fuck changed so quickly?”

“I just took your advice Ray.” I replied.

“Shit, you wanna come clubbing with us and tell me what the fuck I said?”

“Guys,” I said suddenly being serious. “Whatever happens, don’t go overboard. OK?”

“No problem bro, what are you thinking? You want to nail her right here? Hey, we’ll go guard the door for you.”

“No, that’s okay.”

“Shit bro,” Ray raised his eyebrows, “I’m willing to watch you do that beautiful lady anytime. But don’t be pissed if I start beating my meat. There just so much I can take.”

“I’m not saying it will happen, but if it does, just follow my lead.” After some joyful minutes of watching Ellen swim around I called to her, “Come here. Take a break.”

She swam within about eight feet of the steps leading out of the pool. We were all sitting there admiring her as she popped up out of the water and walked toward us without trying to cover anything. I could tell she was enjoying this. When she got to the steps I grabbed her hand, stopping her right in front of the guys. Her gorgeous tits were on display two feet from their eyes. They stared at her beautiful breasts, sloping like twin “J’s”, rounding out at the bottom, and curving back up to erect one-inch nipples. Ellen looked down at their taught bodies. I watch as both Ray and Deke lowered their eyes down along her tight abs and focused in on her pussy, just inches above the water. I thought she’d continue up the steps, but to my amazement, she didn’t move. She took that moment to stare down at their cocks.

I squeezed her hand and she took a deep breath, raising her tits slightly higher. Her back arched slightly causing her ass to jut out. Their eyes followed the curve of her back down to her ass. Without thinking, I slid my hand down along her side and slowly around her ass until I cupped the bottom of her cheek.

Ellen knew this was trouble, and nervously said, “Dan?”

I could tell Ellen’s defenses were weak. Although modest in recent years, once she passes a certain threshold, she can be a very naughty woman. It looked like the threshold was close. She was completely nude in the company of two well-built strangers. She was half scared and half exhilarated. And she knew I wanted her, even in front of these two guys. I was pushing the situation way beyond my wildest expectations, but I was so turned on, I didn’t want to stop.

“Dan?” She whispered in a warning tone as I caressed her nice round butt cheeks.

“Ellen.” I stood and kissed her. “I don’t think I can wait until we’re back in the room.” I kissed her again and pressed my body against her. My cock pushed against her abdomen.

She broke the kiss and with a heavy breath said, “We have … two people … next to – oow!” She stopped in mid-sentence as I caressed her breasts while moving my kisses to her ears and neck. “We can’t!” She said in a way that sounded more like ‘we must’.

I moved my arms behind her back to hold her up while my mouth strayed down to her big round tits. I started flicking my tongue across them and Ellen started to moan, not caring about our spectators any longer.

I could not believe the guys made no moves to jump in. As I kissed my way down Ellen’s body, I leaned her back onto the shallow steps. Ray sat on the deck just above Ellen, tongue pressed between his lips. I continued to suck her right tit as my hand slid down her flat stomach and then between her legs. I found her pussy and circled my fingers around her opening. Ray looked down at her body in awe as he squatted onto his knees behind her. I slid my hands over her tits, down along her stomach, over her furry mound, and down between her thighs. As I did this both Ray and Deke started masturbating. Ellen looked over at Deke stroking his big cock and then turned to see Ray doing likewise.

“Ooah! Look at those cocks!” She breathed to me as her hand squeezed her left breast. I couldn’t believe that came out of her mouth, but she had crossed her threshold. Her lower body started a humping motion while I caressed her mound.

Deke decided to slide down along side Ellen and started to suck on her left tit. I made no move to stop him. Ellen began moaning louder. My cock was bursting, but I wanted to watch my wife’s reaction to our first group sex. I moved my body between her knees and lowered my mouth onto her swollen warm pussy. I spread her lips with my fingers, freeing access to her clitoris. Her body was rhythmically moving up and down as I flicked my tongue over her clit. Deke was now sliding his left hand over her other tit and down her body. Ellen’s face was in ecstasy.

As Ellen got closer to climax, she leaned her head way back. Ray had been caressing her hair with one hand and stroking himself with the other. Ray’s cock was close to her face now. I looked at him and nodded my OK. Ray moved forward and touched his cock to her lips. Ellen reached back and grabbed it, circling the head around her lips a few times before opening her mouth and rolling her tongue over his cock. Ray pushed his cock further into her mouth as she closed her lips around him.

Now feverish, Ellen grabbed Deke’s cock with her other hand and began stroking him. On each stroked she pressed the head against her nipples. She was moaning “mmh, mmh, mmh, mmh” in half note breaths. Ray looked like he was close to the end. My tongue pressed down on Ellen’s clit and she started to cum. “MMH-MMAH-MMAH-MMMMHH!” The moan rose louder as her legs tightened. Ray pulled out and shot a load onto her tits, while she froze there in climax, her pelvis raised up above the water. My cock was aching. I got up onto my knees, parted Ellen’s legs and placed my cock at the opening between her legs. She pulled her knees up and I pushed inside her. She was so wet; I slid all the way in on my first push.

Ellen still had Deke’s cock in her hand, pre cum all forming on the tip. She opened her mouth and flicked her tongue to indicate she wanted him. He re-positioned himself and she took him into her mouth. I saw her head and tongue busily circling the head and I blew my load inside of her. As she tensed, she closed her mouth tightly around Deke’s cock. With a POP, she pulled his head out as his cum shot straight up and came down on her tits. She rubbed it around as she continued thrusting against my spent dick.

“Holy fuck!” Blurted out Ray, “I ain’t never done nothing like that before!”

