Family Workout

Family Workout
A milf and young personal trainer and then her daughter join in the most satisfying of workouts: that is before her husband also exercises his love muscle in the crowded home gym…..

When Hamish Struthers set up a personal gym he never expected anyone else in his home to use it. He was shaping up because he was screwing his new personal assistant, twenty years his junior. Cindy Lewis was a hot steamy blonde milking a sugar daddy but Hamish didn’t care; his pecker was over satisfied and his libido higher by each encounter.
God if his own twenty year old daughter Samantha had the repertoire and inclinations of blonde tartlette Cindy but Hamish stopped the naughty thought. Well nearly. Sammie had a great arse and as he rekindled his love affair with young butt his mind even drifted momentarily to his wife’s Miriam’s shapely tush from their university days. But then his swelling prick was back to thinking blonde.

Miriam Struthers initially thought the gym was a hint for her to get into shape. She noticed Hamish’s pecker was off. Well off her and she did the waist pinch test and then lifted her dress and took stock of her rump in the mirror and god there was drop and sag. She needed to fight back. She suspected Hamish had drifted to his new sexy secretary, female intuition and her own wobbly butt informed her.

Hamish’s dick was so preoccupied he didn’t question Miriam when she asked for a home gym personal trainer. His wife had started their relationship at a peachy twenty-two, but married life had slowly reduced their relationship to under the sheets in the dark, boring missionary sex on less and less occasions as the mistress of the house added middle aged pounds or kilos, take your pick.

No wonder they only had one k** but Sammie was a sweetie…thought Hamish. His cock roving brunette now. My, Sammie was gorgeous. God reflected Hamish, he was visualising Samantha’s cute curves too much these days. He knew it was because of Cindy…just something about twenty year old woman…in the office…on the street…or in your family…Ah twenty…just nicely broken in , but still super enthusiastic for cock.

Hamish knew Sammie was no virgin. She had that satisfied young womanly look these days. She wasn’t tense about university or her part time job or life. It meant she was being filled up regular somewhere. Some lucky prick but then he was back to Cindy’s great tits and arse.

Miriam was so focussed on flab reduction, thigh shaping and butt toning, she didn’t realise that Klaus Brunner, her personal trainer, was eyeing her off more and more as the days became weeks that became three months of intense daily training.

Klaus, blonde and six pack ripped; had that mature woman penchant. A very European thing but frowned on in the Antipodes he realised. So he kept it quiet to his new Aussie mates.

Even Hamish in his rush out the door one morning to an early meeting did a double take on Miriam’s arse bouncy nicely up the stairs. It looked good. Really frickin good. Close to boner good but he was out the door. Though on the drive to work his pecker stirred. Mmm Miriam was in shape…that personal training was paying off…he could have his secretary and his wife back on the side…life was good: looking very good.

Hamish, a couple of days later, had that more than looking good moment, catching Sammie finishing a before breakfast workout; What was happening in his house? He thought. Sam’s arse was so gorgeous in her three quarter pants on the treadmill. Shit he wanted to fuck his daughter from behind, right there and then. But she finished and sweet sweat was dripping from her body like after a really intense hot passionate coupling session and she wafted past him and was gone. However, the image on the treadmill lingered and kept coming back during the next few days.

Arse was looking good. Arse was close. Klaus was perving on mature now, very shapely buttocks after a strict steady regime of regular workouts.

Miriam was stretching, touching her knees, doing a quality warm up before getting ready for a new set of weights. She was toning and shaping like a woman possessed. Her mission was recapturing Hamish’s lost cock.

Klaus lost control. Well it’s usually males who do. Nothing unexpected there. But boy he wasn’t ready for the response. How the hell was a personal trainer to know, the lady of house hadn’t had cock for several months.

Klaus went the tentative pat on Miriam’s butt to see what would happen. Well it released all of Mrs Struthers new pent up energy. Cougar alert…no…prowling mummy… no…just a base sex starved housewife and here was interest…in her.

