Extra towels


Extra towelsExtra TowelsThe day was sunny and hot, just right for watching those bikini clad beauties down at the pool. But for me this would be a lonely day stuck in the hotel room with my computer working on the new specifications for the equipment my company had to install. This was a resort town and I was on vacation but my boss phoned me with an emergency, the client needed a last minute upgrade to the equipment. The work was supposed to have been finished with me enjoying some rays, cool beers and gorgeous women. I was now sitting in my hotel room, naked and working at the computer. All I had to do was complete the last section and download to the office before I could begin my rest and relaxation. Images of sexy women requesting suntan oil to be rubbed all over their bodies made it hard to concentrate and just plain old hard. My friend was quite excited at this point and needed some relief. I wrapped my hand around my cock and gave it a few strokes. I was not going to finish my work this way. The computer was connected to the internet and I decided to surf some porn sites. A noise outside my door distracted me and I moved to the door to have a peep. I looked through the peephole and saw the maid was at the door with her card. “Housekeeping,” she called rapping her keycard on the door.I ran to get the bath robe the hotel provided and slipped it on. As I sat down at the computer to quickly change back to my real work, the maid ran her card through the key slot and opened the door. She walked in and saw me sitting at the desk, “Sorry sir, I will come back later.” She was gorgeous and dressed in short shorts and a tight fitting blouse. “I have to work most of the day in the room. Can you clean up now?” I wanted her to stay and break the monotony. “Sure,” she said without hesitation. “This is the day to do a complete change and clean, will that be alright?””Not a problem,” I said with a smile.The maid began her cleaning and I had the chance to lust over her sexy body. She was about 35 years old with long auburn hair, and her cuffed shorts augmented her long tanned legs. I noticed that her blouse was exceptionally tight around the tits and I guessed that they were 36D. She was wearing a bra but I do not think she needed one. My cock was already at half mast and began to get bigger. I looked down and saw that the robe had slipped from my lap and I was showing my cock. I looked up to see if the maid had noticed but she was working away. The desk was situated such that I was facing the wall and could not be seen from behind me.I was about to hide türbanlı bayburt escort my impending problem but decided I wanted to show off my friend and see how the maid would react. When she was busy in the bathroom I moved the robe open a little more to expose my cock to view from all of the room. The maid came back into the main room and began stripping the bed. It was difficult but I kept looking at the computer screen as if I was reading my work. With her back to me, I quickly glanced down and my cock was lying against my leg. The maid came round to my side of the bed to strip some of the bedding and clean up near the desk. She was moving quickly when she stopped dead and I heard an intake of breath. Slowly she began to move. I pretended my attention was on the computer but I noticed she moved slower and was paying more attention to the area around the desk. When she was putting more bedding on, the maid spent a lot of time on my side of the bed. Fidgeting with the pillows, she put on new cases. I think she had a hard time concentrating because she dropped the pillows several times. Each time she knelt down a couple of feet from my cock to retrieve the pillow. Out of the corner of my eye I could see her staring at my semi-hard cock.Then she went out to her cart to get some more linen. I had to try to concentrate on my work or I would be getting a hard on. After a little while she came back in with the sheets and continued her work.”I hope I am not bothering you,” she asked? I turned and smiled. “Not at all,” I said in the most cheerful voice. She was on the other side of the bed leaning over smoothing the sheets. Her tits were hanging free and swinging with her motions. I was staring at them for awhile before I remembered that she was wearing a bra when she first came in the room. Was I losing my mind or was she teasing me. My cock just started to grow and was starting to rise. Her nipples were pushing the fabric of the blouse out and they looked sexy. She stood up with hands on her hips examining her work. Reluctantly, I turned back to my work and tried to concentrate. Once she finished with the bed the maid came over to the desk to tidy up and clean. She hovered around me with her large tits swinging as she moved about. My cock grew another half inch and was definitely on the rise. “What are you working on,” the maid asked with a degree of curiosity. She had stopped and leaned over to look at my work. I turned to say something but instead was greeted with the most amazing site. I was türbanlı bayburt escort bayan staring right at her tits just inches from my watering mouth.”Oh…just…hmmm…some…ah…boring…work,” I was trying to answer her but