“Us either.” I breathed out. Ellen meanwhile had leaned back onto to her elbows taking long breaths. Two days ago she was too modest to wear her bathing suit into the fitness club and now she was nude in a pool fucking her husband as she sucked the cocks of not one, but TWO guys! We all moved silently towards the door as we grabbed some towels to wear back to our rooms. Nobody bothered to put his or her suits back on. I wondered what effect this act was going to have on Ellen and I.

I didn’t have to wait long to find out. We had to ignore a few stares as we headed for the elevator wearing just towels, mostly because it was obvious that Ellen didn’t have a top on under hers. Looking closer, someone would notice that we were holding our suits too. Ellen and I were whispering to each other as we made our way down the hall.

“I can’t believe we just did that!” She said in a way someone would talk about going on his or her favorite roller-coaster ride. I was surprised she was speaking so plainly about our first group experience. Maybe it wasn’t HER first I started thinking?

“That was so hot Ellen, I’m not going to be able to get that out of my head for a long time. Looks like you enjoyed it as much as me, didn’t you?”

“Yes.” She said almost apologetically. “Once they started jerking off, I lost all control.”

“You looked sexy holding their cocks.”

“Oh God, just saying that is making me…”

“What?” I cut her off, “Want more? Aren’t you the little slut now.”

As we came to the elevator, Ray and Deke stopped at the same one.

“You guys going up too?” I said, trying to act normal.

“Yeah, we’re on five.”

“Us too.” I looked over at Ellen, who was reading my eyes and slowly nodding ‘no’, more to indicate ‘don’t put me in that position’ than to indicate ‘no’. The door opened and two guys about my age came out of the down elevator. They stared at Ellen and tried to find a reason to stand around in order to catch a better look.

“Should we wait here for, uh, for your friend?” One of them said trying to find any excuse to gawk.

“Next one should be going up.” Ray said as he pressed the button again.

I reached back and picked up a corner of Ellen’s towel and exposed her right butt cheek. She didn’t notice as these two guys looked over. The elevator door opened again and Ray and Deke started to go in.

Just as Ellen followed them in, I surprised everyone by pulling her towel off and saying to the two guys in the hall, “You were right, there wasn’t anything on under there!”

“Dan! Oh my god, give me that towel!” She was frantically pushing the buttons as the two guys stood mesmerized. Deke and Ray were busy looking at Ellen’s butt as I got into the elevator.

“Dan, are you crazy!” She admonished me as the doors started closing.

“Just giving them a good story to bring home.” I noticed that Ray and Deke were now ‘recovered’ because their towels were raised UP again.

“You want more, don’t you?” I whispered in Ellen’s ear. “A nude woman trapped in an elevator with three guys.” I said loudly as I hit the stop button. “That’s got to be a someone’s fantasy.”

Ellen turned her nude body toward them. There was no longer any hint of hiding anything. I moved behind her. My towel pushed against her ass as I reached around and massaged her tits in front of Ray and Deke. Ray pulled off his towel and his cock sprung up.

“You want his cock in you?” I urged Ellen on.

“Yeh. Yess…” She confessed.

Ray moved towards my wife. His dick pressed against her stomach as he started kissing her neck. Ellen reached down, cupped his balls, and slid her hand up along his manhood. I turned her head back towards me and kissed her deeply. Then I lifted Ellen’s left leg and put her foot on the elevator railing. Ray positioned himself and placed his large dick against her pussy.

“Yes, do it.” She cried. Ray pushed inside her. “Oooooh!” She moaned. “That feels good!”

I held Ellen by her hips and kissed her ears and neck. Ray massaged her tits while thrusting into her. It felt so erotic having her body pushed up against me while she fucked him. Ray was not able to last long. He pulled out as Ellen grabbed his cock and squeezed, aiming his cum onto her stomach.

“Oh yes, cum on me, yes!” She said has she rapidly yanked his shaft.

As soon as Ray backed away from Ellen I motioned for Deke. Ellen reached out and pulled off his towel. She pushed her body up against him as I caressed her ass from behind. Deke made his way down to her tits where he spent some time working on her nipples. Ellen was in a sexual frenzy now.

“Oooh, that feels so good!” She reached down and slid her hand along his member.

Deke was strong. He picked Ellen up easily. Ellen pulled her legs up and around his waist. He turned and put her back against the elevator wall and entered her.

“Yeeesss, fuck, me, yesss, oooh.” He thrust harder as she cried, “Fuck, me, fuck, mee-ee-ee!”

I had a view of my wife that I never had before. Both legs were raised which gave a clear view of her entire bottom, fur surrounding the entrance to her sex, her anus pink and tight. I could clearly see her vagina lips spreading and contracting as Deke’s cock slid in and out of her. Ellen’s tits were pressed against his chest and her mouth was partially open. She looked over at me as I started stroking my member.

“Ooooh, yeh-esss, ooa-ooa-ooa!” Ellen’s body tightened and then, “Oooh! Oowwah! Ooooh!” I could tell her orgasm was strong.

Deke did three more long strokes before he pushed in and emptied his load inside her. I could see the overflow leaking out of her pussy. After a moment, he lowered her and backed away as Ellen tried to balance on her feet. She kneeled down on the floor recovering, as I stood there amazed at what I just witnessed.

My dick was still straight out when Ellen commanded me, “Come here.”

I walked over to her and she just reached out and grabbed my dick. She closed her mouth around my head and slowly slid my cock along her moist warm lips. She moved her head deeper and deeper along my shaft until she had taken in my entire cock. It was easily the best blowjob I had ever had. She cupped my balls in her warm hands and I started to cum again, my orgasm extremely strong.

