Fags Reprogramming Guide


Fags Reprogramming GuideFag ReprogrammingThis assignment is going to give you tips and tricks to do that will assist in training your worthless pea-brain to desire cock and no longer want the almighty Vagina (which you are unworthy of)!Spread this assignment out to do every day for the next week. Then move on to another forced bi or Fag making assignment of mine. You may also repeat this assignment as often as needed until you truly begin to find yourself getting hard when you see men and dont get hard over the idea of sleeping with women.This assignment is designed to reprogram your worthless pea-brain through techniques that are simple, and effective when repeated… So do as I fucking say you future cock sucker and do each of these regularly for the next week!1. Every time you see a woman who for whatever reason makes your cock hard, I want you to pinch your dick or balls until it hurts.If your at work, or at the mall, or somewhere you cant just put your hands down your pants and pinch your dick or balls… I want you to put one of your hands in your pockets and reach for that pathetic wannabe dick and pinch the fuck out of it through your pocket.1a. Right after pinching your pathetic balls or cock, I want you to look for what you would consider to be a good looking Man, and imagine how much hotter he looks while he is getting his big dick sucked. Now allow your cock to get hard. Imagine its you sucking his dick, and when you suck his dick, it makes your dick feel good!Keep that thought in your head, and let it stimulate your cock and mind. The next chance fethiye escort you have to go somewhere private like a bathroom… go there. When your there rub your cock while thinking of that good looking guy with his big cock. Think of how by My orders your allowed to let your cock feel good only while thinking of servicing and satisfying some attractive stud. Your NOT allowed to cum, just make your worthless cock feel good by thinking of a mans dick!Repeat these steps through out the week as many times as possible a day!2. Find/think about, about 5 – 10 things that make you turned on to a woman. Now Think of 5 – 10 things that you would find attractive sexy qualities in a man.This part of the assignment should be done somewhere private. Your going to spend time thinking of the sexy female and male qualities. Every time you think of a woman’s qualities, like her ass, legs, lips, ect… you will smack, pinch, punch, or flick your balls if you get hard. Then move onto a hot guy… Think about him and the qualities you think could make you want to be his bitch.For example, lets say its muscles… Think about a man and his sexy muscles… I want you to allow yourself to get hard, and even assist in getting your cock hard by rubbing it for a few seconds… Then move on to another of the mans qualities you find sexy and continue to rub your cock. Fantasize about sexy man qualities and rub your loser-dick until your close to cumming. But Do Not Cum!!!When your close to cumming, go back to thinking of the rest of the qualities of a woman that turn you on. Now abuse escort fethiye your cock and balls some more… Make sure you really fuck your dick and balls up and make it hurt.Do you see now my fag loser? Men & cocks = pleasure for you!!! Women & pussy = bad & pain! Your little impressionable pea-brain is being training to associate dick with pleasure and before you know it your going to be a raging fag!Now when you can think of a man and get hard, and think of a sexy woman and NOT get hard… then you are on the right track!Now lets take this further…3. This next part should be done at home in private… Your going to be looking at porn. You should do this next step after a few days doing the steps above.1. Have some ice cubes, or a bag of frozen vegetables, some salt, and lotion.2. Look at some traditional porn of a guy fucking a girl or a solo woman.3. Sit on the ice cubes or frozen vegetables, and get your hand a little bit wet. Now put a handful of scratchy salt in your hand and jerk off with the hand that has the salt in it.4. Remind yourself of the time you were the worst in bed and maybe even embarrassed yourself by cumming too soon or just being a bad fuck.5. Allow those humiliating feelings to over take you, and start to feel completely useless to any woman. Knowing you are not good enough or worthy to ever touch a female EVER!6. If you still find your getting hard while looking at a woman… Pinch Your Balls or dick hard!!!- you should be doing pretty good with NOT getting hard at this point… and should you find you dont get hard at all, Then allow fethiye escort bayan yourself to feel some joy because I am pleased!!!Now – The Gay Porn. (wash your hand and dick to get the salt off and put the ice cubes or frozen veggies away)1. Find some gay porn2. Put the lotion in the hand your going to jerk off with.3. Imagine your the fag sucking the cock, or getting fucked.4. jerk off with the lotion… (see this feels much better than when you were looking at pussy doesnt it!?)5. You may jerk your fag dick off until you cum, and be sure to always think about dick in your mouth or ass the whole time!4. jerking off and cumming gay style!In addition to everything above, and also a few days after doing steps 1 & 2… I want you to take step 2, one step further.Now your going to have no visuals, but you are going to jerk off with a *pretend dick* in your mouth. So you will need a dildo, vibrator, hot dog, sausage or something that will imitate a dick!1. Get in bed and start to jerk off thinking of you sucking a real mans cock…2. Start to suck on *the dick* while you jerk off3. Remind yourself that your becoming Gay for Me which makes your new life as a cock loving fag so much hotter!4. While you have the *cock* in your mouth and jerking off… allow yourself to come up with all kinds of gay fantasies and enjoy your gay fag jerk off session5. Cum! Cum thinking of dick knowing this is just cementing your gay-ness.You can do step 4 many times after the first few days of your fag reprogramming and first couple of steps to this assignment.By now you should be well on your way to being the little gay cock sucking fag I know you are and want you to be!Report back to me after you have spent a week with this assignment and let me know how much you have changed and are closer to being a queer! 

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