my mind was on those beautiful tits just before my thirsty eyes. My hand twitched and started to move before I stopped it in mid-motion. I wanted to grab those luscious tits and play with them, put that nipple in my mouth and suck on it.”This looks complicated,” she replied while still looking at the screen. I looked to her angelic face, “No, not really. I just have to match our equipment to the client’s specifications.” She turned to look at me. “Not so complicated for you maybe,” She smiled with thick full lips that emphasized her high cheek-bones and gave her the sexiest look I have ever seen. I wonder what it would be like to slip my cock between those heavenly lips.It took everything I had to look her straight in the eye and smile. My heart was beating like a rabbit and by now I was hard as a rock. “Well, my work is done here,” she started, “Is there anything else I can get for you?”There are moments in life that you re-live over and over wishing you could have said or done something different. This was one of them and my brain was stupid enough to say, “Extra towels.”She smiled at me and said, “I’ll see what I can do.”With that moment completely botched, she began to pack up and leave. With here cart packed the maid turned to close the door. She smiled across the room at me, nodded her head and was gone.I was hard as a rock and needed some relief. All this exposing myself had made me hornier then one could expect. I got up from the desk and walked over to the bed. I shrugged the robe off and threw it on the bed. Grabbing my cock I began to jerk myself off. I needed to cum badly and I needed to cum now. With my head back and my eyes closed dreaming of those huge tits I could feel myself building to good orgasm.I heard someone slip a key-card into the door. I opened my eyes and moved my head down to see the maid coming though the door with an arm full of towels. She stopped right in front of me and looked wide-eyed at my cock. “Your extra towels,” she said holding out the towels. I let go of my cock and grabbed the towels with both hands. I did not know what to do. Standing there with an arm full of towels, stark naked with the largest, most painful erection.The maid did not look up but continued to stare. Slowly she knelt down in front of me and wrapped türbanlı escort bayburt her hands around the shaft of my cock. I closed my eyes and felt her tongue lick the head of my cock. She continued licking ever so slowly and then began to pump with both hands. I was building to a good cum when she slowly slipped the head of my cock between her lips. I felt her lips around the head of my cock and then slowly swallow it all. Back up and down she went again and again.I wanted to see her suck my cock with those full lips. I looked down and noticed I was still holding the towels. “Fuck the towels,” I thought and threw them on the bed. I turned back and was greeted with baby blue eyes looking up at me. Her lips were moving up and down the shaft pumping me. Her tongue licked the underside of my cock while she fucked me with those sexy lips.I leaned over, grabbed her shirt and pulled it over her head. The maid let go of my throbbing cock and started to unbutton her blouse. Her tits were large and round with large nipples just begging to be sucked. She grabbed my cock and once again began pumping with two hands.”Cum on my tits. Cum all over my tits,” she moaned. I could feel a powerful orgasm starting and just let it happen. I watched her pump my hard cock while I started to squirt my cum on first one tit then the next. The maid was staring at her handy-work with a big smile while her nipples were hard and sticking out with cum dripping from them. I was spent and wanted to return the favor. I helped my new sex goddess to her feet and laid her over the foot of the bed with her legs over the side. I started to unfasten her shorts and looked into her deep blue eyes. She was breathing heavy while her lips quivered. I knelt down and slipped her shorts off revealing white shear panties with a hint of hair just above her pussy. This was like a birthday present just ready to be opened but I wanted to savor the moment.Slowly I moved in and ever so slowly and delicately ran my tongue over her panty covered pussy. I could taste that sweet nectar that only a true goddess could offer. She pushed back with her pussy as I teased her slowly. Moaning and trashing her head from side to side, “Please,… please,… lick my pussy.”With a quick motion I slipped her panties off and dove in with my tongue. She grabbed my head and pulled me into her pussy. I licked like it would be my last time. I found her clit and began the tongue bath.”Fuck… oh… fuck… ah… I’m…” she moaned, “Cumming.” She starting Cumming while I kept on licking. She bucked a couple of times and had a hard time keeping my tongue on her clit. Her orgasm lasted a good minute before she settled down. She laid on the bed trying to catch her breath and I looked up from her pussy, across huge tits at a very satisfied smile.She raised her head and looked at me between her legs, “I want that huge cock of yours.” Who was I to argue?Today is going to be a good day.

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