When Ellen finally stood up, Ray re-started the elevator. The door opened at the fifth floor and we made our way to our respective rooms. Ellen and I had crossed the threshold into group sex. She obviously enjoyed it.

The weather was warming up, spring was in the air, Ellen and I decided to take more time off and spend more days together. Our sex life really picked up after the episode in Philadelphia (See Ellen’s Weekend). The events of that weekend left a lasting impression on Ellen and I. Not only was it our first ‘group’ interaction, but it also left us wondering where to take that experience. One thing was certain; we were both downsizing our work schedules and spending more time together.

After seeing Ellen’s sexual outburst, I was dying for another encounter. We didn’t want to get into the swinging scene and Ellen really wasn’t one who would initiate an encounter. We would need a situation that was more spontaneous; something like a planned or scheduled meeting brought too much apprehension with it. The only way it would ever happen again is the way it did that weekend at the hotel, but until we found ourselves in that situation again, we would take advantage of our re-born appetites.

Ellen has a tremendous body for a woman of thirty-eight; flat abs, round pert butt, strong thighs highlighting shapely legs, and round firm 34-C breasts. Her face shows no sign of her age and is framed in long dark hair. Since the hotel encounter, she has been much more comfortable being nude around the house whenever we are alone or when the house is empty. That, in turn, has led to lots of role playing encounters where I pretend to be a delivery person, a painter, or anyone that may find Ellen at home in various states of undress. Whenever we played the game the typical conversation would be something like:

“Hey sexy, I’m coming home early, any ‘surprises’ I should know about?”

“Well, someone is coming over to fix the AC. It’s getting kind of HOT lately.”

“Anything I should handle?”

“No, he’ll handle everything.” She put such an emphasis on ‘every’.

Then I would arrive home and Ellen would let me in wearing a short flimsy shower robe or towel. She would point out the air vents, making her robe lift above her ass, or lean down to pick something up, letting her boobs fall out of her robe or letting the towel slip open. She would always drive me crazy, leading to some really steamy sex.

It would also have me fantasizing over the prospect of someone else really catching her almost nude at the door. One time, I asked her to role play a FedEx pickup where I’d find her just coming out of the shower. I called for a real pickup the same day, but the guy came late. If he saw what I saw when I got home that day, he would’ve come earlier!

An event very similar to the FedEx scenario was the impetus for our latest group sex encounter. I had kept in touch with a former co-worker of mine for a few years after he had moved to another job, out of state. Jay and I were good work buddies and tried to meet a few times a year. I always thought he had a thing for my wife because he’d always give her a kiss hello and a kiss goodbye whenever they met. That wasn’t unusual for some people, but the hug that accompanied it seemed to be. He always managed to press his chest against hers even though he was much taller. The hug would last a good five seconds. Ellen sometimes looked over to me, but I’d shrug it off as “no harm, no foul”. Ellen once commented that he probably did well with the ladies, so I took that to mean she thought he was attractive.

Jay had called me because he was going to be nearby for about a month or so. He told me it worked out that another buddy of his was out of the country and was letting Jay use his home. It was good to hear from him and we arranged to meet at a driving range near my house. For some reason, the thought of coming home to my wife almost nude at the door intersected with the thought of getting together with Jay. Hmm, I thought, it’s not like he lives here anymore – he might just be the right candidate for my little fantasy?

I called Ellen and purposely confused the situation to cover my bases.

“Hey beautiful!”

“Hi Dan, what’s up?”

“I’m going to be meeting with my friend Jay this afternoon. He’s in the area and I told him we’d hit a few balls over at Bear Creek and share a beer.”

“Oh, okay, how’s he been?”

“Good, he’s been busy with work, so he wanted to make sure we caught up with each other.”

“So, you’ll be home late?”

“No, I’m leaving at lunchtime. I want to stop home to change, then meet him at about two o’clock at the range.”

“Alright, I’ll be here. Do you want a quick snack to hold you over?”

“No. I’ll be okay. Unless you’re the quick snack!” I added freshly.

“Well, it doesn’t sound like you have much time.”

“I always have time for that kind of snack!”

“Okay, I’ll see if I have time to make you something.” She said daringly.

I was hoping that ‘something’ would be a naughty surprise from Ellen. I was also hoping that Jay would be with me when it happened.

An hour later, I met Jay at a convenient spot and told him to come with me and that I’d drive him back to his car later. I placed a call to Ellen along the way.

“I should be home in fifteen minutes. I’ll just drop my stuff at the back door. I’ll hit the range with Jay about thirty minutes later.” I left out the fact that Jay was with me! “Seeya soon sexy, I whispered into the phone.”

“Sure will.” She answered.

My heart raced with that answer. I didn’t know what would happen, but I wanted to see Ellen’s reaction as much as Jay’s. We parked in my driveway and came around the back of the house, where an extra wide sliding glass door waited for us. I could see that it was open onto the patio and knew she would be there, hopefully in some state of undress. My erection grew rapidly as the situation unfolded.

“Jay, I forgot something in the car, wait for me up at the door.”

“Alright Dan.” I knew Jay would go ahead for his ‘hug’. This was going to be a moment none of us forgot.

I watched as Jay approached the door. Ellen was just inside the dining room with her back to the door, wearing nothing. She was holding a towel around her head with both hands, beads of water still sprinkled over her skin from a very recent shower. Her long back narrowed from her shoulders and curved out beautifully at her hips, her firm round ass centering the picture. I saw Jay’s mouth drop open and he stared at her at good minute as I stood a few yards behind him. Ellen started to turn and Jay blurted out

“Holy shit!”