Miriam couldn’t have articulated her new zest and uninhibited attitude. She was fully caught in the moment. Her arse like any woman liked the attention and boy it hadn’t had attention for too long. So the housewife instinctively with both her hands had grabbed Klaus’ tight butt and was grinding her pussy through her thin shiny pants straight into his groin and her tongue was giving the trainer’s mouth a serious workout like a college girl pashing and groping for the first time.

Klaus lifted her up and had the mummy’s legs locked around his waist. He eased her over to the bench press and had her training tights off and his hands under her vest and searching beneath her sports bra for her nipples.

“Ah…yes Ah” from Miriam and Klaus’ fingers were fondling her generous breasts in turn. Her vest and bra were off and he gave both tits the full massage and mammary suckle treatment.

Miriam was off the bench and on her knees. Klaus’ pants were down and his erect cock was in her mouth and she was working happily like she hadn’t on a cock for years. She was making up for lost time fast. She was all concentration and had great technique actually. A blend of understanding of sensitive male apparatus and the need for grip and speed mixed into the equation. Klaus was impressed. His cock was very happy.

Klaus had to know what this mother’s sweet coochie was like and eased her red knickers down. A very presentable dark trimmed mound greeted his eyes and a velvety sodden fleshiness greeted his fingers and two of them slipped so easily into her slit and worked a space that was already over prepared for cock.

Miriam was high on her workout adrenaline and her new found lustful need and took charge of Klaus by backing him onto the bench press. She was astride his hard pecker and eased his cock straight into her needy, needy cavity of womanhood. Using her thighs for leverage; she basically squatted up and down off his cock.

It was so intense and cock holding, that Klaus’ man pipe got even firmer and he grabbed her butt and started thrusting and pumping into her downward and upwards sway. They were having what can only be termed a great all consuming fuck. And as it escalated their mutual pleasure was all moaning and groaning, not in competition with other but two adults in full sexual responsive joy.

Well Sammie coming into the home gym for an unexpected workout because she had found her libido and suppleness in the sack was up with her boyfriend since she had started regular treadmill workouts: hadn’t heard a thing. You know, young women and their music and headphones, got the eyeful of her twenty years. Well there is something not quite expected seeing your mothers cunt wrapped around a hard, big European cock and it was piston like, really pounding into her mum and her mother was in sexual bliss; moaning way more appreciatively than Sammie’s boyfriend had gotten her to yet.
Youthful sexual jealousy hit in rather than any shocked moral response. There is something compelling about seeing another women…albeit your mother…getting the best fuck of the day. Samantha was more than girly stirred, she wanted some action too.

Klaus had no idea where the second woman had come from. He was manfully keeping his cock working on a tigerish unrestrained Miriam jamming her pussy all the way down to his balls above him and now there was a sweet shaved pungently alluring pussy being pushed into his face. It nearly smothered him. Then it was held at that ideal distance so his tongue could flick around and sweep across and suck the labia. Then prod into the slit and probe a delicate neighbouring arsehole. Sammie knew what her pussy liked and how to position it over a guys face. Her slightly softer moaning joined their coordinated chorus of happiness.

The mother just looked her daughter straight in the eyes and then took in her hereditary stunning youthful titties and she grabbed two delightful handfuls of her own daughter’s breasts. Sammie gasped in surprise but didn’t draw back. Geez her mum knew how to touch breasts and arouse them, a woman’s touch on a girl, combining tenderness and gusto.

Miriam wasn’t up for sharing Klaus’s pecker package though as she was escalating to orgasm and was greedy for it. The selfish pleasure spasm was flexing and coiling in her ready for an explosive release.

Klaus however was male opportunistic. Never having had the double pussy dip he wasn’t passing on it. He was having the mother and daughter in one session that was his new intent. He untangled himself somehow from dual pressing female flesh and was shaping the daughter for a randy dogging and boy was the young filly willing and ready.

Miriam let out a gasp of surprise at her daughter’s lewd rear view; gaped pussy stance but took a good perv at her daughters’ glistening shaved lipettes.