Ellen quickly twirled around, her arms still holding the towel above her head. She stood there displaying a full frontal. Her tits sloped down to her hardened nipples. Her pussy was shaved into a thong shape but the lips were puffy from the excitement.

“Oh my God! Jay! What are YOU doing here?” Ellen pulled the towel off her head and d****d it across the front of her body, but she didn’t move away from the door.

“Where’s Dan?”

“He’s uh, um, right.” Dan couldn’t finish his words and pointed his thumb behind him as I walked up behind him still holding my jacket, briefcase, and a gym bag.

“Hi Ellen, I’m right … What the! Why are you? I pretended to be just as surprised and didn’t finish my sentence.

“I thought you were coming home alone!” Ellen repented.

“Sorry Dan!” Jay said to me as I passed by him racing over to my wife. “Sorry Ellen.”

Ellen couldn’t get the towel around herself without flashing some more, but finally managed to knot it.

Unbelievably, and showing no regard to the situation, Jay went over to get his hug, even after what had just occurred.

“Well, um, anyway. Hi Ellen. How are you?” He hesitated on where to put his hands, then curled his arm around her back, putting his hand against the towel. He pressed his chest against hers in his customary way. I wasn’t sure if it was the surprise at what he did, but Ellen’s eyes grew large with the hug. As he turned, I could see his erection through his kaki shorts. I saw Ellen put her hand down and touch her hip, I think because she felt his erection!

I turned to Jay. “Look, give us a few minutes to regroup.”

“Sure. Go ahead.” He said happy to watch Ellen in just a towel. When she turned to follow me out of the room, the side of the towel facing Jay was open from where she held it under her arm and widened until her entire hip and leg were bare. He cocked his head and mouthed, “Whoa.” as I looked back at him.

Ellen and I moved into the hall.

I thought you were meeting him later!” She whispered loudly.

“I’m sorry, I thought I let you know we were together when I called from the car. Oh no, you were planning on surprising me today?”

“Yes, you dope! Don’t you remember talking about it this morning?”

“Yeah, but once the golf thing came up, I didn’t think we were still on.” I looked down at her tits spilling out above her towel. “Oh god, you look so hot too. I wish I wasn’t going now.”

“What about your guest?”

“Let him wait!” I said mockingly as I put my hands gently to her face and kissed her lips. Then I slid my hand down her body and over her breasts.

“Oh God, don’t do that, I’m already worked up waiting for you.”

I slid my hand down her hips and moved them to her behind, pulling her toward me. “Mmm, you feel so good.”

“Dan, he’s right in the other room.” She pushed back.

“So?” I said showing that I did not want to waste the moment.

“I don’t think you want your friend hearing us having sex after he’s just seen me nude.”

“We’ll be quick.”

“It’s not that! If he hears us after what he just saw, you might as well just invite him to watch!”

“Now there’s an idea!”

Ellen looked at me and realized that I might just do that. She wasn’t ready for that, but the thought made her face change to her fuck me look. She opened her mouth wide and swallowed my tongue. Just as quickly she ended the kiss and pushed me away.

“Maybe another time. Go take care of your guest.”


“Later, shoo now. I have to put some clothes on.”

I pulled her towel off as she turned to go. Ellen let out a little shriek, followed by a laugh.

“Give me that!” she said and I didn’t move. “Okay!” Ellen said precociously as she walked back past the entrance to the dining room. Jay, hearing the entire exchange, perched himself facing the hall and watched Ellen walk by completely nude once again. Noticing him standing there, she stopped and looked at him. “Great. Well, I guess it doesn’t matter at this point!” Then she continued down the hall, her cheeks tilting up and down as she walked.

I went back to the dining room finding Jay sitting there with a big grin on his face.

“Hey, don’t let me ruin your fun.” He said.

“Too late.” I quickly replied.

“Man, do you get greeted like that all the time?”

I just stared at Dan shaking my head and ignoring his comment, pretending to be shaken by the episode. In reality, my erection was killing me.

“Hey, I don’t mean this the wrong way, but she’s got an amazing figure.” He continued. “She could make a ton dancing.”

“Thanks Jay, but can we move on? It’s kind of embarrassing.”


“No problem. Let me go change and we’ll get back to our day.”

“That already made MY day. Actually, my week!”

“Jay, she’s right down the hall. Cool it, huh?”

I went back into the bedroom. Ellen had on only her panties and was putting on a top.

“Well, you made his day, that’s for sure.”

“I heard. I could’ve made yours.”

“Yeah, well, believe me, I’d have liked that. Can I get a rain check on that?

“Maybe.” She teased.

“You DID look pretty damn hot in that towel.”

Ellen paused, but then turned to me. “You liked what happened, didn’t you?”

“Well, it was a pretty amazing site, especially with Jay standing there. I have to admit, I’m pretty worked up over it.” I pulled on my shirt, kissed her, and headed back to the dining room.

Ellen came out just as we were leaving wearing a tank top and denim shorts. She still looked hot. Jay certainly took notice, probably trying to picture her again without them.

“Are you both coming back here?” Ellen asked.

“No, I’m bringing Jay to his car right from the range.” I wasn’t sure, but I thought she looked disappointed.

“Sorry again, Ellen.” Jay said sullenly.

“It wasn’t YOUR fault, Jay.” Ellen said staring hard at me.

“Well, it was good to see you again.” Then Jay realized what he said. “Oh no, I meant. Ah, I’m so stupid sometimes.”

Ellen and I looked at each other and I broke out laughing, which lightened everyone up.

“Yeah well, you guys all have that ‘stupid’ problem.” She said as she gazed at me. “Now go have fun you two.”

“Not as much fun as staying here.” Jay whispered to me as we headed out the door, just loud enough for her to hear.

Jay and I had a pretty good time hitting some golf balls, but he certainly couldn’t get that vision of Ellen out of his head.

“Dan, you are a lucky bastard. I wish I could come home to that!”

“What, you? I hear that since your divorce you’re doing just fine with the ladies.”

“Yeah well, any time you want to trade, let me know.”

“Don’t think so. You’d have to come back with Angie Jolie.” I laughed.

“I work for an ad company now, Dan. Suppose I really did bring Angie to your house one day? You’d back down so quickly I’d need a stopwatch to time you.” He laughed.

“Jay, it wouldn’t be the first time we did it.” I said suddenly, partly to fight off his smug reply and partly to see his reaction.

“No fucking way! Not you and Ellen? You let someone else have that hot body?”

“Gee, you really do have a thing for her, don’t you?”

“Dan, I wouldn’t have a pulse if Ellen didn’t get to me. Back at the old job, she was considered the hottest wife, almost every guy in the department, at one time or another, mentioned wanting to get into her pants.”

“Oh great. I can’t believe I told you. Don’t ever say a damn thing to anyone about what I just told you Jay.”

“I promise. Wow, you really DID let her have sex with someone else! I though you were putting me on! How did it happen?

“It was very spontaneous. We were with some friends at a pool and I slipped her suit off in fun. Well, she kept it off, one thing led to another, and I found myself encouraging her. I’m not sure why, but I wanted to watch her. Anyway, ever since then, she’s been a lot more active sexually, like what you saw today.”

“Geez Dan, next time you’re so generous make sure the ‘some friends’ includes me.”

“Jay, I can’t believe we’re talking about Ellen this way, she’s my fucking wife!”

“Okay, sorry!” He paused. “Hey, I’d never do anything out of line, but seeing her in the doorway today and hearing what you just told me? Wow, a guy can fantasize can’t he?”

Jay didn’t realize that I was having the same fantasy he was at that moment.

We had a few beers and I dropped Jay back at his car.

“How long you staying in the area?” I asked.

“About a month or more. I’m house sitting for my friend Bert. You should come over next time; he’s got a great place. He even has a heated pool out back.” Jay saw my smirk and realized the connection to the story I told about Ellen. “Hey, I didn’t mean it that way. I was just offering …”

“I know. Hey, maybe we can take you up on it sometime since we don’t have a pool.”

I’m sure Jay would remind me often anyway. We shook hands and went our separate ways. As much as it bothered me how Jay was carrying on about Ellen, it also excited me to think about the situation that happened earlier in the day.

When I returned home, there was a sexual tension in the house for the rest of the evening. After Ellen and I put the k**s to bed, we barely made it to the bed before I took her in my arms.

“I couldn’t get that vision of you, naked at the door, out of my head today.”

“So, is that what you guys talked about?”

“Well, we were trying not to, but Jay was pretty fixated.”

“So naturally, you went along with the conversation.”

I could tell she was about to admonish me, so I changed my voice and played it up.

“Yeah.” I put my hands under the front of her top. “We talked about your tits. About how nice and firm and round they are.” I picked her shirt up and lowered my mouth to her breast. “About how much we wanted to lick and suck them.” Then I slid my hands down around Ellen’s ass. “Then we talked about that nice round ass and how nice it would be to do you doggy style.” I put my hands between her legs, stroking her wet pussy. “Then we talked about how nice and puffy your pussy gets when you’re excited.” By this time Ellen and I were all over each other. “Is that what you wanted to know?”

“Yes!” Ellen pushed me down on the bed and we licked and fucked and slithered all over each other for an hour until we were both exhausted.

We woke up early in the morning and just lay next to each other enjoying the memory of a few hours earlier. Ellen said a few things that I missed in my daydreaming.

“Thinking about last night?”


“What part?”

“I was thinking that what would happen if Jay found you nude like that but I wasn’t home yet to meet him.”

Ellen was taken aback.

“I thought you were going to comment on our lovemaking!” She paused. “Anyway, nothing would happen if you weren’t there.”

“That’s great to know, Ellen, but sometimes I do wish that I was a fly on the wall.”

“In what way?”

“Just to watch as it unfolds without anyone knowing I’m actually there. It would be such a turn on for me seeing someone else all alone with that delicious body of yours, even for a few minutes.”

“Dan, you’re asking for trouble. We don’t know what some stranger may do.”

“You’re right. But what if it weren’t a total stranger? Suppose Jay showed up alone yesterday? He’s always had the hots for you, but he’s a friend, it’s not like he’d lose control and jump on you.”

I’m not so sure about that.” Ellen countered. “You really want to see me prancing around nude in front of Jay?”

“I guess I do, as long as I could somehow watch. I’m sure we’d both be so hot afterwards, we’d have another session like last night!”

“I don’t know Dan. Jay knows us. We’ll see him again. It could be awkward.”

“He doesn’t live here anymore so it’d be pretty harmless. Look, he’s already seen you once. What’s a little exhibitionism between friends? He told me he’s staying at a friend’s place. They have an in-ground heated pool and he asked me to come over.”

All the while I was moving my hands around Ellen’s thighs. She didn’t say much and I thought she was just blowing it off when suddenly she turned to me with a naughty grin.

“Look, how about I just go topless to start?” she negotiated. “And only if the situation is right.”

That was a good start because once she got going I could probably talk her out of her pants when the time came.

“Deal!” I agreed.