Klaus was hammering into Sammie and Samantha was doing her best not to topple over. This was forceful strident male dogging and Sam was moaning loudly. She had a randy over aroused prick really working her slit and her mother was massaging her tits in a mellow richly satisfying way. A lust joining counterpoint to the hard cock screwing between her legs.
The trio were self absorbed. A ménage apparently has that capacity, the self lost in copious flesh, the heady odours, the unbridled, and the uncoordinated hedonistic moans of triple rising pleasure.

Miriam worked Sammie’s breasts with one hand while her other hand had moved to getting herself off between her own legs.

Hamish Struthers had sneaked home for a workout before joining Cindy for dinner and pussy desert in a local hotel. He got a boner faster than his college days as he saw his own daughter getting one hell of an indecent dogging on the bench press. His wife was watching Sammy’s youthful enjoyment and squeezing her tits and her own fingers were frenziedly and anxiously working her clit.

Well Hamish suddenly wanted Miriam; man did he want her arse, right now.

Miriam gasped as she was man-handled and her sopping slit was filled from behind by Hamish’s rampant drilling cock.
Struthers was having amazing sex, he was pumping with urgency and he realised it was the combination of Miriam’s great workout arse and seeing his daughter fucked so wildly in the same room.

Klaus was enjoying Sammie’s tender subtle pussy but refocused to his overriding desire: mature milf. He saw how insatiable Miriam was; that mature cock knowing need. He had to have her arse but her husband was really enjoying fucking his own wife. The trainers saw a man really dogging his wife with keen enthusiasm like they hadn’t had it off in a really long time.

Cunning Klaus knew how to draw Hamish out of his own wife’s pussy. He bent young Sammy over the bench press and got one finger rimming her cute private balloon knot and then eased a second finger in her back crack. He was arsehole fingering lewdly the man’s daughter right in front of the guys face. Sam was nicely gaped for cock.

Klaus saw Hamish watching as he drilled his Missus faster.

“All yours” said Klaus. And he didn’t need to say any more.

Sammie was all stirred up for a butt fuck. She needed a cock up her arse. She got one all right.

“Oh fuck…Oh shit…Dad” was all she got out as Hamish butt fucked his own daughter.

Man oh Man; talk about new sexual heights. It was the combination of the absolute taboo and the sheer stunning tightness of her rigid arse funnel that had the dad transfixed in a pleasure spasm of no return. He would cream his own sweet Sammie’s arse so frickin deeply and the young tart was overt in her selfish pleasure for the rampant enthusiastic stiff pecker pulsating through her yielding yet unyielding feminine crack. It was pleasure defining and she moaned and moaned as her fingers worked her own clit and she came urgently and strongly just before Hamish filled her back passage with copious swathes of man cream.

Klaus meanwhile had Miriam on the floor. On her hands and knees but allowing her the view of her own husband giving her own daughter the filthy butt fuck Sammie craved in the moment. It was easy for Klaus to smear his fingers with the milf’s own cunny juice and lube her taut pink starfish. God the base prick got two fingers in deep and worked them around till her sphincter was relaxed. Then he eased into her, inch by inch till her enjoyment overtook her completely. It was a butt fuck to remember by both of them.

Klaus working his rod with skill in a tight but springy space, Miriam relaxed enough to take it with cascading enjoyment. Her arse absorbing pleasure, her rim so sensitive to the cock movement in and out of her body as she watched her own daughter’s finger friction on her clit and Hamish’s cock getting deeper into Sammie’s crack pinkness. Miriam too frigged her own over sensitive bead and moaned loudly in full unashamed human pleasure.

Klaus creamed her butt cheeks. Well that was his fantasy.

Yes the family that works out together really burns those pesky calories. Talk about a family motivated to use the home gym on a regular basis for intense family workouts; from that day forward.

And as for Cindy: stood up at the restaurant. Well she just knew there was a new woman in Hamish’s life. He didn’t screw her as much after the first gym adventure, but it didn’t cross her mind it was two.

Hamish’s schedule was cock full. He had a revitalised cougar of a wife and a trashy trampy daughter over filling his randy mid life crisis sex needs. But hey pussy in the office relieved work tension too.

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