About two weeks later, we headed over to the house Jay was minding. It was around Noon and he greeted Ellen with his customary ‘hug’. We all settled down for a few snacks by the poolside. She sat with one foot up on her chair, which made her shorts ride up until you could see the little indentation of skin right where her crotch meets the inside of her leg. For a moment I thought she wore no underwear and was wondering if her sex would show, but then I noticed a tiny strip of yellow bikini, which covered the essentials. Jay certainly noticed and Ellen noticed him looking.

After a while, we decided to use the pool. Since Ellen wore her bikini under her clothes, she simply took off her shorts and blouse at the poolside. Jay watched mesmerized as she undressed, showing off her tight figure and lots of cleavage. She wore a tiny bikini that I bought for the occasion. When she leaned over to put her shorts and blouse onto a lounge chair, most of her breasts, except for a small triangle of cloth covering her nipples, were prominently on display. I walked over to Ellen’s lounger, and held out my hand to her to invite her into the pool.

“You coming in Jay?” I yelled over to him.

“You two enjoy. I’ll join you in a little while. Let me keep these cold.” Jay got up and brought the remaining beer and wine inside.

After a few laps, Ellen and I started playing tag in the pool. At some point I untied the halter string holding up her top. Her nipples barely held her top to her body and her tits spilled out of the material. Jay was just coming back out and pretended not to notice.

“I think you better tie that thing better!” I egged her on.

“Would you please take care of this string?” she said as she faced Jay.

I swam up behind her and instead of tying the one, pulled open the other string. Her top slid off and she clutched at it holding it to her chest, but was only able to cover a small area as her round tits spilled out.

“Dan, I can’t believe you did that!”

“Sorry Ellen, I couldn’t help it. It was too tempting!”

She turned toward me and threw the top at me. I caught the top as Jay stared at her lovely back, curving its way down to her little panties.

“Pervert! Even in front of you friends!”

“Hey, it’s not like he hasn’t seen them before, thanks to your little display at the house!”

“That was your fault!”

I leaned in and whispered into her ear, “I’m getting a hard-on already!”

“Okay Dan, give it back!” She played on.

“Okay, here, catch it!” I pushed away from her, threw it, and watched it sail beyond the pool and under a lounge chair. Ellen turned to follow the top, which also turned her towards Jay. “Oops, bad throw!”

“Dan! Happy now?”

“Yeah. Forget it Ellen; just leave it off at this point. Besides, you look great!” She looked over towards Jay who was rooted to the spot he was standing when I first pulled open her string. “Really, it’s fine with me if you don’t mind, Ellen. I’ve known Jay a long time.”

“You’re sure?” Ellen said as if testing my resolve.


With that, Ellen leaned her head back into the water and moved around the pool topless.

“Feels nice!” She gushed.

After a while, I swam over to the side and lifted myself out of the pool. “I’m going inside to grab a drink. Anybody else want one?”

“Yeah, count me in.” Added Jay.

“Okay.” Added Ellen.

As I walked by Jay’s chair I told him, “Hey partner, enjoying the view?”

“Unreal. I owe you one Dan.”

“You may owe me two more by the end of the day.” I mumbled back.

Jay fumbled his glasses and gazed back at me.

“What do you mean?” He said as his face went flush.

“I don’t know, but I thought about our conversation at the range. You said to make sure you were around if I ever did something crazy with her again. Let’s just let see how things play out.” Jay looked at me stunned as I walked back into the house. “Be right back with those drinks.” I called out to both of them.

Ellen started out of the pool at that point. She brought her tits above the water and sucked in her abs, which pushed her tits out towards the yard and towards Jay. She looked for a towel and noticed there was none, just as I planned.

I came back out onto deck.

“Here are the drinks!”

There was a little fence separating the deck from the pool area. The top rail of the fence was extra wide to accommodate trays of food or drink. The back of Jay’s lounge chair was against the fence so I put the drinks on the rail just behind his head so that Ellen would have to reach past him to get at them. Just to make it more obvious, I held up her towel and put it down next to the drinks. “Here’s your towel too.”

I turned and headed back inside.

“Where are you going?” She inquired.

“I’m was just going to bring out that little snack we brought. Be out in a little while.” Ellen knew this was the fantasy I talked about. I wasn’t sure if she’d accept. From the tent rising in Jay’s briefs, he knew something was going on too, but not exactly how far things would go.

I walked to the back of the deck and stood just inside the doorway. I looked at Ellen’s wet body, her round tits hovering above her midsection, her little yellow bikini bottom framing her hips. She was stunning. She looked over at me and I conspicuously rubbed my crotch; letting her know it was okay. She walked over by Jay’s lounge chair and reached behind his head for her towel. As she stretched her arm for it, her tit hung just a foot from Jay’s face. She took the towel and rubbed it across her abs and up over her tits. Then she raised it to her head to dry her hair. Her large round tits floated in front of Jay like two ripe eggplants. Jay looked straight up at them, his mouth slightly ajar.

“You act like you’ve never seen a woman’s breasts before?” Ellen wasn’t at all nervous at all as she spoke.

“Not like yours. You have gorgeous tits, Ellen.”

“Is that what you were thinking when you were standing at the door watching me that time at the house?”

“Yes. That and how nice they would feel.”

“Is that what you want, sex with your friend’s wife?”

“I wouldn’t pursue it, Ellen, but a guy can fantasize, can’t he?”

“So, is that for me?” She first looked down at Jay’s erection, paused, and then pointed to the drinks behind him. Jay looked down as well and started to shrug before noticing she was pointing to the drinks. “I meant the drinks Jay.” She giggled. Ellen put her towel back behind him once again, her tits even closer to his face.

“You want your drink too?” she said wryly, her now tits inches from his face.

“Okay.” Jay squeaked.

“So basically, if it was okay with Dan, you’d want to have sex with me?” Ellen leaned further across his chair and reached for the drinks, this time her tit lightly brushed against his face. Jay’s dick rose even more as he put his right hand on Ellen’s waist pretending to support her.

“Ellen, is Dan really okay with this?” Jay offered, hoping she would agree.

“My tits wouldn’t be inches from your face if he wasn’t.” she whispered.

Ellen then leaned her tits right into Jay’s face as she put her drink down on the rail behind him. He opened his mouth onto her left tit and licked her nipples as her head bent back in pleasure. Ellen put one hand on the back of the lounger to hold herself up, “Mmmm, that feels good, Jay.”

Jay reached up and slid his hands up and down both breasts, stopping at the bottom, and taking in another mouthful. He gently sucked on her nipple as his head pulled away. He was smooth. Ellen paused for a moment to look over to me perhaps confirming what was about to occur. I opened my shorts and was showing a large erection. She took this as a signal to do whatever she wanted for as soon as she saw me; she turned, reached down, and opened Jay’s shorts. His cock sprang out like a jack in the box as she moved her hand over it.

There was my wife, topless, her ass sticking out of that bikini panty, leaning over and pulling out my friend’s cock. She looked up again only to find me stroking myself. This must have sent her over the edge. She straddled Jay’s chair and pushed the fabric of her bikini to the side. Her pussy lips were swelling under her shaved strip of pubic hair. Ellen slowly lowered herself down on his cock. Jay held her tits as she slowly took him deeper inside; an inch at first, then she paused and pushed down another few. Ellen’s eyes closed and her breath grew deeper as she pushed down one more time to the base of his shaft. She rode him for four or five minutes.

“Mmmmm. Yesss. That feels so good.” I could hear her saying as her tits bounced up and down in Jays hands.

This was all too much for Jay to take and he started to cum, too soon for Ellen it seemed. She stood up and grabbed hold of his cock, spraying her stomach with cum.

“Oh, God!” is all Jay could muster. Then more softly he said, “You are so fucking hot!”

I knew Ellen still needed to be satisfied. I walked out to where she was now sitting on Jay’s thighs, her hand squeezing his now shrinking cock. I put my hand under her chin and gave her a kiss.

“You are so sexy.”

Ellen reached down, took hold of my very erect cock, and licked her lips. I was anticipating a very nice blowjob when the evening took an even wilder twist.

We were so rapped up in the moment we didn’t really acknowledge the sound of a car door closing in the driveway. But a loud voice had us scrambling to find Ellen’s top as Jay and I pulled up our shorts. We didn’t see her top anywhere so I pulled her over to a lounger.

“No time, just drop onto the lounger like you’re sunning your back!” I grabbed her towel and threw it down on the plastic lounger under her.

“Hey, Uncle Jay!” A good looking twenty-four year old guy walked up to the gate, then opened it into the yard and bounded towards the pool. “My Dad told me you were staying here, so I though I’d come over to keep you company”. As he walked into the pool area, he saw Ellen lying on the lounger, but could tell she was topless. “Whoa. But I see you already have some company.”

“Uh, just getting some sun with some friends, Ryan.”

“I’m sure” he replied sarcastically.

“This is Dan”, he pointed over to me, “and that is Ellen, she’s …”

I waved at Jay to indicate that I didn’t want him to mention that she was my wife. He fumbled his words as he tried. “She’s, well, ah, She’s um.” But he couldn’t think of an easy way out.

Ryan watched his reaction and saw the eye contact between us and came to the conclusion that we were hiding something.

“It’s hot out here.” He said pulling off his shirt. He was about six-foot three inches tall and very chiseled. He continued to stare over at Ellen as she took in his proportions, making me wish I was twenty-four again. Ryan took a seat near Jay directly across from Ellen. “Hi, how’re you doing?” He greeted her.

She rose up a little to wave hello, the rounded sides of her tit on display.

Ryan again noticed the furtive glances between Jay and I, which were simply to mask what has just occurred, but Ryan thought there was another reason. When I walked over to shake his hand, Ryan whispered to us.

“Hey guys, what’s going on? You two look like you got caught stealing!”

I looked over at Ellen lying there almost nude and Jay’s ‘she could be a dancer’ comment echoed in my head.

“Look Ryan, we’re kind of embarrassed, but Ellen’s just with us for the day.”


“Well, we hired a stripper for the day. Please don’t say anything to Bert, okay?

“Sure. No problem. Can I hang here a while and check her out?”

“A little while, but just don’t bring it up to her, okay?”

Jay looked at me astounding at what I just did, but went along. Nothing would surprise him at this point.

I walked back and sat down on the edge of Ellen’s chair as Jay talked with Ryan.

“Damn, that k**’s a rock” I said.

“You’re not k**ding”, Ellen replied. “But what were you guys talking about so quietly? What did you tell him?”

“I told him you were a stripper we just hired for the day.”

“What!” She said aloud. “You didn’t! Dan, are you crazy?”

“Well, you’re just about naked and he believed it. Besides, I’d like to see you dance for us.”

“I can’t dance like THAT!”

“Just act sexy and walk around. I’m sure it’ll work just fine.”

“Dan, this may get out of control, is that what you want?”

My lack of an answer told her where this was going. She gave me a very seductive look and lifted herself onto her elbows, freely displaying her tits.

“Whoa!” I heard Ryan say as he and Jay stopped talking. Jay looked at me stunned as I continued this exhibition of my wife. Ellen heard it too and I could sense her excitement.

“Let me put more suntan lotion on you.” I said. I took the bottle, poured some lotion on Ellen’s back, and started rubbing it in. I then reached around her sides and slid my hands along her exposed breasts as the guys watched.

“Dan, you’re driving me crazy.” Ellen whispered. She was definitely to the point of not caring and it made me even more daring. I pulled up the panty of her bikini bottom to access her cheeks and rubbed on some more lotion. Then she spread her legs a little. As the guys watched, I slid my hands down along the inside of Ellen’s legs and passed up high along the edges of her pussy. She moaned and the guys heard it.

“Dan, please stop, I can’t take it anymore.” She whispered to me.

Then I suddenly changed the pace, surprising everyone.

“Ellen, why don’t you so do one of your famous lap dances for Ryan while he’s here? I said out loud.

“What?” She couldn’t believe what I just asked her, but she was too turned on to stop.

“I’m coming back for you.” She whispered as she stood up to kiss me. “To finish what I started.”

“She’s beautiful isn’t she?” I said to Ryan.

“Very.” He quietly blurted back.

Ellen sauntered over to Ryan’s chair doing the sexiest walk I’d ever seen from her. She put her arms up around her hair and turned around as she walked over to him. She turned her back to him and leaned over showing her ass to him. Just for good measure, she pulled her bikini into the crack of her ass and slid a finger under the material.

Then she turned and rested her hands on his thighs and threw her long hair into and around his face. Ryan moved his head back and forth against her hair.

I couldn’t believe Ellen was capable of such a great lap dance. It made me think she’d done this before. She leaned forward and brought her tits up against his face. Ryan stuck his head between her breasts before she quickly pulled back. Then she offered each breast in turn as Ryan took a good lick at each. Ellen moaned and climbed up on his lap as he continued to lick her breasts. She held her arms above her head to give him access. Then she ran her hands over his strong shoulders and chest before reaching down and feeling his erection. She laid the weight of her crotch on it and humped him pretty hard for a minute before suddenly stopping. She got up, moved over to Jay and teased him with some more of the same, but didn’t sit on his lap. When Ellen turned toward me, I was looking at someone else. She had a savage look in her eyes and her face was as sultry as I’d ever seen it.

“Did you like that?” She taunted me.

“Yes, you’re so hot, I can barely take it.”

The she climbed up on me and ran her hand along my dick through my shorts. Her entire back and rear end, barely covered by the strip of bikini wedged in between her cheeks, were now on display to Jay and Ryan. She opened the buttons on my bathing shorts and slid them to the ground. My erection was as large as it could possibly be.

“Holy shit!” blurted Ryan again. “Is she going to?”

Ellen knelt down in front of me and took my cock into her mouth. She plunged her lips down my shaft and slowly pulled it out again. She mouthed my balls, then licked straight up under the length of my shaft until she came to the head and rolled her tongue around it. She repeated this process a few times. I’d never had a blowjob quite like this one.

Ryan looked mesmerized, but then quickly decided to pull down his pants. His cock rose up like a cannon. It must’ve been eight inches long! I waved him over and he kneeled in behind Ellen. She took a deep breath in anticipation when she felt his hands touch her back. Ryan pulled open the strings of her bikini bottom and slid it to the ground. I kneeled down, causing Ellen to lean forward onto her knees. Ryan slid his hands down the curve of her back and around her ass a few times as he surveyed her beauty. He slid his hand between her legs once before positioning his cock against her. She stopped for a second, which was good because it stopped me from coming. She looked back at him, saw his monster cock, and let out a lusty, “Oh God!” as she reached behind to grab hold of it. Her hand barely covered half.

Ellen put her lips around my cock again just before Ryan pushed his cock into her pussy. From my vantage point it looked as though only half was in, but she stopped again, leaned her head back, and opened her mouth wide. Her body tensed. She stayed like that for a few moments as if she was a wolf trying to howl, but nothing would come out. Ryan got a rhythm going as my wife was trying unsuccessfully to concentrate on my cock again. “He’s, so, big!” She cried out. Then she resumed sucking and licking my cock in a kind of voracious frenzy while Ryan fucked her.

So there was my wife, face in my lap, her body stretched out on all fours as Ryan’s long dick slid into her from behind. Her tits were rocking back and forth. A year ago, I never would’ve thought my wife capable of such a scene. But now, here we were again. This time it was more like a porn movie. Jay was jerking his meat again. I couldn’t hold out and came hard. Ellen never swallowed before, but took in most of my cum while some rolled down her chin.

I watched my wife’s arms and body SHAKE as she opened her mouth wide, nodded something like a ‘yes’ about six times, arched her back, and stuttered, “So, big!” Then she pushed back really hard onto Ryan’s cock and burst out with “OWHHHH, OWWHHHHHHHWWWH!” She clenched her teeth as her body buckled and she arched upward. Ryan pumped two more times and pulled out. I heard two loud splats, along with his grunt, as his cum hit her back and splashed onto her hair.

Holding her head on my lap, I whispered, “That was the most erotic thing I’ve ever seen.”

Ellen didn’t speak, but rested her head against me as I kissed her eyes and cheeks.

I looked up at Jay and Ryan, “Guys, we have to keep this quiet, Okay?

They nodded in stunned silence and started to walk back toward the house.

As Ryan looked back I heard him say to Jay, “You always were my favorite Uncle!”

“I’m not really your uncle Ryan, but I am your Dad’s good friend, so let’s keep it that way, huh?”

“No problem, UNCLE Jay!” Ryan laughed as they headed inside the house.

The End

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